The Setting: FAQs

Codex entries describe canonical features of Dark Metal - thematic elements which have been with it (and argued about) since its earliest days.&nbs

The primary setting of the game is LATMA, the Los Angeles-Tijuana Metropolitan Area, an irregularly but densely settled megacity which stretches do

About Dark Metal Canon:  The following information is canon for general, collaborative purposes.

Most transportation within LATMA takes place on the TUBE lines, a series of interconnected rapid subways which have hubs in every major city of the

The Matrix in Dark Metal canon is an immersive evolution of the internet.

Life in many parts of LATMA is nasty, brutal, and a whole lot shorter if you're not armed and dangerous.  However, this does not extend to Bright a

DM's staff doesn't do any character approval anymore.  All of that is being delegated to troupes, and anyone not in a troupe is their own troupe by

The core theme of Dark Metal remains what it has always been: a grim future world, a huddled, caste-bound megacity like a tiny, corporatocratic, te

Dark Metal has been a MUSH (a 'Multi-User Shared Hallucination') since-- somewhere around the early 1990s?  Any of the dinos should correct me.

MUSHes have a variety of communication formats, from paging (direct messaging player to player) to channels (globally accessible group chats) to in

For shapeshifter characters, setting up the descriptions can be one of the more frustrating and tedious parts of the creation process.

Until we get a nice locally-hosted embedded MUSH client here in the browser for you, check out our listing at

First, log into the MUSH.  At present, all character generation takes place on-game.  Make

All Dark Metal players are welcome to create troupes - there is no specific requirement.  If you have a few friends who want to play together, or a

A lot of tools on the site require being logged in to use.  So, if you'd like a website account, log into the MUSH as o