Dark Metal Stat Reference

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Stat TypeStat NameDescription
abilityActingYou can feign emotions, expressions and you can put yourself in a certain state of mind through the practice of Acting. This ability to fool people can be used for good or for onerous purposes.
abilityAlertnessOver the years you have taught yourself how to survey your surroundings and remain alert at all times. You are quick to react in most situations because of the attention that you pay the world about you.
abilityAnimal KenYou can predict an animal's actions and you understand their psychology. You can calm or enrage an animal at will, and you understand its motives.
abilityArcheryYou know how to fire a bow or a crossbow.
abilityArea KnowledgeThis Trait reflects your knowledge of a particular area's layout, mortal politics, history and structure.
abilityAthleticsThis Trait measures your familiarity with sports in general and your athletic potential and ability. You would use this ability to jump over a pit filled with snakes while chewing gum at the same time.
abilityAwarenessThis Trait reflects an innate ability to 'sense' the supernatural and determine its nature. This ability can range from having 'funny feelings about the guy with the fangs' to 'hey, he's a vampire'. It is only usable within the normal sensory range, and the greater the number of successes rolled, the more information about the target is revealed.
abilityBoatingYou know how to handle a boat and you can operate efficiently as a crew member or even captain.
abilityBody AlterationThis trait allows you to work with the body. Piercing, tattooing, body art. The works. It is also used in many Viscissitude applications.
abilityBrawlThis Ability indicates your prowess at unarmed combat. Punching, kicking, wrestling, biting, the works.
abilityBureaucracyThis Trait allows you to bribe city officials, and navigate the political straits. You can also operate a bureaucracy and organize things.
abilityComputerYou can operate and program computers. You can design software or even judge the requirements of a specific system. You would also use this Knowledge to hack into another system.
abilityCosmologyCosmology system of beliefs (scientific, philosophical and/or metaphysical) that seeks to describe or explain the origin and structure of the universe. A cosmology attempts to establish an ordered, harmonious framework that integrates time, space, the planets, stars, and other celestial phenomena. In so-called 'primitive' societies', cosmologies help explain the relationship of human beings to the rest of the universe and are therefore closely tied to religious beliefs and practices. In modern industrial societies, cosmologies seek to explain the universe through astronomy and mathematics. Metaphysics also plays a part in the formation of cosmologies. Cosmologies of the DM universe tend to differ widely from group to group. This is as much true for supers as it is for regular humans. See this article for more information. Cosmology deals mostly with the navigation, meaning and 'natural' laws with in the Umbra but it also confers some basic understanding of the inhabitants. Deep knowledge of the inhabitants of the Umbra are covered in Lore: Spirit. This Ability reflects your knowledge and understanding of the workings of Umbra and its many spirit-realms. Using this Trait, you can navigate the Umbra, identify Realms, understand the workings of the Horizon, the Gauntlet, the Shroud etc. For Mages, Cosmology is intimately related to the sphere of Spirit as that Sphere deals with the manipulation and control of the Umbra's inhabitants, habitats and barriers. Spirit effects frequently require some degree of expertise in cosmology.
abilityCraftsCrafts used to be the skills most people would rely on for their survival during the middle-ages. Today, they're the skills through which many people who have never gone to college can make a living. These include Blacksmithing (metalworking through 'old'/cheap methods), Bowyery, Brewing (alcohol), Carpentry (creating furniture from wood), Clothesmaking, Fletching, Farming (planting, growing, harvesting), Goldsmithing (working of soft, precious metals), Gunsmithing, Handloading (including 'ball' slug casting), Leatherworking (includes similar non-cloth materials), Machining (metalworking through 'modern'/expensive methods), Swordsmithing, and Stonemasonry. This list is not exhaustive. If you think something should be included, please feel free to ask. Areas that are too broad may be rejected; areas that are more specific are likely to be approved, but this is to the character's detriment.
abilityCulturesThis Trait gives you knowledge of specific cultures, of their taboos, do's and dont's. Their history, beliefs, rituals, religions, behavior and motivations are familiar to you.
abilityDemolitionsYou are familiar with the types and uses of explosives and can place them in such a way that the explosion will accomplish your goals. You can handle nearly any type of explosive, ranging from nitroglycerin and TNT to black powder, napalm and plastic.
abilityDisguiseYou can change your looks to pass for someone else using clothes, effects and make-up.
abilityDoDo, which means 'the way' is the father and mother of all martial arts. Indeed, it is the most basic of them all, from which all others stem. It is a way of life, a philosophy in itself. It is the realization of the body's and mind's potential -- in full. Each level brings on enlightment and understanding.
abilityDodgeThe best defense is not to be there when the attack hits. This Ability measures how good you are at avoiding melee and ranged attacks, which can mean the difference between alive and well and mincemeat.
abilityDriveYou can drive a car and other vehicles. Of course, the difficulty of such an action would depend on the conditions and the type of vehicle.
abilityEmpathyYou have insight in others' emotions and can respond to them accordingly. You could probably understand what motivates a person, or you could detect a lie. However, you often feel exactly as the other person does, sympathizing with them to an amazing level.
abilityEnigmasThis Knowledge helps you in solving puzzles and finding the answers to difficult questions. It lets you combine facts, logical bits and pieces, to formulate a deduction that will give you the answer.
abilityEscapologyYou are able to worm your way out of almost any kind of bond or restraint. Handcuffs, ropes, chains, nothing can hold you if you're good enough.
abilityEtiquetteYou are familiar with the rules of social surroundings and the nuances pertaining thereto. Your manners are impeccable and you manage to make a good impression on people who pay attention to such things.
abilityExpressionExpression is what lets a character make herself understood, whether writing, talking, singing or dancing. She expresses herself and the world sees and understands.
abilityFinanceYou can evaluate the worth of many different things, ranging from stocks to enterprises. You can judge values and stock market changes and can make good investments. This stat is particularly useful when it comes to cashing out, as well, as it and your intelligence determine how much you can recoup on your investments and how fast.
abilityFirearmsThis Ability reflects your competence at firing and repairing guns. These guns could range from a .22 cal pistol to an AK-47 rifle.
abilityFlightYou happen to have wings - so you can fly. This talent describes your natural aptitude for the ability.
abilityFortune-TellingYou may or may not have the gift to tell accurate fortunes, but you can make people believe you do. This Ability may prove useful as a plot device or as a means for the character to earn money.
abilityHackingYou are familiar with security designs for computer software, how to locate bugs and loopholes in the code, and how to take advantage of them.
abilityHerbalismThis Trait covers the identification and use of herbs and plants in the preparation of food, healing and harming potions and poultices.
abilityHistoryHistory covers your knowledge of the world's past. You may have specialized on a specific area or period. You know what happened, when, why, and who was in on it. You also have an idea of the socio-economical conditions of the time.
abilityHypnotismUsing this Trait, you can place a willing subject into trance and treat psychiatric problems, or garner information. An unwilling subject would have to be immobilized for this Trait to work on him or her. The number of successes indicate the depth of the trance.
abilityInstructionWith Instruction, you can teach subjects in ways that let others learn easily and well. Though you can never raise a student's rating above your own, this Talent allows you to teach others your Skills and Knowledges.
abilityIntimidationYou can use words or actions to your advantage, becoming overbearing and menacing to people in order to get them to do or say what you want.
abilityIntuitionThis Trait reflects your ability to follow your instincts and the degree to which those instincts are true and accurate. You can use this Ability to find the missing link from your scrutiny of a situation, or to find the answer to a seemingly inexplicable puzzle.
abilityInvestigationInvestigation reflects your training in basic criminology and forensic analysis. You can locate evidence and reach conclusions, finally reconstructing a scene to see what really happened.
abilityKailindoKailindo is a Garou-developed martial art, created by the Zephyr Stargazers as a way to conduct non-lethal duels. It isn't very popular and few know it.
abilityLawYou know the law and you can manipulate it to fit your needs. You can work through the system and get what you want. This isn't the law of the United States, however; corporate law as practiced within the LATMA area is a very different entity.
abilityLeadershipThis Trait reflects your ability to get people to follow you. It's not so much as knowing certain techniques, as being the type of person someone would follow. Using this Trait, you can get others to obey your orders by exerting authority over them.
abilityLinguisticsEach level of Linguistics grants you the ability to speak one extra language. You can also identify certain aspects of a tongue, like accents and dialects.
abilityLore Bete

You have come into possession of information about one or more of the non-Garou shapeshifting species.

abilityLore Camarilla

Lore: Camarilla covers information on the sect of the Camarilla, the clans involved in it and their slant on the world and their place in it.

abilityLore Forbidden

Forbidden lore is so named for a reason: it is the most alien and consequently the most dangerous of all forms of knowledge. It threatens not merely the one who knows it, or the society he lives in, but the entire structure of nature and reason. Of all that is Outside the bounds of what we commonly, comfortably, know to be true. Outsiders are the most inhuman of all Nephandi, their motives the most inscrutable. One need not sell one's soul to lose it. This lore represents knowledge of the Outsider Pantheons as a whole, thier history, social structure, goals and affinities. It covers deep knowledge of one's Pantheon and Patron and cursory knowledge of the other Pantheons and Patrons. This Lore differs from Nephandi or Spirit Lore in the sense that it represents an 'insider' understanding of the Outsiders (insofar as the mortal mind can comprehend them).

abilityLore Garou

You've learned some things about the Garou, most likely from one of them or someone who knows them well. Note that this is for non-Garou... Garou use the Rituals Knowledge for their own knowledge of themselves. The following levels are guidelines. Knowing one thing on a level doesn't mean that you'll know that level of Lore. This Ability must be applied for through the Garou Wizard.

abilityLore Infernal

Hell and its denizens comprise the most anthropocentric mythology of evil, interwoven with human society and culture on every level. This lore represents knowledge of the Infernal Hierarchies as a whole, thier history, social structure, goals and affinities bureaucratic structure of the infernal regions, the nature, lifestyle, and desires of its inhabitants, as well as a familiarity with the rituals commonly used to invoke their assistance. It covers deep knowledge of your Patron and his/her/it's Hierarchy and cursory knowledge of the other Hierarchies and Patrons. This Lore differs from Nephandi or Cosmology in the sense that it represents an 'insider' understanding of the Hells and their Lords and Ladies

abilityLore Mage

... Sanctums as well as theories about Quintessence, Nodes, Paradox and other sundry forces witnessed primarily by Mages.

abilityLore Nephandi

This lore represents knowledge of the Nephadi as a whole, their history, social structure, typical goals and affinities. This Lore differs from Mage Lore in the sense that it represents a cursory to deep 'insider' understanding of the Nephandi. It covers etiquette, protocals, moral/ethical codes and to an extent who's who among Nephandic mages. It also covers knowledge about what the Nephandi are doing in LATMA and the world abroad, where to find them and how to recognize them if you aren't sure.

abilityLore Sabbat

Lore: Sabbat covers knowledge about the oppositional sect known as the Sabbat, those who intend to destroy the Camarilla and - so they think - end the threat from the Ancients by so doing. Knowledge of this information by a non-Sabbat is considered by most Sabbat to be a signed and sealed death sentence.

abilityLore Sorcery

Every supernatural group has secrets. Lore reflects your knowledge of these secrets for a particular group. Some Lores are exceedingly dangerous to learn or to know.

abilityLore Spirit

This lore represents knowledge of the Spirits as a whole; their social structures, typical goals and affinities. This Lore differs from Cosmology in it represents a structured knowledge base of the Umbra's inhabitants rather than the Umbra itself. It covers etiquette, protocols and to an extent who's who among Spirits. It also covers knowledge about what the Spirits are about in LATMA and the rituals commonly used to invoke their assistance or favor.

abilityLore Technocracy

This lore represents knowledge of the Technocratic Union as a whole, it's history, social structure, typical goals and affinities. This Lore differs from Mage Lore in the sense that it represents an 'insider' understanding of the Union. It covers deep knowledge of one's Convention and cursory knowledge of the other Conventions. It covers etiquette, protocols, moral/ethical codes (Precepts of Damien) and to an extent who''s who among Union mages and your Convention. It also covers knowledge about what your Convention is doing in LATMA and the world abroad, where to find them and how to recognize them if you aren't sure.

abilityLore Traditions

This lore represents knowledge of the Council as a whole, it's history, social structure, typical goals and affinities. This Lore differs from Mage Lore in the sense that it represents an 'insider' understanding of Council mages. It covers deep knowledge of one's Tradition and cursory knowledge of the other Traditions. It covers etiquette, protocals, moral/ethical codes (e.g. Rule of Shade, The Protocals) and to an extent who's who among Council mages and your Tradition. It also covers knowledge about what your Tradition is doing in LATMA and the world abroad, where to find them and how to recognize them if you aren't sure.

abilityLore Vampire

Lore: Vampire covers the general racial information - not information that is specific to a sect, but information that is general to the race as a whole - disciplines, names, general history, medical and physiological and psychological details. Obviously, the higher your lore, the more you know.

abilityLore Wyrm

This is the mythology of evil that is taught by the Garou, although one need not know anything of this system to be on the Wyrm's path. The scope of Malfean influence is all that can go wrong within nature, every horrifying deformity of flesh or spirit. It represents the seed of baseness, madness, selfishness, cowardice and vulgarity within every sentient being, on either side of the Gauntlet. The power of the Wyrm is that it is the birthright of everything in the Gaian sphere: like the quiet burrowing creature it is named for, it tempts and influences Gaia's creatures subtly and gradually from within.

abilityLucid DreamingFor most people, dreams are something that happen to them that they are lucky even to remember. From choosing the subject matter of your dreams to altering their conditions, you have some degree of control over what happens when you are dreaming. This talent is useful for achieving insight into one's subconscious and gaining incredible details for stories.
abilityMedicineMedicine reflects your knowledge of physiology and anatomy and the techniques used to cure a person's physical wounds or ills. You are familiar with the use of drugs for medicinal purposes.
abilityMeditationThis Ability is used in many different ways. All races can use it for introspection - non-vampires can meditate as a substitute for sleep. Mages can use this skill replenishing their Quintessence when at the physical location of a Node. Garou can use this skill to regain Gnosis.
abilityMeleeMelee is the ability to fight with a hand weapon, whether it be a sword, a knife an axe etc. This skill allows you to use hand-held weapons with proficiency.
abilityMimicryYou can shift your voice to imitate accents, people and even other sounds. This can be used to your advantage in a number of situation, from entertainment to deception.
abilityMusicThis Trait lets you play and create music. For each dot in this Ability, you can play an instrument.
abilityOccultThis Knowledge covers everything from New Age stuff to dark, sinister demonolatrists. You know of the Tarot, voodoo, and other popular Sleeper magic.
abilityParapsychologyParapsychology is the study and understanding of psychic ability. This includes the neural study to determine how the brain functions and how stimulus effects areas in a psychic's brain. For the real psychic, Parapsychology teaches one how to use their own powers. This skill is also essential to be being able to develop new psychic numina. You should use Parapsychology rolls for psychic powers to maintain concentration, perform group effects and delve into the possibilities of what can theoretically be done with psychic energy. Maintaining concentration will sometimes require a Wits + Parapsychology roll. Working in conjunction with a group usually demands a Perception + Parapsychology roll. Use of Parapsychology with Paths is as indicated under the specific power in question. . Student: This stuff is interesting, isn't it? .. College: You have spent time observing experiments in the field, or you have read many serious works on the subject. ... Masters: You could even make a living by teaching or doing research. .... Doctorate: You engage in groundbreaking work such as that which created hypnotism. ..... Scholar: If you aren't already a psychic, you are getting close. Possessed by: Parapsychologists, Psychics, Charlatans Specialties: ESP, Psychokinesis, Trances, Conjunctions
abilityPerformanceThis Trait allows you to perform artistic actions, such as singing, dancing, playing an instrument and so on. Most often, people specialize in only one thing.
abilityPilotingYou can fly airborne vehicles, including aerodynes. Your skill limits the types of aircraft you're familiar with.
abilityPoliticsThis Knowledge covers your familiarity with the politics of a place. You know things like who's in charge, how and why.
abilityPrimal UrgeThis Ability reflects your connection to your ancestors and the strength of your native instincts. This Trait allows you to be in tune with your bestial, primal self. When in Crinos or other animal forms, it is often added to Perception rolls. It is also used for tracking or even sensing hidden dangers that only ancient instincts could hope to unearth.
abilityPsychologyYou have formal training and are certified to deal with psychic maladies and problems. You are familiar with the theories of emotion, cognitive development, personality, perception and learning.
abilityRepairYou can repair simple or complex devices, machinery or vehicles. If you have the tools you need, you can fix virtually anything. NOTE: This is a *fix-it* ability, not a design ability. If your aim is to create something new rather than repair something broken, you need Technology.
abilityResearchYou can find information that you need from normal, conventional sources. With time and a good library, you could find out everything on a subject.
abilityRiggingYou can operate a complex vehicle rig system (which is to say, cybernetic/jacked), such as those used to control modern trucks and trains. Of course, the difficulty of such an action would depend on the conditions and the type of vehicle.
abilityRitualsThis Trait covers a werewolf's knowledge of the traditions, history, legends and liturgies of the People. It helps the character understand what motivates other Garou, or to understand the significance of certain signs and sigils. You also cannot learn a Rite whose level is higher than your Rituals rating.
abilityScienceThis Knowledge covers your familiarity with scientific principles and theories.
abilitySecurityYou can pick a lock, bypass an alarm system, hotwire a car etc. You could crack a safe, open a vault or evaluate place's defenses. You can use this skill either to commit crimes or to prevent them.
abilitySleight of HandMaybe you're a pickpocket, or maybe you're just clever with your hands, but whatever it is, you're especially dextrous at certain, generally stealthy manual activities.
abilityStealthUsing this Trait you can sneak into places unseen and unheard, disappear into the shadows or hide from someone when you don't want to be seen.
abilityStreetwiseStreetwise is the ability to blend in with the street crowd, garner information, know where to go to cut an illicit deal, etc. You can talk the talk and walk the walk. You might not know specifically who to go to from day to day (that's the province of the Contacts background), but you know how to go about finding that kind of information when you need it.
abilitySubterfugeYou know how to keep your motives to yourself. You also are proficient in discovering other people's motives and what makes them tick. You work your way through others' secrets and webs of intrigue. You can find out another's weakness and exploit it.
abilitySurvivalSurvival helps your character make it in the wilds. You can find shelter, sustenance and water. You can find your way through unused paths and cut a trail. You can even try tracking someone or something.
abilityTechnologyUsing Technology, you can understand how a mechanical or electronic device may function, and repair it, if need be. NOTE: This is more a creation ability than a repair ability. While someone with Technology can eventually fix a broken item, they do not possess the skills someone with Repair does to rapidly diagnose and patch a problem. Difficulties and times will be raised for fixing items with which the character is not already intimately familiar.
abilityVentriloquismYou can make your voice appear to come from somewhere else. Entertain or deceive at will.

This art allows a wraith to manipulate and animate objects created by the living.


Intimation allows a wraith to discover the wants and desires of another, either Quick or dead, and to squelch, modify, or replace those wants.


You can trace memories and bring those memories to the fore. More powerful uses of this Arcanos include modifying memories or creating new ones.


Creation is your passion. The Architect has a sense of purpose even greater than herself. She is truly happy only when creating something of lasting value for others. People will always need things, and the Architect strives to provide at least one necessity. Inventors, pioneers, town founders, entrepreneurs and the like are all Architect Archetypes.


These are interested in the beauty found in the serenity of their minds and surroundings. Often they are disenchanted with their own kind. Rather than make a futile attempt at reformation, such disappointed idealists retreat from the world to live in a cave, cell or some isolated locale, if they can.


You hide your secrets from others. Even more importantly, you hide your true self. Anyone who understands you can hurt you, so no one must ever see the real you, or even come close. Give away as little of yourself as possible - adopt a false personality if you like - but just make sure no one discovers the truth about you. Knowledge is power, and those who know you can do anything they like to you.


Control-freak. The Autocrat wants to be in charge. He seeks prominence for its own sake, not because he has an operation's best interests at heart or because he has the best ideas (though he may certainly think so). He may genuinely believe others are incompetent, but ultimately he craves power and control. Dictators, gang leaders, bullies, corporate raiders and their ilk are Autocrat Archetypes.


A fascination with the trendy and new. You must always be in the forefront - always the first with a piece of news, a dance or fashion trend, or a discovery in the arts. Nothing pains you more than hearing news secondhand, or someone else telling you about a hot new band. New discoveries are your life, and you devote a great deal of time and effort to keeping up with things. After all, if you re not in the forefront, you re nowhere.


Civilization is the crutch of the weak. Intrigue is for cowards. You know that the only things that matter are personal strength, honor and bravery, and you live your life by an unshakable code. No one earns your respect unless he's powerful enough to hold his own in a straightforward contest. The weak are fit only to serve the strong. Not to say that you only respect physical violence; you may be very intelligent, caring and merciful. You cannot, however, abide weaklings or craven bastards who die behind pretty words or others bodies. A title means nothing unless it is earned through personal valor or wisdom, and an oath means nothing unless the one who makes it will die to uphold it. As for the trappings of civilization, you find them a waste of time. What was good enough for your forefathers is good enough for you. After all, the measure of a man (or a woman) is endurance to hardship and honor in the face of adversity.

archetypeBon Vivant

Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die. The Bon Vivant knows that life - and unlife - is shallow and meaningless. As such, the Bon Vivant decides to enjoy her time on Earth. The Bon Vivant is not necessarily irresponsible. Rather, she is simply predisposed to having a good time along the way. Most Bon Vivants have low Self-Control scores, as they are so given to excess. Hedonists, sybarites and dilettantes are all examples of the Bon Vivant Archetype.


Why give it away for free when you can sell it? You are the ultimate mercenary, realizing that there is always a market to be developed - anything can be a commodity. You have a keen understanding of how to manipulate others into thinking that they need specific goods or services. Appearance and influence are everything when it comes to the big sale, though you'll use anything to your advantage. Salesmen, soldiers of fortune and bootlickers all adhere to the Capitalist Archetype.


Everyone needs comfort, a shoulder to cry on. A Caregiver takes her comfort in consoling others, and people often come to her with their problems. Vampires with Caregiver Archetypes often attempt, as best they may, to protect the mortals on whom they feed. Nurses, doctors and psychiatrists are examples of potential Caregivers.


The fearless hero. You are bold, intrepid, valiant and fearless as you need to be to complete your duty. You are the hero who tries to live up to glorious ideals and codes of justice. By protecting that which is good, you seek to preserve the society that made you what you are. If your Nature is Cavalier, and your Humanity ever falls below four, you have to choose a new Nature. You probably hate Deviants, though you may not always recognize them.


Pursue excitement in all things. The Celebrant takes joy in her cause. Whether the character's obsession is battle, religious fervor, foiling her rivals or reading fine literature, it gives the Celebrant the strength to withstand adversity. Given the chance, the Celebrant will indulge in her passion as deeply as possible. Unlike the Fanatic, the Celebrant pursues her passion not out of duty, but out of enthusiasm. Crusaders, hippies, political activists and art enthusiasts are Celebrant Archetypes.


Independent and self-reliant, you manage to blend into any situation. You carefully study the behavior and mannerisms of everyone you come in contact with so you can pass yourself off as someone else later. You spend so much time altering your mannerisms and appearance that your own sire may not even recognize you. Spies, con artists, drag queens and impostors best represent the Chameleon.


The Child is still immature in personality and temperament. He wants what he wants now, and often prefers someone to give it to him. Although he can typically care for himself, he would rather have a caretaker-type cater to his bratty desires. Some Child Archetypes are actually innocent rather than immature, ignorant of the cold ways of the real world. Children, spoiled individuals and some drug abusers are Child Archetypes.


You must win everything to be happy. The Competitor takes great excitement in the pursuit of victory. To the Competitor, every task is a new challenge to meet and a new contest to win. Indeed, the Competitor sees all interactions as some sort of opportunity for her to be the best - the best leader, the most productive, the most valuable or whatever. Corporate raiders, professional athletes and impassioned researchers are all examples of Competitor Archetypes.


A good listener and keeper of secrets. You understand people and, more importantly, you like them. You are a facilitator who listens and advises. People confess to you and in return you give them advice, most of which is good (though sometimes your advice is more for your own benefits than for that of the recipient). You are very interested in other people, and who and what they are. Personalities fascinate you, as do the sickness and beauty of human nature.


The Conformist is a follower, taking another's lead and finding security in the decisions of others. She prefers not to take charge, instead seeking to throw in with the rest the group and lend her own unique aid. The Conformist is drawn to the most dynamic personality or the individual she perceives to be the "best." Being a Conformist is not necessarily a bad thing - every group needs followers to lend stability to their causes. Groupies, party voters and "the masses" are Conformist Archetypes.


Why work for something when you can trick somebody else into getting it for you? The Conniver always tries to find the easy way, the fast track to success and wealth. Some people call him a thief, a swindler or less pleasant terms, but he knows that everybody in the world would do unto him if they could. He just does it first, and better. Criminals, con artists, salespeople, urchins and entrepreneurs might be Connivers.

archetypeCreep Show

You strive to shock and disgust those around you with gratuitous acts and ostentatiously "evil" mannerisms. You realize, of course, that it's all show and merely a way to intimidate and control others. Outsiders, on the other hand, think you are the Devil incarnate, and you revel in this image. Shock-rockers, rebellious teenagers and the attention-starved exemplify the Creep Show Archetype.


Nothing in the world should be accepted without thorough scrutiny and examination. Nothing is ever perfect, and the blemishes must be pointed out in order for the good to be truly known. Your standards are high for everything, and you insist on their being met. You encourage the same ideals in others, because laxity and low standards reduce the quality of life of everyone. Others will thank you later, once they discover the purity of your perspective. You seek out and expose the imperfections in every person or thing you encounter. You are never satisfied with anything that is less than perfect, unless it is within yourself - after all, you re not a perfectionist.


A Curmudgeon is bitter and cynical, finding flaws in everything and seeing little humor in life or unlife. He is often fatalistic or pessimistic, and has very little esteem for others. To the Curmudgeon, the glass is always half full, though it may be damn near empty when other people are involved. Many elder vampires and Generation Xers are Curmudgeons.


The Dabbler is interested in everything but focuses on nothing. He flits from idea to idea, passion to passion and project to project without actually finishing anything. Others may get swept up inthe Dabbler's enthusiasm, and be left high and dry as a result when he moves on to something else without warning. Most Dabblers have high Intelligence, Charisma and Manipulation ratings, but not much in the way of Wits or Stamina.


Not everyone can be a warrior. You can, however, and whatever your chosen field of combat may be - warfare, law, medicine, religion, whatever - you bend your efforts towards defending those who deserve a fighting chance. Perhaps you are (or once were) a guardian on the road to Damascus, a city watchman or a healer. Maybe you achieved whatever title you hold (or held) by protecting your vassals, not by favoring a lord; or turned your sword-arm to God's will. Whatever history you may have, your task in life is to defend some patron. Some protect the weak, others protect the throne.


The status quo is for suckers. The Deviant is a freak, ostracized from society by unique tastes that place her outside the mainstream. Deviants are not indolent rebels or shiftless "unrecognized geniuses"; rather, they are independent thinkers who don't quite fit in the status quo. Deviant Archetypes often feel that the world stands against them, and as such reject traditional morality. Some have bizarre tastes, preferences and ideologies. Extremists, eccentric celebrities and straight-out weirdoes are Deviant Archetypes.


Order is the name of the game. To the Director, nothing is worse than chaos and disorder. The Director seeks to be in charge, adopting a "my way or the highway" attitude on matters of decision making. The Director is more concerned with bringing order out of strife, however, and need not be truly "in control" of a group to guide it. Coaches, teachers and many political figures exemplify the Director Archetype.


The Fanatic has a purpose, and that purpose consumes his existence. The Fanatic pours himself into his cause; indeed, he may feel guilty for undertaking any objective that deviates from his higher goal. To the Fanatic, the end justifies the means - the cause is more important than those who serve it. Players who choose Fanatic Archetypes must select a cause for their character to further. Revolutionaries, zealots and sincere firebrands are all examples of Fanatic Archetypes.


A rogue to themselves, a jerk to most. Gallants are flamboyant souls, always seeking attention and the chance to be the brightest stars. Gallants seek the company of others, if only to earn their adoration. Attention drives the Gallant, and the chase is often as important as fulfilling that pursuit. Nothing excites a Gallant so much as a new audience to woo and win. Performers, only children and those with low self-esteem are often Gallant Archetypes.


The simple things in life are best. You have a moderate temperament, and refrain at all cost from telling lies and stealing from others. You were brought up to live honestly and openly, and to be good to others - you have lived your life (or unlife) by these simple truths ever since. You are not a dogmatist and do not insist that others live as you do, nor have you constructed a complicated set of rules for yourself. You are flexible in your behavior, but always carefully evaluate your actions against your beliefs.


There are always better ways to achieve a goal; you will find those better ways. Inventors, traders, philosophers and strategists are examples of your kind. You are the path-blazer; the visionary; the critic who is never satisfied, even with seeming perfection. Tradition, to you, is a snare which binds imagination. Whatever you do, strive to improve upon what went before.


You are the fool, idiot, quipster, clown or comic, forever making fun of both yourself and others. You constantly seek the humor in any situation, and strive always to battle the tides of depression inside yourself. You hate sorrow and pain, and constantly try to take others' minds off the dark side of life. Sometimes you'll do nearly anything to forget pain exists. Your particular brand of humor might not always impress your friends, but it makes you feel better. Some Jesters manage to escape pain and are truly happy, but most never find release.


You are dedicated to the unbroken routine of your existence, and refuse to do anything that compromises your routine and established practices. No matter how urgent or deserving an individual case may be, the preservation of established practices and routines is more important. Individual decisions and considerations are fallible, whereas routines and established proceduresetype.


The world is full of people who want things, sometimes people want the exact same thing. Some people have what other people want and would be willing to talk about working out a deal, but just don t know how to start. These people often have immense trouble finding and communicating with each other. That is where you come in. You are dedicated to mediating between people - fulfilling needs, smoothing over disputes, and generally helping people talk to one another. You are the diplomat, the middle child, the perpetual person in the middle.


You are driven by your need to make the best possible deal, to acquire goods or services that add to your own personal wealth at the least possible cost to yourself. You avoid quick sales in order to experience the simple joy of bargaining. The contest itself is often more pleasurable than your inevitable victory. You enjoy the daily challenges of commerce and watch the fluctuations of your coffers with fascination. This mercantile attitude influences more than your finances. In fact, it carries over into every aspect of your unlife. You hunt for victims with the same eye for efficiency that you turn toward purchasing a new wagon. You avoid waste whenever possible, taking only what you need and nothing more, unless it can be stored safely or sold. Arguments and bargaining are, in your opinion, the only way for individuals to resolve their differences and still maintain respect for one another.


The Monster knows she is a creature of darkness and acts like it. Evil and suffering are the Monster's tools, and she uses them wherever she goes; no hurt goes uninflicted and no lie remains untold. The Monster does not commit evil for its own sake, but rather as a means to understand what she has become. Kindred elders and unstable individuals and display characteristics of the Monster Archetype.


"Everything always turns out for the best." That is the motto of your life, and you know if you can just stay cheerful and stop worrying, your problems will never be with you forever. Some call you a fool, but even they have to admit you're happier than they are. Certainly you'll encounter difficulties from time to time, but there s no sense in worrying yourself to death in advance. Don't worry, be happy and have a nice day.


Patrons enjoy creating people, shaping them and helping them to become their very best - so that in doing so, they become a credit to their patrons. For these self-appointed patricians, their art is the shaping of a new personality from old clay. They take their charges completely under their wings, see to their education, outfit them, and otherwise transform them. How a patron sports her diamond in the rough varies, but she will put forth her best efforts to ensure a fine finished product, and the subject had better put forth the same. Training methods also vary, and some call upon startling cruelty to make certain the charge learns her lessons. Patrons often call bills due at some later point in time, expecting recompense from their former "projects" for services rendered. Wise beneficiaries comply; fools resist and suffer the slings and arrows of an outraged patron's wrath. A Patron who feels she has been taken for granted or wronged is a frightening sight, for she will not stop until she has taken back her pound of flesh, preferably from her ungrateful protege's heart.


The Pedagogue knows it all, and desperately wants to inform others. Whether thorough a sense of purpose or a genuine desire to others, the Pedagogue makes sure his message is heard - at length, if necessary. Pedagogue Archetypes may range from well-meaning mentors to verbose blowhards who love to hear themselves talk. Instructors, the overeducated and "veterans of their field" are Pedagogue Archetypes.


Perfectionist Archetypes simply demand the best. A half hearted job gives the Perfectionist no satisfaction, and she expects the same degree of commitment and attention to detail from others that she demands from herself. Although the Perfectionist may be strict and exacting, the achievement of the end goal drives her - and often for whom she is responsible. Prima donnas, artist and conceptual designers exemplify the Perfectionist Archetype.


Everything you do is planned. Very little springs from you spontaneously. Your plans are often long and involved, sometimes extending beyond the lives of those involved in them. Details must be exact, for you believe any deviation could bring ruin. You try to plan everything in your life; each thing you do must accomplish something in the greater scheme. Deviation from routine, however, is bothersome, not traumatic. You are organized, not deranged. You tend to be neat and precise in everything you do.


Meeting trouble (or anything else) head-on is the tactic of fools and optimists. The sensible way to deal with trouble is to deny it a target. While some people might accuse you of sticking your head in the sand, they do have to admit that it has remained on your shoulders for quite some time, and looks like it will continue to do so indefinitely. You never confront what you can evade, and never face anything unless there is no other option. Courage is not high on your list of virtues, but then the line between courage and folly is virtually nonexistence to your eyes.


Your self-worth is based entirely on the opinions of others. You crave approval and praise, and will go to extreme lengths to get such - even risking yourself and things you love. Unlike the Sycophant, you do not think of protection, and you have no thought of using others good opinions to your own advantage - you simply crave praise and approval for their own sake, so you can feel good about yourself.


The Rebel is a malcontent, never satisfied with the status quo or the system as it is. He hates authority and does everything in his power to challenge and undermine it. Perhaps the Rebel truly believes in his ideals, but it is just as likely that he bears authority figures some ill will over a misunderstanding or "wrong" done to him in the past. Teenagers, insurrectionists and nonconformists all exemplify the Rebel Archetype.


You hold freedom dearly and desire justice, and will do whatever is necessary to hold on to these precious liberties. Unlike the Rebel, your urge is not to resist ALL authority, but rather to fight corruption in the system where you find it.


Only one thing matters to the Rogue: herself. To each his own, and if others cannot protect their claims, they have no right to them. The Rogue is not necessarily a thug or bully, however. She simply refuses to succumb to the whims of others. Rogues almost universally possess a sense of self sufficiency. They have their own best interests in mind at all times. Prostitutes, capitalists and criminals all embody the Rogue Archetype.


You exist to inflict pain and suffering upon others. Killing is too easy - torture is the best way to truly harm a person, and you seek the Slowest, most painful means to push others to the ultimate limits. Pain - others' pain - gives you immense pleasure. Drill sergeants, jilted ex-lovers and some of the terminally deranged may all display Sadist Archetypes at one time or another; sadism is rare enough to appear only in aberrant cases, rather than reliably in one type of person or another.


To a Scientist, existence is a puzzle which she can help to reassemble. A Scientist logically and methodically examines her every situation and maneuver, looking for logical outcomes and patterns. This is not to say that the Scientist is always looking for a scientific or rational explanation, but rather, that she examines her surroundings rigorously and with a critical eye. The system a Scientist attempts to impose on the world may be completely ludicrous, but it is a system, and she sticks by it. Scientists have high Mental Attributes, and often hold low-ranking positions in city governments.


The Soldier is not a blindly loyal follower. While she exists for orders, she does not adhere to them unquestioningly. More independent than a Conformist but too tied into the idea of command to be a Loner, the Soldier applies her own techniques to others' goals. While she may seek command herself someday, her ambitions lie within the established hierarchy and structure. The Soldier has no compunctions about using whatever means necessary to do what needs to be done, so long as the orders to do so came from the right place.


No matter what happens, no matter the odds or opposition, the Survivor always manages to pull through. Whether alone or with a group, the Survivor's utter refusal to accept defeat often makes the difference between success and failure. Survivors are frustrated by others' acceptance of "what fate has in store" or willingness to withstand less than what they can achieve. Outcasts, street folk and idealists may well be Survivor Archetypes.


In the grand scheme of things, you are small and weak and unfit for survival. Your best hope is to find someone who is more powerful than you are and persuade her to take care of you. In return you will serve, admire and follow her. You will do anything she says, unless it puts you in great risk. In any type of uncertain situation, you will attach yourself to the strongest-seeming person, siding with her, performing various barely necessary services and generally trying to ingratiate yourself. Thereby you hope to earn some kind of protection. There is no limit to the depths to which you will lower yourself in order to be accepted, and you have no pride.


The Thrill-Seeker lives for the rush brought on by danger. Unlike those of arguably saner disposition, the Thrill-Seeker actively pursues hazardous and possibly deadly situations. The Thrill-Seeker is not consciously suicidal or self-destructive - he simply seeks the stimulation of imminent disaster. Gangbangers, petty thieves and exhibitionist are all examples of the Thrill-Seeker Archetype.


The orthodox ways satisfy the Traditionalist, who prefers to accomplish her goals with time tested methods. Why vary your course when what has worked in the past is good enough? The Traditionalist finds the status quo acceptable, even preferable, to a change that might yield unpredictable results. Conservatives, judges and authority figures are all examples of traditionalist Archetypes.


The Trickster finds the absurd in everything. No matter how grim life (or unlife) may become, the Trickster always uncovers a kernel of humor within it. Tricksters cannot abide sorrow or pain, and so they strive to lighten the spirits of those around them. Some Tricksters have even higher ideals, challenging static dogma by exposing its failures in humorous ways. Comedians, satirists and social critics are examples of Trickster Archetypes.


No one can do anything right except you. Whenever you leave something in someone else's care, that person fouls it up. Therefore, you must watch over those you care for, and take matters into your own hands whenever possible. You may have been an innkeeper before your embrace, or a knight whose squires simply couldn't achieve the chivalric ideals. Perhaps you oversee your ghouls the way you once commanded your household servants. Whatever you do, make sure that no one make a mess of it. People may not like you for it, but at least things will be done right, this time.


The Visionary is strong enough to look beyond the mundane and perceive the truly wondrous. Visionaries test accepted societal limits, and seek what few others have the courage to imagine. The Visionary rarely takes satisfaction in what society has to offer; she prefers to encourage society to offer what it could instead of what it does. Typically, society responds poorly to Visionaries, though it is they who are responsible for bringing about progress and change. Philosophers, inventors and the most inspired artists often have Visionary Archetypes.


Engineers master knowledge of the Weaver's ways, scrounging amidst the wreckage of human society for tools and weapons. They are a relatively recent phenomenon, and rumor has it they are largely descended from laboratory rats. They are interested in a purposeful revolution - putting technology into the right paws. All Engineers are paranoid about humans finding out about them, and are fanatic about preserving the Veil. They are also often fiercely egotistical and competitive with others of their own aspect.


Assassins, executioners, judges, and juries, the Knife-Skulkers are the law-enforcers of Ratkin society. They may enforce this judgment on their own kind, but may also apply it (often more liberally) to outsiders who have wronged their kind. They have a reputation for vengeance and retribution, striking with the vicious nature of the Wyld. They are experts with the Contract rite, infamous for making pacts with other supernaturals, and are responsible for ensuring that their packs "Preserve the Veil."


Munchmausen believe they are exiles from the most exotic realms of the spirit world, and all have succumbed to the mad lure of the Wyld. A few insist they are exiles from Arcadia themselves, but have never actually seen that mythic realm. All entertain fanciful stories of spirit realms that don't exist - great storytellers, but inveterate liars. Their fascination with the Umbra sometimes leads them so deeply that they never re-emerge, or become fully spirit.

aspectPlague Lord

Plague Lords cultivate the Ratkin's most formidable weapon: disease. All Plague Lords are metis. All are recognizable by the ravages of the diseases they consort with, and all are reputedly descended from the black rats of the Black Plague. They consort with spirits of Pain and Disease, and have even been known to deal with Wyrm-spirits.

aspectShadow Seer

Seers are the keepers of ancient secrets, the shamans of the Rats. They maintain close communications with spirits and act as caretaker for their fellow travelers. Many are fascinated with the mysteries of human civilization as well, though their approach to it may vary widely. Shadow Seers thrive wherever chaos is strong. It's quite common for a Seer to become more concerned with Umbral culture than the physical world.

aspectTunnel Runner

Tunnel Runners are the messengers and mavericks of Ratkin society, the scouts and spies. Frequently they take to the road after surviving their Infection, and provide their rat pack or Nest with their experience in travel. As masters of cultural adaptability and social subterfuge, they scout out dangerous realms and deal with other supernaturals. They are also occasionally emissaries between distant colonies, taking on the role the bards once fulfilled.


Twitchers are the most dangerous members of Ratkin society, succumbing readily to anger and violence - even other Ratkin generally treat them with disdain. They revel in demented destruction, acting as anarchists, instigators and architects of destruction. All Twitchers are criminals of some kind, flaunting the laws and mores of human society, and represent the worst traits associated with rats. They do not recognize the social distinctions of aspects. They are exiles from Ratkin colonies, too dangerous to keep around because of regular breaches of the Veil.


Ratkin Warriors have one thing in common: the urge to fight. They work to sever the Weaver's webs, though they know to preserve the secrecy of their own existence, since killing humans openly invites retribution. Preserving the Veil is the first stricture. Many seek work as mercenaries.

attributeAppearanceNot merely physical looks, but also your ability to create a definite impression.
attributeCharismaA person's natural charm and appeal.
attributeDexterityAn individual's speed, quickness and grace.
attributeIntelligenceThe sum of both your knowledge and your ability to reach new conclusions. It's not a measure of how fast you think, but how well you think and (to a lesser extent) how much you know.
attributeManipulationThe flip side of Charisma -- the ability to bring people onto your side without them realizing it, rather than convincing them through the force of your personality.
attributePerceptionAn individual's ability to perceive and notice things.
attributeStaminaA person's physical endurance to exhaustion and hardship.
attributeStrengthThe sheer physical strength of an individual. Used for jumps, running, lifting, or damage.
attributeWitsThis is a person's speed in adapting to diverse and new situations. It's how fast he can use information he processes and how efficient he's likely to be under stress. It includes, to a degree, humor.

The full moon. The Ahroun is the Warrior, and the Protector of the Ways. When all other paths have failed, it is the Ahroun that the other auspices turn to, to lead them in glorious battle. Although they may lack the social skills the other auspices have, and may be joked at (though not to their faces), there is no doubt about who is leader during wartime. Especially in the fight against the Wyrm of this day and age, the Ahroun is of an utmost importance to Garou society.


The gibbous moon. The Galliard is the Moon Dancer, and the Lover of the Ways. Performers and artists of the Garou, the Galliards are the most in touch with their emotions, for this vital gift is needed to give their tales meaning. Galliards take all types: dancers and writers, poets and singers, musicians and painters. All of them, however, share the common purpose in that they remind the Garou why they exist, what they fight for, keeping the Litany in the hearts and minds of Garou, and keeping their spirits alive.


The half moon. The Philodox is the Judge, the Keeper of the Ways. Balanced halfway between light and dark, the Philodox walk a thin line. As they are the moderate, they are usually called upon to serve in the Garou Tribunals when judging a tribe, and the task of punishment often falls to the Philodox. They are respected throughout society for their honor and trustworthyness, and provide a loyal foundation for the Garou society, without which it might fall apart.


The new moon. The Ragabash is the Trickster, the Questioner of the Ways. They are the ones who proclaim to all that the Emporer has no clothes, or to show the other Garou the cracks in the sidewalk; usually by tripping them. Although their pranks can be most frustrating to creatures already prone to frenzy, the Ragabash's place in Garou society is a time honored, and despite what some might say, much needed tradition, and thus they are afforded much more leeway than the other auspices.


The crescent moon. The Theurge is the Seer, the Searcher of the Ways. When it comes to matters of a spiritual bent, or with a mystical undertone, it is the Theurge that the other auspices come to, whether it be to summon or bind spirits, or for wise advice. Like the small sliver of light against the dark moon that their auspice is associated with, they bring light to the darkness, and find knowledge that may be hidden from others.

backgroundAcolytesThis background reflects a number of people who actively support a mage's paradigm and are Aware enough to assist with magical operations. Acolytes might be students, associates, friends, employees, coven members or cultists. You can use your Acolytes for a number of other reasons than magical operations, but they can't be as tightly controlled as Retainers. Acolytes generally have lives of their own and don't follow the mage around everywhere he goes. Operations requiring their assistance have to be planned in advance but don't usually require Staff approval. If there are any questions in regards to this see Mage Staff. These rules cover NPC acolytes. PC acolytes are handled under the Acolyte merit.

Allies are NPCs which for some reason are inclined to do your character favors. For example, they will never /give/ you a gun, but on a successful roll they might introduce you to someone who'll sell you one. There's potentially some overlap between Allies and Contacts, so just keep in mind that Allies /do/ things, and Contacts /know/ things.

Only two things are required to define an Ally: Dot rating and realm. While we encourage you to develop who they are to your character, and your own explanations of how they come to know or do whatever they do for you, this is RP flavor and is up to you to determine.

Realms are the area of expertise in which that individual moves. Each realm has 'related' realms which may also be used, at a higher difficulty. Each individual may be used once per RL month (this cooldown time was chosen for testing purposes, and may be adjusted later; we don't want to end up swamped right away). Using an Ally requires a roll of their dot rating versus a staff-defined difficulty. A botch results in double the cooldown time. Staff reserves the right to simply deny favors no Ally should have access to.

Allies are purchased individually, at a cost of: 5xp for the first dot, then 3 x current level (so the distribution is 5/3/6/9/12). No Ally can be greater than five dots.

backgroundArcaneArcane is the manifestation of a character's ability to be inconspicuous to the unsearching eye. This is not invisibility, nor will it conceal a character during combat. It merely makes it very difficult and frustrating for someone to find him. Somehow, things just happen that help the mage avoid detection - cameras malfunction, clues disappear, etc. For specifics on how to apply Arcane on Dark Metal, see: http://www.darkmetal2039.com/hr/arcane

A Pathos-fueled item of some power in the Shadowlands.

backgroundAvatarAvatar is the measure of the strength of a Mage's immortal soul. How old, how wise, and how potentially powerful it is. It also translates into the base Quintessence score.
backgroundBlack HandAs this is considered a social group, Black Hand membership is only available by admission of existing members, in-game.
backgroundColonyYou're on good terms with the guardians of a Ratkin sacred site. The number of dots reflects the population of rats, Rat-spirits, Kinfolk and Ratkin living there. ***Note: Metis must begin play with at least one point in the Colony Background.

Contacts are NPCs who can get information for you. They'll never let you hide in their house if you're on the run, but they might be able to get you the direct contact number for a high-level executive or suggest a safehouse. (Distinguish from Allies.)

Only two things are required to define an Ally: Dot rating and realm. While we encourage you to develop who they are to your character, and your own explanations of how they come to know or do whatever they do for you, this is RP flavor and is up to you to determine. Realms are the area of expertise in which that individual moves. Each realm has 'related' realms which may also be used, at a higher difficulty. Each individual may be used once per RL month (this cooldown time was chosen for testing purposes, and may be adjusted later; we don't want to end up swamped right away). Using an Ally requires a roll of their dot rating versus a staff-defined difficulty. A botch results in double the cooldown time. Staff reserves the right to simply deny favors no Ally should have access to. Contacts are purchased individually, at a cost of: 5xp for the first dot, then 3 x current level (so the distribution is 5/3/6/9/12). No Contact can be greater than five dots.

backgroundCultist AlliesAlthough Shadow Lords cannot begin with the Ally background, cultists can depend on their associates to ally with them. The drawback is that you must keep this alliance a secret. Belonging to a Shadow Lord cult is a disgrace that even fellow Shadow Lords will not tolerate. A cult will still be devoted to a cultist without this background, but a Lord with Cultist Allies will find them to be even more useful than normal. This is in most respects identical to the Allies Background. The only notable difference is the cult's fanaticism.
backgroundCyberYou have received cybernetic augmentation. These pieces of equipment are permanently grafted to or implanted in your body, and their implantation will affect your Humanity.
backgroundDen-RealmThe Den Realm is a special area where the Bastet and the land have become one. These areas are fiercely guarded by the Bastet, and are owned by individuals, not prides. Urban Den Realms are remarkably hard to establish and keep.
backgroundDestinyDestiny is an ephemeral thing; each mage has his or her role in destiny. This Trait, however, signifies a mystick who has- or is supposed to have- a very special part in future events. In game terms, this Background earns the mage the respect of her peers an an extra Willpower boost when things get bad. A character with a high Destiny rating is a chosen one; perhaps a vision, prophecy, or a simple "sense of greatness" follows her. Mysticks who recognize such things will treat the mage with some respect. Her actions, however, will often be watched and sometimes criticized if she appears "unworthy" of whatever Fate has planned for her. Several groups may even fight to share in whatever she has to offer. The exact nature of the mage's Destiny is left up to the player and Storyteller. It should, however, remain mysterious- an enigmas, rather than a testament. Mages with Destiny rarely die ignominous deaths. They may die young, but they perish with style and importance. This certainty can carry the mystick through hard times. Once per story (not each game session), if something threatens her with a bad end, she may roll her Destiny rating against difficulty 8. Each success she scores allows her to regain one spent Willpower point. She may use these points ot avert a cheap death; Destiny reaffirms her inner faith. Remember, though, that the Destiny rating means just that- the mage is destined to accomplish some great feat, die valieantly facing overwhelming odds, or even turn to the forces of evil. One day, the Storyteller will call the Destiny due...
backgroundDreamThis trait allows a Mage to tap into the Universal Unconscious, gleaning knowledge from the collective learning of Mankind.

Eidolon is a measure of spiritual fortitude. It is useful against a wraith's shadow.


Employees are like retainers, but without the implication of absolute loyalty- only professional diligence.  They may be "swapped out" for different templates based on a roll (see below).  They cannot be ghouled, enhanced, or receive cyber. They may be equipped (weapons/armor) ICly at the character's expense.

Shifters may have any or all of their Employees be Kinfolk. Mages may have any or all of their Employees be Aware, but Employees cannot be Acolytes or ghouls.

backgroundFameYou are widely known in human circles, perhaps as an artist or something. Whatever the way you are known to humans, you are considered more than a simple John Doe by most people.
backgroundFamiliarYou are accompanied by a mystical animal companion. You must feed this companion Quintessence in order for it to survive. It, in exchange, can consume Paradox or provide similar 'services.' To apply for a familiar, you need to open a +request for Mage Staff and include a detailed description of how and why your character would have such a companion. Include a description of the familiar including any nonstandard stats or abilities you would like it to possess. The Ascension's Right Hand as well as the Forged In Dragon's Fire supplements are used for Familiar creation. Please refer to these for powers special to Familiars. Familiar Rating dictates Quintessence feeding and Freebie Points. Abilities inherent in animal forms do not need to be purchased (such as Flight for bird familiars).
backgroundFamiliar SpiritYou have a special relationship with a spirit (animal spirit, affiliated spirit such as War, or similar), one who freely and without compunction is your companion. This is a friendly alliance, not servitude; while the spirit will assist you, it will not risk its existence for you - it will not enter combat, will flee if attacked, and will not run errands or teach Gifts. Any attempt to use the spirit for anything but friendship or a battery, such as spying, is treated as use of an Ally and requires a Familiar Spirit vs 6 roll; making such requests too frequently, or botching, risk alienating the spirit.
backgroundFetishYou possess a spirit fetish, a physical object with a bound object inside it. It is highly powerful and significant to a Garou, with a number of powers inherited from the bound spirit within.
backgroundFreak FactorA genetic abnormality, a rare aspect of Ratkin who doesn't quite fit into wererat society. If you're playing a "Freak aspect," you must purchase this Trait. This is an odd duck background - each level must be purchased individually, rather than working cumulatively.
backgroundGenerationGeneration describes how many steps of ascendancy stand between you and Caine. Each point you have in the background raises you a generation closer and increases the potency of your blood, as well as how much blood you may spend in a turn.
backgroundGuideA mystical animal or minor spirit has chosen to help the sorcerer or psychic along her magical path. Generally such entities are very interested in the welfare (or at least foibles) of humans but have some motive to attempt to encourage certain types of behavior in their companions. Crafty, knowledgeable in magical concerns and possessed of inhuman senses, these beings have a lot to offer their patrons. Nothing is free, though, and this relationship is a two-way street. Guides expect special treatment, including food, shelter, friendship and even strange supernatural necessities. In return, guides can help a sorcerer learn mythic lore, gain new paths or numina, or discover unseen things. Take the opportunity to create an interesting, unique creature who has reason to share your character's fate and influence her behavior. The Bygone Bestiary is the standard sourcebook for guide creation, with the number of freebies allowed in creation determined by the level. To obtain a guide, you must submit a +request with a description of your familiar, including any special stats or abilities you would like it to possess. Guides of level 1 - 3 will be relatively easy to obtain. Guides of lvl 4 or 5 will be extremely rare. NOTE: Purchase of the Guide background is disabled until full rules and code support can be enabled for it. It will be announced on the boards when ready.

There are places in the skinlands of great importance to some wraiths. These are called haunts.

backgroundHerdThis background reflects a number of steady vessels to which you have access to on a regular basis. You can use your Herd for a number of other reasons than to feed safely, but they can't be as tightly controlled as a Retainer.
backgroundHunting GroundsThe Hunting Grounds Background typically represents a large stretch of wilderness in which a Garou (or pack) can freely hunt and breed. This wilderness generally contains no humans, though the Garou might choose to have a few living therein. (These humans might be Kinfolk, allies, contacts or just ordinary humans who happen to live in the area.) If the player prefers, the Hunting Grounds may represent part of a city, though typically such is the case only among urrah. Hunting grounds in a city aren't empty of human habitation. Quite the contrary, they are as populous as any other part of town. The influence of the Wyrm and Weaver is kept at a minimum in such areas, however, as the very territorial Garou are quick to burn out any such infestation in their homes. This Background differs from the vampires' Domain Background in a few respects, but the most important of them is that the Garou do not rule their hunting grounds. They protect and nurture the land. They might hunt for food within them, but they do not despoil them. The Garou are almost never the "official" rulers of their hunting grounds. They are the caretakers, but they let the human nobility think that it rules the place while it passes laws regarding it and so on. The Silver Fangs and Shadow Lords are the only exceptions, and most of the time, even they don't formally rule over humans in their territory. Hunting Grounds is probably the best choice for an Anchor Background for A Background pool. Any people living within the hunting grounds might then be represented as Allies, Contacts or Kinfolk.
backgroundJamakJamak are spirit familiars to Bastet, akin to Garou totems, but more personal. The bond made between cat and spirit is extremely personal and deep, more on the level of equals in most cases than it is for Garou totems, and the benefits they provide need not be shared. Because of this, typically it takes a great deal of time for the cat to earn the spirit's attention and ultimately the respect required to decide to make this bonding at all. PLEASE NOTE: Bastet generally do not acquire jamak until they've had some time to prove themselves, meaning second rank or above. Because of this, Jamak points are not available in chargen, and must be purchased after earning rank. Players are still encouraged to consider which spirits might view their cats as worthy, and to develop that relationship during the process of earning rank.
backgroundKinfolkKinfolk, particularly human Kinfolk, are vital to Garou existence. Because they suffer neither frenzy nor Delirium, Kinfolk may freely enter human society to perform missions for their Garou cousins. Certain tribes, such as the Glass Walkers and Shadow Lords, have extensive networks of Kinfolk. Many of these Kinfolk hold positions of power among mortals, though the opposition of the vampires has checked Kinfolk dominance to an extent. Most Kinfolk have no special powers beyond their ability to fraternize with Garou. However, it is rumored that a few exceptional Kinfolk have rudimentary levels of Gnosis or even Rage. Such exceptional Kinfolk could conceivably learn Gifts, though few werewolves would teach them. You are in contact with certain humans or wolves who, while descended from the Garou, did not receive the "gene" and so for all practical purposes are normal members of their species. They are immune to Delirium, however, and know of your origin; they are willing to help you however they can, though most are not in positions of power (those people are instead considered Allies). Networks of Kinfolk can be invaluable for Garou who wish to deal with the human world but cannot risk frenzy.

In life, you were responsible for some object, work or concept that endures.

backgroundLibraryThis background represents ownership of an arcane library which may include mundane works as well. They often aid the character in learning useful and obscure facts and methods.
backgroundLifestyleThe Lifestyle background represents all the components of your character's day-to-day environment, including the resources that go into maintaining it. In some cases this means the character has a steady source of income (but any income above and beyond Lifestyle maintenance must be represented by the Resources background instead). In others, it may mean that the character has a trust fund, a benefactor, or even a sugar daddy. The explanation is up to you - the result is that the character has a home (or several) with various amenities. Lifestyles may also be rented with Resources income, but as with any rental situation, having insufficient funds for the rent in a given month can have unpleasant consequences.... The Lifestyles Background is a permanently purchased stat. (Note, though, that you can optionally spend extra Resources to increase aspects of a Lifestyle - on a rental basis.)
backgroundMagical LibraryNo sorcerer or psychic worth their name shuns an opportunity to learn and an extensive library reflects the facts you keep within arm's reach. This private archive would include several rare and mystical books, and also include a host of normal and mundane books that cover a variety of topics from folk lore to new age topics. These resources aren't always books. This background will not affect your XP costs, however serves as a justified resource for learning new paths or increasing knowledge in paths and numina that you possess, as well as a research resource and avenue to learn abilities.
backgroundManaWhether they call it chi, essence, ki, pneuma, psychic energy, ionized electrolytes or any number of other traditional names, sorcerers and psychics can tap into sources of energy that empower them in their performance of magic. Meditating or resting on ley lines, in holy places, or even in supercharged chemical baths grant the magician who understands their nature a source of power. Whatever the individual's methods, she exhibits an energy that helps her work her magic or numina, a force described by some as being akin to breath or spirit, or, in Latin, "Mana."

Memory is the way in which the living interact with the dead. People tend to remember those who are lost in strange ways, or to project thoughts and feelings onto those who are no longer there to represent themselves.

backgroundMentorThis trait reflects the existence of a guide in your life. A Mentor will help your character in times of need, teach him things about himself, his powers and much more. He is an ally and a friend.
backgroundNodeThis represents a place of power that the mystic (or his cabal) has easy access to. It might be a secret location or a place which it rests on land the mage owns. The trait measures the strength of the Node in how many points of Tass it produces, in addition to any 'free' Quintessence the character may 'absorb'.
backgroundOccult LibraryYou possess a libary of occult materials. If you are a Tremere, chances are it's got Thaumaturgy-relevant items in it. If you are not a Tremere, chances are it doesn't - and if you want it to, you'd better put some real effort into explaining why. Sacrificing virgin white goats is a good start....
backgroundOther People's SecretsCorax know things. That's what they're all a about, after all knowing things. Furthermore, Corax have a mandate from Gaia to uncover things that other folks want to keep hidden. A wereraven with this background is already one step ahead of the game, and has uncovered something that she has absolutely no business knowing. The secret could belong to another Corax, or it could be a tidbit about another supernatural creature, it might be something relating to one individual, or it could be a secret relating to a race (or Breed) as a whole. It could even he the knowledge of a particular Gift or rite normally unavailable to Corax. The point is, however, that a Corax with this background knows something she shouldn't. Other Corax will try to coerce the secret out of her, while those whose beans have been spilled may come looking for vengeance. Note: This background works in a fashion similar, but not identical, to the Background: Secrets in Bastet, Secrets, while applicable to Corax as well, has a generic connotation to it. Other People's Secrets, on the other hand, has a definitely nasty and dirty connotation to it. A Corax with this Background knows dangerous, potentially fatal things this goes far beyond gossip.
backgroundPast LifeThe Past Life trait reflects the spiritual connection of a Garou with his ancestors.
backgroundPlagueYou've got allies in a local "rat family" who are willing to help you out; unfortunately, they keep demanding help in return.
backgroundPrimacyThe agent's official standing within the Technocracy, reflecting the esteem in which the hierarchy holds the Agent, and the extent to which the agent can draw upon the resources of the Union.
backgroundPure Breed

This Trait determines your 'pedigree' score. You ancestry and lineage. Garou with high Pure Breed scores are revered by others as heroes of old come back to life, as noble and examples to be followed, and they are expected to act it. This is as close as any Trait gets to Status among Garou.


Mortal+: You possess some artifact of supernatural origin. In story terms, you've got some item with obvious occult overtones: a run-inscribed dagger, a box of black candles, an ancient brass chime, etc. Either it is something passed down in your family, someone gave it to you, or you've found it in the course of your own experiences. When you perform some incantation or simple action, the relic sets a weird event in motion, the higher the background rating, the more powerful the relic. To obtain a relic, you will need to mail the M+ admin with a description of what you would like the relic to do and it will be created/statted for you. Relics of level 1 - 2 will be relatively easy to obtain. Relics of lvl 3 - 5 will be extremely rare. It should be noted, artifacts can be stolen or given away.

Wraith: Once existing in the Skinlands, a relic is something that has persisted in the Shadowlands after its destruction.

backgroundReputationThis Trait reflects how well a Vampire Hunter is known among vampires, as a menace, an idiot, or otherwise. This background is one that needs to be earned through IC play. Once you have become a successful vampire, keep Treason informed of the identity of the vampires you have successfully killed, and what steps, if any, you are taking to ensure that the Kindred population in LATMA knows of your involvement in those deaths.
backgroundRequisitionThe plus side of belonging to a group is that you've get access to all kinds of things; the downside is that you generally have to kiss ass to get anything worthwhile. This Background allows you to do just that. It reflects your standing with the higher ups with in the Council, Union or Nephandi factions. This stat represents amount of trust they have in you, and the stuff they allow you to borrow for a particular project or mission. At mission's end, you must return this equipment.. . or your superior will take it back himself, and you don't want that.
backgroundResourcesThis Trait describes your financial status. These assets are not liquid, but you could conceivably liquidize them. PLEASE NOTE: Resources does NOT represent an immediate, out-of-chargen pool of funds. Even someone with Resources 5 is not capable of immediately laying out thousands of nuYen or buying everything in sight. They have, instead, the capacity to draw on more ongoing resources and earn more money over time. This is why you receive only a limited amount of cash on exiting chargen. Further acquisitions use a purchasing system for gear acquisition and general spending. See +help resources.

A Retainer is a relationship based on loyalty- the Retainer's loyalty to you. This can be the kindred Blood Bond, Mind Magick, or plain, ordinary loyalty. Whatever the case, Retainers follow your orders unquestioningly- but Retainers are specific individuals. Vampires may Ghoul any Retainer or enhance (using Vicissitude) any Retainer (but must pay the XP cost as though they were enhancing their own stats). Mages may enhance the stats of any Retainer (but must pay the XP cost as though they were enhancing their own stats). Any player may fund Cyber for any Retainer. All equipment (weapons, armor) must be provided by the PC to the retainer, ICly. Shifters may have any or all of their Retainers be Kinfolk. Mages may have any or all of their Retainers be Aware, and Retainers may be Acolytes. Importantly, a Retainer represents a specific individual- if your Retainer dies, those points are gone forever. Retainers are purchased individually, at a cost of: 5xp for the first dot, then 3 x current level (so the distribution is 5/3/6/9/12). No Retainer can be greater than five dots.

backgroundRitesThis trait describes how many Rites the character knows at the beginning of the game.
backgroundSanctuaryEvery magician needs a place in which to work. This background grants you a secret workshop of some size, stocked with the necessary tools and materials for whatever your practice might require. Hidden from mortal view, this sanctuary exists in the mortal world, often times (but not always) attached to your home. Within your Sanctuary, you effectively have an Arcane rating which will help keep the neighbors from wondering about the sounds, etc. Assume that any workings that don't involve major destruction are "quieted" by the wards around your Sanctuary. Those wards keep trespassers at bay too, unwelcome visitors must make a Willpower roll (diff = Sanctuary rating + 3) to approach. The place is still subject to the laws of psychics, fires, explosions, floods, etc.
backgroundSanctumThe mage has access to an area which has been attuned to their paradigm. Weak sanctums are usually only the size of small closets, while powerful sanctums can be as large as an entire house. Sanctums take time, energy and resources to create. Magic here is coincidental within their paradigm. The Sanctum also allows a certain amount of protection in the form of Arcane. Effects performed by the Mage inside their sanctum are coincidental, though effects that go outside of the sanctum generate Paradox normally. (Corr nukage is Corr nukage, even if your base difficulty for the effect is lower.) Each Tradition and Convention has a different method of creating Sanctums. A minor magickal effect is usually used to prepare the area (whether that means defragmenting the underlying inodes; aligning the chakras of the soul of the place; or sealing the walls and floor with a chemical agent to prevent them contaminating the atmosphere). Mages, in some cases, can share sanctums. Two mages of the same tradition can use the same sanctum with no penalty whatsoever. Some traditions can use other traditions' sanctums, but do so as if the sanctum were one dot less.
backgroundSecretsSecrets are things the Bastet knows that may be used for useful things. Stay tuned for additional information here; see the Bastet book for official information.
backgroundSociety StatusA society is a group (occult, religious or scientific), such as the Arcanum, The Cult of Mercury, etc. A character's reputation within a society depends upon a number of factors: scholarly efforts, apparent intelligence, Society membership (and its duration), personal achievements, etc. The higher the characters status the better that the character is treated within that society, likewise it enhances her dealings within the leadership of the group when attempting to procure funds, information or justify actions taken. It does not ensure that you are liked however, and you may have enemies who are jealous of your status. That esteem you have gained also may not always translate into authority in outsize organizations however.
backgroundStatusYou've got something of a good reputation within the Cainite community. The more Status you have, the more influence you have; your permanent status also reflects the number of status traits you can have. You can have more status than you have traits, or, if your only trait is proven or acknowledged, you can feasibly end up with less status than your traits would normally allow for. (Note that there are certain specific status traits, such as hunted, marked for death, suspected, and innocent which can be had without it reflecting in your permanent status trait - ie, if you have a max of 3, and 3 status traits already, you can still pick up one of these traits without picking up another permanent status point.)
backgroundTalismanThis trait reflects the magickal might of a mystick relic which the character has in his or her posession.
backgroundTotemThis Trait does not apply directly to a character, but to the strength of a pack's Totem spirit. Pack totems are avatars of the totems themselves. The process of spending background points to buy Totem powers and benefits involved.
backgroundTrinketTrinkets are magical items. Stay tuned for additional information here; see the Bastet book for official information.
backgroundUmbral MapsCorax run the Umbra as well as, if not better than, anyone. Apart from the Nuwisha, the Corax spend more time in the Umbra than anyone else, and over the millenia the raven-folk have searched out routes, paths and safe back alleys through the Velvet Shadow. More to the point, they've communicated this knowledge and disseminated it, meaning that chances are pretty good that any given wereraven has a chance of knowing at least a few safe routes and safe places in the Umbra. Corax with this background also have a shot at knowing where the local unsafe places are, what lives in them, and possibly, how to lure unfriendly creatures into those places where visitors aren't welcome.
biowareAdrenal Pump 1

The adrenal pump is a small, muscular sac implanted in the lover abdominal cavity and connected to each of the two suprarenal glands. When dormant, the pump concentrates and serves as a reservoir for the harmones adrenaline and noradrenaline. When activated, the sac contracts, sending a surge of concentrates into the bloodstream. Stress and other emotional states such as anger, fear, or lust will also activate the pump.

biowareAdrenal Pump 2

The adrenal pump is a small, muscular sac implanted in the lover abdominal cavity and connected to each of the two suprarenal glands. When dormant, the pump concentrates and serves as a reservoir for the harmones adrenaline and noradrenaline. When activated, the sac contracts, sending a surge of concentrates into the bloodstream. Stress and other emotional states such as anger, fear, or lust will also activate the pump.

biowareCerebral Booster 1

A cerebral enhancement involving the introduction of additional nervous tissue, along with convolutions and gyri, into the frontal lobes of the cerebrum. The extra cells and increased surface area improve the efficiency of cognitive and other higher-level functions because the brain areas augmented are those responsible for these functions.

biowareCerebral Booster 2

A cerebral enhancement involving the introduction of additional nervous tissue, along with convolutions and gyri, into the frontal lobes of the cerebrum. The extra cells and increased surface area improve the efficiency of cognitive and other higher-level functions because the brain areas augmented are those responsible for these functions.

biowareMnemonic EnhancerHighly concentrated growth of gray matter attached to the hippocampus region of the brain. It radically increases short and long term memory. * System: Gives the character the equivalent of the eidetic memory merit. * Prerequisite: NONE * Nuyen Cost: 300,000 * Surgery: Complex * BodyCost: .6
biowareNephretic ScreenA rebuild of the recipient's kidneys to enable a substantially more effective cycle of filtration and reclamation. Finer discrimination in the removal of waste products and the reclamation of useful materials extends a greater level of well-being.
biowareOptical CulturesBiological manipulation of the recipients to grow additional rods and cones within the eye and optimizing eye shape. This process greatly enhances visual capabilities and is becoming very popular with professional athletes who are not permitted to possess cyber of any kind.
biowareSuprathyroid GlandThe suprathyroid gland is a regulating gland that is implanted on top of the thyroid gland within the body. It augments the metabolic functions of the thyroid, optimizing catabolism (the breakdown of complex substances, such as starches into sugars) and anabolism (the chemical conversion of substances, such as the construction of complex sugars) within the body. The altered metabolism produces more energy and effectively supercharges the recipient.
biowareSymbiotes 1

Symbiotes consist of a number of Tailored microorganisms (nanites) that are introduced into the host subjects bloodstream. They so dramatically enhance the body's own regenerative functions that the hosts natural healing time is reduced for both physical and mental trauma.

biowareSymbiotes 2

Symbiotes consist of a number of Tailored microorganisms (nanites) that are introduced into the host subjects bloodstream. They so dramatically enhance the body's own regenerative functions that the hosts natural healing time is reduced for both physical and mental trauma.

biowareSymbiotes 3

Symbiotes consist of a number of Tailored microorganisms (nanites) that are introduced into the host subjects bloodstream. They so dramatically enhance the body's own regenerative functions that the hosts natural healing time is reduced for both physical and mental trauma.

biowareSynaptic Accelerator 1

== Synaptic Accelerator 1 == The modification of the neural cells and main nerve trunks which make up the spinal cord, causing them to replicate and lengthen. This provides a wider 'data-path' for the transmission of impulses and a decrease in the amount of time required for the signal to traverse the distance. Thus, more data can be sent from and received by the brain in a shorter period of time. This is not compatible with Reflex Processors and vice versa.

biowareSynaptic Accelerator 2

The modification of the neural cells and main nerve trunks which make up the spinal cord, causing them to replicate and lengthen. This provides a wider 'data-path' for the transmission of impulses and a decrease in the amount of time required for the signal to traverse the distance. Thus, more data can be sent from and received by the brain in a shorter period of time. This is not compatible with Reflex Processors and vice versa.


Corvid Corax are hatched as ravens, and tend to have their First Change around 8-10 months, then age as normal humans. They can be a trifle cliquish, sometimes finding excuses to dismiss homid Corax as airborne wannabes, and are also more easily distracted by bright objects than are their earthborn kin, but make up for this with a keener eye and more grace in the air. Bird-born Corax are loquacious, but more so in bird form than in human. Most are equally at home in bird-talk or human speech, but claim to find the Corax tongue so much more expressive and detailed than any human language could ever be. Corvids also have less of a sense of personal property than do their homid cousins, and fullblown kleptomania is rampant particularly theft of shiny things. Unfortunately, this category covers things like gems, jewelry, watches and other items that humans normally hold pretty dear, and that means that corvids don't need any help getting themselves into trouble when trying to deal with humans.|SYSINFO=Like lupus Garou, corvids can only purchase certain abilities with freebie points during character creation. They make up for this by gaining two free dots of Flight, and by a little more resistance to gold in their breed form; no Corax suffers the adverse effect of gold in Homid, but corvid-breeds are able to soak damage from gold while they're in their breed form. Of course, gold still causes aggravated damage to any Corax in Corvid, and they still suffer Gnosis loss from contact with gold as usual.


Born of a feline parent, the Felines have, understandably, strong ties to the Wyld, and pulse with spiritual energy. However, they are very rare, as great cat populations are almost unknown.

breedHomid Bastet

Born of a human parent, these Bastet are not typically very close to their feline natures, instead tending to share more ties with the Weaver than the Wyld.

breedHomid Corax

Thin, paler than the norm, and relentlessly twitchy, human-born Corax are often misdiagnosed as having Attention Deficit his order. They tend to gravitate toward jobs that grant a lot of mobility bicycle courier, magazine stringer, treasure hunter and the like and tend to rack up and lose huge fortunes with alarming frequency. (A distinct minority of Corax go into accounting or finance. They feel that there are better secrets not to mention a higher information turnover to be found there than in any other field.) Older Corax, at least European-bred ones, tend toward the jeans-and-T-shirt look while young, but grow compulsively more formal as they get older, and not a few drift into the excessive formality of Dickensian attire.%r%tHomid Corax aren't quite as obviously birdlike as their corvid kin, but they're still prone to making quick, darting movements and to walking on the balls of their feet, birdlike. There's often a streak of mild kleptomania among homid Corax, who like pocketing shiny objects just 'cause they can.

breedHomid Garou

Born of a human parent, these Garou are not typically very close to their Garou natures, instead tending to share more ties with the Weaver than the Wyld. Although they aren't as confused by the humans and the cities as many other Garou are, their lack of a spiritual connection can be a major disadvantage, and the action of the humans reflects badly on many Garou's opinion of homids. Still, without the homid's understanding of the human world, the Garou may already be lost, and many know it.

breedHomid Ratkin

Homid Ratkin are born as humans, and often are among the disenfranchised and outcast of their society. The rage of the Birthing Plague tears them away even from this, granting visions and a new perspective on the world. Fear of discovery is often a strong drive after the Change, distrusting even their own kind until forced to do otherwise, although they may also be rescued and offered sanctuary, and explanations of the maddening visions. Others succumb to mania and engage in violent sprees that may end with them dead or hopelessly insane. Once indoctrinated, most homid Ratkin eventually give up on their fellow humans altogether.


Born of a wolf parent, the Lupus have, understandably, strong ties to the Wyld, and pulse with spiritual energy. However, their numbers are dwindling as the wolf populations decline, and they are totally at a loss on how to function in human society, much of which makes very little sense to them. Skills that might be taken for granted by anyone else come slowly to them, and many see Lupus as not much more than ignorant country bumpkins; a point not well taken among the Lupus, who tend to be quicker to let loose their angry emotions than the other breeds...Still, when it comes to matters of a wilderness or spiritual nature, the Lupus are unmatched.

breedMetis Bastet

Born of two Bastet parents, Metis are born deformed, in one way or another.

breedMetis Garou

Born of two Garou parents, Metis are born into disfavor, being a byproduct of a Litany breach, carrying the sins of their parents. Many metis become bitter and angry at this, but others overcome this social defect to become great heroes. Unfortunately, all metis suffer another curse: they are all born deformed, in one way or another, and this only serves to make life harder for them. Still, they grow up in Garou society, and tend to function equally as well in human and lupine society, as they are well versed in both.

breedMetis Ratkin

Metis Ratkin, like other metis, are infertile and begin weaker than other rats. Every metis rat has a deformity visible in all three forms. It may be easily concealed while interacting with humans, but metis are *required* to openly display this flaw while in a colony - not to do so costs Obligation renown. They are generally raised from birth in Nests, and are the most intimately aware of the workings of wererat society. Often they serve as teachers and caretakers of young rats, but are also expected to show deference to their rodens elders.


Rodens are rodent-born Ratkin. They gain human-level intelligence, but never quite understand the ethics and mores of human society, the idea of property, privacy, nudity taboos, or other similar concepts. In the interests of safety and survival, Ratkin of other breeds must watch them closely. They tend to outnumber homids five to one, and generally consider themselves far more honest, although they are not at all above intrigue, especially as they age.

campAngels in the Garden

For the Angels, immunizing the youngest human generation against the defiler Wyrm is of paramount importance. These Garou maintain an underground network among their kin to protect children from abusers, even if it means breaking the laws against kidnapping once in a while. They also strive to insinuate Gaian ideals into children's books and other media, in the hope of turning youngsters against the Wyrm. Cynical Garou sometimes warn these Children that the Apocalypse may well come before this next generation grows to adulthood, and that all the Angels' work will be fruitless. The Angels invariably reply that they cannot afford to take that chance.

campAustere Howl

Once the most powerful and honorable of houses, its power have declined along with the British Empire. Its fortunes have fallen precipitously in the 20th century. And the Garous disappointment with their fate turned to bitterness and Harano. They were ripe for the picking and the Defiler Wyrm has sundered their house in two. In the late 20th century two kings died in rapid succession in a matter of three years, and their current leader, Queen Mary, is a Scottish Ahroun. The Daughter of the last king, she rallies the loyal elements of her house against the powerful Wyrm-corrupted nobles. Few if any among the common tribes knows about the blood bath occurring in Silver Fang Manors throughout the protectorate. Despite division and dwindling numbers, the Austere Howl is still a potent force.

campBringers of Light

Distrusted even by their own tribe, the Bringers of Light place themselves in daily temptation for the good of the Shadow Lords. They are known to consort with mages, vampires and worse, to make lengthy undercover stays in Black Spiral Hives, even to visit hideous Umbral realms such as Atrocity. Many Bringers have fallen into full darkness, but ones who survive show a tempered purity of spirit that even the Wendigo might envy.

campChildren of Crow

Obedient Lords consider serving strong leaders to be an honorable course of action. Children of Crow follow an ancient tradition: foregoing the call of ambition for the sake of political expediency. They gain power by serving those more powerful than themselves, even if this destroys their public esteem. Yet Crow gives them powers of detection and perception other Garou do not possess. Such servants will never attain positions of authority, but instead sacrifice chance to gain power for the sake of their own tribe. These Garou are also fully cognizant that Crow ultimately serves the will of Grandfather Thunder, yet they trust in Crow's guidance. It is rumored that there is an alliance between the leaders of this camp and the wereravens. In times of need, it is said, one of the Corax may be called upon to assist a servant of Crow, although there may be a favour requested afterward.

campCrescent Moon

The oldest of all houses still in existence, though house Wise Heart and Blood Red Crest contest this claim. They were the deciding voice in both the Impergium and the Concord, and led the War of Rage. They ruled with strength and wisdom for thousands of years, and can date their linage back to the dawn of ages. The greatest heroes of the Silver Fangs come from the House Crescent Moon, but some claim that their glory soared, and something dangerous took place. Perhaps it was during the War of Rage or by excesses during the Impergium, but the other houses consider House Crescent Moon as the sources of the tribes original sin. The fall of House Crescent moon into madness and Harano is one of the greatest tragedies of this age. Crescent Garou are on their last legs ,staggering beneath the twin yokes of hubris and Harano. Even before the Shadow Curtain was risen many turned to the Wyrm. In 1991 most houses lost contact with the Crescent Moon, and what little news they get is most disturbing, and many hope that the old Tsars niece Tatiana has taken the throne.

campFangs of Garm

The fangs of Garm are mong the most active of Garou protecting the innocent. The best way to save people form the Wyrm, they insist, is to make certain the Wyrm never touches them. Where areas of high crime exist, the Fangs are likely to form neighborhood watch teams and vigilante groups to deal with the problem. Among the Get of Fenris, the Fangs of Garm are the most sympathetic to the other tribes. The Fangs often demonstrate at Native American protests and fight for the rights of North American's "first citizens". This camp is just as likely to make its sympathies known at Gay rights and NAACP rallies. The Fangs are at least willing to listen to the Children of Gaia, and have dealings with the Wendigo and Uktena tribes. Nevertheless, the Fangs's relations with the Pure Ones are sometimes strained. It should be noted that the Fangs, like virtually all Get, still believe themselves stronger and more skilled then the average Garou, but they're willing to overlook others' flaws and work with their cousins anyway.


The schism between the American and the European Garou has been growing for many years. After the fall, this schism became ever more present and changed the ways between the two even further. Where some choose to join Camps such as the Fangs of Garm, to seek the middle road or Hand of Tyr to seek out the guilty a few turned further towards the old ways. In LATMA the camp's predecessors were Magnus Fenrir's-Howl, a young Skald of the Tribe that spoke up against the ways of the American Gets. As years passed by, the schism grew between the Get of Fenris not just in LATMA but in America in general. More and more of the Get from the old lands turned towards the ancient ways of bloth, runes and heritage. Members of the Camp only claim camp alliegance when over seas, when back in Europe they simply adheer to the ways of the Get of Fenris.%r%rTo differentiate and distance themselves from their American brethren and sisters, a member of the Camp announces himself to be of Fenrir instead of The Get of Fenris. The Camp earned its ground and strength in LATMA and southern U.S. after a dispute between Elder Garm Slashes-Eye-Of-Wyrm, of the Hands of Tyr, spoke up against the Camp and its followers, and a challenge over the survival and legitimacy of the camp in LATMA took place between Garm and Evan Night's-Blood. It was over as fast as it began, as Great Fenris strengthened the Theurge Evan to defeat the Ahroun Garm in a single powerful blow of the iron hammer 'Vargr.'%r%rThe Fenrir pride themselves to an extreme in their heritage, claiming that history names both; the Fianna as inventors of the name Get of Fenris as an insult and The Get of Fenris themselves, in honor of Beowulf for his deeds to kill the greatest of Zmei.

campGleaming Eye

Many considers the members of this house as calculating, ruthless and more then a little mad, even by Silver Fang standards. Its certainly one of the Silver Fangs more enigmatic houses. Most live in France, Germany or the Scandinavian countries and has ruled there with an iron fist since before the Roman empire. They are a power to be reckoned with all over Europe. Some believe the house has fallen to the Wyrm, but others claim they have purged their lands of the last Wyrm elements, and that its leadership now is paranoid against the other houses for being Wyrm-infested and plots against them. The Gleaming eye is one of the two most powerful houses (The other being Wyrmfoe) and it has beguns to lash out against the other houses in Europe, which has resulted in skirmishes with Wise Heart and Austere Howl.

campHands of Tyr

These Get hold to a simple, old-school philosphy: The only good death is one that happens in glorious combat. Nothing is more important to the members of the Hand than victory and an honorable death. However, their love of honor has lead them to severely punish all whom they see as useless for anything other than fertilizer. The camp is well known for its brutal reprisals against murderers, drug dealers, child molesters and rapists. They save the need to change into the crinos form as a last resort, as they prefer to use their bare hands in destroying such human opponents.

campImminent Strike

Not all Children of Gaia counsel neogitation and compromise. Imminent Strike is composed of Garou who are prepared to enter the Final Battle as soon as the horn sounds, and to the Abyss with any who are reluctant to heed their call. If the other tribes cannot cooperate, Imminent Strike advises, they must be severed from the Garou nation and abandoned to their fate. Better to lose the dead weight, say this camp's members, than to have it drag you under.

campJudges of Doom

Perhaps the most infamous of the Shadow Lord camps -- or even all camps -- the Judges of Doom are a fearsome force for Litany law throughout the Garou nation. Although a quasi-secret society, tales of this grim band of pitiless executioners spread quickly from sept to sept. Some have compared the Judges of Doom to the human Inquisition in terms of fanaticism and ruthless methods. More than one seemingly upstanding sept leader has been dragged into the night to face punishment for his "well hidden Wyrm-Taint." Most Garou are of two minds concerning the true motivations of this all-Philodox camp. The more popular theory is that the Judges strike at "corruption" in other tribes in order to shock and weaken rivals, thus granting the Lords another advantage in their quest for dominance. The second is that the Judges are atoning for some great secret in the Shadow Lords' past. None can say for certain.

campPatient Deed

The antithesis of Imminent Strike, the members of the Patient Deed insist that the Garou can prevail only through the unity of all tribes. If the Garou cannot even solve the problems that plague their own society, how can they hope to solve the problems that plague the whole world? The Patient Deed sends missionaries to learn more about the other tribes and to promote understanding between them, believing that Gaia needs all of Her children to defend Her. Even the willful, rebellious ones must learn to do their part.

campSociety of Nidhogg

Secretive in the extreme, this camp focuses more on the mystical than on the political. The group's fanaticism would revile even other Shadow Lords, were it made public. To the Society, even sunlight itself is an affront to the power of Thunder. Many other lords feel that the Society may be going too far in its devotion to darkness; if the Lords see a genuine threat to their infrastructure in the next decade, it may be due to machinations by the followers of Nidhogg.

campUnbreakable Heart

The Unbreakable heart was originally from Europe, centered primary in Spain, France and Italy. They had a rough time in Europe and were among the first to move to the new world. As Europeans settled in the Midwest and Canada, the house was in the front lines carving out lands for their own. This sometimes brought them into the lands of the native Red Talons and Wendigo, but the enmity apparently cooled with time. The houses main purpose was to be a broker between Silver Fangs and the other tribes. The House did the unthinkable once settled down and focused on the Urban centers. In the 20th century they ran successful businesses in major metropolitan areas throughout Canada and the Midwest. Its an earthy house, and this has gained them genuine respect among the other tribes. Once the most solid and reliable of the Seven houses, in the late 20th century the house was in grave peril. Attacks from an unknown source strikes out against them, rumours say its wyrm-mages, or even unseelie fae that is responsible. And where the house once had a strong alliance with Wyrmfoe and Wise Heart it turned its borders shut to protect itself.

campValkyria of Freya

The Valkyria wants equality. This camp, composed primarily of female Get, demands that its members be heard. It wants to make certain they're seen as equals by all the Get. While this camp is small, it is sometimes among the most volatile. Some of the Valkyria want to defect and join with the Black Furies, but the long history of bad blood between the two tribes makes such unions very unlikely.


House Wyrmfoe is our youngest house. It arose in England, France and Spain in the mid-1300s, born in the chaos of the Inquisition when the Garou needed heroes at the most. A Century after its creation the new world was discovered and the house moved out of Europe en masse. Doing this it brought people from other houses aswell. It was first in the 20th Century harano appeared among WyrmFoe and it worsened during the World Wars. Jacob Morningkill became King shortly after the World War II and in his early reign it was as a just and vigorous ruler. Unfortunately King MorningKills sanity faded along with his youth, and he and much of his house fell into indolent shambles until a Black Spiral pack killed him in a sneak attack. The Throne lay empty but contested by Arkady of House Crescent Moon and Jonas Albrecht, Morningkills estranged grandson, fought over the the throne and after Jonas Albrecht recovered the Silver Crown, took the throne.


These robust Stargazers prefer to join in the turmoil of the world rather than cultivate the still mind in a caern. They travel among other Garou, joining packs and spreading their wisdom through example. Experience is their goal, for by twisting fates they hope to gain visions unobtainable otherwise. Some of the Zephyr originally formed around a dojo for the training of Kailindo. But, like the wind spirits they commune with, they cannot stay put in one place for long, and roam with the storms. Although a varied bunch, boisterous and joyful or grim and determined, they all seek the same goals: Wisdom and Understanding.

charmAirt Sense

Most spirits have a natural sense of the airts (directions) of the spirit world and are able to travel around without much difficulty.


This charm provides a spirit with dice to soak damage when it has not materialized.

charmCleanse the Blight

This charm is similar to the Garou rite of Cleansing.


The spirit may completely alter landmarks and directions.


This charm allows a spirit to heal physical beings (such as Garou, humans, or kinfolk). Totems won't heal non-pack members.


A spirit with this charm may materialize and affect the physical world. This charm is never granted to Totem Avatars.

charmMoon Bridge

This charm opens a moon bridge to a desired location; there does not have to be a Caern present.


This charm allows a spirit to dissipate and reform elsewhere in the Umbra, usually far away from its enemies.


The spirit may track its prey if it knows anything about it as rapidly as it can travel.

clanAhrimanesWarning: This is not a PC clan. Nickname: (Something)cat -- Alleycat, Fatcat, Hellcat, etc. The Ahrimanes originated with the Sabbat Gangrel. They were formed when an Old American Gangrel Antitribu used shamanistic magicks to separate herself from her clan (and to render her vitae sterile.) They are wholly female of composition, existing mostly in the southern American states. They are extremely secretive and violent, enjoying material wealth and controlling many human pawns. They form packs of their own and are tolerated by the Sabbat because the sect values freedom. Sect: Independent Disciplines: Animalism, Presence, Spiritus Weakness: All Ahrimanes have the flaw Infertile Vitae and cannot blood bond. Book Reference: SGS page 37
clanAssamiteNickname: Assassins Vampires are the killers in the night, and none moreso than the Assamites. Called in regularly by the world's Justicars as archons and by princes as assassins, no clan is more feared by the Kindred. While Assamites spend much of their time in the same solitary pursuits of other Kindred, they are best known for their skills as hired killers. In exchange for using their unique talents, Assamites demand a portion of their employer's vitae. They are fundamentalists of a bizarre brand, practicing a faith that is a mixture of many Middle Eastern religions and Kindred mythology. they believe that the only way for vampires to reach heaven is to become closer to Caine, via diablerie. They are traditionalists to the core and when the Fall began, the Assamites were quick to cordon off their Domain from the outside to protect it against a world plagued by madness. The Middle East is a veritable fortress. The Assamites protect their territory with fierce vigor and the mortal governments have only become more fundamentalist and extreme over the past few decades. Though diplomats and corps -- the privileged few - can find passage into (and usually out of) the area, it is all but inaccessible to the rest of the outside world. Even the rest of the Clan is all but barred from Alamut. The Great Jyhad has begun, and those who have chosen to remain in the field of battle are not expected to return to empty-handed to the Eagle's Nest. Though Hasan as-Sabah holds no official title, he commands final sway over those who reside at Alamut. Trying to reach the Mountain without a guide is a fool's errand, and often a quick death. Sect: Independent Disciplines: Celerity, Obfuscate, Quietus Weakness: On DM, Assamites have thrown off the Blood Curse of the Tremere. What this means for the political situation of the Camarilla (and the survival of Clan Tremere) is still up in the air, but it does mean that Cainite blood is no longer the toxic poison it once was to the Children of Haqim. Instead, the Clan's blood addiction has returned. Assamites are easily addicted to the blood of other vampires. Whenever tasting vampire blood, the Assamite must make a Self-Control roll against the number of Blood Points drunk +3. If he fails, he must make a Self-Control roll (diff 5) the next time he sees, smells, or tastes Kindred vitae. Failing this roll will send him into a frenzy during which he will do anything to drink as much of it as possible. Book Reference: V:PG page 120 Assamite Ranks Currently, only the warrior caste is supported on DM. It has the following rank structure in place: Fida'i - New to the Blood, unproven. Rafiq - Proven warrior. Castilian - Leading warrior within a domain. Da'i - 'Priest' of the Path of Blood (7+ in Path). Ace - Highly acclaimed warrior with 5+ kills of equal or greater power. Caliph - Leader of the Assamite Warrior Caste.
clanAssamite Antitribu

Nickname: Angels of Caine Not every Assamite succumbed to the blood curse brought about by the Tremere. A small group had escaped and joined the Sabbat, some of which became feared as members of the notorious Black Hand. Assamite antitribu serve their clan first and the Sabbat second, though many of their beliefs coincide with those of the sect. Unlike members of their original clan, Assamite antitribu do not revere Haqim. Rather, they see him as they see all of the loathed Antediluvians, as a corrupt, malignant force that will one night rise and devour his children. Instead, Assamite antitribu seek to grow ever closer to Caine, whom the mainstream Assamites regard as an abomination. Regardless, the two clans seem to be on fairly civil terms. Like the members of their original clan, Assamites are masters of assassination and silent killing. The Angels of Caine are a valuable martial addition to the Sabbat, which would lack a good deal of prowess and tactical brilliance without them. Sect: Sabbat Disciplines: Celerity, Obfuscate, Quietus Weakness: Assamite antitribu are easily addicted to the blood of other vampires. Whenever tasting vampire blood outside the Vaulderie, the Assamite must make an Instincts roll against the number of Blood Points drunk +3. If he fails, he must make an Instincts roll (diff 6) the next time he sees, smells, or tastes Kindred vitae. Failing this roll will send him into a frenzy during which he will do anything to drink as much of it as possible. Assamite antitribu do not subjugate their bloodlust, they indulge it. Book Reference: PGS page 64 Assamite Ranks Currently, only the warrior caste is supported on DM. Most antitribu do not ascribe to the ranks, but there are a few exceptions: Fida'i - New to the Blood, unproven. Rafiq - Proven warrior. Castilian - Leading warrior within a domain. Da'i - 'Priest' of the Path of Blood (7+ in Path). Ace - Highly acclaimed warrior with 5+ kills of equal or greater power. Caliph - Leader of the Assamite Warrior Caste.

clanBaaliWarning: This is not a PC clan. Nickname: Demons Originating in Mesopotamia, the Baali are devil-worshippers. They are more committed to utter evil than the most psychotic Malkavian or brutal Sabbat Bishop. They firmly believe in the eventual ascension of utter darkness and that vampires are the chosen minions of the Powers that Wait on earth. They do not wish to maintain a Masquerade, or even to gain vampiric supremecy like the Sabbat -- they wish to summon their great lords back into the world, to turn the planet into a demon-ridden hell. Recently, Shaitan awoke in Mexico, and found himself surrounded by the chaos and confusion upon which he knew he would thrive. Quickly, the Baali began to flock to him. Unfortunately (for him), the sleep of the Ancients was not so easliy shrugged off, and soon enough he had returned to torpor. However, since the Baali had already gathered in such masses, there was little to be done but begin the conquest of Mexico for Baal. Perhaps predictably, the Sabbat are -NOT- amused. Sect: Independent Disciplines: Obfuscate, Presence, Daimoinon Weakness: Baali are affected by religious symbols, and all have the flaw Repelled by Crosses. They are doubly affected by Faith, as well. Book Reference: SG page 94
clanBlood BrothersWarning: This is not a PC clan. Nickname: Frankensteins Conceived and created in crumbling Old World castles and chantries by the newly vanished Tremere antitribu and a few twisted Tzimisce sorcerers, the Blood Brothers are an artificially engineered bloodline of shock troops and servitors. The Blood Brothers are the dubiously successful result of extensive experiments in blood bonding, intended to create a cell of servants that thought and acted as one. Few outside the Sabbat have come in contact with the Blood Brothers, and fewer still have escaped to tell about it. Indeed, not many Sabbat have dealt with the Frankensteins, or even know about them. Sect: Sabbat Disciplines: Celerity, Potence, Sanguinus Weakness: Blond Brothers may not Embrace - they must be created via Thaumaturgy or sorcerous rituals. They also feel each other's pain. If one takes damage, every Blood Brother of the circle suffers the same wound penalty for the next turn. Book Reference: SH page 92
clanBrujahNickname: Rabble The Brujah clan is almost completely composed of rebels of one kind or another, forever searching for the ultimate expression of their individuality. The Brujah are punks, skinheads, bikers, death-rockers, freaks, socialists and anarchists. They tend to be stubborn, highly aggressive, ruthless, sensitive to slights, and extremely vengeful. They are the most uncontrollable of all the Kindred. While hardly organized, even in the Old World, before the Fall, the Rabble have both fallen to new lows and soared to new heights. The rants of the Idealist faction have, of late, taken on a fatalistic bent, speaking of the decline of civilization, the return of feudalism, and (in general) the complete regression into the anarchic state from which the Autarkis movement sprung. Their predictions range from the religious (Caine's wrath for his errant childer shall not be long in the coming) to the sociological (from this new Dark Age shall spring forth a greater Age of Enlightenment than has ever before been seen) to the merely self-pitying. The overall mood within the Elysiums and salons of the Brujah elders, however, is that the rampant hatred and hunting of the Kindred makes even more impossible the fading dream of a second Carthage.[[BR]] The Iconoclasts have, conversely, found themselves on top of a fairly huge movement, and despite the fact that half of them have neither a clue how they got there nor what to do now, all of them are enjoying it immensely. The Anarch Revolt has grown by leaps and bounds. As more and more elders are either killed or called away by their own sires, simply disappearing into the Old Country, the younger Kindred have come to realize the freedom which is theirs without the shackles of their Primogen. An ever-increasing number of cities are ruled by bizarre communal councils and rotating princedoms, as have the number of independent Princes of cities claimed Domain with no pledges to the Camarilla. Even among the Sabbat, the Loyalist movement has begun to shift dangerously close to siding with the Anarchs.[[BR]] As for the Individualists... well... they're all doing their own thing. Sect: Camarilla, Anarch Disciplines: Celerity, Potence, Presence] Weakness: All frenzy difficulties increase in difficulty by two. Book Reference: V:tM page 126
clanBrujah Antitribu

Nickname: Brutus Of all the clans of the Sabbat, the Brujah antitribu are probably the most like their parent clan, with a few striking differences. The clan not only supports its sect with enthusiasm, it takes an active part in the nightly conquest and Jyhad. Brujah antitribu make brutal shock troops and effective footsoldiers for the Sabbat. Ruthless and vicious to the last, the Brujah antitribu enjoy their martial roles. Other Sabbat frequently consider the Brujah antitribu base and classless, while the clan sees itself as the closest in ideology to the Sabbat's original intent - freedom. Sect: Sabbat Disciplines: Celerity, Potence, Presence Weakness: All frenzy difficulties increase in difficulty by two. Book Reference: PGS page 67

clanCaitiffNickname: Trash The clanless, the abandoned. Whether because of weak blood or because of abandonment by their sire, these Kindred have no clan -- they have no clan upbringing, no clan Disciplines, and no clan weakness. They are generally viewed as inferior and pariahs. They have, however, been of ever increasing number for the past two centuries, and many Elders see this as a sign of the coming Gehenna. Sect: Camarilla, Anarch, Independent Disciplines: No native disciplines. Weakness: No native weakness, though they're generally considered lesser creatures. Book Reference: V:tM page 47
clanChildren of OsirisWarning: This is not a PC clan. Nickname: Osirians Descended from the mortal brother of Set, the Children of Osiris are a monastic line who seek solitude and the restoration of their precious Humanity. When they do venture forth into the world, it is generally only to hunt out and destroy enclaves of their bitter nemeses, the Followers of Set. The Children are not a true bloodline, and are generally forbidden from granting the Embrace. In truth, they are a sect of vampires recruited from other clans and bloodlines. Those who join are tested rigorously to prove their purity and desire for redemption. Osiris granted his Children knowledge of Bardo, a difficult to master Discipline whose secrets are never shared with outsiders. Sect: Independent Disciplines: Bardo and that of the parent clan Weakness: All Osirins have the flaw Infertile Vitae in addition to their original Clan weakness. Further, for each month spent away from a properly maintained (with Bardo 4) Temple, their difficulty to resist Frenzy increases by one until even the slightest agitation can send them into a Frenzy. Book Reference: HH page 49
clanDaughters of Cacophony

Nickname: Sirens The Daughters of Cacophony are singers without peer, but their melodious harmonies are not their main claims to fame. It is the damage their songs can do to the mind that causes their Kindred concern. They are a small bloodline, centered mainly in the New World, and only Embrace those who show real singing talent. Most create no more than one or two childer. They go to great lengths to avoid Embracing anyone of wide renown. They are found in both the Sabbat and the Camarilla. Though their numbers have remained few, they have come into a light of at least somewhat more interest, many of them finding employment with the Giovanni. They remain fairly secretive about their own workings and their dealing with the Necromancers, but speculation abounds as to the reason and implications. There are rumours of some of these sirens engaged on 'tours' of Russia, but very little comes out of Russia these days. Sect: Independent Disciplines: Fortitude, Melpominee, Presence Weakness: The Daughters are so caught up in their music that they her it constantly. As a result of this distraction, the difficulties of all a Daughter's perception rolls are increased by one, and their Alertness can never exceed three. Book Reference: V:PG page 130

clanFollowers of SetNickname: Serpents, Sand-Snakes The Followers of Set, or Setites, make up one of the most widely loathed clans in the world. They are the masters of moral and spiritual corruption, exploiting the weaknesses in any organization or individual. They believe that the power of decay and corruption is absolute. No one is immune. They claim to be able to trace their lineage back to the Egyptian Dark God Set himself, though the truth of this statement remains unrevealed. Entrenched in the Caribbean and West Indies, encroaching into South America, embattled with the Osirians to reclaim North Africa. This combat unwittingly provides a buffer zone which keeps the African Jyhad from spilling north into Europe. Where there's slaves or drugs, eventually you'll find a snake. The war in the Nile Valley has caused several changes in the way the Followers of Set handle themselves - their mortal pawns have a severely shortened lifespan, and the elders of the clan have suffered brutal winnowing at the hands of both the Shesmu-Heru and the Bane Mummies. Many of the Warriors and Priests of the clan have returned to Egypt to protect and serve the hierarchy and elders. Outside of Egypt, the stereotype of Setites as drug and gun runners has been strengthened by their efforts to keep up with modern man's 'needs'. Let there be no doubt, though, that the Setites' temples and priesthoods remain in fairly good repair, bringing to the masses the salvation of all-encompassing love of the Lord Set and all it entails. Sect: Independent Disciplines: Obfuscate, Presence, Serpentis Weakness: Extremely susceptible to sunlight (double damage). Subtract one from all dice pools while in bright light (spotlights, strobes, etc). Book Reference: V:PG page 122
clanGangrelNickname: Animals, Outlanders The Gangrel are wanderers, rarely staying in one place for any length of time. Withdrawn, quiet and solemn, this is a clan of survivors. They are said to have friends amoung the Lupines, and are closely associated with the Gypsies. Sect: Camarilla, Anarch Disciplines: Animalism, Fortitude, Protean Weakness: Gangrel become increasingly animal-like each time they frenzy -- the player of a Gangrel must pick a new animal feature each and every time he does so. For every five animal features gained, the player must lower one of the character's Social Attributes by one. Book Reference: V:tM, page 128
clanGangrel Antitribu City

Nickname: Hunters City Gangrel make their permanent homes in cities, and are the ultimate predators in the urban hunting ground. While they prefer the city, they are also fair hunters in the outdoors. They are usually members of covens or packs and seldom, if ever, move to another city. They hate Lupines, but generally have no contact with them. It is interesting to note that, particularly in more recen t years, the City Gangrel tend to assume the features of urban animals, such as rats, cats and dogs. Sect: Sabbat Disciplines: Celerity, Obfuscate, Protean Weakness: As per normal Gangrel, each frenzy causes them to gain an animalistic feature, and five such features gained results in the loss of a point in a Social Attribute. Book Reference: PGS page 68

clanGangrel Antitribu Country

Nickname: Hunters Country Gangrel are almost identical to non-Sabbat Gangrel except for their adaptation to life in nomadic packs. They are still loners but they manage to fit in with their Sabbat brothers and sisters. Unlike some non-Sabbat Gangrel, they universally hate Lupines and have called War Parties open only to Gangrel antitribu against Lupine tribes. Country Gangrel avoid prolonged stays in large cities, preferring life in the wilderness. They are on tolerable terms with Gangrel outside the Sabbat, but share no common bonds with them. In addition, they get along with Gypsies, though they usually avoid contact with them if they can. Many Country Gangrel antitribu are of Native American ancestry, and even Country Gangrel who are not tend to get along well with the Indian nations. Sect: Sabbat Disciplines: Animalism, Fortitude, Protean Weakness: As per normal Gangrel, each frenzy causes them to gain an animalistic feature, and five such features gained results in the loss of a point in a Social Attribute. Book Reference: PGS page 68

clanGargoyleWarning: This is not a PC clan. Nickname: Slaves, Guardians The Gargoyles are a bloodline created by the Tremere as servitors. Although technically not a Tremere bloodline, the bloodline is largely under their control. The Gargoyles were created using the blood of three different clans: the Gangrel, the Nosferatu, and the Tzimisce. The Gargoyles who remain slaves of the Tremere are Camarilla as well, but by default. Most have little or no sense of identity, no memories of existence before being transformed into Gargoyles and no free will. A Tremere-bound Gargoyle who begins to demonstrate more than a rudimentary sense of self is often destroyed. Descendants of the so-called Slaves who escaped from Tremere domination in centuries past and more recent escapees, the free Gargoyles cluster in isolated communities either in mountain retreats or industrial cities that offer nothing to the Tremere. More adventurous souls flock to the Camarilla cities to offer themselves as bodyguards, muscle and other sorts of labor for hire. It is a show of prestige for a prince to have Gargoyle bodyguards at her Elysium, and a show of strength to be able to afford Gargoyle assassins to deal with enemies Sect: Camarilla, Independent Disciplines: Fortitude, Potence, Visceratika Weakness: Appearance trait of 0, -2 Willpower to resist Dominate and other mind-controlling effects. No Gargoyle can take the mentor background. BookRef: SH page 91
clanGiovanniNickname: Necromancers No other clan is more intent on maintaining a front of respectability than the Giovanni, and none is more repulsive at heart. Giovanni vampires are rich merchants, speculators and investors who spend most of their nights manipulating their vast assets from skyscraper offices. They spend the rest of their nights in crypts and mausoleums carrying out their dark and morbid rites. Surprisingly, the Giovanni still have a foothold in Venice. Or perhaps the surprise stems more from the fact that they've gone from a totality of control, handed the city essentially on a silver platter in 2020, to nearly ejected during the course of April, 2032 by unknown adversaries. Very little has changed within the Necromancers that people know of, though their doors have, in general, between locked a little tighter and their windows shut a little faster. The new corporate mentality, however, is particularly inviting too many of them, and the Ventrue have found themselves in the position of having very capable competition standing against their corporate takeover strategies. Sect: Independent Disciplines: Potence, Dominate, Necromancy Weakness: Living creatures on whom the Giovanni feed take double damage, and experience not the Kiss, but intense pain. Book Reference: V:PG page 124
clanKiasydWarning: This is not a PC clan. Nickname: Weirdlings, Scarlets Six-to-eight foot tall creatures with snow white skin, black eyes and fae features, the Kiasyd were created in the Sixty Century via magickal experimentation by a few Lasombra who had acquired, among other things, some fae blood. They are the calmest of all the undead, remarkably polite, and do not like to drink directly from their vessel. They are almost always scholars, and are an extremely rare line. Sect: Sabbat, Independent Disciplines: Mytherceria, Obtenebration, Necromancy Weakness: Wounds caused by iron weapons inflict aggravated damage, being in the presence of iron (within a number of yards equal to the Kiasyd's Stamina) raises the frenzy's difficulties by one, and touching iron causes an immediate frenzy roll. Unearthly appearance. Book Reference: SGS page 38
clanLasombraNickname: Keepers The Lasombra is the Sabbat clan of leadership. The members of this clan tend to be the most loyal and aggressive vampires in the sect. Their success in destroying the clan's non-Sabbat members gives them an additional level of prestige. The Lasombra are loyal to the Sabbat, but they also believe it is their right and responsibility to be the strongest leaders of the sect. The Lasombra are just as concerned about freedom as the other clans of the Sabbat, but they view the means of holding onto that freedom a little differently. They emphasize the control of mortal political, religious and financial institutions as a way of defending the Sabbat from threats. The Lasombra maintain the largest number of retainers of any clan in the Sabbat. They maintain agents in many positions of power and have implanted spies throughout the world. These agents are loyal to the Sabbat, but they answer directly to the Lasombra. After all, the Lasombra consider what is good for their clan to be good for the sect. To them, the Fall was both a great black eye and a great feather in their cap -- the mortals once again know to fear the night, but their fear is ceilinged by their bizarre new personal technologies. Further, the awakening of Baba Yaga and the all-out warfare which ensued in Russia (and the following Jyhad in the Middle East and Africa) did not bode well for the cause of the Sabbat. The Lasombra, however, endure as always -- their lower ranks have been continually 'upgrading' to those able to most easily interface with the Corporate world. Sect: Sabbat Disciplines: Dominate, Obtenebration, Potence Weakness: Lasombra cannot be seen in mirrors, nor can they appear in photographs or on film. This allows them to bypass security cameras and the like, but makes it relatively easy to detect them as vampires. Book Reference: PGS page 61
clanLasombra Antitribu

Warning: This is not a PC clan. Nickname: None. The Lasombra antitribu don't go for that sort of thing. It's not dignified. There are no Lasombra antitribu, at least, not according to the Lasombra themselves. The Sabbat Lasombra deny that "traitors" exist, while the so-called antitribu see themselves as Lasombra – nothing more, nothing less. Not all Lasombra who disagree with the clan's stance within the Sabbat join the Camarilla – a significant percentage of this relatively small number simply go independent and absent themselves from vampiric politics entirely. The remainder, however, seize for themselves positions of respect and authority – if not prominence – in the Camarilla. Philosophically, Camarilla Lasombra differs little from their Sabbat compatriots on a basic level. The antitribu still fully expect to win the Jyhad; they just see the Camarilla as a more efficient and effective tool for doing so than the Sabbat is. Sect: Camarilla, Independent Disciplines: Dominate, Obtenebration, Potence Weakness: All Lasombra antitribu have the flaw Cast No Reflection. Another is the intense hatred that Sabbat Lasombra bear for their straying brethren. A Lasombra antitribu is always the first target of a Sabbat pack, and supposedly entire Camarilla cities have been besieged just to get a particularly durable straggler. Book Reference: Guide to the Camarilla

clanMalkavianNickname: Kooks, Lunatics The Malkavians are insane, one and all. From madness, however, comes wisdom, and from wisdom comes power. The Malkavians are true creatures of chaos. This clan is infamous for its destructive and nihilistic members. Malkavians have a reputation for sadistic behaviour and for holding little grasp of the humanity they still retain. They're the Malkavians. Some are insane, others are just psychotic - business as usual. If anything on these esoteric Kindred were to be noted, it would be that a surprising amount of Malkavian influence has welled up both on the eastern shores of Australia and on the western coast of North America. If the Kooks are planning anything, they haven't (as usual) told anyone. Sect: Camarilla Disciplines: Auspex, Dominate, Obfuscate Weakness: All members of this clan have some sort of Derangement. No matter what, this Derangement may never be wholly overcome. Book Reference: V:tM page 130
clanMalkavian Antitribu

Nickname: Freaks If the Malkavians are crazy, then their Sabbat counterparts are really from beyond. The Creation Rites warp them beyond even "normal" Malkavian standards. They are truly touched by chaos. Clan members do not recognize themselves as Malkavians, and most consider themselves Panders. They maintain no ties to one another as a clan, and many consider it a slight to be called Malkavian. Still, they occasionally meet secretly as a clan, though at no specific time. What goes on is anyone's guess, though on the surface it appears to be nothing. Some seem so separated from reality that they don't even know where they are or why they are there. An important feature concerning the Malkavian antitribu is the fact that they have become a t otally new bloodline, distinct from the original clan. Their disturbed nature has seeped into their blood to such a degree that they draw power from their lunacy in the form of a new Discipline. Malkavians of the Sabbat are very disturbing to other sect members. They know things about others in and out of the Sabbat that they should not know. Their leaders take great care in watching and manipulating them. No Malkavian antitribu lead the Sabbat in times of peace, though many have been successful leaders in times of Jyhad. Their loyalty is typically Malkavian. They are fanatically loyal one day and completely disinterested the next. They cannot be depended on but, when they are willing to serve the Sabbat, they are extremely fierce in their effort. Sect: Sabbat Disciplines: Auspex, Dementation, Obfuscate Weakness: The Malkavian antitribu are like the Malkavians of the Camarilla, but much worse. Rather than having just one permanent Derangement, they have at least two. They will never overcome this curse, but eventually one Derangement may be exchanged for another just to make things more interesting. Book Reference: PGS page 71

clanNosferatuNickname: Sewer Rats, Lepers The most visibly cursed of all Kindred, the Embrace warps each Nosferatu into a hideously deformed creature. Long bulbous ears, coarse-skinned skulls covered with tufts of hair, and elongated faces splotched with warts and lumps are among their less nauseating features. The Nosferatu are the spymasters of the dead, collecting information and selling it for a dear price. The clan has found mixed blessings in the Fall. In some areas, they are almost able to walk the nights freely, their horrendous visages now symbols of their status in a few of the openly vampire-claimed areas. The advent of the Matrix has been a boon for them as well, and even within the ancillae of the clan, a strangely priest-like sect of Net Rats has emerged. Though limited to VR technology, a few are known among the proper circles as the best dealers in information access. Sect: Camarilla, Anarch Disciplines: Animalism, Obfuscate, Potence Weakness: Nosferatu have an Appearance of zero. Nosferatu fail any action that involves their Appearance. Book Reference: V:tM page 132
clanNosferatu Antitribu

Nickname: Critters The Sabbat Nosferatu have stronger intra-clan bonds than any other Sabbat clan. In fact, they refer to themselves as Nosferatu, not Nosferatu antitribu. The Sabbat Nosferatu never really severed relations with their fellow clan members outside the Sabbat, but over time the kinship has waned. Some say their ties with the Camarilla are slowly dissipating as fighting renews and the information links dry up. Nonetheless, the bond these Nosferatu share with the Camarilla Nosferatu allows both groups to travel into the other's territory unmolested. However, they will not protect each other if they go above ground in enemy territory. They do send delegates to one another's hostings. However, many Sabbat Nosferatu do not let the members of other broods know they are Sabbat. The Sabbat Nosferatu will share any information they have with their Camarilla brothers and sisters as long as it does not jeopardize the Sabbat. Sect: Sabbat Disciplines: Animalism, Obfuscate, Potence Weakness: All Nosferatu have an Appearance of zero and automatically fail any roll involving Appearance. Book Reference: PGS page 73

clanOld Clan TzimisceWarning: This is not a PC clan. Nickname: Fiends So ancient that even the oldest legends speak only of their childer, the Old Clan renounce thier childer who abandonded their ways for the powre of Vicissitude, considering them their betrayers. Old Clan Tzimisce rarely congregate. Other Tzimisce are, if anything, even less trustworthy than other vampires. Indeed, many Old Clan Tzimisce spend more time brooding over some millennia-old, centuries-forgotten slight by one of their "peers" than they do worrying about the very real threat that the Sabbat poses. They are, despite their dislike, much like their childer: macabre, evil, and placing little value on the lives of others. They generally have a good understanding of their own brand of Thaumaturgy, and place high value on privacy. They're old, they're paranoid, they wear top hats. Enough said. Sect: Independent Disciplines: Animalism, Auspex, Dominate Weakness: Whenever a Tzimisce sleeps, they must surround themselves with at least two handfuls of Earth from a place important to them as a mortal. Failure to meet this requirement halves the Tzimisce's dice pools every 24 hours, until all their actions use only one die. This penalty remains until they rests for a full day amid their earth once more. Book Reference: DSotBH page 62
clanPandersNickname: Mutts The Panders "clan" is fairly new by vampire standards. It may be a mixture of several clans' blood, but its members are Sabbat through and through. Although Caitiff, the Sabbat accepts them as equals and provides them with the same opportunities for freedom and survival -- or so they would like the Panders to believe. The Panders have become more and more interested in leadership within the Sabbat. Indeed, the Lasombra consider the Caitiff a threat to sect security. The Panders are the rebels of a rebellious sect. They take every chance to shake up the status quo and make the Sabbat stronger and more chaotic. They see themselves at the forefront of Sabbat efforts to retake Camarilla-held cities. The Panders have shown themselves to be as vile as Lasombra, as cunning as Gangrel, and more rebellious than the Brujah. The clan, as a whole, is a major supporter of the Sabbat Loyalist movement. It resists the increasing use of Panders as expendables. Most Sabbat believe the clan members are doing it only to save their own necks. Sect: Sabbat Disciplines: None. Treat the same as Caitiff. Weakness: They have no specific weaknesses, but they find it difficult to rise in the Sabbat and often get the most dangerous missions. Book Reference: PGS page 74
clanRavnosNickname: Gypsies The Ravnos clan shares many characteristics with the Gangrel but unlike the latter, the Ravnos love companionship, try to avoid physical confrontation, and are masters of lies and deceit. They are nomadic, and closely related to the mortal Gypsy families. They demand freedom of movement from established vampire sects, and are well known for their common but impressive acts of thievery and cheating. There is no greater pleasure for a Ravnos than taking advantage of another Kindred. Ravnos take their personal and clan honor very seriously. Sect: Independents Disciplines: Animalism, Chimestry, Fortitude Weakness: Each Ravnos has a specific area of thievery and deception in which she is especially interested and must make a Self-Control (diff 6) roll not to perform that crime of choice when it presents itself. Book Reference: V:PG page 126
clanRavnos Antitribu

Nickname: Rogues The Ravnos of the Sabbat are very different from their brethren outside the sect. The Ravnos antitribu are still pranksters and thieves, but they have devoted themselves to the cause of the Sabbat. They are the only known organization of Ravnos in the world. Together, they are very dangerous, so dangerous that even the Lasombra put up with their ways. The Ravnos antitribu should be considered the same as other Ravnos in most respects. One major difference is that their honor extends to all Sabbat, but not to Ravnos outside the sect. They are still very individualistic, but they have learned to accept unlife as part of a pack. Sect: Sabbat Disciplines: Animalism, Chimerstry, Fortitude Weakness: As per mainline Ravnos, to avoid their 'crime-of-choice' they must make an Instincts roll (diff 6) when they have the opportunity. Book Reference: PGS page 75

clanSalubriWarning: This is not a PC clan. Nickname: Cyclops This widely hated bloodline has far more enemies than it really deserves – supposedly only seven of these Cainites exist at time, for after a Salubri attains Golconda, she ends her existence and passes her blood to the individual she has chosen to take her place. Salubri all seek Golconda, believing the spirit of a vampire to be tortured. They also consider it their duty to teach their beliefs to others and to explain the "facts of things" to them. They are typically very humane and compassionate. Other clans (especially the Tremere) perceive Salubri as murderers and diabolists of the worst kind. Princes have been known to call a Blood hunt at the merest suggestion that a Salubri might be in their domains. Dead. All dead. Or so everyone would have you believe. But from time to time something strange is witnessed, which grows in the telling, and eventual trace back on these stories leads to common points - healing powers, prophetic powers, the Cyclopean third eye. The warlocks, predictably, dislike these stories. No Salubri have been seen in a very long time and it is very likely that they are either all destroyed or in hiding. Sect: Independent Disciplines: Auspex, Fortitude, Obeah Weakness: Salubri can only feed on willing subjects, and loose one Health Level for every Blood Point taken. These must be healed normally (with Blood.) Further, they must all continually persevere towards Golconda. Book Reference: V:PG page 128
clanSamediNickname: Stiffs or Zombies The Samedi are easily identified by the shreds of rotting flesh constantly falling from their bodies, and are often taken for zombies by those unfamiliar with the Samedi. The bloodline claims no allegiances, but is known to have members in both the Sabbat and the Camarilla. They are generally obsessed with death and the study of dying and the Kindred state. The Samedi have only been appearing for a short time, but over the last 200 years the bloodline has heavily expanded. The bloodline of the Samedi has, if anything, grown in recognition and number during the Fall. Smatterings of one or two of the Zombies can be found throughout BAMA, working in seclusion and dealing only in passing with the rest of the Kindred. Although their name is nearly unknown, more than one Kindred would make their egress with due speed if the Elysium was informed that the Zombies had announced their intention to visit. Sect: Independent, Sabbat, Camarilla Disciplines: Necromancy, Obfuscate, Thanatosis Weakness: Samedi, like the Nosferatu, are hideous to look upon and all have an Appearance of zero, automatically failing any roll involving that Attribute. Book Reference: V:PG page 132
clanSerpents of the LightNickname: Cobras Only an extremely small number of Sabbat were originally Followers of Set. The first Setites to be converted to the Sabbat were originally from Haiti, where the sect began to involve itself in the 1960s. Over the years, a number of the ex-Setites proved their loyalty to the sect and were accepted as True Sabbat. The have chosen to call themselves the Serpents of the Light since they are no longer Followers of Set. Other Setites hate these traitors fiercely. The Serpents of the Light have proven especially gifted in espionage and sabotage. Some Serpents of the Light have even become members of the Black Hand. The members of this clan seem to enjoy the constant Jyhad the Sabbat wages. However, these Sabbat remain loyal to the humans of the voodoo cult they once followed. Even today, the Serpents of the Light in the United States and the West Indies are expected to serve the cult if it asks for their assistance, whether the Sabbat approves or not. Sect: Sabbat Disciplines: Obfuscate, Presence, Serpentis Weakness: They take double damage from sunlight. All difficulties are at + 1 when they are within a bright light. Book Reference: PGS
clanToreadorNickname: Degenerates The members of this clan are known for their hedonism, though that is a misinterpretation of what they truly are. They are proud and regal Kindred, highly excitable, and they cultivate expensive tastes -- but hedonism is going a bit too far. Artists are always so misunderstood. With the changes in mortal views of morality and the ultra-post-modern movements in the arts, the line between the Toreador and their antitribu counterparts has become quite thin. The Toreador Antitribu considers the mainline to be full of Poseurs, though they are occasionally suffered to live, if only so that they may despair, having looked upon the true art of the Pervert sparing them. The Camarilla Toreador are often almost indistinguishable from the Sabbat branch, their art, like that of the Kine, so removed from their once-cherished dreams of holding on to their humanity. Though the more classical arts are pursued by some (poorly thought of) Toreador, the entire clan is summed up well by its sobriquet of 'Degenerates'. Sect: Camarilla, Anarch Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, Presence Weakness: Toreador are often overcome by beauty and become immobilized with fascination. When captivated by such an object, a Willpower roll is required to break the rapture quickly. Book Reference: V:tM page 134
clanToreador AntitribuNickname: Perverts The Toreador antitribu are a strange group. In some ways, they are like the Toreador of the Camarilla, but they do not explore art in a human way. Their search for humanity leads them further into the realms of the damned. To the Toreador antitribu, human suffering, cruelty and perversion are as beautiful as anything good in nature. This clan's members are connoisseurs of the total human experience. Toreador antitribu are as interested in torture as they are in poetry. They can be just as cruel as the Tzimisces, but they can also be as loving as the other Toreador. This clan's members see themselves as true artists, however, and other Toreador as pretenders. Sect: Sabbat Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, Presence Weakness: The Toreador antitribu share the same fascination with beauty as do their Camarilla counterparts, but they also extend it to suffering. They can remain transfixed for minutes, and sometimes hours, if they do not succeed in a Willpower roll. Toreador antitribu, just like the Toreador, sometimes fall in love with mortals of great beauty. Some bizarre vampires are even attracted to the most ugly of mortals. Book Reference: PGS page 79
clanTremereNickname: Warlocks The Tremere claim to have once been wizards who voluntarily gave up their 'art' for the powers and eternal life of the vampire. They have never named a founder, and some claim they have none, having harnessed mystical powers to achieve their state. They are politically aggressive, highly intellectual and manipulative, and respect only those who struggle and persevere despite all odds. They typically have immense love for and loyalty to their clan, and younger members are expected to obey their elders without question. Domination of thaumaturgical knowledge has been threatened by various events beyond their control in the last thirty years. The Fall was a catastrophe as far as the Camarilla was concerned, and certainly no picnic for the Tremere, with libraries and knowledge hidden and cached for safety, to be found missing in later years. The Masquerade was nearly rent wholly asunder, and plans which had been hundreds of years coming to fruition were slaughtered in one foul swoop as the Zmei crossed the Russian skies. Tremere advisors and enforcers have become almost commonplace, and the perception among young Kindred is often that the Chantry is the center of the Kindred community -- from there is advice given from on high and from there proceed forth the Tremere themselves. They remain, of course, highly distrusted by many of the elders - especially amid rumors of chantries turning Infernal or Sabbat, and the suspected enticement by Baba Yaga of younger Tremere - however, their skills make them valuable, and their advice is generally well-heeded. Sect: Camarilla Disciplines: Auspex, Dominate, Thaumaturgy Weakness: Tremere neonates must all drink from the blood of the seven elders of the clan when they are created -- so they are at least one step Blood Bound to the clan. Book Reference: V:tM page 136
clanTremere AntitribuNickname: Spellbinders The Tremere antitribu grew from a small group of Tremere that managed to break their clan ties for the freedom of the Sabbat in the 1700s. During this period, revolution shook the colonies, and vampires of the New World were in the middle of the action. The Camarilla's power slipped during this period and the defecting Tremere believed their sect would fall before the Sabbat. For their own safety, these Tremere turned traitor and defected to the Sabbat. They provided clan secrets and Thaumaturgic knowledge to the Sabbat. The clan values Thaumaturgic development at least as much as the Tremere but, while much of their magic is unique, they are more limited in diversity than the Tremere. Tremere antitribu are much more likely to share their magical studies with each other for the good of their clan and the Sabbat as a whole, but the price they charge is for their own benefit. If a Tremere is captured by a Sabbat Tremere, the Camarilla vampire may be set free in exchange for secrets of the Thaumaturaic arts. There are no wandering members of the Tremere antitribu. All the vampires of this clan are members of founded covens. Their unlives are often filled with magical study, leaving little time for hell-raising. Sect: Sabbat Disciplines: Auspex, Dominate, Thaumaturgy Weakness: They are always immediately recognizable as Tremere antitribu to non-Sabbat Tremere. This gives the Tremere a special advantage in their efforts against their hated Sabbat brethren. Also, they are forbidden to ever gain open leadership within the Sabbat. Those found manipulating sect members for personal reasons are usually put to the stake. Book References: PGS page 81
clanTzimisceNickname: Fiends The Tzimisce clan is renowned for its evil. Tzimisces have a strong appreciation for learning. They are some of the most educated beings on earth. They seek to understand magic as well as science, but have not reached the level of the Tremere in this understanding. While they are inhuman, they show it to a lesser extent than do the Toreador antitribu, for instance. Most Tzimisces are grim and serious, noted for their lack of a sense of humor (or a twisted one, at best). They are also known for the high value they place on priv acy. The Tzimisce is the second most powerful and numerous clan of the Sabbat. The Lasombra hold the top position in both categories. However, the Tzimisce is a driving force behind Sabbat ideology, goals and planning. The Tzimisce clan appears happy to let the Lasombra take the lead in carrying out sect plans. With public awareness of Cainite interference in mortal politics, the Tzimisce have taken to calling again on the services of the Zanatos and Grimaldi ghoul families who have throughout it all maintained their mortal and vampiric ties. Sect: Sabbat Disciplines: Animalism, Auspex, Vicissitude Weakness: Tzimisce must sleep surrounded by two handfuls of dirt from a land important to them. If they fail to do this, they cannot rest in peace and lose half their Dice Pools from all actions for every 24 hours until down to one die; this state continues until they rest amid their special soil once again. Book Reference: PGS page 63
clanVentrueNickname: Blue Bloods Old-fashioned and tradition-bound, the Ventrue are sophisticated and genteel. They believe in good taste above all else and work hard to make their unlives comfortable. They are most frequently the leaders in the Camarilla, and are cautions, honorable, social, and elegant Kindred. The Blue Bloods have done their damnedest to keep their hands on the reigns of the Kindred communities, with marginal success. The elders of all the Seven Clans respect them (in their own idiom) and expect the leadership to come from the Ventrue, even if only in the form of a figurehead. However, the point has been reached where few except the Ventrue consider the Ventrue to be the most successful leaders. Their younger members, picked from the most capable corporations, are overwhelmed by feelings of stagnation within the Clan, and often attempt to strike out on their own, separate from clan and sect. These attempts are rarely successful - and no one talks about the ones that are - which simply further alienates the clan both internally and externally. Furthermore, the failure of the Ventrue to change has become far more obvious in this age of week-long fashion trends, and there are those who question far more openly than ever before their ability to lead the Sect. Sect: Camarilla Disciplines: Dominate, Fortitude, Presence Weakness: Their taste for blood is very exclusive and they will only drink a certain specific type. Under no circumstances will they drink from anyone else. Book Reference: V:tM page 138
clanVentrue AntitribuNickname: Geeks The Ventrue antitribu try hard to be different from everybody else, especially the Camarilla Ventrue. They are a very independent clan within the Sabbat, but they make their loyalty to the sect well known. They believe clan unity is just as important as their sect unity. However, the Ventrue appear much like the Brujah antitribu, and openly associate with them. The Ventrue antitribu believe its members have a responsibility to achieve their maximum potential as individuals as well as a clan. Therefore, most Ventrue antitribu, despite their appearance, are among the most educated and skilled of all Sabbat. They do not equal the Tzimisce in their drive for knowledge. but they do rely on brains over brawn as often as possible. Accompanying this emphasis on personal ability is the fact that most Ventrue antitribu try to accumulate vast amounts of wealth. They often use this for the benefit of the sect as well as personal interests. Sect: Sabbat Disciplines: Dominate, Fortitude, Auspex Weakness: They have the same weakness as all Ventrue: their taste for blood is very exclusive and they will only drink a certain specific type. Under no circumstances will they drink from anyone else. Book Reference: PGS page 82
cyberAir FiltersA very common procedure where air filters are installed in the nasal passages and trachea to filter out pollutants and other hamrful substances.
cyberAudial Filters

Audial filters provide a variety of useful services for the cyborg with enhanced hearing. Not only can they be programmed to filter out specific sounds or types of sounds, they can also be set to reduce the decibel level of incoming noises, protecting the hearing of those equipped with the modification.

cyberAudio RecorderA small processor and static RAM chip allow the user to record up to 10 minutes of high-fidelity (DAT quality) sound or up to 40 minutes of low-fidelity sound. Headware memory may be used to increase recording times.
cyberBiomonitorThe biomonitor is a processor, usually located in the torso or abdomen, that collates medical data and diagnostics from the cyber's other implants.
cyberBlood FiltersBlood filters are augmentations to the kidneys and heart that will filter out poisons and toxins fromt he cyborg's system. The filters will help remove everything from fatigue poisons to alcohol to actual venoms.
cyberBone Lacing 1High-impact plastic is laid along the target's bones, strengthening them and adding to the target's capacity to resist damage.
cyberBone Lacing 2Carbon/steel conglomerate supports are grafted onto the skeletal system to prevent breakage and increase leverage. In the case of damage to the supports or the bone, repair must be effected surgically.
cyberBone Lacing 3At this level, almost the entire skeleton has been replaced with artificial material. The bones are practically unbreakable, and the skeleton can provide a tremendous amount of leverage.
cyberBone Lacing 4At level four, the skeleton of the subject has been completely replaced by polyceramic compounds. The bones are effectively unbreakable -- any force sufficient to break the bone would certainly kill the cyborg.
cyberCardial WebA thin weave of active, engineered tissue is attached to the heart. This weave acts like additional muscle and increases stroke volume and pressure. The effect is rather like strapping the heart of a marathon runner into your chest.
cyberCellular PhoneA cellular phone is implanted in the cyborg's skull, functioning like a normal cellular phone in all respects. "The implanted cellular phone is a marvel! No longer do I have to fumble for an external phone when I get calls while I'm out for my morning jog or in the middle of a high-impact aerobics class." -- Richie Donnely, Palos Verdes fitness instructor
cyberCerebral PatchingHormonal treatments and nutrient supplements cause dentrite density in the subject's cerebrum to increase, resulting in an accelerated pattern-matching and memory capacity, thus prviding an overall bonus to intelligence.
cyberCerebral StimulatorA low-charge electrical current is run through important cognitive centers of the brain allowing for faster response and reaction times.
cyberChameleon SkinThis cyberware consists of engineered glands and hormones that allow the cyborg to alter its skin tone and hair color, providing a bonus to disguise.
cyberChipjackThe chipjack allows a cyborg to 'plug in' a variety of chips, granting him or her access to the database of information stored therein.
cyberClaws'Claws' is a generic name for a class of cyberware that increases the cyborg's effectiveness in hand-to-hand combat, ranging from inch-long blades in the fingertips to reinforced knuckles to rotary cutters implanted in the back of the hand. Claws are considered retractible by default, unless the cyber chooses otherwise. Like the other weapon-type cybernetics, they are illegal to possess.

The Commlink is considered "next generation" technology. Implantees are granted wireless access to local augmented reality and can perform simple Matrix functions such as interaction with others in the Matrix, communication with localized devices also connected to the Matrix, or experiencing augmented reality.

* Wireless connection to upper level Matrix

* Self-powered

* Programmable

* Integration with a number of other implant devices

* Banking

* Personal communications and data transfer

>> Starscream <2.15.47> This device is just another level of Consortium control. Give it a year and every Bright will have one. It will be mandatory. Why do you think it's so cheap?

>> Haightcrime <2.15.47> A year? Word is they are already implanting newborns. They start life in debt, right? So what's a few more nuYen?

>> Starscream <2.16.47> Anybody hacked one yet?

>> Starscream <2.17.47> First! What? Don't judge.

>> Zero <6.6.47> Anyone heard from Starscream lately...?

cyberControl Wires'Control wires' are threaded alongside the user's nerves, allowing processors implanted in the cyborg to control its body.
cyberControl Wires 1'Control wires' are threaded alongside the user's nerves, allowing processors implanted in the cyborg to control its body. * Visibility: 100 * Nuyen Cost: 20,000 * Surgery: Complex * Humanity: 0.2
cyberControl Wires 2'Control wires' are threaded alongside the user's nerves, allowing processors implanted in the cyborg to control its body.
cyberCortex Bomb'Cortex Bomb' is a general name for a class of lethal implants that are programmed to go off if a certain set of conditions are met. Generally, these are: 1) upon receipt of a coded broadcast message from the implanter; or 2) if tampered with. However, other conditions are possible. (If the subject leaves a certain area, if a coded broadcast message is -not- received, etc.)
cyberCosmetic AlterationsThis covers a wide variety of options, some obvious, some not. None of them actually increase the appearance of the cyborg. (For that, see cosmetic_surgery.)
cyberCosmetic SurgeryCosmetic surgery includes all types of surgery that would significantly alter the characters appearance (and especially appearance level). * Visibility: 100 * Nuyen Cost: 10,000 * Surgery: Simple * Humanity: 0
cyberCyberarm LeftA prosthetic, replacing the arm, and shoulder (for leverage). The 'default' cyberlimb has fleshtone flexible plastic covering, but can be covered with Bionetics Inc.'s syntheskin, or left bare, for those that want a badass technopunk attitude. Please note that you must buy your cyberhand separately.
cyberCyberarm RightA prosthetic, replacing the arm, and shoulder (for leverage). The 'default' cyberlimb has fleshtone flexible plastic covering, but can be covered with Bionetics Inc.'s SyntheSkin, or left bare, for those that want a badass technopunk attitude. Please note that you must buy your cyberhand separately.
cyberCyberearsCybernetic replacement for the audial nerves.
cyberCybereyesCybereyes are simply digital cameras wired into the optic nerve.
cyberCyberhand LeftA prosthetic, replacing the left hand and wrist. The 'default' cyberlimb has fleshtone flexible plastic covering, but can be covered with Bionetics Inc.'s SyntheSkin, or left bare for those that want a badass technopunk attitude.** NOTE: You can only buy one cybernetic hand for each arm without first buying a [:Cyberware/ModularSocketLeft:modular socket] (left hand, as an example.)
cyberCyberhand RightA prosthetic, replacing the right hand and wrist. The 'default' cyberlimb has fleshtone flexible plastic covering, but can be covered with Bionetics Inc.'s SyntheSkin, or left bare for those that want a badass technopunk attitude. NOTE: You can only buy one cybernetic hand for each arm without first buying a Modular Socket for that arm.
cyberCyberleg LeftA prosthetic, replacing the left foot, leg, and hip (for leverage). The 'default' cyberlimb has fleshtone flexible plastic covering, but can be covered with Bionetics Inc.'s SyntheSkin, or left bare, for those that want a badass technopunk attitude.
cyberCyberleg RightA prosthetic, replacing the right foot, leg, and hip (for leverage). The 'default' cyberlimb has fleshtone flexible plastic covering, but can be covered with Bionetics Inc.'s SyntheSkin, or left bare, for those that want a badass technopunk attitude.
cyberCyberskatesCyberfeet equipped with in-line roller skates allow quick movement for those adept at skating on blades. Standard model is retractable, but non-retractables are available at a lower cost, on request. Cyberskates can only be installed in cyberfeet/legs. Walking speed is doubled, and running speed multiplied by six, while these are active. Skate-unfriendly terrain raises movement difficulty by 1. A skating character reduces Dodge difficulties by 1. In restricted combat conditions or crowded terrain, cyber-skate users must succeed in an Dexterity + Athletics roll vs. 5 at the end of each Combat Turn they move, or else fall prone. Extending or retracting cyberskates requires a full combat turn (3 seconds).

A prosthetic skull of hard plastic or metal. Cyberskulls come in different shapes and sizes and can be further modified once implanted with add-ons and casemods. An implantee's features can be changed during surgery for some truly alien appearances.

cyberCybertailThe latest craze sweeping the streets--full body cyber conversions complete with prehensile tail capable of gripping sword or gun. While first commonly installed by ripperdocs within the fetish-scene, this bodymod has now entered mainstream, being found on the pages of _Chrome_, the fashion magazine for the cyber-minded amongst us.
cyberDamage ControlA variety of systems that help the cyborg's body cope with damage: cardiac stabliziers, platelet factories, blood reoxygenators, and the like. "The damage control system allowed me to go a whole seven rounds with Iron Mike and win the ten thousand nuyen contest!", Unknown individual before being taken to a medical facility from the 2023 LATMA Boxing IV Tournament
cyberDatajackThis type of datajack is becoming more and more common as cybernetics invade the workplace. No longer the symbol of a dedicated hacker, the datajack is now a sign of a dedicated sarariman -- or the dedicated simsense junkie.
cyberDentataThe dentata is a small needle stored in the vagina that can be used to inject poison or drugs into the male during sex. Obviously, it's not much use without a poison injector.
cyberDermal Layering 1The subject's skin is cloned and modified to be tougher and more impact and puncture-resistant. Although more expensive than (and incompatible with) dermal plating, dermal layering is indetectable without a medical examination, and does not inhibit tactile sensation at all.
cyberDermal Layering 2The subject's skin is cloned and modified to be tougher and more impact and puncture-resistant. Although more expensive than (and incompatible with) dermal plating, dermal layering is indetectable without a medical examination, and does not inhibit tactile sensation at all.
cyberDermal Plating 1Inert plastic fibers are placed in a weave beneath the epidermis, spreading the shock of impacts and allowing the damage to be withstood more easily, much like Kevlar. The armor is generally obvious, resembling leathery patches of skin, and it decreases tactile sensation somewhat.
cyberDermal Plating 2Inert plastic fibers are placed in a weave beneath the epidermis, spreading the shock of impacts and allowing the damage to be withstood more easily, much like Kevlar. The armor is generally obvious, resembling leathery patches of skin, and it decreases tactile sensation somewhat.
cyberDermal Plating 3Inert plastic fibers are placed in a weave beneath the epidermis, spreading the shock of impacts and allowing the damage to be withstood more easily, much like Kevlar. The armor is very obvious, resembling leathery patches of skin, and it decreases tactile sensation somewhat.
cyberDrug GlandA gland bioengineered to produce a particular chemical compound. The price given is only for surgery and materials - you must also pay a cost based on the difficulty of gengineering the gland to produce your compound. The gland can release into the subjects bloodstream or into a poison injector.
cyberElastic FaceSeveral of the bones that form the facial structure of the subject are replaced with a moldable polymer that becomes rigid when a microcurrent is passed through it.
cyberFangsReplacements for upper and/or lower canine teeth. Can be made from metal or ceramic enamel. Like the other weapon-type cybernetics, they are illegal to possess.
cyberFrame Rig 1A frame rig uses a complex set of coprocessors linked with a high-bandwidth datjack to interface with a complete, powered external armor, usually a frame or combat suit. These enhancements are required to fully comprehend and 'pilot' most rigged suits and armor; however, larger, more complex suits even require a greater series of cyberware.
cyberFrame Rig 2The second level of frame rig places higher demands on the user, coordinating several streams of information coming from the more complicated medium and heavy frames at once. Force feedback is often more intense in the larger frames as well.
cyberGrafene Dermal Plating

Standard dermal plating is enhanced with ultralight grafene plates.

cyberGripperhand LeftFar less common and far less useful than the normal cyberhand, these two-fingered 'pincers' have one redeeming feature: They're 1/10th the cost.
cyberGripperhand RightFar less common and far less useful than the normal cyberhand, these two-fingered 'pincers' have one redeeming feature: They're 1/10th the cost.
cyberGyrobalanceA small gyroscope in the inner ear provides an increased sense of balance even on the most unsteady of surfaces."They gyrobalance saved my life! In my job it pays to be able to walk across a wet, 45 degree slanted, I-Bream a hundred above the ground", Boris - LATMA Fire Fighter
cyberHarmonics Coprocessor 1A computerized subsystem is installed into the brain, allowing for linear jumps in musical comprehension, composition, and performance. Programmed into the processor are both common and exotic chords, the most common and obscure compositions, a complete MIDI rig for interfacing with musical instruments via a palm link, and a complete suite of production software which aides the brain in the understanding and realization of complex musical notation and mathematics.
cyberHarmonics Coprocessor 2An improved variation upon Harmonics Coprocessor 1.
cyberHB DatajackThe high-bandwith datajack is far less common than its less expensive cousin. Although it offers even faster transmission rates than the normal datajack, its price keeps it out of the running for normal employees. Dedicated hackers, -extremely- dedicated simsense junkies, and highly-paid corporate employees are likely to have this type of jack. * Prerequisite: None. * Visibility: 4 * Nuyen Cost: 75,000 * Surgery: Complex * Humanity: 0.2
cyberHeadware MemoryExtra static RAM chips provide several gigabyes of memory, increasing memory available to audio/video recorders a hundredfold. Headware memory can also be used to store data from datachips. * Visibility: 100 * Nuyen Cost: 1000 * Surgery: Basic * Humanity: 0
cyberHeuristic CoprocessorA fully-realized computer architecture is interlaced with the cranium and brain-stem of the cyborg, connecting to the Datajack and Chipjack peripherals. The procedure interfaces the cyborg with a logic and decision-making system that allows for facilitated data retrieval, phenomenal programming enhancements, and proven overall jumps in linear intelligence. * Visibility: 100 * Nuyen Cost: 2,500,000 * Surgery: Dangerous * Humanity: 1
cyberHi-Lo Frequency HearingFrequency modulation allows the cyborg to hear ultra- and sub-sonic sounds, providing a +1 to alertness. * Visibility: 100 * Nuyen Cost: 35,000 * Surgery: Complex * Humanity: 0.2
cyberHotwireElectrodes wired to the pain and pleasure centres of the brain are connected to a receiver. The transmitter is usually in the hands of whoever authorized the operation, allowing them to cause overwhelming pleasure or pain to the cyborg. Often used as a reward/punishment device by the more unscrupulous cyberdocs.
cyberImage Enhancement 1Image enhancement and pattern recognition software increases vision resolution by 50 percent, increasing the level of visible detail.
cyberImage Enhancement 2Image enhancement and pattern recognition software increases vision resolution by 75 percent, increasing the level of visible detail.
cyberImplant RadioRadio receiver/transmitter implanted in the mastoid bone.
cyberInterface LockA scarce, generally black-market attachment for datajacks, the interface lock is designed for netrunners who are frequently in dangerous, security-compromising situations.
cyberInternal CameraAn additional processor and static RAM chip allow 1000 high-quality still pictures, almost twenty thousand low-resolution stills, or ten minutes of low-res 30fps.
cyberInternal CyberdeckSome particularly dedicated netrunners favor having their cyberdecks close to their hearts. Generally, the procedure is preformed by removing one of the subject's lungs in order to make space for the deck. The deck is in turn fitted with EPROM virtual circuitry that can be reconfigured through the datajack for system enhancements. Due to their adaptive architecture, these decks are usually low to moderate power.
cyberInternal O2 SupplyA small tank of highly compressed air is stored in the cyborg's lower torso where it can be released directly into the lungs.
cyberLight IntensifiersThe sensitivity of the cybereyes to light are increased, allowing the cyborg to see more effectively in the darkness.
cyberMidnight LadyThe female counterpart to the famous MR. STUDD (tm) SEXUAL IMPLANT! "Oh, my! How do you do that voodoo that you do?"-- Satisfied LATMA male to his Midnight Lady-owning partner
cyberModular Socket LeftThis replaces the left wrist with a socket joint, allowing the cyborg to easily remove and replace hands without special tools or equipment. The replacement procedure takes about 30 seconds.
cyberModular Socket RightThis replaces the right wrist with a socket joint, allowing the cyborg to easily remove and replace hands without special tools or equipment. The replacement procedure takes about 30 seconds.
cyberMr StuddThe famous MR.STUDD (tm) SEXUAL IMPLANT! "All night, every night... and she'll -never- know." -- HoloVid advertisements for the MR. STUDD (tm) SEXUAL IMPLANT!
cyberMuscle Augmentation 1Synthetic fibers are implanted into the muscle, increasing their contractile strength.
cyberMuscle Augmentation 2Synthetic fibers are implanted into the muscle, increasing their contractile strength.
cyberMuscle Augmentation 3Synthetic fibers are implanted into the muscle, increasing their contractile strength.
cyberMuscle Graft 1Cloned muscle tissue is grafted onto the subject.
cyberMuscle Graft 2Cloned muscle tissue is grafted onto the subject.
cyberMuscle Graft 3Cloned muscle tissue is grafted onto the subject.
cyberOlfactory BoostThe subject's sense of smell is increased.
cyberOptimized ArticulationMajor joints are replaced with more efficient vat-grown models with a greater range of motion and flexibility.
cyberPain Editor 1The pain editor is a combination of drug glands and neural inhibitors that partially or completely block the penalties from being wounded, preventing shock and 'flinch' reactions.
cyberPain Editor 2The pain editor is a combination of drug glands and neural inhibitors that partially or completely block the penalties from being wounded, preventing shock and 'flinch' reactions.
cyberPalm LinkThe palm link is an example of a low-bandwith datajack. It provides rudimentary interfacing abilities with properly-modified equipment -- frequently vehicles or firearms.
cyberParabolic HearingWhen activated, parabolic hearing allows the cyborg to 'zoom in' and amplify his or her hearing.
cyberPersonal NetworkThis procedure networks various interface devices within the cyborgs body to allow free communication between datajacks, skill wires, control wires, and so forth.
cyberPheromone Targeting

The body's production of natural pheromones is enhanced, causing others to subconsciously be attracted to the cyborg. A useful side effect is that deodorant is no longer needed (and, indeed, interferes with the pheromonal effect)

cyberPoison InjectorRefillable glands can be used to inject a poison or drug (sold separately) through claws or fangs. If loaded with a substance illegal in the area a cyber's picked up in, they become illegal to possess.
cyberPolarized VisionThe cybereyes are fitted with a high-speed visual filter that can 'black out' areas of hight illumination and rapidly adjust to changes in the light level.
cyberPrecision Hand LeftThis cyberhand variation provides extra actuators for fine control, but is not as physically strong as 'normal' cyberhands.
cyberPrecision Hand RightThis cyberhand variation provides extra actuators for fine control, but is not as physically strong as 'normal' cyberhands.
cyberPrehensile CyberfeetIn addition to operating as a normal cyberfoot, the extra-long toes can reconfigure to act as a hand, complete with opposable thumb.

You have been fitted with the cyberware component which permits you to download your 'backup' on a daily basis to the Consortium's Reboot servers (or whatever it is they're using...).  Upon death, after suitable investigation, a clone creation of you will be 'rebooted' and returned to productive life in LATMA.  Excessive deaths or other questionable circumstances may delay this process, and during downtime the individuals in question are permitted the run of the Matrix.  (Attempting to jack out while a Matrix 'ghost' simply places the character into a sleep-like state for eight hours.)

The details of your arrangement with the Reboot center allow you to determine beforehand the apparent age of your new body, and whether or not to invoke the perfection clause (you may begin again with Appearance 5 for free with the addition of the Too Perfect flaw).  No other physical modifications are available.  Characters with cyber they wish to have insured must also purchase Reboot Upgrade.

cyberReboot Upgrade

You've got the Reboot package, but you're looking for something with a little more of a guarantee.  The Reboot Upgrade includes insurance for your cyberware, more rapid restoration, optional satellite uplink, and fewer questions asked about exactly how you came to die.  The Consortium might still take notice if things get particularly extreme, but RHIP.

cyberReflex Processors 1Reflex processors incorporate a wide range of reaction-enhancing technology, including preprogrammed stimulus/response systems and reworked nerve sheathing to accelerate signal transmission
cyberReflex Processors 2Reflex processors incorporate a wide range of reaction-enhancing technology, including preprogrammed stimulus/response systems and reworked nerve sheathing to accelerate signal transmission
cyberReflex Processors 3Reflex processors incorporate a wide range of reaction-enhancing technology, including preprogrammed stimulus/response systems and reworked nerve sheathing to accelerate signal transmission
cyberReflex Wires 1The first level of reflex wiring consists of an altered myelin sheathing bonded to the user's nervous system, increasing speed and control.
cyberReflex Wires 2The second level of reflex wires incorporate equalizers and amplifiers for the user's neural signals, as well as a miniature internal gyroscope to aid in balance.
cyberRemote ControlThis devious piece of 'ware allows a coded outside broadcast to take control of the cyborg's body. It is generally not installed into a willing recipient. This technology is fairly uncommon, but it has been used to create remote-controlled assassins, strike teams of expendables 'piloted' by trained professionals, etc.
cyberRetinal HUD
cyberRippersSimilar to 'claws', 'rippers' is a generic class of damage-dealing cyberware -- usually incorporating large blades set into or along the forearm of the subject. Like the other weapon-type cybernetics, they are illegal to possess.
cyberScramblerA scrambler chip will encode any of the cyborgs' radio or cellular transmissions to ensure that they will not fall into the wrong hands. Scrambler chips can be easily programmed to accept new 'keys' or to broadcast on a different key.
cyberSensory ExtensionsSensory extensions are very visible (and rare) pieces of cybernetics. Usually mounted on the head and spine, these telescoping (1-3 foot) booms carry a microphone and video input on the end. This allows the cyborg to see around corners, behind him, etc. However, unless the cyborg shuts off input from his primary sensory apparatus (that's eyes and ears, choomba), all dice pools are halved due to the disorientation of having two wildly conflicting sets of visual and audial stimuli. Sensory extensions are presumed to have the same sensory options (camera, IR, sonar, etc.) that the characters' 'normal' senses have.
cyberSimsense RigSimsense is a full-body recording of physical sensations,played back for another person -- effectively allowing you to -become- that person for the duration of the recording, experiencing exactly what they experienced.
cyberSonarA transmitter and receiver setup in the user's skull provides for short-range sonar 'vision'. The sonar arc covers about 120 degrees in front of the cyborg, and extends for 40 feet. Use of this modification is detectable as a steady 'ping' by Auspex, hi-lo frequency hearing, Garou in Crinos/Hispo/Lupus, and other similar types of enhanced hearing, but it requires the Technology skill to actually identify the sound.
cyberSonar 360This modification expands the cyborg's sonar to cover a full 360 degree circle at the expense of a smaller range (approx 20 feet).
cyberSpitting CobraThis self-defense weapon allows you to squirt the contents of your poison injector up to fifteen feet.
cyberSubvocal Mic

This microphone allows subvocal operation of implant radios, cellular phones, etc.

cyberTac-Comp Brawl 1Want to be Bruce Lee, without the effort of long hours of training? Then these are for you. Tactical computers feed data into your cybereyes, analyzing the target's style and pointing out weaknesses. In addition, the tac-comp will interface with your nervous system to guide your hands and feet in parry and attack.
cyberTac-Comp Brawl 2Want to be Bruce Lee, without the effort of long hours of training? Then these are for you. Tactical computers feed data into your cybereyes, analyzing the target's style and pointing out weaknesses. In addition, the tac-comp will interface with your nervous system to guide your hands and feet in parry and attack.
cyberTac-Comp Melee 1Want to be Miyamoto Musashi, without the effort of long hours of training? Then these are for you. Tactical comuters feed data into your cybereyes, analyzing the target's style and pointing out weaknesses. In addition, the tac-comp will interface with your own nervous system to guide your weapons in parry and attack.
cyberTac-Comp Melee 2Want to be Miyamoto Musashi, without the effort of long hours of training? Then these are for you. Tactical comuters feed data into your cybereyes, analyzing the target's style and pointing out weaknesses. In addition, the tac-comp will interface with your own nervous system to guide your weapons in parry and attack.
cyberTailbarbA sharpened barb installed onto the tip of a prehensile tail, can be paired with a poison injector. In most jurisdictions, this sort of enhancement is classified as illegal.
cyberTargeting Computers 1Includes a database full of ballistics information, computer links to the cyborg's cybereyes, and targeting software to help assure pinpoint accuracy. Periodic updates to the ballistic information can be downloaded, or entered directly through a smartlinked weapon/palmlink combo.
cyberTargeting Computers 2The upgraded targeting computer includes even better software with sophisticated algorithms to analyze a target's velocity and acceleration and adjust the cyborg's aim accordingly.
cyberTelescopic VisionImage enhancement software and a unique focusing system extends the focusing range of the cybereyes.
cyberVehicle Rig 1The vehicle rig uses a palm link or datajack to interface with a vehicular computer, allowing the cyborg to control it by thought alone.
cyberVehicle Rig 2The second level of vehicle rig requires a datajack to interface with a vehicular computer, and allows the cyborg a higher degree of control. In properly-equipped vehicles, this adds another die to the characters initiative -only for driving actions-. The database and programmed reactions are more extensive and thus provide a larger bonus.
cyberVoxboxA replacement for the cyborg's larynx, this electronically modulated speech organ can produce a wide variety of sounds and voices.

Animalism allows empathy with and power over the animal world, as well as the animal within, and embodies the Beast which lurks within the soul of every Cainite. Those with Animalism can understand and soothe the passions of animals and control the actions of such creatures by touching the heart of the beast within them all. Vampires lacking this Discipline or the Skill of Animal Ken can seem offensive to animals, as beasts are distinctly uncomfortable around the undead and will do all they can to move away. As the Storyteller, give each animal the characters encounter a unique personality and manner of speech. Eventually the animal may befriend the characters, so the better you can portray it in the beginning, the longer the animal will seem interesting to the player. Remember that animals may be simple-minded and take things quite literally. The Gangrel clan, the masters of Animalism, have named these powers in ways which reflect their feelings toward their animal brethren.

Clarification: Animals will react badly to vampires without Animalism. Animal Ken can get past this, but has a higher difficulty to use than for humans.

Clarification: Animals will generally be more favorable than neutral to those with Animalism barring other influences. Much as a human might be well-disposed at first to someone good-looking. But it will not, for example, keep a guard dog from defending its master.

disciplineAssamite Sorcery

1-5 Assamite Sorcery

Base Path: Awakening of the Steel

disciplineAuspex This Discipline is one of extrasensory awareness, empathy and perception. Those with this Discipline tend to be strongly affected by environmental phenomena, especially beauty. Loud noises can be very disturbing. Nearly all Auspex powers require some type of Perception roll to determine how much is learned and understood. O Heightened Senses You can sharpen all five of your senses to an extraordinary degree. This is done at will, and lasts as long as you choose. This allows you to double your normal ranges of hearing and sight, in terms of both distance and the conditions in which those senses are effective. Your other senses become equally useful; with the increased olfactory sensitivity, you can track even if there are no tracks left, and you can identify almost any object by touch alone. There is a drawback, though, as loud noises or bright lights can disturb you while in this state. You may even become "blind" in that particular sense for a short period of time (depending on the degree of noise or glare, it could be days). Thus, if you are exposed to sunlight while employing Heightened Senses, you may be blinded for a week, even after the aggravated damage sustained is healed. You are also occasionally alerted to impending danger with unsettling premonitions. These premonitions are typically confusing, but can be invaluable. OO Aura Perception You can see the auras of other beings, the colors of which indicate their moods, identities and levels of hostility. This power also allows you to recognize other vampires (they have pale auras). Even the most shallow, transparent person usually has several different colors composing his aura. The aura may shift between the different colors in a predictable cycle, or it might shift completely at random. The colors change along with the current emotional state of the character, and because people so often have mixed feelings, the aura is often mixed in color. OOO The Spirit's Touch With this power you may pick up an object and gain impressions of one of the individuals who last held it. This object reading is usually limited to a "snapshot" of the tableau, but sometimes such things as the race, sex and even aura of the person in question can also be discerned. The Spirit's Touch can also reveal how the owner came to possess the item, or reveal what went on during the last moments the subject held the object. OOOO Telepathy You can probe the surface thoughts of any nearby subject and listen to them as you would listen to that person speak. Given enough time, you can learn nearly anything about the subject. For instance, you might be able to divine the sire of another vampire through Telepathy. OOOOO Psychic Projection You are able to expand your consciousness to such a degree that you can separate your mind from your body. While in this state you can travel without the use of your body, journeying nearly anywhere on Earth. However, as your astral self reaches the outermost point of the Moon's orbit, you will encounter what has been referred to as the Limit of the Lunar Sphere -- an impassable barrier. The physical body left behind lies as motionless as if it were in torpor. Your mind stays with the astral self, and you have no way of knowing what is going on around or in your body. Indeed, for all you know, your body is in flames. A silver cord, a diaphanous line grounding your conciousness to your body, connects your astral self to your real body. If this cord is severed during an astral mishap, you become completely lost and fully enter the astral plan, the realm of ghosts and shades. Finding one's body again rquires an arduous and terrifying journey.

*                              Restore Humanitas

**                            Banishing Sign of Thoth

***                          Gift of Apis

****                        Pillar of Osiris

*****                      Paradox

******                    Boon of Anubis

*******                  Bring Forth the Dawn

********                Mummification Ritual

*********              Ra's Blessing


This Discipline explains the superior quickness of vampires. A rating in Celerity allows a vampire to move extremely quickly in times of stress and take multiple actions in a single turn. While anyone can decide to split their Dice Pool during a single turn, a character with Celerity can perform extra actions without penalty. One extra action is allowed per point of Celerity, and the vampire may use his entire Dice Pool for each one. One Blood Point must be spent every turn the character uses Celerity, even if he does not take all the actions allowed. For instance, if a vampire has a Celerity rating of 4, and wishes to take three actions in a single turn, he will still need to spend a Blood Point.


This is a Discipline that allows the fashioning of illusions. The less viable an illusion is, the more probable it is to be disbelieved. You must be able to sense the illusion you are crafting.

disciplineCombination Disciplines

This document holds the combined information on all available combination disciplines. The process to obtain these would be via PRP to learn from an NPC or alternatively, finding a PC that already has the ability. Each combination power has a primary discipline that defines how it operates. A combination power based on Obfuscate would be subject to the same rulings as Obfuscate vs Auspex. A power within the Dominate range would be subject to the limitations of the base discipline in terms of target, etc. XP Cost: See the the Combination Disciplines house rule for the costs. [toc list: ol; title: Table of Contents; minlevel: 2; maxlevel: 3; attachments: 1;]


Alpha Glint

(Animalism 4, Fortitude 3 - Counsel of Primogen pg 104) Gangrel resilience is legendary in Kindred circles, as is their lethality in combat. This Discipline makes the Kindred’s toughness shine through her skin in a way that cows her enemies and makes them despair of defeating her - in battle or otherwise. The primary use of this Discipline is to ward off unsought combat, but it has also bee used effectively by Gangrel to hold off political opponents in meetings of the primogen. System: The Gangrel calls upon her Beast and pushes it into “broadcasting” her invulnerability to the Beasts of those in her vicinity. This power works on Lupines, but not at all on creatures without a Beast to communicate with (such as mortals). Add the character’s Charisma + Animal Ken to her Willpower rating (the added Willpower is only for the purpose of Alpha Glint). The player then makes a contested Willpower roll against all those acting aggressively toward her (in the case of Lupines, halve the number of successes, rounding down, before adding them to the Gangrel’s Willpower - werewolves just aren’t that intimidated by a Gangrel vampire’s “invulnerability”). If the Gangrel wins, her opponent is cowed and behaves respectfully toward her for the rest of the scene. Clarification: The roll is Willpower + Charisma + Animal Ken. Against lupines, it is half of permanent Willpower + Charisma + Animal Ken. Clarification: This power is only available from Gangrel NPCs who will only teach other Gangrel.

Animal Magnetism

(Animalism 4, Obfuscate 3 - Counsel of Primogen pg 102) Foul as they are to look upon and boorish as they tend to be in social situations, the wise among the Nosferatu can, if they so choose, wax alluring. This temporary appeal is rough, fleeing and slightly feral, but it gives them a fascinating charm nonetheless. Sometimes that’s all that’s necessary. In theory this power is to be saved for use in only the most important arenas, but those Nosferatu who know it find the social effects of this power...pleasant. System: By enhancing the powers of Mask of 1000 Faces with the dangerous allure of the Beast (channeled carefully with Animalism), some Nosferatu can briefly approximate a type of Presence. The effects of this power don’t change; it always adds dice equal to the primogen’s Animalism rating (so at least 4) to her social rolls. The duration of the effect varies. Roll Charisma + Subterfuge against a difficulty of 6. This power lasts one turn per success. This is especially effective for seduction but when properly channeled can aid with Intimidation and Subterfuge rolls as well. While this Discipline isn’t particularly powerful, it’s surprisingly effective because nobody expects the Nosferatu ever to possess such allure. This inversion of nature is not without significant risk: a botch on the roll sends the Nosferatu into immediate frenzy as the Beast rips free of its controller’s will and targets whomever the primogen was trying to charm - a social faux pas at the very least. Clarification: This power is only available from Nosferatu NPCs who will only teach other Nosferatu.

Claw Immunity

(Animalism 2, Fortitude 4 - Clanbook: Gangrel Revised Ed. pg 72) Quite a number of Gangrel even of the higher generations have developed the ability to shrug off the natural claw and bite attack of normal animals; this is not surprising considering the usefulness of the ability. Some vampires have claimed that it even provides some protection against Lupines in their wolf forms - no one has volunteered to go out and field test that assertion, however. System: The player spends two blood points and specifies an animal type: wolf, lion, steer, etc. For die remainder of the scene, the Gangrel receives extra soak dice equal to his Animalism + Fortitude Traits to resist damage from the specified animals (these dice are in addition to the vampire's usual Stamina + Fortitude, i.e. Fortitude is counted twice). Soaking the bite or claw of a wolf-form Lupine may occur, at the Storyteller's discretion, but remember that even in wolf form, those creatures are not truly animals. Clarification: This includes protection from lupine claws. Clarification: This power is only available from Gangrel NPCs who will only teach other Gangrel.

Call Upon the Blood

(Animalism 3, Auspex 3 - Guide to the Anarchs pg 159) Used by anarchs to scout out the strongholds of hated enemies, this power allows the Kindred to “feel” for the Beast in the immediate vicinity. The Animalism aspect of this power attunes the Kindred to any creature that harbors a Beast, and the Auspex element allows him to interpret it and extend his senses beyond their normal limits. Doing so allows the scout to know approximately how many Kindred or ghouls are in the area. System: The player spends a blood point and rolls Perception + Animal Ken. If the roll is successful, the character gains a fairly accurate impression (give or take an entity) of how many Kindred and ghouls are in close proximity. The distance to which this sense extends depends on the successes accumulated on the roll. 1 - Small area; a hotel room 2 - Large area; a ballroom or salon 3 - Great area; a house 4 - Huge area; a city block 5 - Vast area; an entire estate This power calls to the Beast in all Kindred, and impressions will include the presence of Kindred and ghouls in the anarch’s own retinue. Also, because it prods the Beast in beings to see if it’s there, particularly aware Kindred and ghouls might feel their Beast awaken or recoil as the power takes effect, perhaps alerting them to the presence of some disquieting presence. The sensory information gleaned by this power is also, a bit unsettling. Inviting the Beast in so many creatures to take note of oneself is bold, to say the least. Be wary of players using this power as a default “Detect Kindred spell.” Cainites who rely too much on provoking the Beast in others may find themselves on the verge of frenzy, as it tempts their own Beast each time they use it. Clarification: This power is linked to the Beast and detects shifters as well. Clarification: If used more than once per night it triggers a frenzy check at diff 6, and +1 increment for each additional use. Clarification: Known by anarchs who will teach only to others in the anarch movement.

Mortal Terror

(Animalism 3, Presence 2 - Archons and Templars pg 142) While the power of Quell the Beast is certainly useful if you’re trying to soothe or quiet someone, sometimes you need something a bit more dramatic. Mortal Terror focuses the power of Dread Gaze directly on another Kindred’s Beast, bypassing the conscious mind entirely. This can potentially drive a vampire into immediate Rötschreck. This power is available to both archons and templars. System: The character must either touch her target or make eye contact, and the player must succeed in a contested roll (Charisma + Intimidation vs. the target’s Willpower, both difficulty 7). If the character accumulates more successes than the victim has dots of Courage, the power takes effect and Rötschreck overwhelms the victim. The victim may begin making Courage rolls in an attempt to fight off Rötschreck starting the next turn. Until he accumulates five successes, he will continue to flee from the character by the fastest and most direct route. Invoking this power spuriously is dangerous. Should the character botch the roll to invoke the power, the victim must immediately roll Self-Control to resist frenzy, rather than Rötschreck. Clarification: This power is only available from archon and templar NPCs who must be convinced to teach the ability.


Anticipatory Locution

(Auspex 4, Obfuscate 3, Anticipatory Visage - Archons & Templars pg 142) A refinement to Anticipatory Visage, this power was created in an attempt to mitigate the difficulties involved in passing yourself off as someone when you don’t know who you’re supposed to be. When Anticipatory Locution is active, the target not only sees whom he expects to see but also hears what he expects them to say. This works for short phrases only, not entire conversations, so an archon can still trip himself up quite easily if he’s not careful. Still, Anticipatory Locution is good for covering small gaffes or for getting around code words and passwords. System: This power does not require the expenditure of blood, as it is considered active when the user has succeeded in invoking Anticipatory Visage. Any time the character utters a short answer to a question (no more than a single moderate sentence or so), the player may make a roll of Manipulation + Subterfuge (difficulty 7). If successful, the target hears the answer he would have expected from whoever he believes the character to be. This power breaks down in long conversation or under in-depth questioning, and it can be seen (heard) through with Auspex if the Kindred’s Auspex is greater than the character’s Obfuscate. Clarification: This power is only available from archon NPCs who must be convinced to teach the ability.

Anticipatory Visage

(Auspex 4, Obfuscate 3 - Archons & Templars pg 142) This power was first developed by an investigative archon who was frustrated by his inability to sneak into the gathering of a Gehenna cult because he didn’t know as whom to disguise himself. Anticipatory Visage allows the Kindred to appear as whomever the target most expects to see in a given circumstance. The character herself has no control over who she appears to be, and may not even be immediately aware of what form she’s taken. This power has, to date, been used by archons alone. System: The player spends a blood point and makes a Manipulation + Performance roll (difficulty 6). lf successful, the character immediately takes the form (per Mask of a Thousand Faces) of the individual the target most expected. lf faced with more than one person, the character must select one individual as the target and hope that the others expect to see the same person. The character is not immediately aware of the form she has taken, and may have difficulty carrying the ruse further than the initial contact. While this power provides the form of the expected individual, it does not provide any knowledge of her personality or memories; the character must be exceedingly careful not to give herself away through suspicious behavior. A vampire with Auspex can see through this power if her Auspex exceeds the character's Obfuscate. Clarification: This power is only available from archon NPCs who must be convinced to teach the ability.

Guardian Vigil

(Auspex 1, Celerity 1, Fortitude 1 - Guide to the Anarchs pg 160) Developed by anarchs posted as guards, this power allows a Kindred to maintain an aware but trance-like state of readiness, in which he's poised like a cat to react to the first sign of imminent danger. System: The player spends a blood point. For the duration of the night, the character cannot be surprised by conventional means as long as he stays in one place (not traversing an area linger than a few footsteps). In game terms, the character is considered to automatically have initiative for a single turn if someone acts against him or does something that he can perceive and attempt to stop. For example, a character might dodge a bullet almost before an attacker fires, or he could move to intercept an intruder just as the intruder starts to dash past. The upshot is that the character becomes aware that something is about to happen to him and reacts just in time to do something about it. Supernatural effects that would cloak or otherwise protect the potential transgressor must be of a higher level than that of any of the prerequisite Disciplines levels that make up this power. That is, a character attempting to sneak past the anarch must have an Obfuscate of level two or higher. The vigil also forestalls mundane means as well. An attempt to move using Stealth is susceptible regardless of how many dots the other character has. The action taken against the character must also affect him directly and immediately for this power to prove of any value. A sniper would find himself foiled if he tried to shoot the character, but a camera planted in the building during the day and activated remotely at night would have no chance of being detected under the use of this power. Note that this power lasts for a single turn and then expires. Therefore, if a combat occurs, the character using this power has the benefit of initiative for only the first turn, then he must act as normal thereafter. A character may activate this power as many times as he wishes in the same night, but each activation works only for one immediate threat. A character cannot "stack" turns of guaranteed initiative. Clarification: Known by anarchs who will teach only to others in the anarch movement.

Heart’s Desire

(Auspex 4, Chimerstry 2 - Clanbook: Ravnos Revised Ed. pg 68) With this power, a Ravnos can reach into a target’s heart and create an image of her greatest desire. This image always manifests as a material object. For example, if the target desires a specific lover, she’ll see a letter from that person professing his love. Phuri Dae and Brahman Ravnos use this power to gain influence over others. Many people, faced with their heart’s desire, are likely to do anything to achieve it. Note that simply creating the illusion does not automatically convince the target. This power grants the Ravnos a potential advantage, but it’s up to her to make use of it. System: The player must spend a blood point and a Willpower point, then roll Intelligence + Subterfuge (difficulty is the target's Willpower) to discern the target's heart's desire and create a reasonable facsimile. Three successes are necessary for this to work properly. Once the Ravnos creates the object, she can recreate it at will (so long as the player spends the blood point and Willpower point to create the illusion), unless the subject's heart's desire changes. Clarification: This power is only available from Ravnos NPCs who will only teach other Ravnos.

Mood Shift

(Auspex 2, Dominate 4 - Counsel of Primogen pg 103) Once the Tremere became accustomed to seeing auras, it was only a slight stretch to see if those moods could be manipulated. As it turns out, they can. Auspex granted them the insight and Dominate provided them with the means. A Warlock using Mood Shift views the aura of his target to determine the target’s initial mood and then, through a series of subtle cues (a smile and laughter to invoke levity, a sneer and a caustic word to bring about a feeling of hostility or defensiveness), can nudge her target’s mood in a particular direction. System: This technique requires eye contact and the target must be watching the Tremere to pick up on the visual cues (smile, frown, associated gestures) that he’s modeling. Once the Tremere has been interacting with his target for a few minutes (long enough to provide the target with a few emotional cues), roll Manipulation + Empathy in a contested roll against the target’s Willpower, difficulty 7. The number of successes determines both the degree and the duration of the effect. 1 success - Superficial/Five Minutes 2 successes - Moderate/Ten Minutes 3 successes - Moderate/Half an hour 4 successes - Completely/The rest of the Scene 5 successes - Completely/The rest of the night 6 successes - Completely/the rest of the week A superficial degree of mood change means that the target responds to the Tremere’s mood cues only on a surface level. He’s willing to go along with the mood generated by the Tremere to avoid being confrontational but nothing more. Other emotional cues will likely change the target’s mood back in short order. A moderate degree of mood change means that the target has let his actual mood change a bit in accordance with the cues given by the Warlock. The effect isn’t total, but it goes beyond a mere superficial reflection of the Tremere’s modeled emotion. Complete mood change means that the target adopts the mood modeled by the Tremere completely. If the Warlock modeled laughter, the target will sincerely be happy and in a good mood. If he modeled sadness, the target will feel depressed for the duration of the power. Clarification: This power is only available from Tremere NPCs who will only teach other Tremere.

Name of the Fallen

(Auspex 3, Thaumaturgy 1 - Archons & Templars pg 140) Name of the Fallen could likely be made to function with Necromancy in place of Thaumaturgy at the STs discretion. Because few archons or templars have access to this Discipline, however, this is not a standard technique. System: The player must spend a blood point and roll Perception + Empathy; the difficulty depends on whether the subject was mortal or vampire, as well as on the length of time since he died. The character must have in her possession at least a small piece of the corpse, though something as tiny as a finger bone or even the ashes of a Kindred who has suffered Final Death will suffice. If the roll fails, that character may not try to identify that particular subject again unless she can find a new sample of the body. If the roll indicates a botch, the character receives false information. The knowledge granted by this power appears instantly; the character falls into no “trance” such as that experienced when using Spirit’s Touch. The Kindred with this power may identify a deceased person, Kindred or kine, simply by handling a piece of the corpse. Clarification: This power is only available from Tremere archon NPCs who will only teach other Tremere. Clarification: At this time, the power is only available as a Thaumaturgy version.

Pulse of Undeath

(Auspex 1, Potence 3 - Clanbook: Brujah Revised Ed. pg 66) By focusing her heightened awareness and physical prowess, a Kindred can “feel” for which of the physical gifts of Caine another Kindred may have learned. Potence manifests as a vibration of the muscles, Fortitude generates a cold rigidity in the body and Celerity causes a brief feeling of vertigo. System: This power enables a character to know which, if any, of the three physical Disciplines (Celerity, Fortitude, Potence) another character possesses and at what level. The player rolls Perception + Empathy (dif 6). Each success indicates that the character learns the nature and level of one of the other character’s physical Disciplines. In some cases, particularly if the subject has a higher rating in a given Discipline than the character using this power, the results may be imprecise. A character may feel the telltale dizziness that indicates Celerity, but might well be unsure of the subject’s potential with it. Clarification: This power is only available from Brujah NPCs who will only teach other Brujah.

Quicken Sight

(Auspex 1, Celerity 2 - Archons & Templars pg 140) The hand is not quicker than the eye when the eye belongs to an archon or templar with this power. Quicken Sight allows the character to see fast-moving objects in detail that even Heightened Senses alone cannot reveal. A character with this power can focus on and follow a single card while the deck is shuffled, track the single loaded chamber in a game of Russian roulette, read the headlines on a newspaper as he drives past the newsstand at 60 mph or even pick out subliminal images in film. System: The player spends one blood point to activate this power, which lasts for a scene. Any time the character wishes to see, follow or examine something that is moving too quickly for normal observation, the player must make a Wits + Alertness roll (difficulty based on how quickly the item is moving, but normally 6 or 7). Even one success allows the character to observe the item, though more successes bring greater detail and clarity. Clarification: This power is only available from archon and templar NPCs who must be convinced to teach the ability.

Quickened Instincts

(Auspex 1 + Celerity 2 - Players Guide to the Low Clans pg 163) With this power, the vampire hones his senses to detect the sudden motions of an ambush or attack and reacts with superhuman grace to evade or parry. System: Whenever the vampire is attacked from ambush or fails to notice an attack from natural senses, his player must spend one blood point. The player may also spend additional blood points at this time up to generation maximum to retroactively purchase actions for celerity, although these may only used for defensive actions. Once this power is activated, the player may react to the attack as though he saw it coming, suffering none of the normal penalties for surprise. This power can be suppressed by the player for a scene, but then not reactivated for that scene. Clarification: This power has been grandfathered and is no longer available except from PCs who already have the power. It originates from a Dark Ages book and is no longer supported.

See the Reflected Form

(Auspex 4, Protean 4 - Clanbook Gangrel Revised Ed. pg 72) Those Gangrel who are both incredibly perceptive and have mastered the most basic full-body change become sensitive to the potentiality of shape in others. Using this power, the Gangrel may pull detailed information from his subject’s aura. He may see the beast forms of Gangrel or other vampires using Protean; the progression of forms of the Lupines and other shapechanging beasts; the half-real dream forms of fairies; and the forms that vampires may assume using Disciplines such as Obtenebration, Serpentis and Vicissitude. Skilled practitioners may be able to spot such subtle items as which form the subject is most comfortable in, or which is her native form. A few Gangrel have claimed to see the forms a Gangrel childe will assume upon learning Shape of the Beast, or even totemic animals in the auras of normal humans. System: The player rolls Perception + Occult (difficulty 7). One success gives the character knowledge of his subject's Protean beast forms, or the most powerful form assumed using another Discipline or ability. Three successes allows the character to see all of his subject's defined forms (if the subject vampire commonly assumes a certain body shape using Vicissitude, that will be seen, but the fact that he stretched his nose like Pinocchio last night will not). Upon reaching five successes, the character may see potential forms, or the emotions connected with the changes in shape at the Storyteller's discretion. This ability may be resisted with Obfuscate in the usual Auspex vs. Obfuscate manner. Also, this ability does not give any information about the "faces" worn by a vampire with Mask of a Thousand Faces — that ability clouds the mind, and is not a true shape change. Clarification: This power is only available from Gangrel NPCs who will only teach other Gangrel.

Soul Decoration

(Auspex 2, Obfuscate 2, Vicissitude 3 - Clanbook: Tzimisce Revised Ed. pg 72) The aura is a byproduct of the body. Change the body, change the soul. The body’s experiences can be summed up in the aura, but this phenomenon is the product of physical forces. By fleshcrafting certain locations on the body - chakras, joints, erogenous zones - a Tzimisce with this power can “paint” whatever aura he chooses. Auras summarize the individual, revealing mood, the stain of diablerie and the Curse of Caine. When under the gaze of perceptive eyes, sometimes it’s better to conceal such things. System: After spending three Willpower points, the player rolls her character’s Perception + Empathy (dif subject’s Willpower). The number of successes indicates how completely the aura can be changed to the Tzimisce’s specifications. 1 success - Can alter shades (pale or bright) 2 successes - Can alter the main color 3 successes - Can alter psychological state (frenzied, psychoses, etc.) 4 successes - Can conceal or falsify diablerie and magic use 5 successes - Can conceal or falsify natural condition (vampire, shifter, ghost, etc) The deception lasts one night per success. During this time, the aura doesn’t change to reflect new conditions in its owner. Keep in mind that these changes are only to the aura, not the subject herself. At ST discretion, the subject may feel token emotions to match her new colors. She might feel somewhat distrustful if her aura was painted light green, for instance. Clarification: This power is only available from Tzimisce NPCs who will only teach other Tzimisce.

Soul Painting

(Auspex 4, Presence 2 - Clanbook: Toreador Revised Ed. pg 74-75) The ancient Toreador art of “painting souls” flourishes briefly in the early 1300s, but with the loss (and presumed Final Death) of Katherine of Montpellier, the technique was thought to be gone forever. In recent nights, Katherine has returned. Roused from an ages-long torpor, she has agreed to teach a few worthy students the knack of painting a portrait of a being’s inner nature. A few enterprising Toreador have adapted her principles to other expressive media, including music, song and even acting. Convincing Katherine to take on a new pupil is no simple task, of course. A prospective student must impress the teacher with a work of his own, for only those with adequate craftsmanship and sufficient insight have even a chance of mastering this technique. Furthermore, the student must agree to obey Katherine in every particular - sometimes to the extent of taking two drinks toward a blood bond. Katherine has found few who are willing to even apply under those terms, and of those willing to take the risk, only a minority are judged skilled enough for instruction. Other instructors might not be so strict - or may be more so.) Art has long been held to be a doorway into the soul. Usually it’s the soul of the artist. In this case, the painting can expose the nature of the person portrayed. The message conveyed is powerful, subtle, and when successful, undeniable. Falsehood cannot be portrayed through Soul Painting, for even the artist does not initially know what the image will reveal. To create this type of portrait, the artist needs to study the subject for a full, uninterrupted hour. This can be done in a sitting, of course, but (due to the sensitive nature of the portrait) it’s more often done from recalled observation. Looking not only at the minute details of appearance and carriage, but also at the subject’s aura, the painter forms a conscious insight. This alone is not sufficient. The painter must give himself over to an enthralled creative tempest, setting aside his preconceptions completely, in order to make a soul portrait. The portrait must be painted in a single setting and interrupting a soul painter while she works is as difficult as arousing a Toreador from a more mundane fit of artistic absorption. It generally takes 10-12 hours to create the picture, although more complex efforts may take longer - Katherine’s portrait of the late Archbishop Moncada reputedly took over one thousand hours - but if successfully completed, it reveals a great deal indeed. System: The player rolls Manipulation + Empathy (dif 9). If the roll yields even a single success, the painting (or other work) captures the subject’s Nature in the work itself. For each additional success, the player may opt to illustrate any one of the following: a rough gauge of Humanity (or Path, which usually won’t create a traditionally flattering work), Willpower, Self-Control, Conscience, Conviction, Instinct or Courage. Anyone with the Soul painting power can immediately recognize every insight portrayed in a portrait. Those who lack the power may (at the Storyteller’s discretion) be required to make Perception, Perception + Empathy, or Perception + Crafts rolls to “decode” the portrait. The difficulty for such attempts should be low, however, the whole point of the power is the expression of these abstract concepts. Note, that Soul Painting does not necessarily make the artist a skilled painter (or poet, actor, etc.) - it is quite possible to have a crudely executed portrait that nonetheless communicates the subject’s personality. Such a ham-handed painter is unlikely to have learned this power from the mistress herself, though. Clarification: This power is only available from Toreador NPCs who will only teach other Toreador.

Thaumaturgical Sight

(Auspex 2, Thaumaturgy 1 - Clanbook: Tremere Revised Ed. pg 47) Just as some Kindred can sense the auras that surround the living or undead beings, some acutely sensitive Tremere develop the talent to recognize thaumaturgical patterns. Magical energies cast by others are visible with Aura Perception, but with Thaumaturgical Sight, a Tremere can see the unholy vigor of blood magic. With enough occult knowledge, the Tremere may be able to decipher the lines of power to figure out exactly what sort of magic she faces. A Tremere using Thaumaturgical Sight sees blood magic’s power as pulsing, viscous curves of liquid scarlet, which differ from the sparkles that punctuate the aura of a person using a living, dynamic magic. As the magic turns vitae into a fuel for a twisted manifestation of undeath’s curse, the viewer sees connections between thaumaturgical components and the resulting enchantment. A thaumaturge who uses the Lure of Flames, for instance, might appear to have crimson traceries weaving in his hands and coalescing until they burst into flames, while and enchanted knife might seem to have an unwholesome, sanguine glisten to it. Like similar Auspex Disciplines, Thaumaturgical Sight isn’t a power that’s used constantly or casually. Some magical wards—especially Koldunic ones—can threaten a Tremere’s sanity when they’re viewed with this sight. Certain places in Eastern Europe, it’s said, roil with diseased power that burns out all vision from a Tremere who would look upon their naked states. Wise Tremere confine their Thaumaturgical Sight to places or items where they’re certain of blood influence but need a cleared vision of the specifics. System: Activating Thaumaturgical Sight is just like the use of Aura Perception. In fact, it augments that power; those without Thaumaturgical Sight will miss the subtle nuances of dead magic, while those who possess this power will find their Aura Perception abilities enhanced by it. However, as with any use of Thaumaturgy, a botch on the activation roll costs one permanent Willpower. While under the effects of Thaumaturgical Sight, the character may be able to puzzle out other manifestations of blood magic within her line of sight. A Perception + Occult roll (dif 8) is appropriate to determine the character’s success in making out the results of some form of blood magic. If it’s an effect with which the character is familiar—such as someone invoking Theft of Vitae, the character knows that power—then one success is sufficient to recognize the power. Otherwise, the successes scored determine the gist of the character’s understanding: With one success, she might puzzle out the general idea of an effect, like whether it’s geared to combat or divination; with three or more successes, she can probably figure out exactly what it’s supposed to do. Thaumaturgical sight does notice the patterns of power inherent to enchanted artifacts or wards, so long as they’re products of blood magic. A Tremere can therefore spot a ward and determine who it’s designed to deter, or notice that an object has some sort of blood magic upon it, such as Engaging the Vessel of Transference. Rituals show up to this sight, both during casting and while their effects remain, so a Tremere could tell if someone has invoked a ritual like Deflection of Wooden Doom or Steps of the Terrified. Most importantly, Thaumaturgical Sight allows the user to spot all forms of vampiric blood magic; Thaumaturgy, Setite or Assamite magic and Koldunic sorcery are all equally visible. Conversely, Thaumaturgical Sight does not recognize “normal” magical effects, like the enchantments that mortal wizards use (though Aura Perception still reveals such magic as sparkling, coruscating energy). In any event, Aura Perception is required to learn this power, so the distinction is only parenthetical, if noteworthy. Clarification: This power is only available from Tremere NPCs who will only teach other Tremere.

Weigh the Heart

(Auspex 3, Serpentis 5 - Clanbook: Followers of Set Revised Ed. pg 70) The ancient Egyptians believed that conscience and judgment resided in the heart; in the afterlife the gods weighed a person’s heart, the record of his deeds, against the feather of truth. A Setite who has learned The Heart of Darkness can not only remove a vampire’s heart to keep it safe, he gains a potential insight into the consciences of others. He can develop that potential through Auspex. Like the god Thoth, a vampire with this power can “weigh” another person’s heart to read his character and sins. Such knowledge of another person’s character makes tempting, corrupting or teaching him much easier. System: This power calls for a Perception + Empathy roll (dif 8). Each success reveals one truth about the target’s character, with particular emphasis on the person’s weaknesses, passions and guilt. The first truth is always the target’s Nature. Subsequent truths might include any Derangements or mental Flaws, strong passions or deep-laid fears and guilts (although never specific details about specific crimes). Clarification: This power is only available from Setite NPCs who will only teach other Setites.


Burning Wrath

[Still under review]

Flesh of Wind and Water

(Celerity 2, Vicissitude 3 - Archons & Templars pg 141) Under normal conditions, a Tzimisce (or other user of Vicissitude) who seeks to reshape his own form must take the time to meld his features and limbs into the desired shape. This makes it difficult to adapt to changing situations, such as the chaos of combat or the need for sudden disguise. Flesh of the Wind and Water (so named because of the rippling effect seen in the flesh as it operates) allows the Tzimisce to make those alterations allowed by the first three levels of Vicissitude almost instantly (each use of the power takes but a single turn), without the need to physically sculpt the alterations. This power can be used on the Cainite wielding the power only; if he wishes to alter someone else, he must do so at the normal rate and with the normal methods. This power is unknown outside of the Sabbat. System: The player spends two blood points each time this power is invoked, and must make all standard rolls required for the use of Vicissitude. He may use only a single Vicissitude power per use of Flesh of Wind and Water. Thus, if he wanted to use both Fleshcraft and Bonecraft on himself, he would have to use Flesh of Wind and Water twice, requiring a total of four blood points, two rolls and two turns. Clarification: This power is only available from Tzimisce NPCs who will teach only other Tzimisce.

Forced March

(Celerity 2, Fortitude 2 - Clanbook: Assamite Revised Ed. pg 71) This focused application of superhuman speed and endurance has gradually fallen out of favor in the modern era, as aircraft and automobiles bridge distances in a single night that would take a man on foot a week or more to traverse. Still, in the desert nations that the clan [the Assamites] claims as its center of power, modern transportation is neither available on a regular basis, nor reliable when it is present. Many elder Cainites also prefer their own two feet to any noisy, reeking mechanical contraption, so Forced March still finds use. System: Forced March may be used whenever the character is moving on foot for a protracted period of time. In effect, it allows continuous rapid movement without the devastatingly exhausting effects of combat Celerity use. At the beginning of each hour of steady travel, the player spends a number of blood points equal to half the character’s Celerity rating. The character’s overland movement rate (normal human movement rate over most relatively flat terrain can be assumed to be 4 miles per hour, reduced by rough ground or poor weather) is multiplied by her Celerity rating. This bonus remains in effect only so long as the character is constantly moving, with no more that a minute’s pause each hour—anything longer than dropping off a letter makes her lose momentum. Forced march may be used for a maximum number of hours each night equal to the character’s Fortitude rating. It is of absolutely no benefit in combat situations. Clarification: This power is only available from Assamite NPCs who will only teach other Assamites.

Instantaneous Transformation

(Celerity 2, Protean 5 or Obtenebration 5 - Archons & Templars pg 143) Almost exclusive to the templars (a handful of archons have learned this power, but they are exceptionally rare), Instantaneous Transformation allows the character to undergo a shifting of shape (either Tenebrous Form, Shape of the Beast or Mist Form) in a single turn for the normal expenditure of blood. System: The character must roll Stamina + Survival (difficulty 7) and spend the normal cost associated with the shift (one blood point for Shape of the Beast or Mist Form, three for Tenebrous Form). If the roll is successful, the change takes only a single turn, rather than the three normally demanded. Failure indicates that the shift takes the standard three turns, and a botch means that the blood was spent but the power does not take effect. If the character wishes to use this power for both Obtenebration and Protean, she must buy it twice, once for each Discipline. Clarification: This power is only available from templars (and archons, at a higher PRP level) NPCs who must be convinced to teach the ability.

Seventh Chinese Brother

(Celerity 2, Fortitude 5 - Guide to the Anarchs pg 161) According to a folk tale, there were once seven Chinese brothers, each of whom was possessed of a unique mystical ability. One of these brothers' blessings was bones of iron, which he used to prevent his head from being chopped off. This power emulates that folk tale, allowing the Kindred to harden a part of his body and speed the recuperative powers of his blood to make it impossible to sever a limb. Those anarchs practicing this power have intimated that they have most often had to protect their own heads from being severed, but that it works equally well in situations that would result in the loss of a hand, arm, leg, etc. System: The player spends a Willpower point and selects an appendage (including the head and neck). The next blow that would result in that limb being lobbed off is ignored utterly - it does no damage at all. The character may then activate the power again, if he wishes. As long as he has Willpower, he can protect himself. A lesser-known but still viable application of this power is to harden the flesh and bone that protects the heart. In this case, a Kindred can protect himself from being staked, at least initially. If the end of the scene comes before the disastrous blow comes, the power has no effect, but can be invoked again during a future scene. Additionally, a character may protect only one appendage at a time in this manner. Clarification: It can only protect one target area (arm, neck, etc) at a time and lasts for the duration of a scene. Clarification: Known by anarchs who will teach only to others in the anarch movement.

Shadow Feint

(Celerity 3, Obfuscate 2 - Clanbook: Assamite Revised Ed. pg 72) The way of the assassin is deception, not direct confrontation. However, even the most straightforward members of the warrior caste acknowledge the utility of misdirection in combat. This technique allows its wielder to slow her enemies’ perceptions of him, leaving their image of her a fraction of a second behind her actual physical location. This makes the fighter’s moves virtually impossible for an opponent to anticipate, allowing her to strike with little fear of reprisal. System: The player spends a blood point at the beginning of a turn in which the character’s Celerity is active, and the character’s first action for the turn must be evasive movement. For the rest of the turn, all attack rolls made against the character has their difficulty increased by 2, to a maximum of 10. This power is considered an Obfuscate power for purposes of negation. An observer with sufficient Auspex is immune to it, as is one viewing his target through a video camera or other electronic intermediary. Note: The power is re-graded on DM and requires a prerequisite of Celerity 3. Clarification: This power is only available from Assamite NPCs who will only teach other Assamites.


Catch a Whiff of Madness

(Dementation 2, Auspex 3 - Counsel of Primogen 102) Insanity is the sea through which Malkavians swim like sharks every night of their unlife. As such, they know the aroma of madness and can sense it in others the way sharks smell blood. With this refinement, the Malkavian can parse that scent into its component notes, revealing exactly which flavor of insanity he senses. The uses to which the primogen can put such knowledge about his comrades are legion. This is one of the carefully guarded talents that give the clan its reputation for knowing things that ought not to be known. System: The Malkavian gets close enough to his quarry that he can smell him; the Malkavian can be as discrete or obvious about this as he wishes. The player rolls Perception + Empathy at standard (difficulty 6). Catching the target’s scent alerts the Malkavian to the target’s mental state: it specifically reveals mental weakness or instability, including derangements and unusually strong emotional responses (with three or more successes the Malkavian can detect a blood bond, although it will not reveal whom the bond is to, although that can often be determined through more common means). It’s best to avoid using this Discipline on the Nosferatu. Clarification: This power is only available from Malchavian NPCs who will only teach other Malkavians (and Dementation is rare in the Camarilla Malkavians).


Approximation of Loyalty Absolute

(Dominate 5, Presence 5 - Counsel of Primogen 104) The Ventrue penchant for toying with the hearts and minds of others is well known, but this particular combination Discipline is one of the more devastating manifestations of those skills. The primogen catches the eye of a target and the target succumbs to a mind numbing sycophantic adoration of his newly recognized master for the rest of the evening. In effect, the results are like the blood bond, though more intense and lasting only one night. This last point is considered by many users of this Discipline to be an advantage, as there are few things more inconvenient than a tool that has served its purpose yet refuses to go away. While the thrall can leave the presence of his master with no impact on his thraldom, doing so causes him great anxiety and emotional pain. Once the effect wears off, the erstwhile thrall will have only hazy poignant memories of a lost intimate connection with his master and, perhaps, a vague longing for more. If the Ventrue had his thrall act in a truly abhorrent manner—kill a dear friend, humiliate himself in front of a crowd or similar excesses—the memory, while vague, will remain and the victim will be filled with loathing for the individual who did such a thing to him. The excessive nature of the act must be extreme for that, however, as this power incorporates a lingering emotional anaesthetic in the mind of the target to soothe such stings. Only the most extreme deeds will be too much for this anodyne effect to soothe. System: The player rolls Charisma + Manipulation against a difficulty of the target’s Willpower rating. One success will simply render the target somewhat more pliable to the user’s requests, while two or more successes will result in an intense infatuation or enthrallment for the rest of the evening. Until the next sunrise, the thrall will treat the user of this Discipline as if her were the most important person in his life. From the outside, it appears that the Ventrue primogen simply make friendly eye contact with his target and smiles, and for the rest of the night the target is his willing thrall. Clarification: If something is asked of a PC that is explicitly against their Nature, the player is allowed a Willpower roll, vs 9 to negate the number of successes of the user. Clarification: This power is only available from Ventrue NPCs who will only teach other Ventrue.

Denial of Aphrodite’s Favor

(Dominate 3, Fortitude 3 - Clanbook: Ventrue Revised Ed. pg 77) Developed centuries ago, this power protects the Ventrue from the skills at which they and the Toreador excel. While the powers of Presence may be more subtle than those of Dominate, they are no less effective. Denial of Aphrodite’s Favor allows the Ventrue to protect himself from emotional manipulation with the same efficacy that his generation affords him against Dominate. System: Once learned, this power negates the effects of Presence Levels One through Three used by kindred of higher generation than the Kindred. Thus, a ninth-generation Ventrue would be unaffected by a 12th-generation Kindred attempting to use Dread Gaze on her. Clarification: This power is only available from Ventrue NPCs who will only teach other Ventrue.


(Dominate 1, Presence 1 - Clanbook: Ventrue Revised Ed. pg 77) This power allows the Venture to assess any single statement made by the subject and look for the essence of that subject’s being beneath the words she speaks. The Ventrue needs to speak no words himself; he simply interprets the statement offered to him. System: The player makes an Intelligence + Empathy roll (dif equal to the subject’s Manipulation + Expression). With even a single success, the Ventrue determines the subject’s Demeanor from the statement, finding profound meaning in the most common of utterances. This power only works on living creatures - Kindred lack the spark of life that colors the words they speak. Clarification: This power is only available from Ventrue NPCs who will only teach other Ventrue.


Flesh Wound

(Fortitude 2, Obfuscate 3 - Clanbook: Gangrel Revised Ed. pg 72) This disturbing ability is common among City Gangrel of all generations, regardless of the fact that Fortitude is no longer a clan Discipline for them. Using this power, the Gangrel gives the appearance of taking no damage from attacks that hurt like hell. In reality, it does hurt like hell, but the Gangrel maintains a façade of invulnerability that can do much to unnerve opponents. Particularly cunning vampires may convince foes that they are, in fact, immune to bullets. Using this power in any of the Sabbat’s ritae, however, is asking for a beating or worse if the pack priest finds out. System: The player spends one blood point to activate this ability. For the duration of the scene, the Gangrel appears as she did when this power was activated; any wounds or scars already present remain visible. The visible effects of any further damage are mystically omitted from the vampire's appearance - both the wounds themselves and any logical results, such as limping or leaking blood. This power ends abruptly if the Gangrel reaches the incapacitated health level, or is staked. In addition to seeming unstoppable, the Gangrel character receives a -2 difficulty on any subterfuge-orientated rolls concerning her physical abilities. Clarification: This power is only available from Gangrel NPCs who will only teach other Gangrel.

King of the Hill

(Fortitude 2, Potence 2 - Guide to the Anarchs pg 160) A character who possesses this power cannot be knocked off his feet. Even if a stampeding animal charges him or a car runs him over, the Kindred remains rooted to the spot, adamantly refusing to yield his posture. This power was developed by a gang leader in the Anarch Free State, who is rumored to have met Final Death after being hit by a train in an attempt to see just how far the power would protect him. Unfortunately for this anarch, King of the Hill doesn't confer any extra resistance to damage, it merely prevents the Kindred from being knocked aside or to the ground. System: This power is considered 'always on' though a character may choose to turn it off. Quite simply, the character cannot be knocked aside or down - he stands his ground. Whatever caused the impact must yield instead. In most cases, this presents no problem, as the person hitting the character absorbs the stress instead. In some cases, however, this power is a downright threat to the Masquerade, as a car will rebound off the character as if it had hit a telephone pole. If the impact of whatever causes the damage is so great that it kills the Kindred, this power immediately ceases to work, and his corpse (or whatever remains of it) is battered aside. This is presumably why the train that hit the gang boss wasn't detailed. Small objects, such as bullets, may also "blow through" at the ST's discretion, though they are just as likely to be lodged in the Kindred's body. Note: The source book has Presence as the requirement, but this power has been re-classified to require Potence instead. Clarification: Known by anarchs who will teach only to others in the anarch movement.

Sanguinary Expulsion

(Fortitude 2, Protean 3/Thaumaturgy 3 - Archons & Templars pg 142) Developed by elder archons as a counter against the terrors (true and imagined) of the Vaulderie, this power allows a vampire to ingest small amounts of blood without absorbing them into her system. This not only prevents the formation of blood bonds and Vinculum, but also protects against blood-borne poisons, drugs and diseases. The unpleasant after-effects of this power make most archons reluctant to utilize it, but it beats letting the Sabbat or some arrogant elder compromise your loyalties. System: The player rolls Stamina + Fortitude, (difficulty 5 + the number of blood points consumed, maximum 9). If she fails, the blood is consumed normally and all effects occur as normal. lf the roll succeeds, the character is able to hold the blood internally without absorbing it, and may vomit it back up later. This prevents any blood bonds, Vinculi, poisons or other abnormal properties of the blood from affecting the character. On the other hand, the character may not spend even a single blood point until the tainted blood is regurgitated; if she does so for any reason (including waking up in the evening), the power ends instantly and the blood is absorbed as normal. Although it doesn't cost a blood point to activate the power, an additional blood point (above and beyond the number consumed) is vomited back up and lost when the tainted blood is purged. Clarification: This power is only available from Gangrel or Tremere archon NPCs (depending on the variation) who will teach only other Gangrel or Tremere respectively.


Memory Rift

(Obfuscate 4, Presence 2 - Guide to the Anarchs pg 160) Invoking this power causes a single subject to forget the user's presence during a single scene or specific event. The Kindred merely invokes her mystic ability to vanish from the mind's eye and then convinces the subject through force of charisma that she was never even there in the first place. The subject's memory of the Kindred's attendance at the event in question fades like a fog at morning's light. System: This power works on only one subject at a time, but it may be used multiple times to alter the memories of multiple individuals. The Kindred spends a blood point and the player rolls Charisma + Subterfuge (dif = the subject’s Willpower). If the Kindred is successful, the memory of her participation in the event of her choice vanishes from the subject’s memory. The subject often remembers the event itself, but not the participation or presence of the Kindred using this power. He may even go so far as to construct and believe “logical” courses of events, such as an individual “slipping” off a bridge when in actuality she was pushed. Note that the memory is still present (and may be found with certain applications of Dominate and similar powers), but it is repressed, ignored or otherwise covered up subconsciously. The Kindred invoking this power must leave the subject’s vicinity within 5 minutes of the power’s use, and thereafter remain out of his sensory range for at least an hour. Failure to do so means the power fails, possibly in the form of the memory “flooding back” to the subject’s consciousness. Note: The source book has Obf 2 as the requirement, but this power requires the user to be able to Vanish from Mind’s eye, which is level 4. Clarification: Known by anarchs who will teach only to others in the anarch movement.

Tenebrous Veil

(Obfuscate 1, Obtenebration 1 - Guide to the Anarchs pg 162) Many anarchs have found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time, and often what makes the difference between being found out and being discovered is the judicious use of supernatural powers. This power, created several centuries ago by Lasombra and Malkavian anarchs, allows the Kindred to stand stock-still and avoid being seen in almost any location. As long as some shadows is present, the Kindred can bend it around his body and thereafter use that shadow to conceal himself from the minds of any onlookers. System: No dice roll is necessary. As long as there is some shadow in the area, the Kindred can remain effectively unseen for as long as he chooses to remain motionless. This power combines the basic principles of Obtenebration and Obfuscate. It is very simple, but very effective. Clarification: Known by anarchs who will teach only to others in the anarch movement.


Iron Heart

(Potence 3, Presence 3 - Clanbook: Brujah Revised Ed. pg 66) Some Brujah can steel themselves against even the most forceful extensions of other Kindred’s will. By calling upon their physical strength and what some vampires suspect is sheer id, the Brujah can shrug off the effects of mental suggestion and supernatural force of personality. Young Kindred tell tales of bold Brujah even ignoring the attempts of princes to Dominate them - likely a use of this power. System: Increase the difficulty by two for Kindred wishing to employ Dominate, Presence or mind-controlling powers of Thaumaturgy against a Brujah with this power. Also, a Kindred may use Iron Heart to strengthen the will of another. The player spends one Willpower point, and the subject of his choice becomes harder to affect, adding one to the difficulties of Dominate, Presence, and Thaumaturgical mind control attempts for the rest of the scene. Clarification: This power is only available from Brujah NPCs who will only teach other Brujah.


Scalpel Tongue

(Presence 1, Celerity 1 - Counsel of Primogen pg 102) Catty repartee is both an art and a vice among the Kindred of Clan Toreador. Those who cannot compete effectively in the arena of cruel wit are unlikely to earn the respect of their clan members. Toreador primogen, then, must have the ability to scathe others with words if they are to maintain their positions. Scalpel Tongue mixes the same quick thinking that guides the body as it moves at accelerated speeds with the Toreador’s prodigious social aptitudes, allowing the primogen to immediately generate a barbed quip so stinging (due to the emotion-enhancing effects of Presence) that it shames the target into silence. This power has a subtle downside; if another Toreador detects that she had to use a Discipline to come up with such a stinging retort, it could have a negative impact on her social status. System: Roll Wits + Empathy against a difficulty of 7. If the user of this power does not know his target well, difficulty is increased by 1, due to the difficulty of knowing with any precision what buttons to push to achieve the greatest verbal impact. The barbed comment stings the target into silence for one turn per success, or double that if the target is not a member of Clan Toreador. Spending one Willpower negates this effect. Clarification: This power is only available from Toreador NPCs who will only teach other Toreador.



(Protean 4, Animalism 4 - DM Custom) With the use of Sharing of Spirits a vampire may develop a rapport with a particular animal and it's form. Putting that together with the understanding of shape-shifting that comes with the Shadow of the Beast the vampire may, through effort, learn how to take on additional forms with the Shadow of the Beast. This power was developed by a specific Gangrel PC in LATMA in 2040. Even rumors of its existence are unlikely at this point and it is not available to learn from NPCs. System: The character must "ride" the animal in question via Animalism 4 to develop a rapport with its instincts and form. Each new "fight" form costs 2 XP to develop; each new "flight" form costs 1 XP to develop. Rules for new forms are handled as per the rules for alternate forms under Shadow of the Beast (Gangrel Version). Clarification: This power is not available from NPCs.


Body Armory

[Guide to the Sabbat pg. 123]


This power is Infernal, drawing upon the powers of Hell to demoralize and cripple.


This is a Discipline of inducing and controlling madness and confusion. It is similar to Dominate, but acts more as a catalyst than a controller.


This Discipline reflects the mystical ability of vampires to influence the minds and actions of others. Dominate always requires eye contact with the subject in order for it to be employed. It can only be used on only one subject at a time. Orders must always be given verbally to those who have been Dominated. It is impossible to Dominate another vampire who is of lower generation. Vampires may resist Dominate by spending a Willpower point for each success gained in the Dominate roll. The subject is then immune to attempts at Domination for the rest of the scene. If a botch result is ever received on a Dominate roll, the target is rendered immune to future attempts by the same vampire for the rest of the story.


Fortitude describes a type of supernatural toughness and vigor which allows Kindred extra advantages in resisting the harm to which their kind is especially vulnerable. All vampires have a powerful constitution, and are able to shrug off the injury inflicted by guns and weapons of all sorts. However, most are very susceptible to sunlight and fire, and are easily harmed by them. Those with Fortitude are not easily bowed by even these elemental forces, and are even more resistant to "normal" injuries.

disciplineGargoyle Flight

1-5           Gargoyle Flight

disciplineKineticismA Discipline created by Caitiff, the Kindred who masters it can control kinetic energy.
disciplineKoldunic Sorcery

1-5 Koldunic Sorcery, works like thaumaturgy, description forthcoming.

disciplineMelpomineeThis Discipline allows its possessors to use speech and song for a variety of supernatrual effects.
disciplineMytherceriaThis is the Discipline of the strange fae line of Cainites known as the Kiasyd, and allows them to harness their fae nature through the Blood.

This Discipline allows a vampire to summon and converse with the spirits of the dead, possibly gaining advice and knowledge from them.

O Insight The superstitious have long believed that a dead person's eyes hold an image -- the last thing seen in life, or an image of the person's death or killer. This power allows a character to look into the eyes of a corpse and see the last thing those eyes beheld.

OO Summon Spirit The trappings of a spiritualist seance are not necessary to use this power, although some Kindred find them pleasing. In order to summon a spirit, the following conditions must be fulfilled:

  • The character must know the name of the spirit to be summoned -- although an impression of the spirit, obtained by the Auspex power of Psychometry, will suffice.
  • The spirit can be that of a dead mortal or extinguished vampire. Destroyed vampires who reached Golconda cannot be summoned. This power is not sufficient to affect a living spirit.
  • There must be some person or object in the room with a personal connection to the spirit in its life.

OOO Compel This power allows the character to master a summoned spirit.

OOOO Haunting The character may keep a spirit from returning to the spirit world.

OOOOO Soul Stealing The character may summon the spirit from a living body. Success indicates that the spirit has been drawn from the body, and may be treated as a ghost. The body then begins to deteriorate and the victim must spend a Willpower point to return to the body in order to avoid death. The vampire may use other powers of Necromancy to keep the spirit trapped outside the body if desired. Thaumaturgy may be used to cast another spirit into the vacant body.

disciplineObeahThis is a Discipline of Healing and of partial control over others' bodies and spirit. Anyone learning this Discipline will start developing a third eye, like the Salubri.
disciplineObfuscate Kindred with this Discipline excel at hiding among and away from crowds. When they do not wish to be seen, others, especially mortals, rarely notice them even if they stand right in front of a crowd. Though this Discipline affects others' minds and does not actually render the user invisible, the end result is much the same -- Kindred employing Obfuscate simply can't be seen. However, surveillance devices still track the character normally. Unless the vampire purposefully makes herself seen, she can remain obscure indefinitely. At higher ratings, a vampire may slowly fade from the view of those around simply by not thinking about remaining in sight. Auspex and Obfuscate are opposed to one another. When Obfuscate is used against a Kindred who possesses a higher Auspex score than a character's Obfuscate score, the character is unable to conceal himself from the searcher. However, if the hider's score is higher, then the Kindred is fooled normally. While mortals normally have no ability to divine the location of Kindred with this Discipline, the Storyteller may rule that those with psychic powers may be able to see the vampire directly. Furthermore, children, especially those who retain their own unique perspective on the universe and have not fully accepted the reality imposed by their parents, are often able to see through Obfuscate. O Cloak of Shadows Your ability to conceal yourself is not fully developed, so you need some sort of cover in order to hide yourself effectively (or at least you must be in a position that eyes easily pass over anyway). Most often, such cover is the shadows of an alley or a recessed door frame, but this power also works if you can interpose a tree or lamppost (no matter how narrow) between yourself and the ones from whom you hide. Once under cover, you must remain completely motionless in order to remain obscured. If you move, if a light is turned on which would illuminate you, or if a viewer moves to an angle at which you are directly in his line of sight, the Cloak of Shadows fails. OO Unseen Presence Your powers of remaining unseen have become so potent that you can effectively cause yourself to disappear indefinitely and remain hidden even if you walk around. You are completely ignored unless someone specifically looks for you. People will move about in ways that cause them to avoid you and will even take actions to remove themselves from your vicinity. Their unconcious minds will do nearly anything to prevent their concious minds from realizing that you are there. OOO Mask of the Thousand Faces This potent ability does not hide you from the gaze of others, but makes you appear as someone other than who you truly are. Your appearance does not actually change -- you simply make people think they see someone else. OOOO Vanish from Mind's Eye Your power has advanced to sugh a degree that you may actually disappear from plain view. Even if you are standing face to face with a mortal, you may exercise this power and simply vanish. Those who witness such a disappearing act, especially mortals, are normally stunned with indecision for a turn. One member of a large group might be able to react (such as to fire into the space where the character vanished), but this is the exception. Moreover, mortals with low strength of will may actually forget that they ever say you at all. OOOOO Cloak the Gathering This incredibly manipulative power allows you to extend any of your Obfuscate powers to those around you. Not only are you concealed, but so is everyone else with you whom you wish to conceal. If one character compromises the disguise or invisibility, then only she is no longer under the protection of your powers. However, if you compromise the position, the Cloak drops completely and everyone may be seen.
disciplineObtenebrationObtenebration relates to the powers of darkness, allowing the user to manipulate shadows and the Abyss in a powerful manner.

This Discipline defines the superior strength that vampires possess. This additional physical might allows great feats to be accomplished, far beyond what a normal mortal would be able to perform. Potence allows vampires to jump and leap greater distances, lift greater weights, and inflict greater harm upon objects and individuals when they are punched or hit.


A vampire with the Presence Discipline is exceptionally attractive and appealing to others.  People want to be around the vampire. Presence is a natural aspect of one's personality. This is emotional control rather than the more direct mental control of Dominate.

disciplineProteanThis Discipline allows a vampire to transform either her entire body or a part of her bodyinto something inhuman. The vampire can thus grow claws, turn into a bat, meld into the earth or transform into mist. A vampire can use most other Disciplines while shapeshifted. Thus a Kindred in animal form may still read auras and communicate with animals. Only when a vampire is in mist form should additional restrictions be applied. For example, eye contact cannot be made, so Dominate powers cannot function. Additionally, while personal possessions and clothes transform with the character, larger objects will not. No transformations are possible when a vampire is stake through the heart. Some suspect that this is possible at higher levels of ability, but it has never been confirmed. O - Gleam of Red Eyes You can see perfectly in normal darkness. Limited vision is even possible in absolute darkness (e.g. an underground cave where there is no light at all), a fact that perplexes the scientific-minded among the Kindred. When this power is activated, your eyes glow an eerie red. OO - Wolf Claws You are able to grow an inch-long claw on each finger. These claws make excellent weapons in combat and can be used in many attacks. Wounds caused by the claws are especially vicious; indeed, the wounds are aggravated and cannot be healed normally through the use of Blood Points. OOO - Earth Meld One of the most prized powers that a vampire can possess, Earth Meld has saved the lives of countless vampires through the ages. This power enables you to make the earth part of yourself and thus merge with it. Others viewing your use of Earth Meld will simply see you sink into the ground. You can only sink into earth. It is absolutely impossible to meld into earth through another substance. For example, while there may be earth underneath it, a linoleum floor completely prohibits the use of this power. Earth Meld is a great way to find cover when outdoors. Being one with the earth prevents contact with sunlight and also provides a way to sleep away the centuries. Many ancient vampires use Earth Meld to rest in safety, and thereby gain strength and power. Some whisper that thousands of Ancients sleep within the ground and will awaken on the night of Gehenna. OOOO - Shadow of the Beast You may transform into either a wolf or a bat. When in the form of either creature, you benefit from all of the obvious advantages, such as the increased senses of the wolf or the bat's ability to fly. OOOOO - Form of Mist You possess the vampiric power of legend to transform into mist. Your very essence seems to slowly float apart when this power is employed. Many advantages are gained in mist form. You can float in any direction at walking speed, are not affected by physical attacks, and can slip through the tiniest of openings with ease. Additionally, you take one less die of damage from sunlight. Contrary to popular opinion, vampires in mist form are not particularly vulnerable to powerful winds. Wind, even that of hurricane strength, cannot tear a mist form apart. However, strong winds can blow the vapor cloud about just as any other object can be pushed. Only your Potence should be taken into account when determining how stiff a wind you can resist.
disciplineQuietusQuiet death is the goal of this Discipline, and those who know it can kill without anyone knowing that they were around. It is invariably the highest-level Discipline any member of the Assamite clan knows.
disciplineSanguinusThis Discipline, learnable only by the strange Blood Brothers, grants them the ability to share the potency of their Blood in many ways.
disciplineSerpentisThis Discipline is derived and developed from the legendary powers of Set, and it is entirely unique to The Followers of Set. Most of the powers revolve around the concept of corruption in one way or another. O The Eyes of the Serpent The eyes of the Setite appear to be gold with large black irises, and mortals around the character find themselves strangely attracted to him. The Setite's eyes are highly beguiling, and will immobilize mortals who look into them. Until the character takes his eyes off his mortal victims, they are frozen in place. OO The Tongue of the Serpent The Setite can transform her tongue into a long, forked serpent's tongue. This tongue is generally about 18 inches long and can be used in close combat. OOO Mummify With this power, a vampire can assume an almost invulnerable form. The character enters a state similar to torpor. In this state the only things that can harm him are sunlight and fire. However, the character is completely incapable of any action, and may not even employ those Disciplines that are normally active during torpor. The character can only be revived from this state by the taste of blood. OOOO Form of the Serpent The Setite is able to transform into a large, black cobra about six feet long, six inches in diameter and of identical weight to the character. While in this form, the character gains all the advantages of it: the ability to slither through small holes, a poisonous bite (poisonous to mortals, at least), and a snake's rarefied sense of smell. The character is able to use all of his other Disciplines in this form (save for those that require hands, such as Wolf's Claws). OOOOO The Heart of Darkness This power allows the Setite to remove her heart from her body. With several hours of surgery, the operation can even be performed on other Kindred. This power can only be used during the dark of the moon (the new moon). Upon removal, the heart must be placed in a small clay urn, which is often buried underground. This power effectively renders the Setite "stakeproof," and also makes it easier to resist frenzy (after all, the heart is the source of emotion). The difficulties of all rolls to resist frenzy are two lower. The major danger inherent to the use of this power is the possibility that someone else will find the heart. If this happens, then the Setite is completely at the mercy of the finder. If the heart is cast into a fire or exposed to sunlight, the Setite dies a horrible death. This is the only way a Setite heart can be destroyed. If an exposed heart is impaled by a wooden stake, the Setite is put into instant torpor. Many Setites either carry their hearts with them or have several false hearts buried in different places. Most Setites are too paranoid to visit their own hearts, afraid that they will lead someone to them. At the same time, these Setites live in fear because they are not sure if their hearts are still safely cached. There are rumors that the elder Setites control their progeny by retaining possession of their childer's hearts. If this is true, then it helps explain why the clan is so tightly bound.

*              Speak with Spirits

**            Summon Spirit Beasts

***          Aspect of the Beast

****        Engling Fury

*****      The Wildebeest

disciplineTemporisBefore the destruction of Enoch, the True Brujah vaunted Temporis as one more sign of their exalted position as the true inheritors of their progenitor's legacy. Now that the bloodline has re-evaluated its position, the Discipline of time flow manipulation is seen as a survival tool rather than a status symbol (and, as such, is almost never taught outside the bloodline, not even to the True Brujah's closest allies). Temporis' true origins may never be known, as its most skilled practitioners were destroyed with Enoch (some True Brujah neonates whisper that those elders destroyed themselves while trying to summon help from the past - time works in mysterious ways in the Underworld). Temporis is a taxing Discipline to use, as it channels the very mystic forces that suspend the vampire in eternal unlife to apply similar suspensions of linear time to the immediate environment. Botches with all Temporis powers above the first level have a terrible effect. The character suffers a number of unsoakable aggravated health levels of damage equal to the number of 1's the player rolled. Temporis takes a portion of the energy that chains the vampire's soul to an undecaying animate corpse and uses it to generate similar effects on the surrounding area. A loss of control during this process means that the vampire's unlife energy drains away. Damage sustained in such a manner can be quite gruesome, as the vampire's body literally rots away in a split-second. Note: Several Temporis powers rely on Stamina for their activation rolls because of the above-mentioned principle on which the Discipline operates. Fortitude is not added to Stamina for these rolls. Note: This discipline is not available to PCs.

* Time Attunement

Before the vampire can manipulate time, he must be able to sense its workings. Time Attunement facilitates this awareness. This power allows the character to sense time fluctuations in his immediate vicinity, whether caused by other practitioners of Temporis, mortal wizards or stranger things. Additionally, the vampire has a perfect "internal clock" and is always (barring external interference or a Temporis botch) aware of the local time, the subjective and objective time that has elapsed during a given application of his other Temporis powers and the time remaining until local sunrise. This awareness is accurate down to at least a hundredth of a second. System: Time Attunement is always in effect. The Storyteller secretly rolls the character's Perception + Temporis to see if the character detects a time distortion (difficulty of 9 minus the level of the power in use). The range of this sensory effect is a number of miles equal to the vampire's Perception, though particularly significant events (those generated with powers of Level Six or higher) may be sensed across hundreds or even thousands of miles. Additionally, any attempt to affect the vampire's internal clock has its difficulty increased by the character's Temporis rating (though this does not apply to powers that affect the vampire's physical body or surroundings – only those that alter his perceptions of time). Celerity is a special case, as the temporal distortion it causes is very minor. The difficulty to sense a vampire activating Celerity is determined as per any other time distortion, but the maximum sensing range is equal to the character's Perception times 10 in yards. This does allow the character to sense Celerity in the turn that it's activated (before the Celerity user's extra actions come "online"), thus giving a slight warning of potential ambushes. The internal clock feature of Time Attunement is always in effect and requires no roll or effort. Thus, with one glance at a bomb's digital timer, the character has a constant awareness of how much time remains until detonation – even while he's driving away, screaming into his cellular phone and shooting at the enemy ghouls who are trying to stop him.

** Internal Recursion

This power affects a single victim's perception of time, forcing him to relive the same events over and over until the power's effect expires or something snaps him out of the fugue state that Internal Recursion creates. Although the outside world progresses normally, the target's mind is stuck in a loop of repetitive, placid events. This power is most often used to lull unsuspecting victims into an unaware state so the vampire can perform other actions uninterrupted, though some True Brujah assassins use it to passively immobilize their victims while they acquire the perfect angle from which to strike. System: As described above, this power locks its victim's perceptions into an infinite loop of the events that occur before him. These events must be relatively benign, or at least commonplace, to the victim, and they must be ones in which he would not actively involve himself. For example, a security guard might be trapped in an endless loop of an uneventful patrol but could not be forced to relive the appearance of intruders over and over. Unless the vampire is able to telepathically probe the victim's mind and dredge up memories of such a set of circumstances, the events must have transpired within the past few minutes. The victim remains passive and unaware of his actual surroundings until his trance is physically broken or the power's duration expires. "Physically broken" includes any loss of health levels, even if the victim feels no pain, but can also include something as minor as intense sensory stimulus. Normal conversation won't break the trance, even if the victim is being addressed, but a scream, a gunshot or a gentle nudge will. To activate Internal Recursion, the vampire must be able to see his intended victim. The player spends a blood point and rolls Manipulation + Empathy (difficulty of the victim's Willpower). The power's duration of effect depends on the number of successes the player rolled:
1 success one minute
2successes ten minutes
3 successes one hour
4 successes six hours
5 successes one day

*** Lapse

This power halves the speed of one target's movement through time for a brief instant. To the victim of Lapse, the world appears to have sped up around him; it's as if the universe has its thumb on the fast forward button. Although this is most advantageous in combat situations, it's also seen a great deal of use in political manipulation – a vampire who has twice as long as her opponent to consider her next words gains a critical edge in negotiation. System: The player spends two blood points and rolls Stamina + Intimidation (difficulty of the target's Willpower). Lapse lasts for a number of turns (or minutes, in a noncombat situation) equal to the number of successes rolled, beginning the turn after the power is activated. Multiple applications of Lapse extend the duration of the power's effect. A victim of Lapse has his dice pools halved (round down) on all Dexterity- and Wits-based rolls, as well as any other rolls that require rapid thought (Storyteller's discretion). Any Strength-based damage dice pools are also halved, because he's moving slower in relation to his targets, though bullets and arrows that he fires retain their normal damage ratings. Conversely, his dice pools are doubled for all rolls involving physical endurance. A character with the ability to take multiple actions (e.g. Celerity) who's under the effect of Lapse may sacrifice half of those actions (round down) to remove Lapse's dice pool penalty from the remainder of his actions. Thus, a character with five actions in one turn could take all five actions with halved dice pools, or could sacrifice two of those actions to take the remaining three normally.

**** Subjective Suspension

The vampire can now suspend an inanimate object in time, keeping it in a perfect state of stasis as time passes at normal speed around it. Again, this power has both combat and non-combat applications. True Brujah warriors can stop projectiles aimed at them - or gain precious seconds to get away from a bomb with a short fuse. The bloodline's historians use ritually augmented applications of Subjective Suspension to preserve fragile artifacts and ancient documents. If anything touches the object that wasn't in contact with it when Subjective Suspension was applied to it, the item instantly re-enters normal time with the same physical and chemical properties it had when it was suspended. One True Brujah known as Ferhan is known to have single-handedly destroyed a Sabbat pack with a suspended bonfire that flared up with all its previous heat when the pack leader stepped on a harmless-looking log. System: The player spends two blood points and rolls Stamina + Occult (difficulty 6). The vampire must be able to perceive the object that he's suspending, so the player may need to make a Perception + Alertness roll (difficulty determined by the Storyteller) to use Subjective Suspension on something that's moving particularly quickly. Stopping a bullet or other projectile that's moving too fast to be seen by a mortal eye also requires some means of superhuman perception (the Auspex power of Heightened Senses is the most common; a bullet is difficulty 8). The number of successes determines how long the object is stopped:
1 success one turn
2successes one minute
3 successes ten minutes
4 successes one hour
5 successes one day
A suspended object has all of its energy suspended with it, releasing none of it into the outside universe. A suspended bullet has no kinetic energy as far as the rest of the world is concerned and will hang in midair until the power expires. A suspended beaker of chemicals stops in mid-reaction. A suspended campfire stops burning and looks just like a pile of charred logs. However, any physical contact from anything more significant than a single raindrop breaks the suspension, returning the object to normal time in the precise condition and energy state that it was in at the moment of suspension. The bullet resumes its flight (and whomever touched it had better hope he touched the back end of the bullet, or its flight will continue right through his hand); the chemicals take up reacting where they left off; the campfire flares back up instantly. Subjective Suspension cannot be used on any object larger than the vampire himself and cannot be used on any living (or unliving) thing more complex than a dog.

***** Clotho's Gift

With this power, the vampire momentarily speeds up the flow of time through himself. He becomes briefly capable of feats of physical speed equal to those made possible by Celerity. Clotho's Gift, though, is a full-fledged time dilation, as compared to Celerity's boost of the vampire's reflexes and physical form. Thus, this power allows some actions that Celerity does not - most notably the application of other Disciplines that require full conscious thought. However, this is not without cost, as using other Disciplines while Clotho's Gift is in effect taxes the vampire's unlife force past its limits. Something has to give. That something is the vampire's physical form, as the energies that empower it are sucked away for a moment. True Brujah elders tell their childer horror stories of incautious Kindred who met Final Death through accelerated applications of Dominate. System: The vampire spends three blood points and rolls Stamina + Occult (difficulty 7). For a number of turns equal to half the vampire's Temporis rating, rounded up, the character gains a number of extra actions equal to the number of successes rolled. These extra actions may be taken in any way the player desires, even uses of Disciplines normally forbidden multiple applications in a single turn, such as Dominate or Thaumaturgy. However, every time one of these multiple actions is used to activate any Discipline, the vampire takes one unsoakable health level of lethal damage. The effects of powers applied in such a manner occur at normal speed relative to the subject. A victim of Dominate hears the vampire's words as if they were being spoken at a normal rate (though eye contact is still required). Lesser Temporis powers (levels 1-4) may be used during these multiple actions, subject to the above hazards of self-induced decomposition. However, any vampire who tries to "stack" applications of Clotho's Gift or use greater powers (levels 6+) disintegrates into ash in the blink of an eye, as time destroys her undead body.
disciplineThanatosisThis Discipline deals with the appearance of Death in all its forms, and its practitioners are generally obsessed with 'thanatology,' or the study of death.
disciplineThaumaturgical CountermagicThis is less of a path than it is a separate Discipline, as the power to resist Thaumaturgy can be taught independently of Thaumaturgy, even to those Kindred who are incapable of mastering even the simplest ritual. However, the techniques of Thaumaturgical Countermagic are not officially taught outside Clan Tremere, for obvious reasons. Any non-Tremere who displays the ability to resist Thaumaturgy quickly becomes the subject of potentially fatal scrutiny from the entirety of Clan Tremere. System: Thaumaturgical Countermagic is treated as a separate Discipline. It cannot be taken as a character's primary path, and a rating in it does not allow the character to perform rituals. The use of Thaumaturgical Countermagic is treated as a free action in combat and does not require a split dice pool. To oppose a Thaumaturgy power or ritual, a character must have a Thaumaturgical Countermagic rating equal to or greater than the rating of that power or ritual (which means that rituals of Level Six or greater cannot ever be countered with this power). The player spends a blood point and rolls the number of dice indicated by the character's Thaumaturgical Countermagic rating (difficulty equal to the difficulty of the power in use). Each success cancels one of the opposing thaumaturge's successes. Thaumaturgical Countermagic can only be used against Tremere Thaumaturgy at full effectiveness. It works with halved dice pools against non-Tremere blood magic and mortal "hedge wizardry," and is completely ineffective against non-vampiric magics and powers. Thaumaturgical Countermagic can be learned by characters who are unable to learn Thaumaturgy (e.g. those with the Merit Magic Resistance). Any non-Tremere character with a rating in this power automatically gains the Flaw Clan Enmity (Tremere), receiving no freebie points for it. This power cannot be taken during character creation and cannot be spontaneously developed. It costs the same as any other non-clan Discipline to learn. Clarification : A character would need either Occult 5 or Vampire Lore 5 to be aware of the existence of this power. * Two dice of countermagic. The character can attempt to cancel only those powers and rituals that directly affect him and his garments. ** Four dice of countermagic. The character can attempt to cancel only those powers and rituals that directly affect him and his garments. *** Six dice of countermagic. The character can attempt to cancel a Thaumaturgy power that affects anyone or anything in physical contact with him. **** Eight dice of countermagic. The character can attempt to cancel a Thaumaturgy power that affects anyone or anything in physical contact with him. ***** Ten dice of countermagic. The character can now attempt to cancel a power or ritual that targets any thing within a radius equal to his Willpower in yards, or one that is being used or performed within that same radius.

For Example

Jaeger is a Tremere archon with Thaumaturgical Countermagic 5. He is facing Nadine, an infernalist with Lure of Flames 5. Nadine attempts to use her Lure of Flames to hurl a fireball at Jaeger and rolls two successes against a difficulty of 8. Jaeger rolls 10 dice of countermagic against a difficulty of 8, the same difficulty against which Nadine rolled, and scores three successes, completely neutralizing the attack. Jaeger's partner Nathaniel has Thaumaturgical Countermagic 4. If Nadine had attacked Nathaniel, he would have been completely unable to counter the fireball, as his Thaumaturgical Countermagic rating is lower than that of the power being used against him. Likewise, if Nadine used her Movement of the Mind 4 to hurl a stake at Nathaniel, he would have been unable to oppose it because he cannot yet counter spells that target things that he is not touching.
disciplineThaumaturgyThaumaturgy is a rigorous Discipline jealously guarded by the Tremere. There are many Rituals and Paths of Thaumaturgy to be learned. The first Path students learn - no matter who they are or where they come from - is Blood Thaumaturgy.
disciplineValerenAccording to the Salubri antitribu, Valeren is a forgotten Discipline unearthed in their research into their progenitor's history. While the mainstream Salubri practice a healing Discipline, the antitribu instead follow the warrior's path, dedicating themselves to one of the many faces of their inscrutable father. Valeren is a Discipline of righteous wrath, originally developed by the demon-slayers and questing knights of the Salubri from nights long past. It shares a bit in common with the Obeah Discipline upheld by the Salubri, but it quickly diverges into its own focus and ideology. Salubri antitribu walk the road of the crusader, and they refuse to become soul-stealers or sacrificial lambs. Like Obeah, Valeren imparts its practitioners with the fabled third eye of Saulot. The third eye appears at the time the vampire masters the second level of Valeren. The precise nature of the eye, as well as its purpose, are all but unknown to vampires outside the Salubri antitribu. Some suspect the eye grants them sight beyond sight, while others venture that the eye allows them to see the infernal taint in the non-Sabbat Salubri themselves. Note: Not currently available to PCs.

* Sense Vitality

The vampire can feel the flow of a subject's life force after touching him. Sense Vitality may be used to determine how much damage a person can withstand before death, which can be useful in sizing up a potential opponent. It can also aid in medical diagnosis or feeding, as it can reveal infections and diseases. System: The Salubri antitribu must touch the target to see how close to death she is. This action also requires a Perception + Empathy roll (difficulty 7). One success on this roll identifies a subject as a mortal, vampire, ghoul or other creature (or none of the above). Two successes reveal how much damage the subject has suffered. Three successes tell how full the subject's blood pool is (if a vampire) or how many blood points she has left in her system (if a mortal or other blood-bearing form of life). Four successes reveal any diseases in the subject's bloodstream, such as hemophilia or HIV. A player may opt to learn the information yielded by a lesser degree of success - for example, a player who accumulates three successes may learn whether or not a subject is a vampire as well as the contents of his blood pool. Alternately, this power may be used as a sort of limited "aftersight," revealing to the Cainite how the subject came to be in her current state. Each success on this roll allows the player to ask the Storyteller one question about the subject's health or health levels. "Was he drugged?" or, "Are his wounds aggravated?" are valid questions, but, "Did vampires do this?" or, "What did the Lupine who killed him look like?" are not. The Salubri antitribu may use this power on herself if she has injuries but has somehow lost the memory of how she received the wounds.

** Anesthetic Touch

This power may be used to block a voluntary subject's pain from wounds or disease, or to put a mortal to sleep. As with Sense Vitality, physical contact is required to anaesthetize someone. This power may not be used to block the Cainite's own pain. System: If the subject is willing to undergo this process, the player needs to spend a blood point to block the subject's pain and make a Willpower roll (difficulty 6). This power allows the subject to ignore all wound penalties for one turn per success. A second application of this power may be made once the first one has expired, at the cost of another blood point and another Willpower roll. If the subject is unwilling for some reason, the player must make a contested Willpower roll against the subject (difficulty 8). To put a mortal to sleep, the same system applies. The mortal sleeps for five to 10 hours-whatever his normal sleep cycle is - and regains one temporary Willpower point on awakening. He sleeps peacefully and does not suffer nightmares or the effects of any derangements while asleep. He may be awakened normally (or violently). Cainites are unaffected by this power - their corpselike bodies are too tied to death.

*** Burning Touch

The vampire touches his subject, shocking her with a searing pain. This power causes no actual damage to the subject, though prolonged exposure to this unnatural pain sometimes leaves victims traumatized. The Salubri antitribu use this power to extract information from their enemies, and also sometimes to cause additional pain to those who have hunted and persecuted them before delivering true Final Death. System: The vampire must touch his subject for this power to take effect, and the effects diminish rapidly after he removes his hand. Also, the player spends at least one blood point to activate this power. Each blood point so spent reduces the victim's dice pools by two. This power is often used in conjunction with Interrogation and Torture, wearing down the subject's resistance and rendering him much more tractable. Clarification: The effect lasts only for as long as the target is touched.

**** Ending the Watch

The watch referred to in this power's name is the death watch. An ancient tale unearthed by the Salubri antitribu refers to two Salubri who prowled the streets of Caine's Second City, granting merciful release to those who suffered and rotted in the streets. If a person truly wished to die because of great grief or unbearable illness, these Salubri would bestow the gift of death. Particularly revered by the street urchins, the "Death Angels" were seen as truly divine entities by those who sought their solace. In modern nights, the Salubri antitribu use this power frequently, as many nihilistic and desperate individuals seek any escape they can from the bleakness of the Final Nights. System: To End the Watch, the vampire places his hand over the subject's heart, and the player spends a Willpower point. The subject must be willing to end his life; if she struggles or harbors a spark of hope, this power fails. Otherwise, the subject's heart slowly ceases to beat, and death comes like an eternal sleep, restful and painless. Subjects of Ending the Watch may not be subsequently Embraced, and none has ever been reported to have become a wraith.

***** Vengeance of Samiel

By invoking the names of mighty Salubri warriors of nights past, the Salubri antitribu strikes his foe with inhuman force and accuracy. This power causes the third eye to open and glow with a baleful redness. Some Salubri antitribu who use this power close their normal eyes, signifying their disdain for their foes and horrifying them at the same time. System: This power costs three blood points. Any single attack made by the vampire automatically hits the target as mystic forces guide the blow. Attacks made in this manner may not be dodged, though they may be blocked, parried and soaked as normal. The blow strikes as if the Salubri antitribu had succeeded with all of his Dexterity + Melee or Brawling dice pool. This power may be used only once per turn, and only when the Salubri antitribu's sole action is the attack. Additionally, this power does not work for ranged weapons, only bare hands or melee weapons.
disciplineVicissitudeThis horrid Discipline grants the vampire the ability to reshape the flesh and composition of his own body and that of others. It is rumored, by the more paranoid Sabbat, to be not a Discipline but a disease.

Visceratika is an extension of the Gargoyles' natural affinity for stone and earth.


By far the most common Essence, Dynamic Avatars are the very incarnation of the forces of change. All mages are ultimately part of the dynamic force that drives reality, but mages of this Essence are consumed by it, driven by a love of and desire for constant change. Taken to the extreme, this Essence typifies the Marauder. Dynamic Avatars tend to be energetic spirits of great cunning and curiosity. Fickle and capricious, they are impossible to please.


Though this Essence epitomizes the Technocracy, Pattern urges are vital in the overall survival of mage society. Mages with this Essence usually work toward a certain end. Like all mages, they are innately dynamic, but aren't as concerned with finding new ways as they are with shoring up the existing ones. The Avatars of this Essence are stable and constant, and tend to manifest in one given form, usually as an authority figure -- often demanding and unforgiving.


Drawing their nature from the beginning and end of the universe, Primordial Essences are by far the rarest among the four types known. Many of the earliest mages embodied this Essence, but as time passes, fewer and fewer manifest it. In its most refined state, most scholars believe, this Essence seeks a return to a primal state. For this reason, Nephandi are thought to have a Primodial bent. Mages with this Essence tend to be abrupt, having little time for foolishness. They strive to get to the bottom of everything, and crave new experiences. Deep relationships and rich passions are their greatest joy. Primordial Avatars tend to take the form of animals, spirits, or gods of legend, caring little for social niceties.


These Avatars seek balance over any set goal. They tie disparate ideas together and make forgotten thoughts seem fresh again. Like Dynamic urges, the Questing Essence pushes the mage into journey after journey. However, for the Questing mage, the road is more important than the endless string of destinations. Questing mages are more focused than Dynamic mages, but less so than Pattern magi. Tradition mages are most often associated with this Essence. Questing Avatars are pushy and demanding; they are never satisfied with what has been achieved, and they will always want more and better.

fetishAmulet of KinshipGnosis 5 Garou bestow this fetish upon honored Kinfolk as a symbol of protection and service. All Garou the wearer meets instantly know her to be Kinfolk of note. Of course, the object's emanations can also be detected by mages and spirits, not to mention Black Spiral Dancers, who are always looking to increase their numbers....
fetishAmulet of TonguesGnosis 8 This small wooden talisman is hung around the neck on a leather cord. When activated, its wearer can understand all language and forms of communication, including spirit speech. This fetish does not grant its wearer the ability to speak these languages, nor does it give insight into the written word. It instead acts as a sort of spiritual translator, uncovering meaning in otherwise foreign speech patterns. A cuckoo- or cockroach-spirit is hound into this fetish.
fetishAnklet of False TrailsGnosis 5 When activated, this fetish anklet will disguise the trail of its wearer as that of another animal. An Anklet of False Trails is made from the braided fur or skin of the animal whose trail will be mimicked. For example, a braided deerskin anklet will leave the tracks of a deer, while a rabbit-fur anklet will simulate the trail of a rabbit. This fetish contains a mockingbird- or chameleon-spirit.
fetishArm of the MetisGnosis: 8 Spirit: Jaggling servent of the Dark Fungus Bane Totem
fetishArmor BeetlesGnosis 7 These spirit beetles are found in the deep Umbra, but they can be convinced to serve as talens in the physical world. A Rite of Binding is performed when this agreement is made, and the Armor Beetle turns to onyx. When activated, these talens return to life and can be swallowed, hardening the skin of the user and granting extra protection from attack. Soak dice are added equal to the number of successes on the activation roll. The effects last for the remainder of the scene.
fetishAssassin's KlaiveGnosis 5 Legendary Shadow Lord Theurges have been known to dedicate klaives for the purpose of destroying rivals of the Lords. These weapons are more like slender daggers than large knives and are designed to be hidden under clothing. By burning a point of Gnosis, the possessor can also surround himself with absolute silence for one scene, mask his scent for one hour or eradicate his footprints while he walks for one day.
fetishBad Mojo Powder

You see a small drawstring bag, perhaps half the size of a man's clenched fist. It looks to be made of old burlap or possibly even the cloth from an old shirt. It isn't too heavy, but it does look like it's full of dirt or sand or something.

fetishBane Arrow

A slim arrow, carved from some old tree. The head of the arrow itself is carved from obsidian, and is carefully engraved with no small number of barbs.

fetishBane ArrowsGnosis 4 These obsidian-headed arrows seek out Banes whether they are visible or not, automatically dealing three dice of aggravated damage (in addition to any successes rolled). This attack is so agonizing to Banes that they cannot help but scream out in pain. Some minions of the Wyrm can sense these talens and might attack before the archer has a chance to fire. Spirits of war, air or pain must be bound into these talens.
fetishBane KlaiveGnosis: 7 Spirit: Bane A rather large sword, resembling the style of a medieval broadsword; the entire length of its blade is etched in with runes of Celtic look that shine with a green glow when the light is reflected the correct way off of it. The blade itself appears to be silver, though with a light green tint from the runes, giving it a sickly appearance. It has a slightly jagged edge, and a slight curve to the blade. The hilt is wrapped in a guarding rough leather, the pommel a blackened carving of a talon gripping a skull.
fetishBane LanternGnosis: 5 Spirit: Bane A rusted, battered lantern that is crafted from an odd conglomeration of tin and steel, with frayed ropes coiled around it to form an easy handle.
fetishBane LockGnosis 8+ This fetish most often resembles a sand painting or small clay sculpture, but appearances can vary enormously. These are used to capture powerful friendly spirits, and applied to Bane-prisons to create a balance that holds the spirit in check. The Lock must be worn or carried by the Garou willing to act as keeper. The friendly spirit is not always a willing participant.
fetishBaneskinGnosis: 7 Spirit: Chimera A small amulet, wrapped in faded, brown leathery cloth, hung on a thong that's seen better days.
fetishBasket of BonesGnosis 8 This basket is woven using plant fibers and the bones of fallen agents of the Wyrm. It is decorated with beads and has a handle carved from ash wood. Any one item of the Wrym, be it a piece of toxic waste or an evil fetish, will be instantly burned to ash when placed in this basket. After three such uses the basket itself turns to ask.
fetishBata'aGnosis: 5 Spirit: Giraffe A cone shaped drum, wide at the base and narrow at the head.
fetishBean Bane

A small dried, pinto bean.

fetishBear's Blood

A small vial containing the what appears to be blood, it is sealed tightly.

fetishBells of RainGnosis: 6 Spirit: Rain A string, upon which are hanging a number of small, copper bells. The band can be worn around the wrist or ankle, or hung from anywhere convenient.
fetishBent VineGnosis: 5 The Bent Vine is nothing more than a withered and dried piece of kudzu with a glyph scratched painstakingly into it. No more than three inches long, it's utterly unremarkable to look at. However, when dropped on soil of any sort, the Bent Vine springs to life as a positive hydra of greenery. If it's brought in contact with vines that already exist, it stirs them into a frenzy of explosive growth. The resultant wave of vines is aggressive, dangerous and inclined towards grabbing anything nearby for purposes of pulling bits of it in multiple directions. As a result, Bent Vines make excellent cover for a Garou looking to beat a hasty retreat in the face of aggressive pursuit.
fetishBirnam SandsGnosis: 7 Birnam sands don't look like anything spectacular. Indeed, they resemble nothing so much as a handful of yellowish dust, marred with occasional sparkles that the untrained eye might take for flakes of mica or quartz. Close examination, however, reveals that the shimmers actually move throughout the sand at a pace just short of a blur. What the Birnam sands do is quite remarkable. A pinch of the dust, properly activated and sprinkled in a circle around the base of a tree, is enough to convince the tree to pick up its roots (temporarily) and go walking in a random direction. Needless to say, a hundred-year old oak tree gallivanting about using its roots for legs can do quite a bit of damage, and when a particularly crafty werewolf gets a whole grove up and stomping around at once, the results are usually quite impressive. The effect of the sands lasts up to a half an hour, and while the trees seem to be utterly chaotic in their motion, they always somehow manage to avoid colliding with one another or with the Garou who turned them loose. Said Garou's companions, however, may not be quite so lucky. When the effect of the sands wears off, the trees reroot themselves comfortably and stably in their current positions. Left behind are gaping holes in the earth and torn-up sod where they once stood, but anyone looking at the trees' new positions would have sworn they'd been there for years.
fetishBlanket of Peaceful DreamsGnosis: 7 Spirit: Chimerling A heavy throw blanket, it's made up of stripes of alternating red and blue.
fetishBlessed Blood

A small crystal vial containing what appears to be blood. Red wax seals the open end of the vial.

fetishBlood ChaliceGnosis 4 Merely owning this unholy item is a transgression of the Litany, and may be punished by banishment or exile. Humans used by the Wyrm to harm the children of Thunder may be brought to a shadow moot to see what they have opposed. The Lords shift into Crinos; the human may fight, but if subdued, his blood is drained into a chalice. The theurge performing the rite consumes the blood; the victim's soul is obliviated, his heart shatters, and his body interred under a layer of urine and feces. The theurge gains three points of Honor, the philodox one point of wisdom, and each assistant one glory. Only other Lords will acknowledge this renown, but a Shadow Lord leader may acknowledge it for the purpose of acknowledging permanent Renown.
fetishBones of DambalaGnosis: 7 Spirit: Sickness You see a small drawstring bag, perhaps half the size of a man's clenched fist. It looks to be made of hide. It isn't too heavy, but it does look like it's full of something.
fetishBones of ShieldingGnosis: 3 Spirit: War, Wolverine, Turtle, Earth, Bear A small bone intricately carved with small runes. Must be braided into the wearer's hair or fur.
fetishBouncing RockGnosis: 7 This rock, smoothed by years in a river will bounce off of obstacles and hit multiple targets if thrown properly. Roll Dexterity + Athletics versus an eight difficulty. The number of successes is the number of targets the rock will bounce around and hit. Only one "to hit" roll against an 8 difficulty is required, and if it succeeds, all targets are hit. The rock will do the thrower's Str + 1 as damage and will return to the thrower's hand as long as at least one success is scored.
fetishBowl of the Beggar KingGnosis: 8 Spirit: Ancestor Spirit, "Brother Ludovico" This is a small wooden bowl. It looks ancient, worn down by many hands, stained with soup and blood, even charred by flame across one section. A large cross is engraved on one side of it, with a circle of minutely carved glyphs surrounding it, though they are faded, smoothed down by the great sandpaper that is Time.
fetishBroken Silence

You see a freshly cut twig, perhaps four inches in length.

fetishCaern FetishGnosis: Varies This fetish comes in many varieties. Its purpose is to allow the Gatekeeper of a caern to communicate directly with the totem spirit of that caern. To do so, the Garou activates the fetish and may ask one question of the totem. This may be performed only once per moon phase. Caern fetishes usually contain something associated with the totem spirit, such as a feather from a bird totem, the hair of an animal, or a piece of rock.
fetishCheops' BrickGnosis 5 This brick did not actually come from the pyramid of Cheops, but the name has stuck. In any event, Cheops' Brick, when placed in the center of a campsite which is then warded against evil by a competent Theurge (Rank 2+, Rituals 3+, one hour's time to draw the warding glyphs), will manifest a mystical field warding against creatures of the Wyrm (including Followers of Set). Such creatures must make a Willpower roll (difficulty 8) to penetrate the ward and must subtract two from all Dice Pools if they do penetrate it.
fetishChipped Gear

A small, half rusted steel gear, about the size of a nuyen coin. One of the teeth of the gears seems to have been broken off, however, and a hole is drilled through the center.

fetishChuck RockGnosis: 4 Spirit: Rage This is a rock from a demolished ghetto building.
fetishClear WaterGnosis 4 This vial of pure, clear water has a special water elemental in it. If the vial is poured into a stream or river, the elemental will cleanse it of any pollution. If drunk, the talen will act as the Gift: Resist Toxin.
fetishCloak of DarknessGnosis: 2 Spirit: Night A black cloak, that is fastened around the neck with a metal clasp.
fetishCoin of WealthGnosis: 8 Spirit: Rat An old, slightly tarnished gold coin. The heads side shows some ruler, who looks like he dates back to the Roman times, and the tail side shows a building that looks remarkably similar to the Triumph de Napoleon.
fetishCold IchorGnosis: 6 Cold Ichor occasionally manifests itself in the dew off certain species of tree found near Wyld places. The fluid is an iridescent, almost glowing green that easily catches the eye, and it collects in just a few leaves at a time. Garou who recognize the liquid for what it is harvest it very carefully, or else give the tree producing it a wide berth. Cold Ichor can be stored very easily in glass or ceramic, and it is neither caustic nor acidic. Until used, it will sit quiescently in whatever container holds it, perhaps glowing faintly in the proper light. Garou who harvest Cold Ichor, however, are very careful with it, and will wash themselves thoroughly after even coming near the stuff. It's simply too dangerous to treat with anything other than extreme caution.
fetishCorvid's Favor

A black feather wrapped with a single strand of hair.

fetishD'siahGnosis: 6 Spirit: War Certain Silent Strider Theurges carry the D'siah, the "Blade of the Moon." These ritual flint daggers are knapped into the shape of the crescent moon, and are used against Banes and other evil spirits.
fetishDagger of RetributionGnosis 5. This fetish allows a Garou to know who has stolen a prized possession. While concentrating on the stolen item, the Garou must hold the ornate dagger forward and follow the gentle tugs it gives until it reaches its mark. The fetish inflicts Strength damage, but the difficulty to hit is only 5.

This appears to be a long sharp fang from a wolf or some other simular creature.

fetishDeath DustWhen broken open, activated, and sprinkled over the body of a recently (within a day) dead creature, this small jar of dust allows the wielder to communicate with the spirit of the corpse. The Silent Striders sometimes give these Talens to their pups to help them discover knowledge.
fetishDeathrattlerGnosis: 6 Spirit: Rattlesnake A strange rattle that looks like it once belonged to some kind of very large rattlesnake. It's been dried out and has a few odd markings on it, and a handle wrapped in leather.
fetishDedBugzGnosis: 6 While it's not necessarily the most attentive member of the Trial, the Wyld does keep up with the times. It also, if this fetish is any indication, possesses a mediocre-to-poor sense of humor. Ded Bugz are almost exactly what their name would suggest, insect cadavers tucked into grass-and-straw versions of themselves. (Purists suggest that this is related to the custom of the wicker man; cynics note that it's difficult to carry around dead bugs without squashing them beyond recognition. The Wyld itself is mum on the matter) No more than an inch or two long, these fragile contraptions nonetheless can be quite effective.
fetishDevil's Deck

A simple deck of cards, with blue cross-hatching printed on the back. The face cards differ slightly, the Kings being represented by Lions, the queens by cheetahs, and the Jacks by panthers.

fetishDevilwhipGnosis: 6 Spirit: Bane This 15 foot long whip is frightening to behold. It's slick, black texture seems almost organic, with spines and barbs protruding along it's length. At the end, the whip splits into a three-hooked tip. A black leather handle has been sewn onto the thickest end, allowing for the handling of this nasty weapon.
fetishDionysian HornGnosis 7 This drinking horn is usually decorated with engravings of satyrs and revelers dancing and feasting. When activated, any liquid poured into the Dionysian Horn becomes a potent wine. This wine restores health levels up to the number of successes on its activation roll (including aggravated damage), but it also increases all difficulties involving Perception or Dexterity by one for the remainder of the scene, A grain-spirit is bound into this fetish.
fetishDire CallGnosis 9 This talen looks like a slender white stick, perhaps as long as a soda straw. When the user snaps the stick in two and spends his Gnosis, a call goes out to the nearest single Garou. This talen differs from the fetish Horn of Distress in that the werewolf must come once the talen is activated. It's risky, though, because the talen's power doesn't distinguish between tribes or breeds. A Kinfolk could break the stick and summon an enraged Red Talon or a Black Spiral Dancer! In any case, he should have a damn good reason to call on the Garou.
fetishDowsing RodGnosis: 5 This forked stick of hazel, hickory, oak, ash or yew is useful in locating particularly unspoiled areas (such as likely sites for caerns). It must be activated, and the user must concentrate in a distraction-free atmosphere for its power to work properly. If the rod is passed over a spot where there is significant Wyrm taint, it has a chance of shattering. (The Storyteller should roll the rod's Gnosis; on a botch, the rod will snap and be useless ever after.)
fetishDragon KlaiveGnosis 5 This Asian klaive has a hilt formed as a dragon's maw. May be used as a normal klaive; the user may expend one Gnosis to shoot fire from its hilt (five dice of aggravated damage). Once all dragon's fire has been used it may be replenished by bathing the klaive in clear water under Luna's light for two weeks. If even one night is missed the process must begin again.
fetishDragon's Ire

A jug of Whiskey that seems to be about one 'average' serving.

fetishDream Incense

These items look like little black cones of incense, marbalized with gold streaks.

fetishDream TrapGnosis: 8 Spirit: Chimerling A net of incredibly fine and thin strands, that almost seems more like a spiderweb than a net.
fetishDuct Tape of BondingGnosis 7 This limitless roll of duct tape can be used, upon activation, to bond together or seal virtually anything. This bonding lasts for one scene. The bonding can be forcibly broken by just about anyone, but barring such willful destruction, the bonding is solid. To create a Duct Tape of Bonding fetish, a normal roll of duct tape is etched with specific glyphs to identify the user, her house and tribe and the name of the technological or Weaver spirit inhabiting it.
fetishEarthquake MaulGnosis: 7 Spirit: Earth Elemental As much club as staff, it is five foot in length, and as thick across as a large man's hand at the wide end, with a stone ring set into the end of the haft. There are short, thick thorns protruding from the striking end.
fetishElk Tooth NecklaceGnosis: 5 Spirit: Elk A leather thong necklace, from which hangs a number of elk teeth, brown and somewhat brittle with age.
fetishEye of the LeechGnosis 6 The dried, preserved eye of a vampire, this fetish is normally kept in a small leather pouch tied around the neck, When activated, this fetish "cries" blood through its surface if its user is being actively watched by a vampire. Garou who spend time in cities greatly value these items. A leech-spirit is used to create this fetish.
fetishFaerie ArmorGnosis: 6
fetishFaerie FyreGnosis 7. This drink is especially favored by Fianna, because it gives a hot rush and makes the eyes of the drinker glow slightly. A Garou who drinks Faerie Fyre must make a Willpower roll against the Gnosis of the draught. Failure means that all Willpower rolls increase in difficulty by one. A botch means the drinker gets completely drunk and wild, acting on her basic passions, completely uninhibited.
fetishFaerie SwordGnosis: 7 Spirit: War A short, thick blade of steel. The weapon was designed in a similar fashion to a Roman gladius, double edged with a razor-sharp, tapered tip. A leather wrapped hilt and simple crossbar complete the blade.
fetishFalcon ArrowsGnosis 6 These arrows are tipped with silver and fletched with falcon feathers. All Archery rolls made with them are at -1 difficulty. Despite their silver tips, these arrows cost the archer no Gnosis to carry.
fetishFang DaggerGnosis: 6 Spirit: Snake A small, slim ivory blade, about the size of a good sized kitchen knife, set into a hilt that also seems to be made of some sort of bone. A single rune is carved onto the blade right above the hilt.
fetishFang of the WyrmGnosis: 3 Spirit: Servant of Gaia A pearly white fang on a leather thong.
fetishFianna MeadGnosis 6 This Fianna concoction is a potent brew. The imbiber must roll Willpower versus the mead's Gnosis not to get instantly drunk. A botch, however, will make the character temporarily blind (he will heal in an hour or two) - this back-woods elixir is often badly brewed.
fetishFire Shadow

A small glass vial of colored paint.

fetishFire StarterGnosis: 3 These two sticks, when rubbed together, will instantly produce flame, as dependably (even more so) than a cigarette lighter. It can be used to start a large campfire.
fetishFirestorm Match

A simple kitchen match.

fetishFish SwatterGnosis: 5 By swatting the water with this stick, fish will fly up onto the shore, just as if a bear swatted them out of the water.
fetishFive Winds FanGnosis 7 Delicate rice-paper fans usually created in sets of five, though the points invested reflect only one of these. Each fan is attuned to a particular Wind.
fetishFlight PackGnosis 8. Various exhaust ports and snaking tubes sprout from the back of this assembly. When a Garou places this upon his head and shoulders, he can soar high through the sky and even reach Anchorheads when flying within the Penumbra. The Flight Pack allows the wearer to fly for 10 minutes per success on the activation roll. However, if the Garou spends one GNosis point while trying to activate the pack, he can then fly to a destination of choice, regardless of time, if the activation was successful. The pack has three flight settings: scenic (4mph), touring (40mph), and fast (400mph). To create a Flight Pack, one must bind a technology, wind, or bird spirit into the fetish.
fetishFoolscapGnosis: 7 Spirit: Mushroom This beret is a warm grey, and is made of some soft, woven material, like a fine wool, although it is nearly as soft as raw silk. It makes a dashing addition to nearly any wardrobe. There is no label, only a small, embroidered picture of a mushroom on the inside front hem.
fetishForgetful WatersGnosis: 8 Spirit: Raccoon You see a beautifully hand-carved wooden water dipper. The dipper, a little over a foot long, has been carved to resemble a raccoon perched on some dangling limb with the bowl of the dipper clutched between its front paws.
fetishFriendship RingGnosis: 6 Spirit: Unicorn The person to which the activator is speaking becomes more friendly to her, giving the activator a +1 die per success on all social rolls, as long as the person is not already an enemy.
fetishGaia's BestGnosis 7. The absolute peak of Fianna brewing. Only a aster brewer can make Gaia's Best. The ingredients are kept secret, and an apprentice brewer must pass many arduous tests before he learns the ancient methods of brewing. All that most Fianna know is that it takes years of work. The drinker must make a Stamina roll against the Gnosis of the brew. If he fails, he immediately falls into a deep sleep and dreams of happy childhood memories and faeries. On a botch, he stays asleep for a full day, no matter the circumstances. If the drinker succeeds, he regains all his Willpower and Rage and becomes very happy. All physical attributes rise by one for the next 24 hours. The effects aren't cumulative with multiple draughts. Even a few mouthfuls will send the hardiest Ahroun reeling, regardless of Stamina.
fetishGaia's Bounty

A softball sized leather pouch stuffed with a variety of different seeds, ranging from grass seeds to flowers, shrubs and a few trees.

fetishGaia's PoulticeGnosis: 8 Spirit: Water A lumpy bandage, full of all sorts of stinking herbs, wrapped around and around with cloth soaked in various oils. It looks rather old and stained.
fetishGatekeeper's KeyGnosis: 7 Spirit: Bear This appears as little more than a carved ivory key.
fetishGlass MitesGnosis: 5 Glass mites aren't alive in any strict sense of the word. They simply mimic that state remarkably well. Glass beads no more than a half-inch in diameter, a handful of mites will sit comfortably in a leather pouch for days or even years until needed. However, once they are activated it is both time consuming and difficult to recapture them. Once triggered, glass mites animate into a frenzy of sound and motion. Spread out on the ground and infused with Gnosis, they swirl into a hovering cloud of multifaceted annoyance. While they don't actually attack a particular target, they will torment a chosen victim through distraction, getting underfoot, high-pitched chittering and so forth.
fetishGnostic BagGnosis: 9 Spirit: Engling A leather bag, fringed and scuff with much use, it is slightly larger than a grown man's fist. A leather drawstring holds it tightly shut.
fetishGrand KlaiveGnosis: 7 Spirit: War & Ancestor A rather large sword, in the style of a medieval broadsword; the entire length of it's blade is etched in with runes of a Celtic or Nordic look, that shine with a silverish glow when the light is reflected the correct way off of it. The hilt is wrapped in a guarding of rough leather, and the pommel is polished so brightly that it gleams.
fetishGrandmother's StoneGnosis: 6 Spirit: Lune A brilliant blue gemstone, set in a gold necklace.
fetishGrandmother's Stones

A brilliant blue gemstone, set in a gold necklace.

fetishGreen LeaperGnosis: 4 A Green Leaper is nothing more than a roughly frog-shaped lump of moss. It's quite fragile, and must be kept moist lest it crumble to dust. However, when a Garou concentrates and turns the Leaper loose, it suddenly looks much more frog-1ike and indeed becomes animate, leaping from surface to surface in a random pattern. This includes living creatures, and more than one Pentex goon has been unnerved by the sight of verdant growth emerging from his gun hand as he watches.
fetishGrowlerGnosis 5 This long, jagged knife is similar to a klaive, but not as well crafted. It will cause aggravated damage to any opponent it strikes, and often growls as it sinks into flesh. Growlers are not silver; Garou may soak the damage normally. The difficulty to attack with a Growler is 6, and it causes Strength +1 damage.
fetishHakarrGnosis: 6 Spirit: War Like the klaives of the Garou, the silver hunga-mungas are dangerous to make and deadly to use. Ritual weapons used for the deadliest grudge battles, these many-bladed monstrosities have been crafted from raw silver and invested with War-spirits. Even the weapon's physical form is terrifying. Thick cutting blades project out from the handle in almost every direction, balancing out the weapon's heft and providing every side with a cutting edge.
fetishHammer of ThorGnosis 5. These hammers are forged from silver-laced iron and cooled in the blood of freshly-slain enemies. Each hammer inflicts Strength +3 damage and causes aggravated wounds. As with Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, a hammer always returns to its rightful owner. There are seven of these hammers, and most are in the hands of the Jarls of various powerful septs. Killing blows from these weapons send out a powerful thunderclap; this does no damage, but announces to everyone in the vicinity that a foe has fallen.
fetishHarmony CandleGnosis 6 Any spirit of tranquility or peace can be bound into this talen. While the candle burns, frenzy difficulties increase by three. Candle talens must be used indoors, and they alter the mood of a single room or hallway when activated. For example, a candle lit in a chapel will affect the chapel itself, though not an attached confessional or rectory. Candle talens can he simple or ornate, but they last only three hours before the bound spirit is released. If the candle is snuffed sooner, it can be activated and lit again at a later time, functioning for the remainder of its three-hour duration.
fetishHarmony FluteGnosis: 5 Spirit: Water A small, slim hickory flute, with a number of small feathers attached to one end via a leather thong. It looks well worn with age.
fetishHeart of the SpiritGnosis: 6 Spirit: Engling A piece of rose-colored quartz, smaller than a child's palm.
fetishHearthstoneGnosis: 8 Spirit: Calm, Ancestor, or Peace Oblong flagstone generally kept in a Garou's home. Becomes a link to Gaia and permeates the home with tranquility and calm. The area around it becomes linked to Gaia in the manner of a caern. Garou become able to regain Gnosis through meditation in this space. Only works in a permanent residence.
fetishHero's MeadGnosis 5 This talen is a dry, herbal mixture in a small bottle or bag. The user adds water, mixes and drinks while making a Gnosis roll or spending a Gnosis point. If successful, she finds herself with twice as much physical strength as before (up to a maximum of five dots). The additional strength lasts for one scene (one fight, for example).
fetishHorn of DistressGnosis 3 Only in times of dire need do Kinfolk wind these horns. Such horns vary in appearance according to culture; most bear tribal markings. This fetish uses Willpower instead of Gnosis. When blown, a horn alerts all werewolves within a 10-mile radius. Whether they choose to come or not is their affair, but they know the sound of the horn means trouble. Most often, these horns contain Peacock-spirits; a few hold spirits of Air.
fetishHunter's BoneGnosis 7 This fetish is the carcass of a small prey animal killed by the fetish maker in a single bite. The carcass is then prepared by being dragged around the boundary of a desired territory and buried close to the center. Any Garou who knows the location of the buried fetish can go to that place and attempt to make use of its powers (by activating the fetish). If the Garou is successful, she knows everything that transpires within the bounds of the territory as long as she concentrates (or the scene ends, whichever comes first).
fetishImplant VirusGnosis 7 When this talen, usually a plastic bug, is placed upon a piece of machinery and activated, the talen will dissolve and the spirit within it will infest the machinery. These talens come in various types. Some seek out computer files containing certain key words or phrases and erase those files. Others wait until a certain situation occurs before taking control of the machine's output devices. To create an Implant Virus, one must bind a Net Spider.
fetishInformation AbsorberThe Information Absorber drains computers and information storage devices of their information. The device is not selective and all information will be drained from the device. This works on books as well, leaving the pages blank. However, equipment prtected by another spirit (such as a computer guarded by a Net Spider) will not be affected. This fetish often looks like a remote control unit or computer storage media decorated with trinkets to attract spirits.
fetishKey to the UmbraGnosis: 7 Spirit: Owl A small, stainless steel key. Much like any normal key that might unlock an apartment, house, Aerodyne, etc etc.
fetishKinship DollGnosis: 5 Spirit: Ancestor A small, tiny stick figure of a doll, made out of bundles of straw, wrapped around with tiny pieces of cloth to resemble clothes.
fetishKlaiveGnosis: 6 Spirit: War A weapon the size of a Bowie knife, this wicked blade has a long, sharp jagged edge. The hilt is iron, wrapped around with a faded leather grip, but the blade is a curious alloy of metal that emits a silverish reflection when light strikes it.
fetishKlaive HammerGnosis 5 Klaives are difficult for werewolves to make; while a Theurge binds a spirit to the weapon, a skilled Kinfolk with Gnosis sometimes forges the klaive itself. A Klaive Hammer allows the Kinfolk to craft a klaive so perfect of form that the summoned spirit may be pleased to accept permanent binding within the fetish (the Theurge or other summoner must still successfully call the spirit). The crafter must spend a point of Gnosis when using the hammer to forge a klaive.
fetishKnot of ProtectionGnosis 7. When activated, this knot automatically soaks the first wound level of damage taken by a Fianna in any given turn. This knot contains a turtle or stone spirit. A botch on activation unravels the knot and frees the spirit.
fetishLagomorph's BoonGnosis: 7 Spirit: Trickster It's...well. It's a fuzzy little thing, red and blue, about the size of a fist. There's really not that much more that can be said.
fetishLeaf ArmorGnosis: 4 This shirt of leafy armor weighs as much as a shirt of leaves, but will act as two armor levels for soaking damage. There are also similar shirts of tree-bark armor which have three armor levels but add one to Dexterity difficulties while worn.
fetishLightning SpearGnosis 6. This ancient spear transforms into a bolt of lightning when activated and thrown at an enemy. It does four dice of aggravated damage if it hits and automatically returns to the hand of its possessor, turning back into a solid spear.
fetishLocust's Revenge

This object appears to simply be a small golden Locust bug. A simple trinket appearance. It doesn't look valuable at all. It does however have a small loop on the back of the bug, so that if desired it can be turnd into a necklace.

fetishLong WhispersGnosis 7 No matter where a recipient might be, he can receive a brief written message (a paragraph or about five full sentences) via this talen; he can read the note even while in the Umbra. The talen itself looks like a sheet of smooth, blank vellum. The user writes down the message, addresses (by name only) the note, then activates the talen with Gnosis. The notepaper blows out of her hand as if by an unseen wind. After one scene, it comes into the recipient's possession in much the same way.
fetishLoon's RefundGnosis: 8 Spirit: Net-Spider A small piece of metal, the size of a credit card, that reads "Bank of Ishkabibble" on it, in big, blocky letters.
fetishLuna's Bolt

This is a simple crossbow bolt fashioned out of wood (or plastic or steel).

fetishLuna's BulletsGnosis 5 These are normal silver bullets that are bathed in the ephemera of Falling Star-spirits. Luna's Bullets have been made for almost every type of gun in existence, though .38- and .45-caliber ammunition is the most common. Such bullets are slightly warm to the touch. Unlike normal silver items, these are a small burden on a Garou's Gnosis. The Garou may carry up to six bullets before suffering a Gnosis penalty. (The penalty is -1 Gnosis for every two bullets over six, rounded up.)
fetishMadstoneGnosis: 5 This is a stone taken from an unpolluted place (like a clear river, a hidden cave, or an inaccessible clearing). When it is activated and placed upon a poisoned wound (such as from a snakebite or from a toxic Wyrm-creature), it will draw out the poison as if the Gift: Resist Toxin had been used. It wilt also cure rabies either in the victim of a bite from an infected animal or in the animal itself.
fetishMagic SpewerGnosis: 5 This strange thing appears to be a human skull. It's marred up and carved on with leather strapping all about it. The leather straps hold the jaw on, and also loop up into a handle for carrying, almost like a twisted lantern.
fetishMandalaGnosis: 7 Many Stargazers devise their own mandalas, personal portraits of their inner symbology designed in a symmetrical circle or square. Such an image is a powerful meditational tool. Each Stargazer must make his own; using another's mandala provides no benefit. Once activated, a mandala will restore one point of lost Willpower and allow a meditation roll to restore Gnosis with a difficulty of only 7. Such powers can be used once per day.
fetishMask of the AssanbonamGnosis 5 This interesting fetish was brought back by Strider travelers to sub-Saharan Africa. It is an oblong ebony mask carved in the shape of a leering demonic visage. Its power may only be invoked on a moonless night. The mask allows the wearer to become an insubstantial, wraithlike creature seemingly made of smoke -- except for the mask, which not only remains substantial, but becomes animated. The wearer may fly at double ground speed. He may not manipulate objects, but may hold them in the mask's mouth. The wearer may use the mask to bite in combat, inflicting damage as a Hispo. Finally, because the wearer is mostly insubstantial, any dodge successes scored by the wearer count double (i.e., three dodge successes effectively act as six). These effects last until he removes the mask, or until daybreak.
fetishMeditation Pendant

A simple pendant etched with a worn, cryptic symbol.

fetishMoney TracerGnosis 6 Resembling a wallet or purse, this fetish can sense the presence of Wyrm taint on money. Once money is placed within the activated fetish, it will direct the Garou to the last Wyrm minion who used the money in service to the Wyrm. To create a Money Tracer, one must bind a technology or money spirit into the fetish.
fetishMonkey PuzzleGnosis: 6 Spirit: Trickster A small stone of amber, brownish yellow, that can be held in the palm of the hand, or worn around the neck (a small hole has been drilled through it for this purpose). Suspended in the amber is something small and thin, but it's too hard to make out.
fetishMoon Sign

A dried mold of wax, if investigated, it is noticed that the top bears a stylized image of the full moon.

fetishMoongleamGnosis: 4 This is a small rock glowing with the essence of moonlight. During the day, the light is dormant, but during the night it will shine as follows: New Moon: faint candlelight. Crescent Moon: flickering torch. Half Moon: steady flashlight. Gibbous Moon: car headlight. Full Moon: halogen spotlight. There is a black cloth sack which will douse the light when the stone is placed inside it.
fetishMoonwatchGnosis: 4 Spirit: Lune An analog wristwatch, with a simple leather band, and a face showing the digits in roman numerals, as well as, in a small window in the middle, the phase of%rthe moon.
fetishMummy AmuletsGnosis 8 Striders have long fostered alliances with mummies, and a few have been bequeathed mystic amulets by their mummy companions. A mummy amulet raises a particular Attribute to 6 (in Homid form; other forms adjust accordingly) while it is worn. Each amulet is dedicated to one Attribute, and one only. Wearing one of these amulets for more than a scene at a time affects a Garou adversely, often driving him into Harano for weeks at a time. Some also whisper that when a Garou dons an amulet, he makes his presence known to the Bane Mummies. These are among the most prized of fetishes, especially since no Garou knows how to manufacture them. Those who let a mummy amulet fall into the hands of a vampire or mage of any sort immediately lose two points of permanent Wisdom renown or one point of permanent Honor.
fetishMystery MachineGnosis: 8 Spirit: Mystery Machine This old van has seen better days. It looks like it has worn several paint jobs, and the majority of the van is still covered in a light gray primer. Parts of it have some paint on it, but most of the color is from graffiti. It's been tagged with the names of various gangers and has stylized renditions of gang-bangers holding guns. The variety of color is wide, from bright light blues, to neon greens, pinks, and yellows used in the various graffiti on it. Despite the shoddy appearance due to the paint job and the age of the vehicle, it doesn't look to have too much rust. It's a large van of an undeterminable make, and the windows are hard to see in. The most prominant, and perhaps intentional, art on the car is on either side of it. It is written in the 90's style of graffiti art - Viva La Raza. It sports the same expression on the back doors of it, as well.
fetishNagavilah's Fang

A fang-shaped dart.

fetishNightmare Coins

These coins are covered with strange markings; when viewed in the Umbra they appear as small, blue glowing spheres trailing black and red lines.


A small iron vial. If opened, the inside is revealed to contain a dark, ink-like substance.

fetishNightshade Coins

A generic coin.

fetishOwl FeatherGnosis 6 A single owl feather taken from a living bird, is braided into the Garou's hair or fur. When activated, this fetish subtracts one from any difficulties involving stealth or quiet and allows its wearer to move with total silence while in the Umbra. An owl-spirit must be bound into this fetish.
fetishOwner's BridleGnosis 6 This simple leather bridle allows a werewolf to mask its predatory nature from a riding animal (or a time. When activated and placed on a mount, the animal will respond to the user of the fetish as if she were its owner. The mount will become friendly or skittish, depending on its relationship to its owner, but it will not have the instinctual fear of being approached by a predator. The effect lasts one hour per success on the activation roll. A trickster- or chameleon-spirit is bound into this fetish.
fetishPain Dagger

This dagger is a good-sized fighting knife, double-bladed and forged from a single piece of steel. A small ring protects the hand of the wielder, and the fingergrips are gently roughed into the steel, with a small ring at the weapon's bottom, apparently for flexible hand access. The blade itself has a slightly greenish tint to it, and on the blade are etched small scratches, black against the shimmering of the blade.

(Note: The cost is not a typo; Pain Daggers here are considered Fetish 3. Also, though the book contradicts itself by saying non-Warriors can take this fetish, we do not support this. Only Warriors will be approved with these.)

fetishPain-DaggerGnosis: 6 Spirit: Pain This dagger is a good-sized fighting knife, double-bladed and forged from a single piece of steel. A small ring protects the hand of the wielder, and the fingergrips are gently roughed into the steel, with a small ring at the weapon's bottom, apparently for flexible hand access. The blade itself has a slightly greenish tint to it, and on the blade are etched small scratches, black against the shimmering of the blade.
fetishPegasus TearsGnosis 5 These talens look like smooth, clear pebbles, almost like beads of the purest crystal. In fact, these small stones are dewdrops given solid form by the water spirits within, bound during the first rays of a spring morning. When, activated, a single Pegasus Tear can be swallowed to counter the effects of poison or any other ailment that comes as the result of food or drink. This talen works similarly to the Gift: Resist Toxin, but also negates supernatural effects, such as faerie magic.
fetishPhoebe's VeilGnosis: 7 Spirit: Shadow A small necklace, made of tanned leather, that supports a silver amulet formed in the shape of the half moon.
fetishPine ConeGnosis 6 When the pine cone fetish is held between the jaws of the Garou (difficult in Homid form) she makes no tracks and leaves no scent markings for any pursuers to detect. It is impossible to track the user of a pine cone fetish, even with Gifts that normally aid tracking. If the pine cone is crushed between the jaws, destroying the fetish and releasing the spirit, the Garou becomes invisible to sight and scent for the remainder of the scene.
fetishPine Dagger

A small knife, carved from a single piece of pine wood.

fetishPine DaggersGnosis 6 These small knives are carved from the heartwood of a pine at least a hundred years old. They are imbued with the power to disrupt the form of a materialized Bane. Each Pine Dagger may be used only once. Upon striking a materialized Bane, the Pine Dagger detonates, causing the Bane to roll Willpower against the fetish's GNosis or lose physical form until it can rematerialize.
fetishPipelineGnosis: 6 Spirit: Net-Spider The "Pipeline" is a cyberfetish. It functions exactly like a Mil-Spec hb_datajack - to include use with 'Smart' weapons and cyberdecks.
fetishPipes of TerrorGnosis 6. This is a finely woven bag and set of well-crafted pipes. When the bagpipes are played and successfully activated (they do not have to be played well), all Wyrm spirits within hearing range must check their Willpower (diff 6) or flee in terror.
fetishPipes of the SwarmGnosis: 4 Spirit: Rat An old wooden pipe. It looks like it has seen quite a bit of use, the holes in it well worn, but it isn't in bad condition, despite the few knicks here and there on the outside. It can probably still produce a good sound.
fetishPretanic TalismanSpirit: One of the Ninety-Nine servitors of the Wyrm 1-5 Charges
fetishPrimordial SlimeGnosis: 5 Primordial Slime is possibly the Wyld's ugliest creation, and there's plenty of competition for that title. A dull greenish-black in color, it has the consistency of vomit and a stench to match. Only glazed ceramic jars will hold the stuff safely, though Glass Walkers swear by Pyrex lab glassware. In any case, it's vicious stuff, but thankfully not at all common. Where the stuff comes from is unknown, and very few Garou are at all eager to find out. Even the name is something of a mystery. According to lore, a young Glass Walker Theurge saw it for the first time and commented derisively that it looked like the primordial slime back before life had dragged itself into existence. The story was passed around and the name stuck, but the laughter at the tale has always been just a little bit uneasy.
fetishPrometheus' TorchGnosis: 8 This is a torch that forever burns. Its fire never goes out, even when dunked in water. If used as a weapon (Dexterity + Melee), it is difficulty 5 to resist, causing one wound level. It has another property, though. It gives its bearer plus one die to Intelligence and allows a roll of Intelligence + Linguistics to understand any language. This is considered to be a sacred relic to the Glass Walkers and they would do much to find it. It is rumored to be in the possession of a lupus deep in the woods, keeping it from humankind.
fetishPseulak's DisguiseGnosis: 6 Spirit: Pseulak (Spirit servant) (Wyrm) A burlap sack tied around the waist with a rope cord.
fetishPseulak's Disguise

A burlap sack tied around the waist with a rope cord.

fetishPsychotropic CubeGnosis 7 Often overlooked as a child's toy, this multi-colored cube has been specially crafted to record the sound and a three-dimensional representation of activities in a five foot by five foot area for one hour. The Garou sets the device to activate at a certain time. Once the device has been retrieved, the Garou can replay the events in an empty area of similar size.
fetishPurity CandleGnosis 5 Any spirit that opposes the Wyrm can be bound into this talen. While the candle burns, Wyrmtainted creatures in the room must make Willpower checks to keep from coughing violently. Candle talens must be used indoors, and they alter the mood of a single room or hallway when activated. For example, a candle lit in a chapel will affect the chapel itself, though not an attached confessional or rectory. Candle talens can he simple or ornate, but they last only three hours before the bound spirit is released. If the candle is snuffed sooner, it can be activated and lit again at a later time, functioning for the remainder of its three-hour duration.
fetishRagerGnosis: 8 Spirit: Ancestor A rib, that seems to have come from some slightly larger than average human. It's got carvings engraved into it all along it's length, and, on the whole, looks rather macabre.
fetishRaven FeatherGnosis 5 A single raven feather, which must come from a living bird, is braided into the Garou's fur just around the mane. After activating the feather, the Garou gains an unerring sense of where the closest healthy source of food is, be it game or buried meat. The Garou can use the feather to hunt or scavenge with equal success. The Garou knows the direction of and the rough distance to the food, but not its nature. Thus, a Red Talon using this fetish to seek game may be disappointed with a carcass buried by a packmate many days ago.
fetishRing of TruthGnosis: 6 Spirit: Raven A thick platinum band with the Garou glyphs for 'Truth' and 'Honor' alternating in etching on the outer area of the band.
fetishRiverbed Pebbles

These smooth pebbles appear to have been worn from centuries of flowing water. All of them are round and they're no bigger than the size of a dime.

fetishSalamander Oil

A small vial containing a crimson, viscous fluid.

fetishSanctuary CandleGnosis 8 Any non-aggressive spirit can be bound into this talen. While the candle burns, no creature within the room can intentionally do harm to any other. Candle talens must be used indoors, and they alter the mood of a single room or hallway when activated. For example, a candle lit in a chapel will affect the chapel itself, though not an attached confessional or rectory. Candle talens can he simple or ornate, but they last only three hours before the bound spirit is released. If the candle is snuffed sooner, it can be activated and lit again at a later time, functioning for the remainder of its three-hour duration.
fetishSanctuary ChimesGnosis: 6 Spirit: Turtle A small cylinder, a little bit smaller than a 12 oz can of soda, that appears to be made of coral or somesuch. When struck it emits a beautiful chiming sound.
fetishSands of SleepGnosis: 6 Spirit: Chimerling A burlap sack, that, when investigated, proves to contain a couple handfuls of a powdery white sand.
fetishSarcophagus of AnpwGnosis 4 This item is used by Striders who know they will be facing vampires, particularly Followers of Set. The user sleeps in the sarcophagus for eight hours and spends a Gnosis point. Upon rising, the Strider is effectively "dead" for the following 24 hours. She is unaffected by supernatural powers designed specifically to affect mortals (Eyes of the Serpent becomes much less useful when used against dead things). The Garou is unaffected by illnesses, heart seizures, and the like (including Thaumaturgical spells designed to simulate such things). Because her pain receptors are dulled, wound penalties are reduced by one. Also, since she is partially dead, all difficulties to enter the Dark Umbra are reduced by one. Finally, the Strider's blood tastes clotted and foul, like the blood of the Risen; vampires seeking to drain the Strider must succeed in a Willpower roll (difficulty 9) or immediately gag up any blood imbibed. Note that this "life-in-death" state is extremely unnatural; Garou only use this item in emergencies. Garou who make excessive use of the Sarcophagus may well cross permanently into the lands of the dead.
fetishScarificationGnosis 5 The patterns of scarification, done by a silver needle (and quite painful) link a willing spirit to the Garou. They allow the marked Garou to utilize any single Rank One or Two Gift at no Gnosis cost (although Rage or Willpower must be paid accordingly). The pattern reflects the spirit who would teach the Gift.
fetishSeeds of RebirthGnosis 7 When activated and dropped on the ground, these seeds quickly burrow into the soil and begin growing. Within minutes, a tangle of dense brush will grow from that spot, blocking roadways or obscuring forest paths. For each success on the activation roll, five square feet of brush is created. Variations on this talen create different types of foliage, depending on the type of spirit contained within. For example, a hedgehog-spirit could be bound to create thorn bushes, or a woodpecker spirit for a thicket of trees.
fetishSentry's VoiceGnosis: 4 Spirit: Wolf An animal horn - likely a large bull - with a mouth piece on one end. You know, an old-fashioned alarm system.
fetishShadow SashGnosis: 6 Spirit: Night This is a piece of silk about 6 feet in length and a foot wide, giving it the appearance of a sash. It seems to absorb any light that touches it, making it an inky black.
fetishShadow Shard

A small chunk of some black crystal or stone: obsidion, hematite, onyx? It fits comfortably into the palm of the hand, except for the straight edges. Still, it looks brittle, easily broken.

fetishShard of DespairGnosis: 5 Spirit: Rat All creatures within the building the Shard is driven into must match or beat the activation successes on a Gnosis (or Willpower, for non-Shifters) roll (diff 5), or begin to suffer depression while they stay within the building.
fetishShield of ArrowsGnosis 7 A peasant with a crossbow can be just as dangerous as a trained knight with a sword, and a line of trained archers has been known to turn the tide of a pitched battle. While larger shields provide some cover, their weight and size detract from their usefulness in close combat. This small shield provides protection from missile attacks while retaining maneuverability. When activated, the Shield of Arrows adds two to the difficulty of all ranged attacks made against its user. Most arrows, bolts and other projectiles that would ordinarily inflict damage impact against this small shield instead and fall to the ground. For melee purposes (or when the shield is not activated), it acts as a small shield. A turtle-spirit or earth elemental is bound into this fetish.
fetishShield of HeimdallGnosis 8. This small wooden token, shaped like a shield, is worn around the neck. When activated, the shield adds +5 dice to the wearer's soak roll, but only against cowardly attacks. Only one opponent per round will have a direct shot at the wearer; for all other attacks, from behind or from cover, the wearer receives the +5 soak dice.
fetishShobo of Kai Lin

The Shobo is a small ring fitted to the middle finger, a piece of dull wood attached.

fetishShroud of MahsstracGnosis: 7 Spirit: Servant of Mahsstrac Crafted from modern armors with old techniques. The core of the shroud is a ceramic plate body armor that has been modified into a cloak. Bones, skulls and other bits of fallen foes have been attached, bound and sewn into the cloak. Glyphs of Wyrm power and Mahsstrac adorn the cloak on all sides, and is a gruesome sight to behold.
fetishSilver ClawGnosis: 5 Spirit: War A wickedly hooked and serrated claw that looks like it would fit quite comfortably over someone's hand. They're made from stainless steel.
fetishSkull-Cleaver AxeGnosis: 7 Spirit: Fimbul Wolf The axe is almost three feet long. It has a big leather-bound handle which is worn with use. An ancient pattern is carved into the wooden handle. The head is of an old design, it is a double-bladed axe-head with large round edges. The blades has a lot of Nordic runes engraved on them in a Viking-style pattern.
fetishSlaggerGnosis 6 Most slaggers have a small flame icon drawn on them. When activated, it consumes itself in an intense fire capable of burning through almost anything. The slagger melts virtually everything within a 2x3 foot area. To create a slagger, one must bind a fire elemental.
fetishSlit GongGnosis: 7 Spirit: Bunyip A long drum, a good six feet long, carved from a single tree trunk, and hollowed out, like a thin version of a canoe.
fetishSliver of HeliosGnosis: 3 Spirit: Helios A dagger-shaped slice of sunlight that can illuminate even the darkest night.
fetishSmith's HammerGnosis: 7 Spirit: Metal (Quasi-Elemental) It's a large hammer, one-handed used by blacksmiths the world around to forge horseshoes and the like.
fetishSoothsay RunesGnosis: 7 Spirit: Time, Dream, Enigmas, or Wisdom May take many forms, from rare stones to carefully painted cards. When activated, they show a vision or hint of the future, clarity determined by successes on the roll. Difficulty is variable. On a botch, the runes are destroyed.
fetishSpirit Bell and CandleGnosis: 8 Spirit: Ancestor A hand-sized bell, crafted of pure silver, and two candles, made of some rose colored wax.
fetishSpirit Bell and Candles

A hand-sized bell, crafted of pure silver, and two candles, made of some rose colored wax.

fetishSpirit Brew

The types of containers vary from canteens (Get of Fenris), Beer Helmets (Bone Gnawers), to hide waterskins (PureOnes).

fetishSpirit DrumGnosis: 5 Spirit: Engling A normal-looking drum, the size of a bongo, with a leather skin covering, and painted with primitive looking symbols.
fetishSpirit SlayerGnosis: 6 This Klaive has a spirit bound into it dedicated to the defense of the earthly realm from Umbral manifestations. The spirit provides the following gifts: Umbral Sight and Sideways Attack.
fetishSpirit TracerGnosis: 5 Spirit: Hawk A small iron ingot, that when inspected closely, shows that it has a single small thread, or perhaps hair, suspended in the middle of it. The whole thing dangles from a leather band a couple of inches long.
fetishSpirit WhistleGnosis: 8 Spirit: Screech-Owl A whistle carved of a single block of ivory; it rests about 2" long, and has a single hole, which leads to the conclusion that it can only emit one note.
fetishStellaluna's MirrorGnosis: 7 Spirit: Bat This pendant, only three or so inches across, is in the form of a piece of round obsidian, polished mirror bright. Peyote stitch beadwork surrounds the black mirror, in hues of red, black, and white. The beaded mirror is strung on a stout leather strip.
fetishStone KettleGnosis: Variable Contrary to its name, the Stone Kettle is not, in fact, made of stone. Usually it's blackened iron, sometimes wood, but always deceptively roughhewn. There's only the vaguest glimmer of anything supernatural about the kettle (which, in truth, looks exactly like a cheap piece of cookware), and only those looking hard will notice that the battered pot is more than it seems. For while a Stone Kettle can be used as simply that, it also can perform a few other, more interesting functions. With just some boiled water and a stone, a Garou who knows what he's doing can use the Kettle to boil up vapors, stenches, clouds and suchlike to suit his purposes. If he doesn't know what he's doing, however, he just might brew something with unexpected - and dangerous - consequences.
fetishStork Heart

A small lump of mummified flesh, bound in skin.

fetishStorybagGnosis: 5 This fetish is usually a cloth bag decorated by its maker with beads, embroidery, or colorful dyes. This useful item retains the important elements of stories which are spoken into the bag. Whenever a Garou attuned to the bag wishes to make certain that she remembers a particular story, she may activate the bag, which will release the highlights of that story into her mind. This adds an extra die to Expression or Performance rolls. Most Garou whose Kinfolk come from cultures which value oral storytelling have some version of this fetish.
fetishStreetlight ChangerGnosis 5 This fetish, usually a small box or tube with a single switch, allows its user to command streetlights to change; it affects all the lights at a given intersection. To create a Streetlight Changer, one or more of the following spirit types must be bound: technology spirit, electricity elemental or light spirit.
fetishSummons From Across the GulfGnosis: 7 This is a small mirror, set in a wooden frame and painted with odd symbols. This fetish allows the previous Questing Pack to be channeled through Past Life. The user stares at herself in the mirror and rolls her Willpower versus the fetish's Gnosis. However, it will only work when used by a member of the current Pack, and only after she has proven herself worthy. By the time the pack has finished Story Four, they should be able to successfully use mis. They can then discover, through the "reincarnation" of a dead pack member, the Puppeteers which haunt the Foundation, (See Story Five: "Dark Union".)
fetishSun Seed

A large sun flower seed that appears to be dried and hard. No bigger than the tip of your thumb, it's hull looks brittle and easily broken.

fetishSuper MagnetGnosis 7 A U-shaped device attached to a handle, this fetish produces an electromagnetic field that can erase magnetic media or magnetically lock metal parts together. Someone attempting to break apart this attraction must pit their Strength against the fetish's GNosis rating in a resisted roll (diff 6). This will not work on technology that has been specifically created to be magnetically resistant.
fetishSurge of False EnergyGnosis: 7 Spirit: Electricity An old, faded credit card, old and worn with much use.
fetishSwarmbagsGnosis: 4 Simple cloth pouches, tied and knotted with leather thongs - swarmbags don't look like much. True, they do have something of an unpleasant consistency to them, but until thrown they are inert lumps and nothing more. The shapeshifter lucky enough to be granted these talens usually finds between four and a dozen. Once they are tossed at an enemy, however, swarmbags become an entirely different proposition. On contact (a Dexterity + Athletics roll, difficulty 5 is required to score a direct hit), the bag bursts open as a swarm of crawling, biting creatures erupts and frantically scurries about whatever - or whomever - the bag has hit.
fetishSweet PeaA small dried pea.
fetishTaltos DrumGnosis: 6 Spirit: Water A wide, short, stout looking drum. When thumped, it reports with a low sound.
fetishTambertail's HeartGnosis: 7 Spirit: Scryer This appears to be a mummified heart, possibly human or something simular.
fetishTattoo of ProtectionGnosis 7. See 'Knot of Protection.' On a botch, the tattoo flares and vanishes from her skin.
fetishTears of GaiaGnosis: 4 Spirit: Naturae A small diamond inset into a gold base, meant to be worn as a pendant or an amulet.
fetishTengu Feather CloakGnosis 7 This cloak appears to be woven out of raven feathers. When activated, it allows use of the Gifts: Slicing Feathers, Bloody Feather, and Bloody Feather Storm in Homid form; the user must know the Gifts, the cloak only provides the ammunition. The user also gains the ability to glide at running speed for a scene. Most cloaks are owned by Tengu, though while wearing it other shifters may learn the appropriate Gifts if a willing teacher is available.
fetishTest VialGnosis 3 This useful talen allows a characrer to determine whether a person is Garou or Kinfolk - assuming the character can obtain a fecal or blood sample. It looks like a simple test tube with a stopper. The tester drops or pours her sample into the vial, seals it, shakes it, spends a Willpower point and within five seconds, she has a thick crimson glop (Garou), a small amount of brownish powder (Kinfolk) or nothing (anybody else, no matter what other supernatural associations the person might have).
fetishThe Whole Gym Bag

A beat up old Gym bag. Though its worn and used, and seems to be of an era before the Fall, it is still sturdy and functional. Its black with white piping, and has a faded athletic logo stenciled across both sides.

fetishThor's ThunderGnosis: 7 Spirit: Fimbul Wolf A necklace of iron chain holding a small Thorshammer pendant.
fetishThorns of PantherGnosis: 4 Spirit: Wyld This whip appears as an old twisted vine, but when activated it becomes a whip-like object with a 'handle' and sprouts rose thorns six inches along the tip.
fetishThoth's Favor

The Garou has the ability to open a Moon Bridge only the activator can travel. The maximum distance that can thereby be covered is ten miles per activation success.

fetishTie Tack of PersuasionGnosis 7 Once activated, this tie tack adds two dice to the user's dice pool for any persuasive activities. The fetish's power last for one scene or transaction.
fetishTongue of the LeechGnosis: 8 Spirit: Ancestor/Vampire On first glance, this appears to be an unidentifiable mass of grey, slightly spongey material. However, upon closer inspection, it looks like nothing so much as a dried human tongue.
fetishTool TalensGnosis: 3 These various odds and ends found on the ground in the wilderness (nuts, pebbles, bark, etc.) can be used with the Toolstick fetish and operate as nails, screws, etc.
fetishToolstickGnosis: 6 This rather simple stick, a branch broken off of a tree, can transform into any tool: hammer, wrench, etc. Although it is still made of wood, it is as hard as steel.
fetishTorc of WisdomGnosis 5. When activated, this torc increases a Garou's permanent Willpower, Rage or Gnosis (choose only one) by one point (one dot on the character sheet) until the end of the scene. Multiple torcs do not have cumulative effects).
fetishTrapdoor Boon

A small bead of clay.

fetishTruth-Speaker Stick

A carved and decorated mahogany baton.

fetishTsetse FlyCruel and sinister, Tsetse Fly is the implacable mistress of vengeance. Once angered, she will not rest until her foe is slain. Her bite is virtually impossible to defend against, and she prefers to strike when when a foe least suspects. Striders following Tsetse Fly are relentless foes, nurturing thousands of years of frustration and anger into a simmering stew of Rage, then lashing out from the shadows.
fetishUmbraphoneGnosis: 3 Spirit: Net-Spider The umbraphone appears to be a standard, cellular telephone: a sleek, black hand-held that flips open to reveal a numeric keypad, adjoining microphone, and speaker. A short stub at the top extends to form the antenna.
fetishUndine's Shell

A smooth flat piece of shell with a tiny rune carved onto one side. On the other side, a line has been carved; most likely to make it easier to break in half.

fetishUnicorn's IreGnosis 8 This powerful fetish lance looks to be made of smooth ivory, with a handle resembling a unicorn's horn. When activated, the lance inflicts Strength + 5 aggravated damage to creatures serving the Wyrm or tainted by its influence. It will do no damage to creatures or items free of taint, however. Instead, it passes through harmlessly without leaving so much as a mark. A Jaggling of Unicorn is bound into this fetish.
fetishUnicorn's MilkGnosis 6. This drink is passed around during tense meetings to help the assembly relax. The drinker must make a Willpower roll against the Gnosis of the drink. If the drinker is successful, this elixir raises the difficulties of all Rage rolls by two. If a drinker fails his roll, he loses a Rage point. If he botches, then he loses all but one of his Rage points, and he becomes a happy, philosophical drunk. The Fianna refer to this state as being comfortably numb. In order to make Unicorn's Milk, the brewer must find a piece of hair from a unicorn's mane, usually gotten by traveling to the Children of Gaia homeland.
fetishVenomous SwarmbagsGnosis: 6 These are identical to regular Swarmbags, except that the creatures released are all venomous to a greater or lesser degree. While it is unlikely that any given bite will be deadly, there is always that chance....
fetishVessel of SolGnosis: 6 Spirit: Glade Child An example of clay pottery, about as big as an average man's head. It's intricately painted with a number of primitive colors, as well as with a few odd twirling carvings.
fetishVulcan's InterfaceGnosis: 3 Spirit: Net-Spider A rectangular black box, with two sockets, on opposite ends, that look like they can both accomodate normal power plugs. Besides this, the box is devoid of decoration.
fetishWailing Devil ClawGnosis: 6 Spirit: War This weapon takes the form of a long steel chain with a jade-inlaid, three-taloned claw at one end and a weight at the other, resembling a kusarigama.
fetishWar DrumGnosis 7 This tiny wood and leather drum is worn close to the heart. It is activated by thumping upon it and will grant one Rage point to the user for every success on the activation roll. The power can be used only once per day. The spirit of a War Drum is normally (but not always) friendly; if it was tricked or forced into the drum, it may drive the character into frenzy on an activation botch.
fetishWar PaintGnosis: 5 This is a ceramic jar of face paint and a piece of buffalo hide with a diagram on it. The diagram reveals how the paint is to be applied and the effects thereof: when a star is drawn around each eye, it provides the gift Scent of the True Form. When an arrow is drawn on the forehead, the gift Staredown is received. When claw marks are painted onto the chest, one level of "mystical scar tissue" armor is received. There is enough paint for ten applications (total), and each application lasts for one scene.
fetishWar WhiskeyGnosis 6. War whiskey is a harsh drink that explodes in the throat and burns all the way down. Some packs take a few shots before battle. The imbiber rolls Willpower against the Gnosis of the drink. If successful, she can ignore the first wound level of damage suffered in combat. If she fails the roll, all Rage roll difficulties are reduced by one for the rest of the scene. If she botches, she frenzies immediately.
fetishWarrior Beads

A string of beads.

fetishWarshirt of the WyrmGnosis: 6 Spirit: Bane A brown leather tunic with a number of mystic designs drawn upon it.
fetishWeb Drive InterfaceGnosis 6 This fetish, usually a clunky box adorned with a spider and a web-like pattern, connects directly into the CyberRealm and links into the myriad of information sources held within it. A Garou can use it to raise a particular Knowledge by one dot per success on the activation roll (not to exceed five dots total). This extra know-how lasts one scene.
fetishWhisper FeatherGnosis 5 This black feather is used to gather a small wind, which the feather then rides. The user can control where the feather travels. As it drifts, the user can perceive where it travels. He closes his eyes (roll Perception + Occult) and, for the duration of the scene, can see, hear, and smell anything within 10 feet of the talen. The effect lasts one scene, and the wind cannot carry the feather at faster than a walking pace.
fetishWhistle CallGnosis: 6 This wooden whistle will allow all the pack members, no matter where they are, to know that the blower is in trouble. A second blow will tell the pack where the whistler is. Roll the Whistle's Gnosis versus a 7 difficulty. Each success alerts one extra pack member, no matter how far away they are.
fetishWillowhipGnosis: 5 Appearing as nothing more than a green, leafy coil of willow branch, a Willowhip is surprisingly deadly for something so innocuous-looking. Extending up to 18 feet in length, the Willowhip is used exactly like a bullwhip, though to much greater effect.
fetishWotan's SpearGnosis 7. This powerful spear causes aggravated damage, and will only harm minions of the Wyrm. The bearer of this spear may use the Gift: Sense Wyrm. If a foe can be seen, it can be hit, for the spear suffers no range penalties. The spear does Strength +5 damage. There are two known in existence.
fetishWraith KinshipGnosis: 8 Spirit: Death A small obsidian disk suspended by a metallic chain.
fetishWrench of the Luffe GremlinGnosis: 7 Spirit: Gremlin Your normal monkeywrench; heavy, and old, beginning to show signs of rusting.
fetishWyldfluteGnosis: 6 A Wyldflute is a variation on the panpipes, and looks about as threatening. A non-Garou playing one is liable to get a series of toots and whistles, nothing more. A Garou who's in the know, however, can get something far more impressive.
fetishWyrm DaggerGnosis: 6 Spirit: Psychomachinae This sharp bladed weapon seems to be carved of some dark vein of ivory, giving rise to the thought that it was taken from a -huge- piece of tusk. But there's something about the design...that reminds you of a tooth, from some colossal creature...
fetishWyrm MirrorGnosis 7 A Wyrm Mirror is a plate of silver in a bone frame, used to detect the Wyrm's presence. By catching the reflection of the target in the mirror and successfully activating the fetish, the Garou will see an eerie green glow around anything tainted by the Wyrm (including himself). The brighter the glow, the stronger the presence. The mirror cannot see Banes unless they have materialized.
fetishWyrm Scale

A chip of stone, or maybe a petrified scale from some great reptile, upon which is engraved a single rune.

fetishYomi Slayer SpellsGnosis 5 Small sheets of rice paper with carefully inked glyphs. The Spell must be activated as the paper is thrown at his opponent; if activated, it flies straight and true, adhering to the target and exploding in a burst of white fire that causes one die of aggravated damage per activation success.
flawAbsent MindedYou have a hard time remembering simple things like phone numbers, the last time you ate, where you put your car keys, etc.
flawAddictionYou're addicted to something. If you don't have access to it for some reason for an extended period of time, you start to go through withdrawal.
flawAdrenaline AddictYou are fascinated by inherently dangerous stuff and feel a strong need to investigate it. If you're a rodens or metis, shiny things like butcher knives, automobiles and chainsaws fascinate you. If you're a homid, you like to take stupid risks while wearing your Rodens form; you love thrillseeking and have little concept of what's "safe" for a small rat.
flawAgeYou're old. People will tend to over- or underestimate your abilities as a result. This may get you treated like a dottering old fool or expected to be far more competent than you really are.
flawAirheadYou're so wrapped up in your own little world, you don't have a clue about reality! Perhaps you retreat into yourself because you're afraid or avoiding a problem, but more likely, you simply aren't using your gray cells. Maybe you fall in and out of conversations and spout non sequitors. Whatever the case, the werewolves and other Kin snicker at you behind your back.
flawAlien CityYou find the cities to be intimidating, unsavory, or uncomfortable in some way. You were born outside of one, or had horrible experiences in them as a kid. As a result, you have some underlying negativity towards cities.
flawAllergicYou're allergic to something. It makes you cough, sneeze, and break out in hives.
flawAmnesiaYou don't remember anything about your past. Who are you, where did you come from? Maybe even, WHAT are you?
flawAnachronismYou've been a Vampire for a long time and you just haven't changed with the times, for whatever reason.
flawAngry AncestorOne of your Ancestor-spirits has been watching your progress since your birth, and she is very displeased. Perhaps you have made a mistake and broken an ideal that she honored greatly, or perhaps you just don't live up to her expectations. Whatever the reason, she refuses to quietly leave you alone; she intends to place you back on the correct path, like it or not.
flawAnimal MuskYou smell like an animal no matter what your form. It'll probably be attributed to bad cologne usually.
flawAnti-Wyrmbringer BiasYou have an instinctive dislike for Garou whose ancestors came from Europe to invade the Pure Lands. You have a +2 difficulty on all die rolls involving interaction with Garou other than Wendigo or Uktena. If appropriate, you may choose three tribes to exempt from this bias, for whatever reason.
flawAsthmaYou have problems breathing. Your lungs just won't take in as much air as they should, so if you exert yourself you tire quickly.
flawBad SightYou've got really bad vision. You are, in fact, partly blind. Corrective lenses aren't an option.
flawBanned TransformationSome event prevents you from changing, except to breed form. You must spend a Willpower point and make a Willpower roll to change forms successfully when the restricting circumstance occurs. Examples: - soothing music (1pt) - when wolfsbane is near (2pt) - without spending Rage (3pt) - when silver is near (4pt) - during the day (5pt) - when the moon cannot be seen (6pt)
flawBirdlike MannerismsYou don't leave your corvid nature behind entirely in your human form. You're prone to bird-like head motions, stalking forward, and 'perching'.
flawBizarre HungerYou have very odd dietary needs. Rather than normal food, you must consume some odd or digusting substance in order to maintain your health. Some examples are: pig's blood, iodine, cat food, rotten meat.
flawBlack ListedYou have been black-listed by a major corporation. It is very difficult for you to get a job in the Bright sector, and almost impossible for you to get one in your field of expertise. Your credit is often denied in places of business, and any dealings you have with Bright bureaucracies end up taking much longer than they should. In certain social circles, you are a pariah.
flawBlindYou can't see. At all. You either lost your sight or never had it, and it's not coming back.
flawBulimiaThe thought of drinking blood is repulsive to you, and while you acknowledge your need to feed, you often have the irresistible desire to forcibly remove the blood from your system.
flawCallousYou are unusually cold and heartless toward others (human, Garou or otherwise), even when they are in the worst of trouble. You will help, but only when you actually feel like it and if there is some payment to you. You would even turn your back on your mother, unless there was some good reason not to.
flawCan't Cross Running WaterYou can't cross over running water unless you're 50 feet or more above it.
flawCast No ReflectionYou actually cast no reflection in mirrors, just like the vampires of legend. This can have a very detrimental effect when trying to pass as human. At least you can stalk prey in a house of mirros with relative ease. Lasombra cannot take this Flaw.
flawColor BlindnessYou don't see colors at all. Instead of normal color blindness that doesn't let you distinguish between two colors, this one makes it so everything is in black and white.
flawCompulsionYou have compulsive behaviour or some sort...you NEED to do it, for whatever reason.
flawConflicting LoyaltiesYou are a very loyal individual, probably possessing the Loyalty merit. However, something to which you have a loyalty conflicts with either another loyalty or another strong belief on your part.
flawConfusedLife confuses you. It confuses alot of people, but you, well...we'll just say that nothing makes sense most of the time.
flawCuriosityYou're a naturally curious person and you find mysteries of any sort irresistable. In most circumstances, your curiosity easily overrides your common sense. To resist the temptation, make a Wits roll. Difficulty is 5 for simple things, but can rise as high as 9 in intense circumstances.
flawCursedYou have been cursed by someone or something with supernatural or magical powers. This curse is specific and detailed, it cannot be dispelled without extreme effort, and it can be life-threatening. Some examples follow:
flawCursedYou have been cursed by someone or something with powers. This curse is specific and detailed, and cannot be dispelled without extreme effort, and it can be life threatening. Examples: - Your fur or hair falls out in clumps from time to time, lowering Appearance to 1 for days at a time (1pt) - you always wind up losing something very important to you (2pt) - tools often break or malfunction and electrical devices short out when you attempt to use them (3pt) - you are doomed to make bitter enemies of individuals to whom you become most attached (4pt) - any fetishes you use have a fifty-fifty chance of not working even if you manage to successfully activate them (5pt)
flawDark FateYou are doomed to experience a most horrible demise or, worse, suffer eternal agony. Ultimately, even your efforts, struggles, and dreams may come to naught. Worse, you have partial knowledge of this end through disturbing visions of it. The malaise these visions bring on can only be overcome through use of Willpower; even so, it returns after each vision.
flawDark FateYou are doomed to suffer a most horrible demise or worse, suffer eternal agony. No matter what you do, in the end, things will end up for the worst unless you can somehow change your fate.
flawDark HeritageYour bloodline has been tainted in the eyes of certain mortal groups, such as the Inquisition. People feel that you may one day pose a danger, due to previous wrongdoings of your family -- "the sins of the father," after all.
flawDark SecretYou have some sort of very important secret that would completely ruin your life if it were discovered. It's something that gnaws away at you constantly, leaving you in fear of its discovery at all times.
flawDeafYou're deaf. You can't hear anything, or if you can it's not nearly enough to be of use.
flawDeathsightThis Flaw is a curse, causing a medium to see the world as a wraith does: as a blasted, decaying morass of rot and desolation. Living humans appear diseased and distorted, plants appear blighted and buildings seem to be on the verge of collapse. Most mortals with this Flaw are edgy, depressed, and always on the lookout for incipient disaster. * NOTE: This flaw is not normally given to PCs.
flawDeep SleeperYou have trouble waking up during the day.
flawDeformityYou have some kind of deformity - a misshapen limb, a hunchback, or some other - that affects your interactions with others and may inconvenience you physically. Your difficulty is +2 on all rolls related to physical appearance. This Flaw also raises the difficulty of some Dexterity rolls by two, depending on the type of deformity.
flawDerangedYou are permanently insane. You may have a congenital brain disorder, or perhaps you saw things you weren't meant to see, and the experience drove you mad. Choose a Derangement; although you can temporarily overcome this insanity with Willpower, you can never permanently rid yourself of its grip.
flawDevil's OwnYou believe that your powers as a werewolf have been given to you by the Devil himself. No matter what the other Garou tell you, you are still convinced that the Devil gave you these "gifts," Also, you are more than willing to tell other people how you were "given" the ability of shapeshifting. Needless to say, this attitude does not endear you to your fellow werewolves, and it will draw the wrath of the Church down upon you if you repeat your tale of woe to the wrong person.
flawDiabolical MentorYour Mentor has engaged in acts that caused tremendous uproar in your faction. He is considered a criminal and is actively hunted by your faction. You have been implicated in your Mentor's crimes even if you weren't involved. Further more, your Mentor is convinced you are on his side or is actively seeking to have you take the fall for his crimes.
flawDiet of WormsYou have a hard time keeping your appetites straight. While in bird form, you getcravings for hamburgers and fries; while in human, you've an unhealthy attraction to roadkill and insects.

You creep people out. It's not the things you say, or your looks, it's just... you. People don't handle your presence very well, and animals are skittish around you. Your actions may put them at ease, or might make things worse, but that nagging eeriness never fades. Even your best friends admit you're weird.

flawDisease CarrierYour blood carries a disease. It typically infects any mortals you feed from and causes many other feeding problems.
flawDisfiguredA hideous disfigurement makes you ugly and easy to notice - and remember. This is either a birth defect or massive scarring that has ruined your face.
flawDisguisedYou're really ugly and noticable. Could be a birth defect, could be a scar, but whatever it is, you've got the kinda face that'll grack mirrors.
flawDriving GoalThere's something that you just have to do with your life. It guides and controls every aspect of your being and you exist solely to fulfill it. You'll never actually acheive it, really, but then, the proof is in the trying.
flawEerie Presence

Mortals have an unconscious awareness of your undead nature, which makes them anxious in your presence.


You are the worst sort of social outcast among the Corax: a bird who cannot fly. Due to some trick of fate, you're simply unable to get airborne, meaning that you spend your days in Homid and, occasionally, earthbound Rara Avis. The rest of the Corax regard you with pity at best, derision at worse but never respect. Obviously, without flight, certain Gifts and rites are beyond your abilities, and your modes of transportation are severely limited. Furthermore, you're likely to miss many of the waysigns posted for your kind in the Umbra, as more than half are set up to be visible only from the air.

flawEnemyYou have an enemy or group of enemies who seek to do you harm. The value of the Flaw determines the power level of the enemies. The most powerful enemies would be 5 points, while someone near your own power would be only 1. You must decide who your enemy is and how you became enemies in the first place.
flawEnemy Brood

A brood of your fellow Nosferatu have an unceasing vendetta against you. You can run from them, but you can't hide. If you stay in the same city, they will pool whatever resources they have to make your existence a living hell. Traveling through the local sewers is a nightmare. If you flee, they will use their influence and contacts to call in favors in the next city you show your ugly mug. The Storyteller may allow you to buy off this Raw, but only after you've completed a story in which you've resolved and overcome this social stigma.

flawEnthrallmentThe fomor is subject to utter absorption when exposed to a certain thing.
flawExtremely DepressingExtremely Depressing mortals are so tied up in gloom and doom that they actually radiate Angst. * NOTE: This flaw is not normally given to PCs.
flawFanglessSomething went wrong when you were Embraced, or perhaps you were toothless to begin with, and you have never developed fangs. You are forced to use other means to extract the blood you drink. You also do not have your one natural way to inflict aggravated damage.
flawFlashbacksStressful situations make you relive the past vividly. If you're in a stressful situation similar to a traumatic incident in your past, you start to relive the scene, sometimes having trouble differentiating between the flashback and reality.
flawFoe From the PastAn enemy of one of your ancestors still seeks revenge - through you. If the enemy is supernatural, such as a vampire, mage, or other shifter, this Flaw is worth three points; if you are being stalked by a fanatical hunter or other human, it is worth one or two points depending on the power of your foe. She may not pursue all the time; she is out for revenge against your ancestor, and you are the best path to that vengeance.
flawForced TransformationSome event or condition forces you to shapeshift uncontrollably. You must spend a Willpower point each turn to resist the change. Once changed, you cannot shift back until the condition forcing the change has passed. Examples: - every full moon you must assume Crinos (2pt) - when your auspice waxes you assume Crinos (2pt) - under the influence of alcohol you change to Glabro (1pt) or Crinos (2pt) - when sexually aroused you change to Glabro (1pt), Crinos (2pt) or if lupus, to Homid (2pt) - when you get angry (just short of a Rage roll), you change to Glabro (1pt) or Crinos (2pt) - when you frenzy, you take a form other than Crinos - Glabro or Hispo (2pt), Lupus (3pt), or Homid (4pt) - when entering the Umbra, you change to Glabro, Crinos, or Hispo (1pt), or Homid or Lupus (2pt) - at the sight of wolfsbane you change to Homid (1pt) - at the sight of a vampire you change to Crinos (1pt) or Homid (3pt) - when you sense Wyrm-taint you change to Crinos (1pt) or Homid (2pt)
flawForeignerYou are from a different country. This new surrounding looks odd to you, and you have a hard time understanding the language.
flawFrailThe fomor has been made physically weaker by his transformation.
flawFreak MagnetYou attract the very worst sort of ghosts. You attract Spectres, which will attempt to do you harm.
flawGlimpse of the BeyondIn certain situations, the fomor's mind will be catapulted into an intense experience of whatever realm the spirit possessing her has come from. While the attack persists, the fomor will be unaware of her environment and her human personality, and unable to take any actions. To an observer, this appears to be a seizure or an epileptic attack.

The antithesis of the Graceful Merit: you always look awkward, even when you're totally on top of things. Everything you do looks, feels or sounds wrong, even if you go about it the right way. People think you're a shmuck no matter what you do, and this drives you crazy. Which, of course, makes you look even worse. For a werecat, this is an infuriating Flaw....

flawHaranoGarou of any tribe may suffer from the dread associated with Harano, but Silver Fangs are particularly noted for carrying this great weight. Harano is an inexplicable gloom and inexpressible longing for unnamable things; some say it is caused by contemplation of Gaia's suffering. Garou who suffer from Harano are prone to depression, lassitude and sudden mood swings. They may not act at all or may explode into intense but ill-advised activity. A player whose character suffers this Flaw must make a Willpower roll each scene; if it fails, the character plunges into Harano. His perceptions are distorted and all Dice Pools are reduced by one. If the roll botches, the character acquires a temporary Derangement. While suffering, the character may spend a Willpower point to lift the gloom for as many hours as her permanent Willpower.
flawHard of HearingYou've got really bad hearing. You couldn't hear a pin drop if it bounced off your earlobe.
flawHatredYou have some sort of irrational hatred for something. Could be anything...a type of person, a place, a situation, anything. You're always working to cause harm to it.
flawHemophiliacYour blood doesn't clot normally. Any cuts you have will keep bleeding until you seek medical attention.
flawHero WorshipYou regard another individual (your mentor, perhaps) with reverent respect. He can do, as far as you're concerned, no wrong.
flawHubrisHubris is not just overconfidence, but overweening pride and arrogance. You view the "lessers" with a haughty and judgmental stare. They, in return, are "jealous and petty" when dealing with you. You believe that you have a great destiny, that the Celestines blessed you upon birth, or that you are simply better- in every way. This may be true, but you are still a snob. Most people you interact with consider you an egotistical, self-centered elitist; even others of your tradition, clan, or tribe chastise you for your presumption.
flawHuntedYou are being pursued by someone who means you (specifically you) harm or would inadvertantly cause you harm if you were to be discovered. This individual or group has significant resources available, and is actively seeking you.
flawIlliterateYou don't know how to read, for some reason or other.
flawInauspicious BirthThe hour of your birth was marked by a poor omen, and you life has been written by it. You are considered bad luck to have around, and the more superstitious hengeyokai seem to use it as a way to blame you for all sorts of bad things that happen. Once per session, a particularly appropriate roll must be nominated as 'unlucky.' Any 2s rolled on this roll counted as 1s.
flawIncoherentWhen rodens Ratkin succumb to their Infection, they experience a dizzying increase in their intelligence. Most absorb the local language very quickly as a result. However, a few remain linguistically challenged. The best they can muster is a repertoire of grunting noise, inchoate babbling and wheezing noises. Their crudely formed Homid mouths just can't wrap themselves around human words. If your character takes this flaw, be prepared to communicate solely like a freak who's been raised by rats.
flawIneptYoua re not attuned to your natural aptitudes and, therefore, have 5 fewer points to spend on your Talents. (You can still spend freebies to take Talents.) You cannot, out of chargen, have any Talent at level 3 or higher.
flawInfamous MentorYour mentor is distrusted or suspect for one reason or an other. This reflects poorly on you as well. Your mentor's infamy causes other mages of your faction to distrust and dislike you.
flawInferiority ComplexNope, you're not worthy. Never have been, never will be. You'll keep trying, and tackle whatever task the Garou set you to, but even if you succeed and make a good job of it, it still won't be good enough for you.
flawInfernal HospitalityYour body is no longer your own: you've somehow set out the welcome mat for infernal forces. It may serve as playhouse for conniving imps or the summer home of a powerful demon-lord. Either way, make no mistake: They are not your friends. They do not respect your privacy. And their housekeeping leaves much to be desired.
flawInfertileKinfolk fill a limited number of roles in Garou society. For Kinfolk who serve werewolves as perpetuators of the species, inability to reproduce is a serious Flaw indeed. Not only does it carry a social stigma, it may also call down abuse, neglect or exile. Kinfolk men or women who can't reproduce lose a great deal of their usefulness in Garou eyes. For obvious reasons, vampire and wraith Kin can't take this Flaw.
flawInfertile VitaeYou're unable to sire other Vampires for some reason. Anyone you Embrace dies terribly, no matter what you do.
flawInner VolcanoInside the fomor, temperatures rise to unhealthy levels. She experiences perpetual fever, and when under stress or exertion, the fever rises to dangerous intensity.
flawInsane MentorYour Mentor has lost his grip on reality. He may be a Marauder or lost to Quiet or simply dangerously insane (even by Nephandi standards). Somehow his schemes seem to involve you or at least affect your reputation. This flaw is more common than it used to be among mages of all factions.
flawInsane Past LifeOne of your past-lives is stark-raving mad, and lucky you, he's picked YOU to surface in.
flawIntoleranceYou really dislike something. Could be a type of person, certain situations, or pretty much anything. It SHOULD be something pertinent, however.
flawIsolated UpbringingYou were born into a supernatural or otherwise highly isolated and reclusive organization (the Arcanum, the Inquisition) and your entire life has been a training exercise to join that organization. Your understanding of the world outside that group is dim.
flawJinxTechnological spirits tend to avoid you. You cannot learn Gifts from technological spirits (including Net and Pattern Spiders) or use technological fetishes or talens. These spirits may cause technological devices around you to malfunction. Fortunately there is one technological spirit that does believe in you. It likes you and thinks you have been treated unjustly. It lives inside a non-fetish piece of machinery, and you must have it present when dealing with technological spirits or you will be ignored. With its aid you can use the fetishes and talens and learn tech Gifts. If the spirit is ever killed, you're out of luck. With the 4pt version of the Gift, you do not have the spirit ally.
flawJupiter DescendingYou are very unlucky; fortunately, your bad luck doesn't spread to others.
flawKleptomaniacYour character cannot resist continually snatching up tempting objects wherever she travels.
flawLameYour legs are injured or otherwise prevented from working effectively. You suffer a two-dice penalty to all dice rolls related to movement. This may result from a birth defect or battle scar. May not be taken with the Merit: Double Jointed.
flawLifesaverYou're ethically opposed to killing and just won't do it. You'll only kill if absolutely necessary, and then only if lives are at stake. Animals can be killed for the right reasons, but you'll only kill the evil or inhuman otherwise. Be careful how you define 'evil'.
flawLight SensitiveYou're really sensitive to sunlight. Sunlight causes more damage, and even moonlight injures you.
flawLosing the Sun

You've had it with the bland vistas and boring views of the mortal world. The mysteries of the Umbra call to you with a siren song. Each time you step into the Umbra, you need to make a Willpower roll (difficulty 7) to prevent yourself from just flying away to explore its mysteries. Even if you succeed in dragging yoursell away from the possibility of escape, as long as you're in the Umbra you are distracted (+1 difficulty to all rolls relating to Wits, Intelligence and Perception). Note: Obviously, if you fail your Willpower roll, you could derail all your plans by vanishing into never-never land. Be aware of this before purchasing this flaw. While birds that vanish this way can be recovered one way or another... eventually... making it too brief an absence or too easy a rescue kind of defeats the point.

flawLow Self-ImageYou have little or no faith in yourself. You find it hard to really do anything, since, well, everyone else is so much better at it, so why should you risk screwing up?
flawMagic SusceptibilityYou're exceptionally vulnerable to magic of all types.
flawMark of the PredatorThere's something about you that screams 'predator'. Other animals just don't like you, whether from fear or competition.
flawMars DescendingYou have a lot of unexpressed anger, and even your inner Rage is hard to express. You don't handle conflict well.
flawMasochistYou like to suffer for the Garou! Pain, torture and ridicule are your meat and drink, so you gladly volunteer for any venture that guarantees physical or mental agony. Masochism goes beyond a desire to prove worth and loyalty; your mind finds pleasure in it. Less caring werewolves take advantage of this Flaw; wiser ones think you're sick in the head.
flawMatrix IneptYou are either physically incapable or simply can't figure out the Matrix.
flawMercury DescendingLimitations, boundaries, and barriers will represent particular problems for you.
flawMetis ChildYou are the father or mother of a metis cub from an illicit relationship with another Garou. You need to decide the circumstances surrounding the birth of the child - such as when this happened and if you are currently attempting to raise the child in your own sept (for better or worse) or if the cub was fostered out to another sept to avoid further embarrassment. While this Flaw must be chosen at the time of character creation, you or your Storyteller may decide to bring it into play during the game rather than have it simply a part of your character's past. The effects of this Flaw include the Notoriety (two dice penalty to any Social rolls made regarding Garou who know of your child), with the additional burden of beint required to take responsibility for your cub's welfare (you miserable charach). As a Litany-breaker, you will probably be unable to hold any important sept office or be trusted with important tasks, no matter how much you strive to prove yourself.
flawMidgetPolitical correctness aside (as if LATMA were prone to any such thing), you are dramatically undersized compared to the average. You stand well below average height (maximum 4'), and have trouble seeing over high objects or moving quickly. You suffer a two-dice penalty to all pursuit rolls, and may be subject to social penalties, especially with strangers. Even in Crinos shifters with this flaw stand at most just under average human height.
flawMixed HeritageGet of obviously mixed heritage are scorned by others. They are less likely to be accepted, must work harder to gain Renown, and are often treated as poorly as metis by the more militant members of their tribe.
flawMongrel WolfYour lupus form looks surprisingly like a husky or similar near-wolf dog. However, this is as far as the benefit extends. Garou consider you to be of less than pure stock, and you are often mocked or shunned.
flawMonochrome VisionYou cannot distinguish between colors, but see the world in varying shades of black and white and gray. This is not true-color blindness, which usually refers to the inability to distinguish between certain colors (such as red and green). Color has no meaning for you, though you can differentiate intensities of shade - dark gray, light gray, dull gray, ECT. This flaw occurs more frequently among lupus.
flawMonstrousThere is something wholly monstrous about you, something that makes you hideous in the eyes of others. Your Appearance is 0. Your Homid form is scarcely human and your other forms look downright horrendous.

Seline has branded you with a madness that swells with her fullness and erupts during the full Moon, when she attains her furious state.

flawMultiple Personalities

Many Ceilican suffer from this affliction, which switches the werecat's Pryio, Nature, Demeanor, or all three at unpredictable times. You may have been born at daylight, but your interests can turn to nighttime pursuits without warning. Others may notice your unpredictable personality shifts, which might grow so severe that you have to assume other personalities to accommodate them. Unlike true multiple personality disorder, your character has some awareness of her different aliases; most Bastet with this quirk set up elaborate parallel lives to cover the changes. Other werecats, those who dwell at the edges of civilization or in the wilderness, simply act differently. If anyone notices the difference, they're too intimidated to remark on it.

flawMuteYou can't talk. For some reason, your vocal cords just don't work. You can still use other means of communication, but speech is beyond you.

No, you don't have sex with the dead, but you certainly enjoy their company. You are obsessed with dead bodies and "invite" them over to your domain. Your haven is distastefully decorated with severed and mutilated body parts of all kinds. You talk to your dead friends, dance with them, make art out of them and entertain frequently.

flawNightmaresEvery time you sleep, day or night, your mind is wracked with horrible nightmares that leave you shaking even after you wake up.
flawNo Partial TransformationYou cannot take any mixed forms at all (such as Crinos paws while in Hispo), only the full forms.
flawNotorietyYou have a bad reputation among the Garou of your sept. The reputation may be your own, or it may derive from your pack. There is a two-dice penalty to all dice roll sfor social dealings with your sept's Garou. This is not the same thing as Renown; a Garou can have much Renown yet still be disliked. Cannot take the Merit: Reputation.
flawNotorietyYou have a bad reputation among the mages of your Tradition or faction.
flawNumina IneptYour psychic is considerably limited in advancement ability in a single psychic numina. This may be the result of a variety of reasons (natural limitations, mystical manipulations, curses, etc.). With this flaw you choose one numina that you have purchased, and you must spend one quarter more experience points to gain any level of this numina.
flawObsessionSomething out there just gets to you. You're obsessed and just can't get past it for whatever reason, and will throw caution to the wind to pursue your obsession.
flawOffensive to AnimalsFor some reason, animals are uneasy in your presence and cringe from your touch.
flawOne ArmWhether from an injury or birth defect, you have only one arm. You suffer no secondary-hand penalty, as it's assumed you are experienced with using your remaining hand. You do suffer a two-dice penalty to any Dice Pool which would normally require two hands.
flawOne EyeYou lost an eye somewhere, and it's not comin' back. You don't have peripheral vision and you probably have an ugly socket where the old one used to be.
flawOriginal SinYou are the child or student of an infamous Garou. Galliards have spread legendary stories about him from caern to caern, and the same infamy is extended to you. Within the Shadow Lords, this may work to your benefit, as few would dare betray you, but outside of your tribe, your reputation precedes you. It is assumed that you will resume where your parent or mentor left off. Wear your scorn with pride. Cannot be taken with the Political Mentor Merit.
flawOutsiderBecause of false rumors, an ill-done deed or some other reason, you have a poor reputation among Kinfolk and Garou. They don't necessarily hurt you, but they let you know you aren't welcome in their camps or homes.
flawOverconfidentYou have complete faith in yourself and your abilities. While this might be nice for some, for you it's a problem since you're not nearly as good as you think you are.
flawPack InstinctYou do not like to act separately from the pack. Doing so requires a Willpower roll (diff 8). You can praise or condemn ideas suggested by other pack members, but can't volunteer ideas on your own. If separated from the pack, you panic, becoming delusional or more prone to frenzy.
flawPack MentalityYou're really focused on working with a certain group of people. So much so, that when you're not working with them, you're at a disadvantage. The word 'me' is hard for you to understand without your pack...it's always 'us'.
flawPack RatYour character frequently snatches up small shiny items. With this version of the flaw (see also the two-dot Kleptomaniac) the character must additionally leave an item behind in its place.
flawPath IneptFor some reason, you -suck- at a certain kind of magic. You could be paying off a karmic debt, struggling with some metaphysical concept... whatever.
flawPermanent ParadoxWhether it be from a bad backlash during your apprenticeship or from a harrowing battle during the Reconciliation War you have gained Permanent Paradox.
flawPermanent Paradox FlawWhether it be from a bad backlash during your apprenticeship, from a harrowing battle during the Reconciliation War or from too much tinkering with your own Pattern, you have have gained Permanent Paradox Flaw.
flawPermanent WoundYou suffered some sort of injury that wasn't repaired by the Embrace. As a result, it stays with you, leaving you injured when you awake at night.
flawPersistent ParentsYour parents refuse to let your memory lie, and they actively run a missing teens program to search for you. They also use hired detectives to hunt for you. You cannot simply tell them what has become of you for some reason.
flawPhobia MildThere's something out there that really creeps you out. You try to avoid it at all times.
flawPhobia SevereYou're REALLY afraid of something. It goes far beyond the heebie-jeebies...this thing TERRIFIES you. You don't even want it mentioned, much less be near it.
flawPierced VeilYour Crinos form doesn't instill the Delirium in others. You're quite the threat to the Veil as a result.
flawPrey ExclusionYou won't hunt a certain thing, no matter what happens. You find it distasteful when you find others feeding on them and typically become enraged.
flawPrimal MarksYour Mage may have an Avatar of the Primordial Essence, some totem or god of legend, or perhaps she's just gained some powerful spirit's patronage and it's set its mark on her. If the totem is an animal, she resembles what such an animal would look like in human form so strongly that people who don't even know her call her "Bear" or "Moose" or "Raven." If the Avatar is some well known god or hero, your character looks just like people would expect her to, including any particular deformities. Your Mage looks the part so much that anyone can guess her nature at a glance, and there is some danger in that, especially if your Avatar has a legendary enemy (as most do). Your character's totem or Avatar will also require her to protect its species or finish up its unfinished agenda. Your Mage might alternately be the descendant of some famous or infamous house: Pendragon, Murasaki, Bacon, Bathory, Borgia, or Le Vey. Besides the family name, you've also inherited the family "look." Students of history can easily picture you banishing the Devil and slaying dragons, or poisoning entire families and bathing in the blood of virgins- especially since they have the illustrations that might give them this idea. Alternately, your mage may just look the part of her profession too well. Perhaps she has the red hair and green eyes of an Irish witch, the pale eyes and dark skin of an Arabic sorcerer, the grown-together brows and elongated ring-fingers of a born shape-shifter, or the intense yellow, violet, or emerald green eyes of one of the fae. Students of ancient lore recognize these signs and your Mage may easily become the victim of witch-hunters. However, some witches, changelings, shape-shifters, and others may accord you more status in their societies if you "look the part."
flawPsi Focus Mild

Perhaps your psychic needs his lucky crystals to properly heal the sick. Possibly his cyberkinetic powers require him to mime the action he wishes to perform. Maybe his telekinesis only works on a hubcap he found one afternoon. Either way, he requires some form of crutch for his psychic powers to work.

flawPsi Focus Moderate

Perhaps your psychic needs his lucky crystals to properly heal the sick. Possibly his cyberkinetic powers require him to mime the action he wishes to perform. Maybe his telekinesis only works on a hubcap he found one afternoon. Either way, he requires some form of crutch for his psychic powers to work.

flawPsi Focus Severe

Perhaps your psychic needs his lucky crystals to properly heal the sick. Possibly his cyberkinetic powers require him to mime the action he wishes to perform. Maybe his telekinesis only works on a hubcap he found one afternoon. Either way, he requires some form of crutch for his psychic powers to work.

flawPsychic VampireYou're slowly dying. You need to feed off the life of others in order to live. Plants wither, animals die, and people get sick around you.
flawRat FinkYou have a compulsion to gather secrets about *everyone*, including the members of your own rat pack, and you have no qualms about betraying someone's confidence if you can benefit by it. Granted, this means that you aren't trusted by anyone, including your so-called friends, but it also means that you can score a lot of extra Contract Rites. Many strange people will owe you favors as a result. You've got a compulsion to gather information on anyone you deal with; you've got to know *everything*. This Flaw does have one limitation: you won't betray the secrecy of a colony. You're devious, but not stupid.
flawRebelYou are considered a rebel among your core or primary society (for instance, if you are a Sabbat, you are considered to be a Loyalist; if you are a Camarilla, you are actually thought of as an Anarch; if you an Anarch, you are considered to be a running dog for the boss; if you are a Garou, your sept/tribe thinks you're an uppity cub who can't be trusted with anything; if you're a Tradition mage, you're considered a Nephandi sympathizer; and vice versa).. You may be scorned or hated just as much as other supernaturals, due to a somehow maligned reputation.
flawReligious HysteriaEven among the devoutly religious, there are those that take things too far. Unlike religious ecstatics, who occasionally have visions of Heaven, your visions seem a bit too often and a bit too untenable. You see everything as an omen or a dign from God. Angels and demons are everywhere and you just can't read the Good Book too many times. People won't take you seriously.
flawRepelled by CrossesCrosses repel you, just like in the stories. You're repelled by any cross, even those weilded by those without Faith.
flawRepulsed by GarlicThe smell of garlic overpowers you and will drive you from a room. It brings bloody tears to your eyes and blinds you, and its touch causes open wounds and boils.
flawRival ClanFor some reason or the other, another faction of shapeshifters in your court have an intense dislike for you. Perhaps the local Hakken feel you don't know the true way of honor, or the Kitsune think that you are insufferably barbaric. Whatever the reason, you raise your Social roll difficulties in all situations when dealing with this Changing Breed (it may even be your own).
flawRomantic NotionsYou feel that you have it better now than you did before, that your domitor loves you and you love him/her.
flawSeeping OrificesThe fomor is constantly seeping vital fluids through all of her orifices.
flawSelective DigestionYou're only able to digest certain types of blood, and no other type will give you any nourishment whatsoever.
flawSensation JunkieYou're addicted to sensation, and will do anything to find new means of stimulation.
flawShort FuseYou've got a REALLY bad temper, and it tends to get you in trouble.
flawShyYou're not very good with people. You don't like social situations much and tend to be 'that guy' that sits in the corner at parties.
flawSign of the WolfEverything about you mimics the traditional signs of the werewolf. Hairy palms, one eyebrow, long toes, index and middle fingers the same length, the occasional bleeding pentagram on your palm during your moon.
flawSlip SidewaysYou have this tendency to pop into the Umbra at the worst times. Basically, any stressful situation might leave you falling through the Gauntlet if there's a mirror nearby.
flawSlow HealingYou heal very, very slowly.
flawSoft-HeartedYou're really sensitive to suffering around you, whether because you care or because you just don't like seeing it. It just gets to you, for some reason.
flawSpectre MeatThe medium stands out not only to wraiths but also to Spectres. As a matter of fact, he stands out from the crowd -especially- well to Spectres. This, as you might expect, is not a Good Thing. Any Spectres in the area, if given a choice of whom to harass, will head immediately for the character. * NOTE: This flaw is not normally given to PCs.
flawSpeech ImpedimentYou stutter and stammer when you talk, and it's often hard to get your point across. It gets you no matter what language you're speaking, especially during times of stress. Please note that thick accents, no matter how hard to decipher, do NOT count as a speech impediment.
flawSphere IneptYour Avatar was damaged somehow, somewhen, somewhere, and you're incapable of learning a certain Sphere of Magick entirely.
flawSpirit AnathemaSpirits have a dislike for you for some reason.
flawSpirit EnmityThe character has in some way inspired the ire of a particular type of spirits. These spirits could be of anything, and are of Totem Avatar or higher. Any servant of that spirit type will not work with you, and some servitors will even attack if the character is not especially careful around them.
flawSpontaneous GenerationThe fomor is a host to small parasitical creatures of some sort. The colony causes her endless pain, and periodically emerge from the mouth, ears, or other orifices.
flawStenchThe fomor exudes revolting odor that cannot be concealed.
flawStrangenessReality is slightly stranger for you.
flawStrict CarnivoreYou're a carnivore. There's no way around it, you just don't like plants. They don't give you any nourishment.
flawTaint of CorruptionPlants wither near you and die at your touch.
flawTaint of SuspicionSomething indefinable arouses more distrust in you than the average Uktena. Your presence raises the hackles of most Garou, not as if Wyrm-tainted, but uncomfortable anyway.
flawTaint of WyrmYou're horribly corrupted somehow. Whether you know it or not, whether it's intentional or not, you reek of the Wyrm and Sense Wyrm tends to pick you up. You're constantly being tempted by the Wyrm and suffer from nightmares.
flawTechnological DelusionsYou see evidence of technological threats everywhere and act on these impulses. You've deviated from human society enough that you've obtained some rather strange views about how it works; especially vicious among rodens, who don't grow up using human tech every day. Perhaps you believe that televisions are used to monitor the people who watch them, that radios broadcast mind-control messages, or that automobiles are programmed to make the drivers think they actually control them.
flawTerritorialYou're really tied to a particular place. You don't like to leave, and you're really not fond of intruders.
flawThaumivoreYour Pattern is bleeding, and you must consume raw magick -- Quintessence -- to survive. * NOTE: This flaw is not normally given to PCs.
flawThe Beast WithinYou have a really bad temper. So bad, in fact, that the Beast lives within you as with Vampires and Garou, leaving you prone to Frenzy.
flawThin BloodedYour blood is weak and can be used for far less than normal.
flawThrow BackOne or more of your past lives affects you badly.
flawToo CuriousYou're too inquisitive for your own good; even most cats have more of a sense of self-preservation than you do. This flaw forces you to make a willpower roll whenever some question is left unresolved. If you fail, you'll go out of your way - really out of your way - to uncover the answer. The simpler the question /appears/, the higher the difficulty. Keep in mine that many complex problems arise from something that seemed simple at the time.
flawToo Perfect

You're a Reboot, and it shows.  You opted into the free appearance upgrade when you died last time, so you're yourself made gorgeous - but you look just a little bit like every other perfected Reboot out there.  It's just not as impressive, somehow.

flawToy DependencyYou are overly dependent on your Foci and can't seem to do magic with out them.
flawTwisted ApprenticeshipYour Mentor taught you all the wrong things about mage society. Your ideas about the goals and politics of your faction are all wrong. Your faulty beliefs get you into lots of trouble as you tend to be quite vocal in your correction of others.
flawTwisted UpbringingWhoever it is that found you and brought you into society just taught you absolutely everything wrong about it. Everything you believe tends to reflect the worst aspects of society and will get you in trouble rather easily.
flawUlterior MotiveSomething other than love and respect for your Garou relatives and Kinfolk guides your actions. This "something" may be as simple as greed or a lust for vengeance against an enemy; it could also be that you're a traitor working for an outside agency, such as the Kindred or the SAD. Whatever the case, the cause or your secret employer holds your ultimate loyalty. Should someone suspect things aren't as they seem, you could be in big trouble.
flawUneducatedBecause you have never been to school, you have 5 fewer points to spend in Knowledges. You can still spend freebies to raise Knowledges, but cannot start at level 3 or higher in any Knowledge out of chargen. Feral-breed shifters cannot take this Flaw.
flawUnprovenYou have not properly proven yourself to the Sabbat, for whatever reason.
flawUnscentedFor some reason, you have no discernible scent; it's completely missing from your body. While this condition might be an advantage when hiding from predators, it's a disadvantage among werewolves. They might pounce on you, unaware you're Kin. No Gifts, such as Scent of the True Form, can detect you as Kinfolk. Worse, the more suspicious types may think it's some sort of Wyrm power! Among a people who rely so heavily on the sense of smell, you've got a disability.
flawUnskilledYou have never trained extensively in any skill or craft, and have 5 fewer points to spend on Skills. You can still purchase these with freebies, but cannot start with any Skill at 3 or higher out of chargen.
flawVeiledYou may believe in Gaia and the Garou way with all your heart and soul, but, for some reason, you're not immune to the Delirium. Gifts such as Rending the Veil and the Rite of the Parted Veil have no effect on you. You do receive a +1 bonus on the Delirium chart and retain all memories of what you see, but the sight of a Garou in Crinos form still invokes some sort of instinctive, uncontrollable reaction in you.
flawVengeanceYou really want to get back at someone. Who knows what they did...killed your dog, destroyed your home, any number of things.
flawVenus DescendingYou are unlucky in love, and have a hard time getting people to listen to you.

You can fly, but that doesn't mean you like it up there. Truth be told, living makes you dizzy, nauseated and generally plain scared, so much so that you need to make a Willpower roll (difficulty 6) any time you try to fly to an altitude higher off the ground than your Homid-form eyebrows. Furthermore, any time you perch at a point more than 10 feet off the ground, you need to make that same Willpower roll, or things get ugly. You might panic, or perhaps you could slip and fall....

flawVitae SinkYou lose your supernatural powers in two weeks, rather than a month, if you are not fed.
flawVulnerability to SilverSilver causes you horrible pain.
flawWardYou are devoted to the protection of someone. This character may be a friend or relative, or simply someone you admire and consider important. Wards have a way of getting caught up in stories, and are frequently irresistible to a character's enemies. Your ward must be +commented.
flawWard PackThis flaw is similar to the Flaw: Ward, but refers to an entire wolf pack. The Garou is responsible for the wolf pack's safety and good health. The pack is often in need of defense and care, and may have suffered the loss of many members before the Garou was entrusted with its care. Perhaps it is a captive pack or in an area of active wolf hunting.
flawWare IntolerantEither because of moral scruples or biological incompatibilities you will not or cannot have Ware of any kind. Note: Shapeshifters and Vampires are normally assumed to have this flaw, so cannot gain points for it.
flawWeak-WilledThere's something about you that's really weak when it comes to resisting others. Domination and intimidation are exceptionally easy to use against you and you have trouble exerting your will.
flawWolf YearsYou age as a wolf. Every year that goes by you age roughly 7. You probably won't make it to 20.
flawWolf's ObsessionWolves mate for life, and before your Change, you were married, engaged or at least in love. You have never forgotten your lover, and you are obsessed with her and her well being. You cannot allow yourself to be too far away from your paramour, and if circumstances separate you, you cannot regain Willpower until you see her again. You also lose sight of the fact that you are dangerous on certain nights. When your auspice moon shines, you feel almost uncontrollably drawn to your love's side (roll Willpower every other scene to avoid searching out your love).
flawWyrm-TaintedWhether through your own twisted service to the Wyrm, an unfortunate quirk of heredity or just because of a supernatural accident, you reek of the enemy's blight, A number of Gifts allow shapechangers to notice your foul stench and most may want to kill you outright. This is a risky Flaw!
giftA Thousand Secret FacesThough not true shapeshifting, this Gift bestows on the user an almost perfect illusion of her choosing. Only supernatural Gifts permit seeing through this illusion, and the difficulty rises to 9. She may take on any human appearance. An Ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftA Thousand Voices

The Black Spiral Dancer Philodox can distort the sound of his own footsteps, creating a series of illusory noises. Instead of one werewolf, enemies will hear an entire pack. Howls, shadowy apparitions, footfalls, and even illusory scents are all possible. Kirijama's servants offer mastery of this talent.

giftAbsolute Balance

Rats have an amazing sense of balance: they can walk along clotheslines, the moorings of ships, and narrow rooftops with amazing agility. A rodens using Absolute Balance can maintain her balance on any solid surface, including ice, he slick bottom of a riverbank, a greased surface, or a snowdrift. The best part: the rat doesn't leave tracks.


The Garou may exist in any environment, regardless of pressure, temperature, or atmospheric composition. The Garou also takes no damage from poison or disease, though concentrated flame or radiation still effects the Garou normally. This Gift is taught by a Bear spirit.


A Munchmausen can survive extreme temperatures for a full day with this Gift. Arcadian Ratkin often tell ridiculous stories about having lived on the moon, the bottom of the ocean, or the caldera of an active volcano. Some of these stories are true.

giftAgro CultureThe Garou can cause plants to take root and grow in places where it is usually impossible for plants to grow. This Gift does not make plants grow supernaturally fast; it simply gives them a chance for life where none existed before. The plants must still be tended to and watered. However, the plants can use artificial substances such as concrete and plastic for soil. They dig their roots in and grow. Plants can even be coaxed to grow out of walls, as long as they are nurtured during the process. This Gift is taught by plant spirits.
giftAiritech's DaughtersAiritech, a creature of the Otherworld in Celtic lore, had three daughters who took on the shape of werewolves. In the end, they were slain. This Gift allows the Fianna to play the part of Airitech, by forcing the visage of a Crinos werewolf onto (at most) three humans. It doesn't make them stronger, or give them the instincts that Garou have, but they make fine decoys when being hunted by the Wyrm. Like Airitech's Daughters, these werewolves exist to be murdered. The Gift is taught by an ancestor spirit.
giftAirt Perception

Using this Gift, a Theurge can roughly identify a spirit by its airt -- the trail left in the wake of a spirit's passing. This works essentially like tracking in the corporeal world, and is no more informative -- a hunter can tell deer tracks from bison tracks, but can't learn anything meaningful about an unknown creature. Also, powerful and subtle spirits are often able to disguise their airts. Any ancestor-spirit renowned as a great hunter can teach this Gift.

giftAirt Sense

This is the same us the spirit Charm, and can be taught by any type of spirit possessing that particular Charm.

giftAlberich's ClawsAlberich was a dwarven king who had his castle below the ground, carved out of the rock itself. Get of Fenris with this Gift could well have been amongst the builders of that palace, for their claws can slice directly through stone, steel or any other inanimate material as if it were butter. It is taught by a mole spirit or earth elemental.
giftAll Beasts Under the SunAs the Black Fury Gift: The Thousand Forms.
giftAll Hell

By summoning a swarm of Wyldling spirits and Rat-spirits, you can invoke sheer pandemonium. They'll crawl the wails, manipulating mundane objects randomly, and causing sheer chaos. Any non-Ratkin in the room is hit with the Delirium.

giftAllies Below

Howl, you crazy bastard! If you let forth a rousing yawp, the spirits of the Earth will answer you. Wyrm creatures far beneath the Earth's crust will cause minor tremors in the ground above them.

giftAlms to the Poor

Beggars are an all-too-common feature of of the Bubasti homelands. As a kindness (and perhaps as a bribe to the gods), the shadowcats developed this secret, which allows one to conjure up a small bit of food or money to give to a beggar. Naturally, the cat can use the "alms" for himself, but they taste slightly bitter and leave the palm greasy if used for selfish means.

giftAlter MoodThe Wyrsta may slightly alter the mood of a sinyle individual, making that person elated rather than just happy or despairing instead of sad.
giftAlter Scent

The Garou can change his scent trail to evade a hunter or leave a false trail. The Garou can reproduce any scent he has encountered, from deer to diesel trucks. A skunk-spirit teaches this gift.


The heart center stirs, opening the Garou up to normally unseen perceptions concerning others. She can sense what they are feeling and know the best way to make them listen to her (although they cannot be coerced into acting against their wills).

giftAncestral Recall By accustoming themselves to a particular area or tribal group, the Earth Guides can "recall" pertinent information about tribal practices or traditions that may have been lost over time. This might uncover hidden lore of the tribe or simply reveal everyday information not generally known by outsiders. The Gift is taught by an Uktena Ancestor-spirit. Garou using this Gift need not have Past Life.
giftAncestral Wings

According to their folklore, the Balam were once two tribes. One of the original families, the Olioiuqui, had wings. By digging into this ancestral past, a werejaguar can invoke their gift and fly for short distances.

giftAngel's SemblenceThe Children of Gaia don't believe in terrifying humans unnecessarily. This Gift allows a Child to act in Crinos form without invoking the terror of the Delerium; but instead of seeing a werewolf, onlookers see an angelic figure of exceeding grace and holiness. Witnesses may remember a Child's battle with a Wyrm beast as an angel's struggle with a demon, or a warning to leave the woods as the gracious guidance of a guardian angel. Onlookers need not be Christian to be affected; Islamic witnesses might remember on of Mohammed's fiery messengers, while Norse pagans might think the Garou was one of the Valkyries. This Gift is taught by a spirit of Hope.
giftAnger of the GoddessWith the force of Gaia Herself, the Black Fury elder strikes down even the most powerful enemies. Few can withstand the righteous anger of Gaia unleashed. The power can take many forms: a lightning bolt from the heavens, an avalanche, or even a tornado. The wrath of the Goddess blindly ravages the innocent and guilty alike. An avatar of Gaia Herself is the only spirit that teaches this Gift.
giftAnger of the WaniSee 'Invoke the Spirits of the Storm.' On using this Gift, the Zhong Lung falls into a day-long sleep, offering his dreams to the Dragon Princes as thanks.
giftArion's BurdenThe Black Furies had many tribeswomen among the ancient Scythians, who were renown for their use of cavalry. During their battles with other Garou tribes, the Furies often surprised their enemies by showing that they too could employ cavalry, thanks to this Gift. Most animals shy away from creatures of high Rage, and even the Glabro form tended to make a werewolf heavier than the horse could handle. But this Gift perfectly calms the mount's mind and makes the Black Fury as light as a child to it. It is taught by an avatar of Pegasus.
giftArmor of KingsAs the Children of Gaia Gift: Luna's Armor.
giftArmor of the TortoiseThe Mokole may form a hard shell in Archid or Suchid.
giftArrow of ArtemisTo honor Luna in her aspect as Artemis, the huntress of the moon, the Black Furies strive to master the art of archery. This Gift is the ultimate expression of their skill. By invoking the huntress' name and freeing her mind of distractions, a Fury can invest a single arrow with the light of Luna - and celestial killing power. Virtually no force of Gaia can make her miss, and when the arrow strikes, it does so with the force of a thunderbolt. This Gift is taught only by powerful Lunes in direct service to Luna-the-Huntress.

The Garou is able to blend smoothly into any culture, no matter how strange or alien the culture is. The Garou can slip among Bedouin nomads as if he were one of them, or shop in a Chinese market without anyone noticing he does not belong. This Gift will not hide racial differences, but the behaviors and mannerisms of a native can be mimicked. This also allows the Garou to speak and understand the culture's language, although it will be forgotten when the Gift wears off. This Gift is taught by any Ancestor spirit.

giftAstral MindThe Garou can project his consciousness from his body into the Umbra. From there, his mind can enter realms denied physical beings. Since Garou are physical in the Umbra when they step sideways, they cannot usually enter these realms.
giftAsura's Bane

As the Level Three Bubasti Gift: Banish Cahlash's Brood, except that using it turns the tiger's pelt white instead of black. Unlike the shadowcats, tigers channel Rahjah to banish corruption.


The crown chakra stirs and the third eye opens.

giftAttractionAttract or repel a certain type of animal by creating an appropriate kami.

By standing in a particular area, the character can commune with the spirits of the area, thus getting an overview of what exits or has happened in the area - rough population, secret tunnels (trails), places of note and so on. This Gift is taught by a Rat spirit (Owl for Silent Striders and Wendigo).

giftAura of Confidence

By radiating an aura of strength and control, the Garou can interfere with attempts to spot her weaknesses or read her aura. This Gift is taught by an Ancestor spirit.

giftAura of FerocityThe harsh, untamed wilderness frequently brings death to humans who venture into it unprepared. With this Gift, the Garou can heighten the fear humans have of the wild. A panic-stricken human may be unable to act or have to flee the area. An Ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftAura of LeadershipSimilar to the Level Two Silver Fang Gift: Awe, this Gift surrounds the Garou with an aura of authority that enables her to assume the mantle of leadership for a brief period of time. Others react to the Garou as if she was their pack leader - including the pack leader. Of course, there may be repercussions after the effects of the Gift have passed.
giftAura of NobilityEven at her worst, this Garou looks her best. Despite her character, or lack thereof, the Shadow Lord seems to be above contempt or slander. A Cobra-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftAura of the JustWhen the Gift user commits a just act, everyone around him knows it merely by gazing at him. The Aura of the Just proclaims to one and all that this Garou is in the right. Where circumstances or perceptions might cloud the judgment of witnesses, the Gift clears all doubts. Alternatively, those who know the Philodox can see his guilt when the Gift does not activate. A Falcon-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftAvalancheThe Garou must be in a mountainous or otherwise tectonically unstable area. The Garou causes an avalanche, mudslide, etc. to engulf his foes. This Gift is taught by an earth elemental.
giftAvoid FateWith this gift, the Stargazer can dodge the wheels of fate for the moment. Through a preternatural connection between herself and the universe, she avoids certain disaster. A cat spirit teaches this gift.
giftAwaken BeastThis is the old ability out of legends and folklore: the power to change someone else into a werewolf by biting him.

The Garou, simply by her bearing and speech, proves to others her mastery and right to rule the other tribes. This Gift is taught by a Falcon spirit.

giftAxis MundiBy spending a Gnosis point, the lupus can center herself in relation to Gaia, and always know which direction she is traveling in or facing, no matter where she may be in the Gaia realms. In addition, the lupus carries her "territory" around with her, in a mystical sense. Wolves will detect this, and concede her right to travel through their territories and hunt there. Even other lupus must make a Willpower roll not to recognize this right. Other animals will also recognize this, and not attack the intruder.
giftBabbleThe Shifter can cause another to lose the ability to read, write, or speak any language - the only possible vocalizations are animalistic grunts and noises.
giftBabel's Cure/Curse

Any human language may be translated or turned to gibberish in the Bastet's vicinity.

giftBacchantes' RageIn the wilds, a Garou may use this gift to channel the destructive power of the Wyld through his or her anger. Damage from attacks made by the Garou increases dramatically, and an attack almost always leaves a wound on an opponent.

The Ratkin can disappear into the Umbra and instantly reappear behind hisopponent. The wererat then attacks his victim from behind, gleefully exploiting the benefit of surprise. Knife-Skulkers have no qualms against using this Gift to fulfill an assassination contract.

giftBadger's HeartMetis often possess angry hearts, and in their own way, they have a keen understanding of Rage, no matter what their auspice. This Gift allows them to affect the Rage of other werewolves, causing their enemies to expend more of it than necessary. A Badger-spirit teaches this gift.

The Garou has a superior sense of balance, and can walk across thin ledges or slippery surfaces with little fear of falling. This Gift is taught by a Wind spirit.


Description: The Black Spiral can hurl spheres of sickly green flame at his opponent.

giftBalor's Gaze

One of the Garou's eyes begins to glow a baleful red. Its stare is horrifying, causing wracking pain in any being who meets its glare and wholse resolve falters. This Gift is taught by a Pain spirit.

giftBane Protector

Description: The Garou may call to nearby Banes to help and protect her. The Banes may resist if they choose, but as long as the Garou is acting in the best interests of the Wyrm, will probably not. They will even fight for her, though not to the point that it means their own destruction.

giftBanish Burning

This Gift became necessary during the Madness, when sorcerers and witch-hunters both tossed cats on the pyre to please demons and God. With it, the Ceilican may protect herself or a companion from normal fire. While the Moon Mother and Mistress of Catkind originated this Gift, Burning Cat is as well.

giftBanish Cahlash's Brood

By calling upon the Father of Dark Spirits, a Bubasti may command one of his brood to depart. Of course, powerful spirits or ones bound into fetishes wont be easily dismissed; doing so may demand great rituals or even a sacrifice. Small independent elementals or Banes, however, may be banished with slight effort. Calling upon Cahlash has a price: Each time the werecat performs this Gift, his fur grows a deeper shade of black and his actions become more erratic. Garou or Bastet who Sense Wyrm on him will detect the Unmakers essence upon him until he purges himself somehow. The more spirits he banishes, the deeper the taint becomes.

giftBanish Sickness

Cats have long been renowned for their healing prowess. With a purr and a lick, a skillful Bastet can cure minor diseases and chase venoms away. Although a Bastet never takes ill herself, this Gift is helpful when a loved one is unwell.

giftBanish TotemBy speaking words of forbiddance, the Uktena can bar pack or personal totems from giving their children aid. Doing so also disrupts the spiritual rapport between packmates, making it difficult for them to execute pack tactics or act in concert. An ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftBanishment(Ju-Fu Gift) By brandishing the pictogram and demanding the spirit return home, the Fox may force spirits back into their native realms.
giftBare the HeartThis Gift utilizes Uktena's noted penchant for delving into the deepest secrets. The Earth Guides use this Gift to examine Bane Tenders for signs of Wyrm-taint. Using the clear sight granted him by this Gift, an Uktena can look beyond outward manifestations, internal manipulations, and even magical disguises that might mask Wyrm-taint, corruption or evil intent and pierce straight to the heart of the truth. Thus. the Garou might note that an otherwise normal-looking person is really a formor or a Black Spiral Dancer by use of this Gift. Garou using the Gift could also determine that someone is disguised (via cosmetic means or magical change), but only if that person has evil intent (i.e., intends to commit some evil -- as defined by the Garou's concept of evil -- while so disguised. Thus, if a bank-robbery was in the offing, the Garou might not see through the mask unless he cares about that bank, but he would unmask someone intending to clear-cut a virgin forest). This Gift is taught by an Incarna avatar.

A Ratkin Engineer can use this Gift to energize himself or other wererats. This can temporarily increase physical abilities, though often at the risk of inflicting temporary damage as well. Same dangerous wererats use direct electricity to affect this, while more sedate ones simply mix up noxious concoctions of battery acid and other foul fluids. Convenience stores now sell many odd "energy beverages" that are commonly adapted for this purpose.

giftBattlesenseThe Garou can sense the best direction from which to make an attack, taking into account the terrain of the battlefield, the numbers and placement of the enemy and the available forces at the Garou's command or allied with her.
giftBayou Shambler

Deserts and mountains aren't the only places Pumonca roam. So-called "swampcats" know the Southern wetlands well. By crooning to the spirits of the bayous and calling upon any favors owed, a Pumonca can call forth a swamp elemental, dripping with plants and ooze, to assist her. While the creature retains its own free will, a Shambler is disposed o be friendly to the cat and hostile toward anyone in her way.

giftBeast LifeThe Garou may not only communicate with animals, but can attract and command them. If there are no animals of the sort desired in the vicinity, none can be called. This Gift is taught by any Animal spirit.
giftBeast Shape(Ju-Fu Gift) Created in the form of a mundane animal. The Kitsune may take this form for one scene. See also "The Thousand Forms."
giftBeast SpeechThe shifter can speak to the animals, from the fish in the sea to the birds in the air. This doesn't change their attitude to the shifter, nor does it make them inclined to listen. It just opens the realm of communication. This Gift is taught by a Nature spirit.
giftBeastmindThe Garou can reduce the mental faculties of a target to those of an animal for a short time. This Gift is taught by an avatar of Griffin.
giftBeautiful LieDescription: When the Veil is endangered, Gaia protects the minds of the innocent with the Delirium, granting false memories and delusions. Since Black Spirals commit particularly grisly crimes, they can use this Gift to channel the Delirium, producting further misdirection or even summoning false evidence to cover up their activities.
giftBecome LogSee 'Blissful Ignorance,' except that the Mokole must be on a forest floor, in a stream or lake, or in another appropriate setting.
giftBefriendThe Gurahl may alter the emotions of an individual in a more positive way.
giftBegPlaying upon the compassion of others, Bone Gnawer can generate an amazing amount of pity. By exaggerating her miserable state, a clever Bone Gnawer can gain favor with people who have too much anyway. By groveling or telling her particular sob story, she might get a handout, a favor or at least a good meal. A pigeon spirit teaches this gift, which is one reason only Bone Gnawers ever learn it.
giftBellowThe Mokole can shake the swamps with his roar.
giftBeneath NoticeWhile others seek fame, the Bone Gnawers' best bet is anonymity. This Gift allows the Gnawer to blend in with the features of a town or village by becoming too familiar to be noticed. Although no physical changes take place, normal people cannot remember details concerning the Garou. The Gift works in either Homid or Lupus form and causes people who encounter the user to remember a nondescript drifter or a mangy dog. A Dog-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftBerserker's SongThe Get can sing himself into a controlled frenzy. He can ignore wounds, shift to crinos immediately, and he is immune to many mental gifts or charms. In this state, unlike a normal frenzy, the Get can pull out of the frenzy at any time. An angry Wolverine spirit or Bear spirit teaches this gift to the Get.
giftBillabong StrideThe Bunyip may enter any body of fresh water and, after completely submerging herself, emerge from the waters of an utterly different lake, stream or river. The destination must be known to the Bunyip, and she must have actually bathed in that water before. This Gift is taught by servants of Mu-rubul Tu-ru-dun the Bunyip.
giftBite of the DestroyerSee 'Fenris' Bite.'
giftBlack FridayThe Bastet may crash any computer system in seconds by coercing (and often promising favors to) Net-Spiders.
giftBlank"Consider it a bio-electrical blackout." That's how Pat O'Reidy described this Gift, and it remains the best description there is for it. For a short period, everyone in the room simply goes blank. They still stand upright (unless they were laying down to begin with, but eyes close, senses go dead, and nobody moves. Meanwhile, the Ragabash can move about without being seen, or can take actions they otherwise couldn't. Any actual attempt to harm someone will break the communcal trance, so slitting their throat while they remain unconscious won't work. But you could certainly pick someone up, put him in the trunk of a car,and take him elsewhere. A spirit of electricity or an electric eel spirit teaches this Gift.
giftBlank SlateThe Garou can completely remove a single piece of information from her own mind or from that of another. This Gift becomes useful in situations where an individual has come across some dangerous knowledge that might lead to her death for possessing it. The Garou may not only remove the information - such as the identity of the Garou mole within a hostile group or the location of a safe house for ecoterrorists - but she may also smooth over the edges of the victim's memory so that he does not realise anything is missing. THe Garou may also use this Gift to alter her own memories in situations where she feels that this is necessary.
giftBlaze of GloryAny Fenrir knows his final battle will be a glorious one. A Fenrir may invoke this single-use Gift to devour everything around him, including himself and his enemies in a blazing burst of fiery power. Aging Fenrir elders often receive this Gift before their final quest. This Gift may only be attained from an avatar of Fenris after an arduous Umbral journey.
giftBlaze TalonsOne of the war arts of the hengeyokai, this Gift enables the shapeshifter to ignite his hands or paws (or even wings, in the case of Crinos-form Tengu with Razor Feathers), granting his blows the ferocity of a wildfire. Shapeshifters using Blaze Talons are often wondrous to behold, as their strikes trace whirling patterns of flame around them. This Gift is taught by a Flame-spirit.
giftBlessing the BladeWith this Gift, the Sorcerer calls on a local spirit to inhabit a blade for a short time, infusing it with supernatural power. The Nine-Tails may do this instantly, for immediate use, or prepare a blade ahead of time. Outside of combat this Gift functions only if activated with a specific enemy in mind. Special cloth or leather wrappings restrain the spirit until the enemy's name is spoken by the bearer. Only one such weapon can be carried at a time. This Gift is taught by a Fire-spirit.
giftBlessings of KaliThe Nagah develops natural weapons and body armor - a series of heavy, bonelike plates forms over her hide, giving her natural defense and adding damage to her hand-to-hand combat.
giftBlindThe Fox can make an enemy blind for one day. Stinging pain accompanies the blindness. The Gift is taught by a porcupine-spirit.
giftBlinding Moonbeam GazeBy calling upon Mother Seline, the werecat shoots bright beams of moonlight from her eyes. These dont inflict real damage, but can blind or distract an opponent, and provide illumination as well. Superstitious people often run away when confronted with a giant moon-eyed cat.
giftBlinkUsing this Gift, a Bone Gnawer can duck into a shaded area (an empty barrel, an alleyway or behind a church pew) and pop out in another shaded area some distance away. This Gift is taught by a rat-spirit.
giftBlissful IgnoranceThe Garou can become completely invisible to all senses, spirits or monitoring devices by remaining still. This Gift is taught by a Chameleon spirit.
giftBlistersThe Nuwisha causes an opponent to stuffer hideous blisters and lost of fur. THe blisters form immediately; over a few hours the target begins losing fur (feathers or scales).
giftBlood of DarknessSee 'Halo of the Sun.'
giftBlood OmenThe Fox can divine the future by ritual sacrifice. Most commonly, the Fox will read the entrails of the victim, but there are also traditions of signs in burnt-offering smoke and scapulimancy. Legend has it that the Doshi stole this secret from the Black Spiral Dancers (who practice it with great enthusiasm using wolf, human, and Garou captives). The Sorcerers insist they never use hengeyokai (or wolves, or anyone's possible Kinfolk) for divination. As for humans, well - in times of crisis Kitsune ask more questions of Gaia and fewer of each other.... Black Spiral Dancers find their answers through the power they serve; Doshi are extremely careful to dedicate the ceremony to Celestines, Incama and totems opposed to the Wyrm, influential in their area, and not offended by a little bloodshed.
giftBlood OmenBy examining the entrails of a freshly-killed creature, a Black Spiral Theurge can gain insights into a possible future. As expected, the vision is almost always tragic or violent.
giftBlood ScentThe Same-Bito using this Gift gains the ability to sense shen; something about the blood of hengeyokai and other creatures alerts their senses. A Shark-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftBloody FeastGreat Wendigo, as a hungry cannibalistic spirit, can teach his favored children the ability to gain added strength from an enemy's flesh and blood. An avatar of Great Wendigo teaches this Gift.
giftBloody FeatherSee 'Hummingbird Dart.'
giftBloody Feather StormRains down a veritable blizzard of razor feathers. Anyone in the area, friend or foe, is at risk. This Gift is taught by a Monsoon- or Hurricane-spirit.
giftBloody-MindednessThe Bunyip gains the ability to dedicate himself to one particular task, be it combat or an artistic endeavor. Nothing will sway the Bunyip from that task. This Gift is taught by servants of Mu-ru-bul Tu-ru-dun the Bunyip.
giftBlur of the Milky EyeBy invoking this Gift, the Garou's form begins to blur and fade, making her indistinct and hard to see, allowing her to sneak around unnoticed. Once seen, however, the effects of the Gift are lost unless the viewer is again distracted. This Gift is taught by a Chameleon spirit.
giftBlur of the Weeping EyesGot something in youreye? The Ratkin can infect someone looking at him with a nasty infection affecting his eyesight. All he's got to do is spit on his victim to transmit this nasty disease. This only lasts for one scene, bur the poor fool will visibly suffer. He might weep pus from his eyes, suffer from a vision defect, have his eyeballs well up with blood, or watch as his eyelids are covered in scales. The Plague Lord gets to graphically describe the illness; the game mechanics remain the same.
giftBody ShiftThe Garou can use her shapeshifting to alter her physical Traits: a level of Dexterity can be shifted to Strength or Stamina, or a level of Stamina could be shifted to Dexterity -- whatever combination the player desires.
giftBody WrackThe Garou can cause a target to suffer immense pain. This Gift is taught by a pain spirit.
giftBoltEji with this gift call upon great forces to devestate her opponent. A lethal bolt of lightning, fire, ice wind, etc. (more exotic elements require a staff +comment) strikes the enemy. Elemental spirits teach this gift.
giftBolt!A Ratkin with this Gift can bolt out of any fight. Even if the wererat is totally surrounded, he will find a way to escape from his foes. This works roughly the same way as the Backbite Gift: the wererat "leaps" a short distance through the Umbra to a safe place. A wererat who returns to battle after bolting will lose two points of Cunning Renown; a wereiat who chooses the better part of valor wiil no doubt escape.
giftBonds that Tie UsThe Philodox is mediator and judge, but is also investigator. The Gift assists a Philodox with such matters by revealing any emotions and opinions that exist between two people. Many Garou detest this Gift, since it is indiscriminate, revealing any emotion that may exist. It is taught by an Ant spirit.
giftBoon of the Animal FathersBy entreaty to a specific Animal Father, the Garou can gain that specific animal totem for one scene. If the Garou entreaties Father Moose, the Garou can gain Moose as his totem for that scene, gaining all the benefits as if she were allied to that totem. This does not give the special powers granted by the metis gift Totem Gift, only the regular benefits of a totem alliance. The Animal Fathers are believed to be different, more specific, aspects of the animal totems. This gift only works with totems that embody "real" animals; Unicorn or Pegasus cannot be entreated with this gift.
giftBow of PegasusA Fury infuses her bow with spiritual energy to become fantastically adept at striking targets from any distance. Arrows shot from her bow travel in a flash of light toward any target within her sight, as though there were no distance between them. A spirit servant of Pegasus teaches this Gift.
giftBreak the BondsThis Gift allows a Garou to break any bonds holding her, whether mental or physical. This includes all manner of mind control, whether by a mage Sphere or vampiric Blood Bond. The Garou can use this Gift to break the bond even though her master may demand her not to. However, she may not seek out a spirit to teach this Gift if she is commanded otherwise. Thus, this Gift is most often awarded to a Garou as a return for service to an Incarna or equally powerful spirit who is well aware of the Garou's unnatural servitude.
giftBreak the LoomThe Stargazer uses controlled cognitive dissonance to temporally confuse Paradox and banish it. With riddles and conundrums posed to the thin air, the Stargazer thus confuses the Weaver, who halts her spinning as she tries to solve the riddle. This gift is taught by Chimera herself.
giftBreakfast of StonesQualmi version of "Wanderer's Boon."
giftBreaking the Tomorrow WallThis is a basic soothsaying Gift, taught by a Crane-spirit.
giftBreath of Sweet AmritaOne of the few healing Gifts available to the Nagah, this allows the wereserpent to breathe out a cloud of healing vapor on herself or a companion. Although the Nagah were tricked out of the secret of immortality long ago, they have never forgotten the trick entirely.
giftBreath of the Dragon LordsThe Nagah can breathe huge gouts of scalding gases resembling flames. These cause aggravated damage but can't actually set anything on fire.
giftBreath of the WyldAs the Furies see it, the problem with most humans (and some Garou) is that they have forgotten that the energy of Creation is nourishing, refreshing and ever present. With this Gift, the Black Fury may instill a feeling of vitality and life in a living being. A spirit servant of Pegasus teaches this Gift.
giftBreath of Yu-ChiangSee "Curse of Aeolus;" Yu-chiang is the Chinese God of the Sea-Wind.
giftBrewThe Fianna are renowned for their ability to drink liquor. Part of this legend stems from their ability to make it. With Brew the Garou can mystically transform a pitcher of any liquid into an alcoholic substance. This gift can surreptitiously inebriate unsuspecting targets. A grain spirit, and in some cases a worm spirit, teaches this gift.
giftBridge WalkerThe Galliard has the ability to creat minor Moon Bridges through which she alone can travel. The Garou travels between ends of this Moon Bridge in one percent of the time it would take to travel that distance normally, allowing her to disappear from in front of a foe and reappear instantly behind it. Note that these Moon Bridges are not protected by Lunes and occasionally attract the interest of spirit creatures; these beings have been known to follow the Garou into the physical world. This Gift is taught by a Lune.
giftBring Forth the FutureThis Gift allows the Garou to call upon Tambiyah to change one facet of the individual's future. The change must be specific, such as preventing the subject of the Gift from encountering a known situation that will result in her certain death. While this Gift does not guarantee that a foreseen future will be altered, it does allow the Garu to attempt to avert disaster or improve an individual's lot.
giftBuffalo RunRonin 2 The Garou can charge an opponent with amazing speed and devastating force. This Gift is taught by a Buffalo-spirit.
giftBunyip's BoomThe Bunyip is able to emit a loud, mournful, booming call that echoes through the surrounding countryside. This Gift is taught by servants of Mu-ru-bul Tu-ru-dun the Bunyip.
giftBurden of KnowledgeThe Garou floods an individual with the knowledge of all her own limitations, making the victim aware of every flaw or failing and reminding her of all the wrongs she has committed or caused. The weight of this enlightenment can either change an individual for the better, or drive her into suicidal despair or murderous frenzy. Few individuals survive the effect of this Gift unscathed. This Gift can sometimes bring an errant Garou back from the edge of corruption or cause an enemy of the Garou to be "born again".
giftBurrowDescription: Ther Garou can burrow a tunnel into the earth. The tunnel is relatively permanent, and others can follow the Garou through it, although it is tight and only one person at a time can go through. However, no being larger than the Garou can travel the tunnel. The Garou must be in Crinos, Hispo or Lupus form to use this Gift, but the tunnel will only be as large as the form he assumed while burrowing it. The tunnel is not structurally sound and will collapse over time. This Gifts is taught by a Mole spirit.
giftBury the WolfIt is important to hide one's true nature from time to time. A werewolf can temporarily "restrain" her inner wolf and appear to be a normal human for a short duration.
giftBy the Light of the MoonThe Kitsune can see any hidden creature by moonlight, including obfuscated, invisible, spirits in the Penumbra, mages, hengeyokai, changelings and anything else attempting to hide. Owl and bat-spirits teach the Gift.
giftCairbre's TongueBy speaking out harshly against someone Wyrm-tainted, the user causes the taint to appear in splotches on his face, lowering Appearance.
giftCall Down the StarsSometimes the best answer to a riddle is force. This Gift recalls the days of Strange Owl Woman, when the white men dragged iron monsters across the open lands. By confusing the spirits inside machinery with a staggering combustion to explode. This tend to fix most problems for good.
giftCall ElementalDescription: The Garou is able to call one of the four classical elementals (air, earth, water, fire) of his choice to him. This Gift is taught by any one of the elementals.
giftCall Flame SpiritThe Garou amy summon a spirit of fire to perform one task for her. She must have a fire source for this Gift, even if it is only a cigarette lighter. The fire spirit will ignite flammable objects or hurl itself at her foe, blasting it in a great explosion as it departs the material world. This Gift is taught by a fire elemental.
giftCall for VengeanceWhen a person's crimes against Gaia have been too great, a Galliard may use this Gift to stir her brethren against him. As the Galliard howls the name of her enemy to the heavens, her cry resounds throuh the land. Any werewolves who hear the cry know that a great offender has just been named, and must be punished. This Gift is taught by an Ancestor-spirit.
giftCall Forth the WyldUsing this Gift, a Garou can summon the Wyld in its raw essence to disrupt the manifestations of the Weaver. This energy must be concentrated to interfere with the working of machinery or technological items to be effective. Unlike the Homid Gift Jam Technology, Call Forth the Wyld permanently disrupts the devices it affects. Barring costly repairs and replacement of fizzled parts, the item will never work properly again. Not that the items cease to function; they just work in an odd and unforeseen manner. Rather than merely creating a glitch, this Gift actually disrupts Weaver energy by overpowering it with the chaos of the Wyld. Devices may function in reverse of normal (clocks run backward, cars only drive in reverse, computers print out information upside down), or may function in some totally random manner (guns explode when used; missals reprogram themselves to hit a random target after initiating their own countdown and firing sequence; cars only function underwater). Creative anarchy should reign. Obviously, this Gift can be highly dangerous.
giftCall Great FenrisThe Get may summon a spirit avatar of Fenris Wolf. The avatar will assist in combat, slaying all who are not Get of Fenris or under their protection. There is always a sacrifice demanded in return, traditionally the right hand of the summoner. Once Fenris has claimed the hand, it does not regenerate. If there is not a good reason for calling the avatar, or the summoner will be devoured whole. This Gift is taught by a wolf spirit.
giftCall of the DeadThe Kitsune's attunement to Yin enables them to interfere with a being's vital energies. Exposure to the negative forces of the darker Umbra caulii; chills, injury, confusion, and even serious damage jffsliving creatures (among other things). Rare Water- and Cold-spirits teach this Gift; it is uncommon.
giftCall of the WyldThe Garou can greatly increase the potency and volume of her howl, letting it reach far beyond normal range, and enhancing the effect of any normal howl (see WWtA:37). This Gift is taught by a Wolf spirit.
giftCall of the WyrmThis dangerous Gift actually attacts creatures of the Wyrm. This Gift is usually used to create an ambush or to flush prey from hiding. This Gift is taught by any spirit servant of Gaia.
giftCall SpiritsThe Bastet with this Gift may communicate with nearby spirits through the Gauntlet.
giftCall the BreezeThe Garou can summon up strong gusts of chill wind (up to 20 mph), and direct it where she chooses. This can disperse insects or vapors, and chill anyone not prepared for the cold. This Gift is taught by a spirit servant of Wendigo.
giftCall the Cannibal SpiritThe Garou must chant and dance for a full hour under the night sky to invoke this Gift. If the succons is successful, a Wendigo avatar will answer the summons. The avatar will track down a victim of the Garou's choosing (the Garou must have an article or part of the victim) to eat his heart.
giftCall the FloodThe wereserpent may call on the River itself to rise up and take action against those who abuse it. This Gift is used infrequently in modern times, but legends tell of entire villages that were erased after offending the Nagah.
giftCall the HuntThis Gift may only be used once a month, and there must by an overwhelming evil in the area. The Garou may call the Wild Hunt of Celtic mythology (see The Wild Hunt, WWtA:265-266) down from the sky to harry and slay evil. This Gift is taught by the Huntsman himself.
giftCall the PrideBy calling out, the Bastet may summon any nearby felines to her defense. Some Bastet may call variant creatures depending on tribe (but this requires approval). This Pride is friendly to the Bastet, and will perform one service, but will not risk death for her.
giftCall the RustBy whistling softly through his teet, the Bone Gnawer can summon a sudden and destructive rust onto metal in his vicinity. Spearheads crumble, swords corrode and mail falls apart at the werewolf's command. Some Gnawers use this trick to protect their kin from armed men in a humane fashion, but others prefer to inflicit little poetic justices - such as attending the latest bear-baiting and corroding the chain holding the bear in question. This Gift is taught by a Water spirit.
giftCall to AlliesAsia is crisscrossed with supernatural allegiances and rivalries, old scores and old debts. Parts of this web on like "sides" can call on each other in times of danger or crisis. This Gift is the Kitsune's ultimate distress call. Her Batsu, Clan, and sentai will certainly hear and feel it, but it will also affect unknown allies and friendly neutrals in the area. (It's even possible for a Fox to Call to Allies and bring down a horde of Kuei-jin vampires upon the enemy, strange as that would seem to her Garou cousins.) Local spirits, shen and tuned-in mortals sense the Fox's distress or pain and hear her voice, growl, scream (or death rattle) for a moment. The imperiled Fox's location is clear to them, and the beacon of her fear and Rage will become brighter the closer the rescuer approaches. What each entity receiving the call does is entirely up to them -- spirits that are tied to a location may do what they can from where they are, neutrals who wish to remain so will, and hengeyokai who choose to ignore can. However, because the shen you rescue today may save _you_ tomorrow, most who do hear will act. The situation must be very grave indeed for the Kitsune to make such a request; false alarms anger spirits and shen alike. This Gift is taught by an ancestor-spirit.
giftCall to BattleAs the Ahroun Gift: Strength of Will.
giftCall to DutyThe Garou can summon spirits if she knows their names, and may gie them one command. Only one command may be given; after it is carried out, the spirits will depart. Spirit names can be discovered either through personal acquaintance or the Gift: Name the Spirit (Lupus and Theurge). This Gift is taught by an Incarna avatar.
giftCalmThe Garou can quell the anger in others. This Gift if taught by a Unicorn spirit.
giftCalm the FlockWith this power, the Garou may walk among humans without accidentally evoking the Curse or Delirium. This allowers her to live among humans and maintain a family. The effects, however, do not last for long. This Gift is taught by a homid Ancestor spirit.
giftCalm the Savage BeastEven the most callous and heartless of homids can sympathize with their fellow Garou during times of need. This Gift allows for the werewolf to "lend" a frenzying Garou the will to loose the hold that her Rage has on her. This Gift is taught by a unicorn-spirit.
giftCamera EyeThe Garou can "film" events simply by looking at them. They will be recorded on the retina and can later be transferred to videotape or still film.
giftCamouflageWhile in the wilderness, the Shifter can naturally blend into the surrounding landscape, becoming rather hard to see. This Gift is taught by a Deer spirit.
giftCaperWith any form of dance, the Bastet may charm onlookers into a semi-trance. Violence breaks this trance, but sneaking away and other subtle actions will not.
giftCarapaceThe spider generates a heavy, damage-resistant body armor over her exoskeleton.
giftCardboard MansionA Bone Gnawer with this gift can create a perfectly functional shelter for herself. The Garou can fashion any ordinary cardboard box into a waterproof, noise resistant and insulated home. Despite conditions outside the box, the "mansion" remains dry, warm, and quiet. A home or hearth spirit can teach this gift.
giftCarrion ClothesWild foxes sometimes catch birds by pretending to be dead; wild Foxes catch larger prey in like manner. This Gift cloaks the Kitsune completely in the trappings of death - no aura, no breath, no pulse, no telltale movement; the faint smell of first rot emanates from a roko thus disguised, and a conviction :that the body is dead creeps into the minds of those affected. Even those with magically sharpened senses may be mistaken - possibly for the last time. This Gift is taught by the spirits of flies, flesh-grubs and other insects in the recycling trade.
giftCarrion's CallAs much as their other functions obscure the fact, the Corax still feed on and are intimately linked to death and the dead. Furthermore, the Corax have a nigh-sacred duty relating to the corpses of the slain that demands that Raven's children be able to find the freshly slaughtered. This Gift tells a Corax when a fresh corpse is nearby, and inexorably leads the wereraven to the site where the body rests. This has its ups and downs clever fomor are more than happy to murder innocents to attract the attention of Corax with this Gift. After all, once Carrion's Call has been issued, the Corax has no choice but to eventually, somehow, respond. Carrion's Call is taught by a Vulture-spirit.
giftCat ClawsBy calling on her heritage, a Bastet in Homid or Sokto form can unsheathe her claws and attack as if she were in beast-form.
giftCat FearBy bristling and spitting, the Bastet may terrify onlookers. This generally causes catatonia in sufferers of ailurophobia.
giftCat SightAs the level three Metis Gift: Eyes of the Cat.
giftCatfeetThis Gift gives the shifter the agility of a cat, making him immune to falls under 100 feet (he lands on his feet just right). He also has perfect balance even on the most slippery surfaces, and the difficulties of all combat actions involving body slams and grappling are reduced by two. This Gift is taught by a Cat spirit.
giftCatgutThis is one of the fouler secrets possessed by Plague Lords. By carefully curing the skin or internal organs of other Changing Breeds, the Lord can weave a highly durable skein. With a bit of work, this can be crafted into form-fitting armor. Catgut armor, unfortunately, really pisses off other shapechangers. Bastet have been known to frenzy at the very sight of a Plague Lord wearing a leopard-skin coat or cat ears. (And yet, other wererats have been known to fall to the ground laughing.)
giftCentipede's BeckoningSee "Call of the Wyrm."
giftCeridwen's BloodBlood has power. With this gift, the Fianna can tap the power of his own blood and restore an ally's health. However, by doing so, he suffers the wounds he heals. This gift is taught by a spirit allied with stag.
giftChallenge of Single CombatBy invoking the name of the Ice Warrior and issuing a direct challenge to an enemy, the Garou can force her opponent to fight one-on-one according to the tacity rules of fair play. The opponent can launch no surprise attacks, employ dirty tricks or accept extra help from comrades or pack mates. However, the Garou using this Gift accepts the same restrictions - neither combatant can break off from the fight until one participant either concedes victory to the other or dies.
giftChameleonLike the Gift's reptilian namesake, the Garou can blend with her natural surroundings. Unlike the lizard, however, the Gift user shifts fluidly with changing backgrounds, thus allowing the Garou to move about and even attack. A Chameleon-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftChant of MorpheusThe user of this gift can induce a long, restful slumber in the target. Although the gift will not stop a frenzied werewolf, it can ward off a frenzy before one takes place. The gift disinclines any hostile activity after the peaceful rest. Also, the waking victim is able to think much more clearly. An opossum spirit teaches this gift to individuals with patience and a lot of time.
giftChaos MechanicsWerewolves pulse with the Wyld's energy, of course, but all creatures with form and nature have something of the Weaver in them, or so the Glass Walkers argue. Upon learning this Gift, The Glass Walker reconciles these two sides of his being, and he can summon primal energy and mystical form at the same time.
giftChariot of LionsThis less-then-subtle Gift lets a Ceilican conjure a Chariot drawn by huge cats. Like the craft of the goddess Freyja, this chariot is made of coarse-cut wood and covered with Nordic designs. The two huge cats that pull it run as fast as the average car, and can, in a pinch, carry the Ceilican and one passenger into the air for a few moments. Only the Mistress of Catkind teaches this Gift; learning it without her blessings is a grave insult.
giftCheese It!With this Gift, the Tunnel Runner can help his entire pack bolt from danger, although using it tends to be risky.
giftCheshire PrankThe Bastet may vanish from plain sight.
giftChi SenseThe Kitsune may sense Yin and Yang, feeling the flow of Chi. They may make use of the Gift to practice feng shui. The Gift is taught by any spirit of the Middle Kingdom.
giftChi'ih MingThe Zhong Lung with this Gift can walk on air at a normal pace. A Bird-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftChill of Early FrostThe Garou invokes the spirits of winter in a great ritual, summoning biting winds that whistle and shriek through the area. The chill is as much as mystical as it is physical, sent from the domain of great Wendigo himself.
giftChimerical FormThe great tricksters of legends are all masters of changing shape, and the Ragabash who has mastered this Gift is no exception. Using it, he can change his form into that of any animal between the sizes of a tiny finch and a massive walrus. The Garou gains all of the. natural abilities of the animal: winged flight, underwater breathing with gills, venom, exceptional senses and so on. He may not take the form of a Wyrm-beast, but it is possible (though difficult) to attain the form of a mythic creature like a unicorn or griffin, provided the beast remains within the same she limitations as those for mundane animals. This Gift is taught by a Chimerling, a dream-spirit associated with change.
giftChitterAs the Get of Fenris Gift: Snarl of the Predator. By chictering at an almost subsonic level, the Ratkin can unnerve his foes.
giftCircular AttackThe Garou can battle multiple opponents, not only avoiding their attacks but actually channeling them into other foes (or causing a foe to striek himself if the Garou is fighting only one foe). This Gift is taught by a Wind spirit.
giftClaim of AuthorityThere are times when a Silver Fang cannot be present at important moots or meetings, and must send another Garou in her place. To make sure that any advantages to be gained aren't neglected, a Silver Fang with this Gift can grant her messenger some of her own natural authority. It is taught by an ancestor spirit.
giftClap Of ThunderThe Garou may clap her hands together, sending forth a shockwave that can stun all before her. This Gift is taught by a Stormcrow.
giftClarityThe Garou is able to see through fog, pitch darkness, and even recognize illusions or invisibility. This Gift is taught by a Wind spirit.
giftClaws of the GlassblowerWhen using this Gift, the werewolf can change his claws into razor-sharp glass. Upon clawing an opponent, the glass claws tear through leather, flesh and bone, breaking off in a target's wounds. The Garou is incapable of using the Gift or making a claw attack in the following turn, for his claws must actually regenerate. A sand- or lightning-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftClawstormWhen cornered, a cat is at his most dangerous. This Gift transforms the Bastet into a shredding machine.
giftCleansing FlameThe Garou can pinpoint an area (or an individual) and set the target ablaze with an intense and purifying flame that rages for 60 seconds and then dies out completely. The fire can burn out all Wyrm-taint or human-made pollution from an area or cleanse an individual (provided the victim survives) of wyrm taint. The first does not spread beyond the target area of person and can not be quenched by normal means. For instance, if the Garou targets a house occupied by a Pentex official, the fire blazes through the house destroying any vestige of the Wyrm's corruption and leaving untouched anything not tainted by the Wyrm.
giftClear MindThis Gift allows fair judgment regardless of circumstances.
giftClear the MindSee "Calm."
giftClearwater PassageBy turning herself into liquid, a Swara can pass through barriers without fully passing into the Umbra. Like water, she trickles through cracks, seeps around obstacles and soaks through materials. Once she reaches the other side, the cheetah reforms into a solid shape and continues on her way. It's said that Shi'a the Water Ghost taught this Gift to the Swara elder Nyolo in return for a kiss. He nearly drowned, but survived her embrace long enough to pass the Gift to his friends before joining his love beneath the waves.
giftClenched JawDescription: THe Garou's jaw can become a grip of steel, clamping down on a foe and not releasing it until the Garou chooses. This Gift is taught by a Wolf spirit.
giftCliche CurseFrom Roger Ebert's Little Bigger Movie Glossary, "Clichephobia. Condition affecting people raised on movies. Symptoms occur when real life situations echo movie cliches, and the sufferers must take action to avoid what would be the inevitable denouement in a movie." What is a humerous anecdote in the hands of humans becomes a deadly weapon in the claws of a Bone Gnawer. Most often employed with an appropriately dramatic curse (although this isn't necessary), the target of this Gift becomes certain to suffer an unfavourable fate in a cliche-related way. Anyone reaching for something high in a cupboard will inevitably have the entire contents fall on top of him. Riding a bicycle on a sunny day invites being hit by a truck. While it is possible to avoid the effects of this curse, doing so requires virtually shutting yourself from the world, and not in a dark room, either. It is taught by a dog spirit or by a spirit from a television realm.
giftCloak of Darkest NightThis Gift can be used to extinguish small light sources along the Nezumi's path, little gusts of wind putting out candles, electrical lights shorting.
giftCloak of ShadowsThe Ratkin can cloak himself, and anything he is touching, in shadows. This Gift is taught by a Night-spirit, which may demand secrets in exchange for its sacred knowledge.
giftCobra's DanceLong ago, a panther named Tola entered into negotiations with King Snake. After weeks of discussion and debate, the two came to an understanding of sorts. No one knows what secrets Tola offered King Snake, but he learned this Gift as part of the exchange. The Dance allows a cat to freeze prey with a glance. Some old Bagheera claim to know other secrets of the serpent folk, but if any other gifts have survived, theyre not well known.
giftCocoonThe Garou causes a thick, opaque epidermis to surround him. The Garou is immune to fire, starvation, gas, et al. This Gift is taught by an Insect or Weaver spirit.
giftCognitive DissonanceThe Stargazer uses controlled cognitive dissonance to temporarily confuse Paradox and banish it. With riddles and conundrums posed to the thin air, the Stargazer thus confuses the Weaver, who halts her spinning as she tries to solve the riddle. This Gift is taught by Chimera herself.
giftCoils Of The SerpentThe Garou may summon serpentine ropes of darkness, mist or fog to grasp enemies and render them immobile. Each coil is four feet long and has the same Strength, Dexterity and Brawl ratings as the Garou who summons it. A Snake-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftCold Voice Of ReasonA cunning Shadow Lord can talk his way out of just about anything. If a Lord is attacked by another Garou, the Shadow Lord may invent a clever remark that will detain his attacker for at least one round. This Gift is taught by a Crow spirit.
giftCombat HealingThe Garou is able to regenerate during combat while remaining active and without having to make a roll for battle scars.
giftCommand AttentionA werecat can call on his feline presence to draw attention the instant he steps into a room. Everyone in a given space (a room, a clearing, whatever) will immediatly stop what they're doing to notice the Bastet's entrance. Their reaction from that point on will depend on what the character does, and upon their feelings about him;an attractive Homid will get a different reaction than an angry Crinos-panther would.
giftCommand MetisRatkin metis act as lackeys to the rodens who dominate colony politics. Should one become disobedient, a high-ranking Ratkin can force him to obey his will.
giftCommand SpiritDescription: The character can manipulate encountered spirits, giving simple commands and expecting their compliance. While she cannot summon spirits by name with this Gift, she can interact with those she meets. This Gift is taught by any Incarna avatar.
giftCommand the BlazeJust as a wood actually needs the occasional forest fire to cleanse away the dead underbrush, cities too are said to require the occasional blaze to sweep away the filth, and allow new life to grow. However, the cities of the Dark Medieval world are often tarred, thatched firetraps. This Gift allows a Warder to direct the inevitable fire, urging it towards areas that can suffer the burning and guiding it away from valuable territory (such as libraries or the homes of Kin). Needless to say, it can prove quite useful when hunting vampires as well. This Gift is taught by a fire elemental of great strength.
giftCommand the Heart of RageThe Silver Fang can reach into the heart of another Garou and stifle her opponent's Rage. Even a frenzied Garou must obey the Fang's command. An avatar of Falcon teaches this Gift.
giftCommand the MultitudeLike the Level One Gift: Submit, except that it affects everyone in a 200-foot radius and requires a Gnosis point.
giftCommand the PreyThe Bastet, by making soft chirruping or chittering sounds, may call a victim to her in a dazed trance. This is broken as soon as the cat moves.
giftControl Complex MachineThe Garou may bargain with strange spirit life of the electronic world, thereby controlling cars, calculators, computers, video games, et al. This Gift is taught by a Net-Spider (the knowledge is actually stolen from the spirit, much as a hacker copies protected files).
giftControl Simple MachineThe Garou can communicate with the spirits that inhabit simple (non-chemical, non-electrical) devices, causing them to operate as she desires. Wheels turn, switches flip, pulleys roll, etc, etc. This Gift is taught by any technological spirit.
giftConundrumA Stargazer with this Gift can introduce an unsolvable problem into a victim's mind. Depending on the effectiveness, the target could be completely immobilized by her new, fascinating train of thought. The effect varies with every individual, but it usually derives from the target's personality: A computer-hacking Glass Walker might try to discover the last digit of pi, while a Bone Gnawer might try to reason why, indeed, did the chicken cross the road. An avatar of Chimera teaches this gift, but hte garou must first solve her instructor's puzzle.
giftCookingDescription: Utilizing a pot and ladle, the Garou may take any small items that happen to be around (soda cans, paper bags, styrofoam cups, bark chips), and by placing them into the pot and stirring, create a disgusting-but entirely nutritious-mush. This Gift is taught by a Rat or Raccoon spirit.
giftCorner ShotThis Gift allows gunfire to wrap around comers and hit targets out of sight.
giftCornered RatWhen a Garou is backed into a comer with nowhere to run, he can both surrender and beg mercy, or he can fight. This Gift allows the Garou to focus his Rage and lash out in dire situation. A rat- or badger-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftCounting CoupThe Garou can take Renown from someone by hitting him.
giftCoup de GraceThe Garou studies her foe, seeking the best place to land a blow, then sets herself up to deliever a devastating attack the following turn. This Gift is taught by an Owl spirit.
giftCourtly SpeechWhen acting in the role of a courtier, the hengeyokai find it only polite to speak in the tongue of one's host. This Gift allows her to speak any of the Changing Breed tongues as if she were a native. The growls of the Khan, the pheromonal cues of the Kumo, even the hisses of the Nagah; this Gift grants mastery of all. However, it does not grant the ability to read written symbols, nor does it work on human language. This Gift is taught by a Crane-spirit.
giftCoyote HowlThroughout the long, lonely night, the Galliard howls without rest. This Gift alters the sound of her howl to resemble that of a coyote. The Coyote Howl disturbs the sleep of all those who hear it, making them edgy the next day. A Coyote-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftCoyote's HowlJust as Coyote is the Creator, he is also the Destroyer. In time, he will erase alt that exists, for that is his duty. Coyote's Howl allows the Nuwisha to summon a small portion of Coyote's destructive power and unleash that energy on a person or area. When used, Coyote's Howl shakes all of nature and bends it into an engine of annihilation. This power might come as a tornado or as a tidal wave. It might be an earthquake or lightning storm. Whatever the case, there is little that can stand against the power of Coyote's Howl. This Gift is one of the most powerful known to the Nuwisha, and is taught by Coyote to those he finds worthy.
giftCoyote's MaskThe most powerful Nuwisha may take on another form and "die" once within it while remaining unharmed.
giftCraft of the MakerSee "Reshape Object."
giftCrane's WisdomSee 'Truth of Gaia.'
giftCrawling ChaosAs the Ragabash Gift: Fly Feet. Rats are remarkable climbers; they can dexterously grasp tiny surfaces using their curled paws and claws. With this Gift, their ability takes on supernatural proportions. Performing this in rat form is unnerving, doing this in human form is similarly nasty, and the sight of a Crinos Ratkin crawling along a sheer vertical surface can be terrifying.
giftCrawling HandThe Garou can detach his hand, allowing it to crawl off and perform tasks (such as untying his bonds).
giftCrawling PoisonDescription: This Gift coats the Black Spiral's fangs and claws with a viscous toxin that inhibits the Garou's regenerative powers when it is injected to them via claw or bite.
giftCreate Element

The shifter can create a small amount of one of the four basic elements - fire, air, earth or water. In this way, a shifter can replenish the air supply in an airtight room, make a rock to throw at someone, create a fire without matches or weed, or fill a bathtub without any faucet or pipes. Precious metals (especially silver) cannot be created, not can lethal gases or acid. This Gift is taught by an elemental.

giftCrescent Moon FataGarou with this Gift can examine the tapestry of fate itself, carefully discerning individual threads to learn something of an object's past or destiny.
giftCricket LeapSee 'Leap of the Kangaroo.'
giftCrushing the CentipedeAs often as the Khan are called on to battle the venomous spawns of the Yomi Worlds, it's no wonder that they have developed this Gift. By calling on the purity of Heaven, the Khan may make his hands or paws almost impervious to damage, enabling him to strike spiny or acidic enemies without fear. The Gift is taught by an Elephant-spirit.
giftCull the HerdA Red Talon using this gift measures the vitality of her prey to plan her attack strategy effectively. During the Impergium, Red Talons used this gift to pick the weakest of the humans and destroy them. Occasionally, the Red Talons killed the strongest of the humans to removes them from the breeding pool. Today, the gift continues to help Red Talons hunt and kill their prey. An avatar of wolf teaches his children how to detect the easiest prey.
giftCunning KoanThe charater can cut through any falsity, illusion or bullshit with a few choice words. The words cannot be profane and must come in the form of a short haiku, poem or koan. This Gift is taught by a Crow-spirit or a Chimerling.
giftCurse of AeolusThe Garou summons an eerie, chilling fog to shroud the landscape, unnerving her enemies. The Garou can see through the fog, but others will have trouble navigating the mists. This Gift is taught by a spirit servant of Aeolus, a totem spirit.
giftCurse of CorruptionThe Shadow Lords, never a tribe to play fair, designed this gift to discredit their rival. Victims of this curse find themselves doubted be even their staunchest allies. Despite a target's most noble exertions, no one believes anything he has to say until the curse fades. A jackal spirit teaches this gift. Uktena: This Gift allows a Bane Tender to take part of the taint from the Bane he is guarding and infuse the one cursed with it. This takes the form of some physical loss or mental instability that makes functioning much more difficult; it may wither limbs, inflict the target with a permanent nausea, make her bones brittle and likely to shatter or cause paralysis. It can also cause unstable personality quirks (foolish risk-taking, being insulting to those of greater rank, refusing to obey orders or cooperate with one's pack, complete unreasoning cowardice) or reduce the target to idiocy. Effects last for one full lunar cycle (i.e., one month) from the time the curse is inflicted. This Gift is taught by an Incarna avatar.
giftCurse of HatredDescription: The Garou may verbalize the hatred in her heart, disheartening opponents with the intensity of her emotion. This Gift is taught by a spirt of Hate.
giftCurse of LycaonThe Garou may transform any human or Garou into a normal wolf. Garou will stay in this form for the duration of the scene; against humans, this effect is permanent. This Gift is taught by a Wolf spirit.
giftCurse of the BerserkerAlthough the tribe is known for its ferocity, this Gift allows a Get to throw off her frenzy and retain control. This Gift comes with a price, however, as the Garou must choose another to suffer. That victim then endures the Get's frenzy instead. A Woverine-spirit or an Ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftCurse the BetrayerAnyone who cheats the Philodox pays for his dishonesty. After entering a pact with the Garou, bad luck follows anyone who violates the agreement (including the user).
giftCutting WindThe Garou may summon a painfully bitter blast of wind, which he may direct at foes. This Gift is taught by a spirit servant of Wendigo.
giftCybersensesThe Garou, through studying both his own senses and the tools of science, may alter his sensory perceptions to those of a machine. Thuse, he can change his hearting to detect radar, change his eyes to detect UV emissions or radiation, ect. This Gift is taught by any technological spirit.
giftDagger of the MindDescription: The Black Spiral can command a Bane to seed a particularly dark emotion in th emind of his prey. The emotion is chosen when the Gift is learned (e.g. paranoia, despair, remorse, luse, "rage" is not an option, for obvious reasons). The Black Spiral calls upon the proper Urge Wyrm; one of its servitors then envokes the proper emotion from the victim.
giftDam The HeartfloodNo tribe loathes the blight of vampires more than the Silent Striders. By using this Gift, a Strider may block the flow of blood in a vampire's veins, preventing him from useing any supernatural powers tied to the blood. This Gift is taught by Cobra-spirits, who resent being viewed as a symbol of Set.
giftDance of AbandonThe Nuwisha can compel an opponent to forger everything but the need to celebrate. Where anger and harred dwelled a moment earlier, suddenly the target of this power is filled with joy and a need to express that joy. This is used for defensive purposes primarily, as the Gift is too powerful to allow anything but celebration. There are some cases, however, where this Gift can backfire on the Nuwisha. Certain Garou, such as the Ger of Fenris, tend to celebrate very violently. This Gift is taught by a Gaffling in service to Loki.
giftDance of DionysisThe target of this Gift becomes uncoordinated and extremely dizzy. His vision blurs, his ears ring, and bystanders may think he is drunk. Speech is unaffected and reasoning is possible, but all physical difficulties are increased by three. This Gift is taught by a Coyote-spirit.
giftDance of the ChayaOne of the greatest favors a Bastet can offer a spirit is the chance to ride in his skin for a while. Although most cats would never consider such a "loan," many Swara see voluntary possession as a service, not a chore. This Gift, which begins with a frenzied dance, allows a chaya to enter the werecat and "take control" for a while. The spirit gets a body to ride, and the werecat gets certain... benefits. The Dance is seen more as an act of love or affection than a servitude - a sentiment few Bastet would ever understand.
giftDancing on AirAs the Level Four Metis Gift: Moon's Gateway, except that the roll is Intelligence + Enigmas.
giftDanger SenseNo one lives with more danger than a Ratkin Tunnel Runner. When a wererat is prepared for the worst, her senses become hyperattenuated, developing a sixth sense for unseen perils. As the old wives' tales suggest, if a ship is sinking, the rats know of it first. This Gift is generously bestowed by a Rat-spirit. If a Rat's Danger Sense is working, he receives an overwhelming sensory impulse mere moments before the disaster occurs. This impulse doesn't have to be an image; it could be the smell of a sulfurous explosion-to-be, the sound of a wall creaking before it gives way, or simply an uneasy sensation surging through twitching whiskers. The player representing the Ratkin can then declare a panicky action in anticipation of the disaster about to happen.
giftDark AerieThe Garou may hover and float in the air.
giftDark of NightUse of this Gift causes temporary blindness in a chosen victim; they can see nothing but inky blackness. Using this Gift in formal duel is a grave offense, causing the wielder to lose four points of temporary Renown in each category; he also cannot gain Renown from such a tainted duel even if he wins. A Raven-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftDark TruthsThis Gift allows the Corax to uncover a secret truth or character flaw of an observed subject. As you might expect, Corax love to use this Gift. There's even a game related to Dark Truths that some wereravens play: One Corax uses the Gift on a mortal (in, say, a bar); the other contestants then have to try to wheedle that same secret out of the mark without using Dark Truths. A Fly-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftDarksightAll wererats possess a low-level "night vision" that allows them to peer into the shadowy corners of the world. This Gift magnifies that ability. Highly perceptive Ratkin may pick up heat signatures, see sound waves, or possibly see through various methods of supernatural obfuscation. This Gift is taught by a Night-spirit.
giftDarting FangsThe Nagah grows long, sharp, poisonous barbs on her arms which can be launched at opponents. Only two grow, and they may be thrown separately or together.
giftData FlowThis Gift allows a Shifter to manipulate a computer without touching it. By closing her eyes and concentrating, she can make out visual data from the computer with her inner eye, and "hear" noises the computer makes.
giftDazzleThe Garou can overwhelm a target with the glory and beauty of Gaia. This Gift is taught by a Unicorn spirit.
giftDead StickIn these last days, the falling of any Garou is tragic, and the pain of losing a packmate digs deep. But it remains better to know for certain than wonder and futilely hope he might return. This Gift allows the Wendigo to know if a packmate is indeed dead, and if so, where the remains lie. The Wendigo stabs a stick into the ground and waits till morning. If the packmate is alive, the stick will stand perfectly upright. If not, the stick will heavily lean in the direction of his body.
giftDead TalkThere are secrets you just can't get from a dead man's eyeball. There are times when you need more than just a stiffs last sight. At those difficult times, being able to hold a conversation with, or at least get a few straight answers out of, the spirit of the deceased increases the Corax' information-gathering possibilities exponentially. A Vulture-spirit teaches this Gift, though supposedly some wraiths can teach it as well.
giftDead-EyeSurvival in the Savage West may depend on a single lucky bullet. With this Gift, a Garou makes her own luck. Even the most difficult shots can be accomplished with the assistance of this power. A Raven-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftDeath MarkThis Gift is not invoked lightly. The Skulker invests a touch of Gnosis in a small piece of black cloth; when this is brushed across the forehead of a criminal, the victim is marked with an invisible spiritual sigil. Any Knife-Skulker can see this with some effort; various "spirit sight" disciplines can also detect it. Depending on the severity of the crime, the Skulker may give the criminal a head start, offering him a chance to +atone for his crime before the other Knife-Skulkers catch up with him. If he doesn't, the Death Mark makes the guilty bastard easier to track down... and cripple or kill, if necessary.
giftDeath RayYou can discharge energy through your fingertips. Granted, you'll need to hook yourself up to a car battery or wall outlet for a few hours a day, but if you've ever had a Garou trying to choke you to death, you know it's worth it.
giftDeath TrackSometimes someone's journey ends too soon, such as a man dying before he can tell the Silent Strider important information. Silent Striders with this Gift do not let the end of someone else's journey be the end of theirs. As long as the Silent Strider can find the body, they can then follow the trails of the spirit until they find the ghost. A servant of Owl teaches this Gift.
giftDeath WhispersThe ancient Greeks associated the wolf with death. Hecate wore three wolf heads, while Charon wore wolf ears. Lupus with this Gift echo that connection. By standing entirely still near a recently dead body, the lupus can hear the final worlds of the deceased. These words are often rambling and incoherent, but can provide clues and understanding of what happened at the moment of their death, or of their most prominent thoughts at the moment of their demise.
giftDeceptive DemiseThe Tengu who activates this Gift disappears in a cloud of feathers, leaving only a spatter of blood or some ashes on the ground. Not always totally convincing (it doesn't leave a body, after all), it makes for a quick last-ditch exit.
giftDeep PocketsCan't carry enough stuff? This Gift allows you store lots of little goodies in your pockets, far more than normal. This Gift is taught by a Packrat-spirit.
giftDeliberate MisinformationThe Garou can slip confusing and contrary information into his target's conversation, making their plans fall apart or otherwise causing them to suffer from a gross breakdown in communications. Opponents in the immediate vicinity of the Garou mishear each other or misinterpret instructions. The information affected by this Gift must be communicated verbally - either in person or through the use of a direct communication device such as a telephone or other transmission device.
giftDeny the HungryThe Bastet may destroy crops and fertile land, spoil food, toxify drinking water. This is a Gift from Cahlash, detectable as such, and use may cause Taint.
giftDestroyer's BlessingThe Nagah's arms split into three, each section becoming the body and head of a king cobra. Each is autonomous and can attack of its own accord, though all are under the will of the Nagah.
giftDevil's ChildWolves are often seen as the offspring of the Devil himself, and while they don't fully understand that implication, the lupus are happy to capitalize on the fear it inspires. The Garou lets out a fierce snarl that terrifies opponents and cows them into submission. A wolf-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftDevour the DeadThe user can call up a swarm of Rat-spirits to devour a dead body and remove all physical evidence in the immediate vicinity. Rodens Knife-Skulkers often use this Gift to dispose of the bodies of their victims.
giftDevour the UncleanSee 'Spirit Drain.' This Gift can only be used on Banes, but somewhat purifies the energy gained.
giftDiagnosticsAt a glance, the Glass Walker can tell what is wrong with a machine. He can then enlist the aid of the machine's spirit in repairing the faulty device. Any technological spirit can teach this Gift.
giftDiamond ClawsAs the Level One Common Gift: Razor Claws.
giftDiplomatic ImmunityThis Gift enables the Garou to walk about in the middle of a hostile group without provoking the outbreak of hostilities. The Garou can enter a caern beloning to a rival or walk openly into the middle of a group of Black Spiral Dancers in order to retrieve something or deliver a message. The Garou surrounds herself with an aura of "neutrality" that negates her enemies' or rivals' animosity long enough to accomplish her task and leave without incident. The Gift only lasts for one scene, after which all bets are off.
giftDirect the StormHaving a packmate who is prone to frenzy isn't safe for anyone. With this Gift, the Shadow Lord can direct the primal instincts of a frenzied Garou - friend or foe - causing him to attack targets of the Lord's choice. A Stormcrow teaching this Gift.
giftDirecting the SoulStargazers with this gift can redirect the effect of their Rage and Gnosis. By attaining this higher control over their inner selves, they influence the world around them in their favor. This gift is taught by an Enigmatic spirit.
giftDisappearing ActThe Nuwisha using this Gift seemingly disappears from sight. Enemies looking for the werecoyote can touch the Nuwisha or even run into him, and never notice that he is there. All senses arc affected, and even other Gifts or supernatural powers used for detection (Auspex and so on) cannot locate the Nuwisha as long as he remembers not to move. This Gift is normally used to avoid being killed by large mobs of enemies who desperately want the Nuwisha dead. This Gift is taught by a Cat-spirit.
giftDiscarded DreamsHumans throw their dreams away and never realize what they've lost. This Gift allows a Ratkin to salvage these dreams from any trash pile. By chanting an incantation and offering the refuse to someone as a gift, the recipient will be caught up in an elaborate dream; this is based on a memory someone has lost. The dreamer may even think she has the skills to carry out this aspiration. A stem old woman with a broken doll might think she's a ballerina; a lonely man with a moth-eaten coat might think he's the height of fashion, and soon. This Gift is taught by a Trash Gaffling or any servant of the Great Trash Heap, a powerful Bone Gnawer Totem.
giftDisfigurementThe Garou can inflict another with an ugly disfigurement, such as a scar or diseased blotch, or she can make all the target's fur fall out. If the disfigurement is a scar it will be in a decidedly dishonorable place and will not pass for a battle scar. This gift is taught by a Baboon or Toad spirit.
giftDisguise the True FormThe Stargazer can avoid revealing her true nature to other Gift users or supernaturals. Even in Crinos form, the Garou registers as a normal human. An avatar of the Chimera teaches this Gift.
giftDisquietThe Garou causes the subject of this Gift to feel inexplicably depressed and withdrawn. The subject will find it hard to use his anger (Rage) or concentrate effectively on tasks. This Gift is taught by an Ancestor spirit.
giftDistant WhispersMuch like the Metis Gift; Mental Speech , but with a typically Fox twist: The shinju speaks his message into the wind, a stream, a fire, the bare ground or other element, and the target hears theKitsune's voice coming from a like source nearby. Storms arc particularly popular vehicles - talking thunder satisfies the shinju sense of drama. This Gift is taught by any Elemental spirit.
giftDistract the FoolA mischievous Fianna need only point and claim something remarkable, and everyone who hears him is compelled to gawk in the direction he points. A fox-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftDistractionsThe Garou can make annoying yips, yelps and howls to divert the attention of his target. This Gift is taught by a Coyote spirit.
giftDividePerhaps more than any other species, humans are excellent at making tiny differences into massive gulfs. This can be seen in racism, sexism, homophobia and even in the quickly distancing term used to describe some criminals: monsters. Garou, who are part human, have pickedup neatly on these sorts of activities and even perhaps exceed huamnity's capacity for them. This Gift, which raises up hatred and suspicion, is an example of that. It is taught by a dog spirit.
giftDivine RegaliaThe Silver Fang girds himself in shimmering, mystical armor, and a terrible light plays about his countenance. His very appearance causes even the boldest warriors to flee, but brings hope to the hearts of his packmates. This Gift is taught by an avatar of Falcon.
giftDivine WindThis Gift summons a terrifying storm upon a target area. Trees uproot and can fly like paper cartons. Nothing can withstand the force of the wind which destroys buildings, cars and life. The teacher of this gift is either an Ancestor-spirit or a spirit of Naru-kami, Lord of Thunder.
giftDolorous StrikeThe Shadow Lord may deliver a blow so merciless and terible that it strikes fear into the hearts of those around her. Anyone witnessing the Dolorous Stroke becomes faint of heart, and finds it difficulty to oppose the Shadow Lord capable of such a strike. This Gift is taught by a Death spirit.
giftDominance BlowSmart Garou know to pay the Silver Fangs their due. Stupid ones openly challenge them, and force the Silver Fangs to assert their dominance. This Gift allows a Silver Fang to easily knock down would-be rebels by connecting physical dominance with rightful leadership. When this Gift is working, might does make right. Lupus Silver Fangs are fond of this Gift, which resembles wolf understandings of alpha standing. A wolf-spirit teaches this Gift
giftDona Nobis PacemThe Kinfolk is able to maintain an aura of peace over herself and anyone she touches.
giftDoppelgangerThe Garou may take the exact likeness of a particular human or wolf, or even another Garou. This is taught by a Chameleon-spirit or a spirit of Illusion.
giftDowsingBy pawing or sniffing at the ground, the Bastet tries to locate nearby water source (under-ground streams, pipes, etc.). With luck, she'll be able to tell whether or not the water is safe to drink.
giftDragon AllyKitsune warriors can find help in the least expected places. With this Gift, an Eji can call forth a mighty fighter from the elements surround- ing him. There must be a substantial amount of the raw material available - strong winds, not merely air; a fairsized pool or stream, not puddles. The creature takes the shape of a dragon, and is formed entirely from its parent force. Not surprisingly, Elementals teach this Gift.
giftDragon's BreathThis Gift allows the Mokole to spit fire.
giftDragon's MilkSee 'Mother's Touch,' except the Zhong Lung must mingle his own blood with that of the wounded. A Water-spirit is the usual teacher.
giftDragonfearThis Gift makes the Archid form capable of inducing the Delirium in other Awakened creatures.
giftDragonroarBellowing like a thunderclap, the Khan vomits a ball of Fire on his foes. This burning exhalation continues to blaze until either it or its target is consumed.
giftDream GolemThe masters of emotion and imagination can bring the creatures of dreams-or nightmares - to life. Chimerlings teach this Gift.
giftDream of a Thousand CranesThis Gift grants the user good luck for a period of time. It is taught by an Ancestor-spirit.
giftDream SemblanceOnce in a lifetime, the Mokole may become a true dragon for the duration of one scene.
giftDreamchaserThe Stargazer can tap into the unconscious of a sleeping person and follow the course of his dreams. Although she cannot participate, she recalls all of the dream and can view it objectively. A Dream-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftDreamspeakThe Garou enters another's dream and can thereby affect the course of that dream. The Garou does not have to be anywhere near the target, but must know or have seen the dreamer. This Gift is taught by a Chimerling.
giftDreamwalkThe Bunyip's connection to the Dreaming is great, allowing them to enter and exit the Penumbra with ease. This Gift was taught by any Dreamtime-spirit.
giftDredge the Spirit WorldThe Plague Lord can summon a few select spirits of misery: those of Pain, Disease and Night. If the Gift involves an appropriate sacrifice, it may also call up a wraith... or a Spectre.
giftDrop of SeaQualmi are renowned shapeshifters; this Gift, which allows them to take a variety of forms, demonstrates why.
giftDrownThis Gift causes the lungs of an opponent to fill with liquid. The victim must receive immediate medical or magical assistence or die within a few minutes. The target of the Gift can attempt to help herself but can do nothing else except try to expel the fluid. This Gift can either function as a way to capture an opponent, render an enemy helpless or inflict punishment on an individual.
giftDrunkard's LuckIn a drunken stupor, the Gnawer walks away from fatal accidents and hazardous situations with the assistance of this Gift. Where a sober Garou would hesitate and take a mortal wound, the Gnawer stumbles into the clear despite impaired reflexes. A Spirits-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftEars of the BatDescription: This Gift enables the Black Spiral Dancer to use sonar like a bat, enabling him to sense objects and foes even in total darkness.
giftEarth HealThis Gift allows the Garou to help a piece of land recover from blight, Wyrm-taint, poisioning or some other type of environmental disturbance. The Garou gives part of her essence to the damaged land and thus begins a process of renewal that spreads to encompass such details as purifying tainted soil, causing the growth of new plant life or purging signs of the Wyrm's corruption from the designated spot.
giftEarth SenseThe Garou can feel the "aura" of an area and determine if it is healthy or blighted. For a brief instant, the user of the Gift becomes so attuned to the land immediately around her that she can sense the pain of Wyrm-taint, the sickness of pollution or the robust energy of an unspoiled piece of wilderness. In some instances, the source of an area's pain - or the reason for its health - may reveal itself to the Garou through the use of this Gift.
giftEarthfriend's PactPhilodox and earth elementals have an affinity for each other. Both are usually dedicated, stalwart and slow to anger, In recognition of a legendary friendship between an ancient Garou and elemental, the spirits of the earth teach this Gift to the Half Moons. When the Garou calls for aid, the ground beneath his feet answers, shaking his enemies to their knees and swallowing the least fortunate into an early grave.
giftEarthquakeAn old and desperate secret known only to a handful of living cats, this pact allows a Pumonca to shake the earth Herself, wrecking roads and crumbling buildings. Although the epicenter of the quake is fairly small, the tremors can be felt for miles.
giftEarthspeakingBy sifting dirt and calling on the spirits within the ground, a puma receives visions of things that have happened in the area. These insights can help her follow trails, "witness" past events, or learn where things came from or went. Bird-spirits often pass this Gift along, but some worm and elemental chaya do they part too, especially if the Bastet's questions serve the spirits' ends.
giftEase the Fevered MindThe Gurahl using this Gift may calm troubled emotions and potentially repair damage to targets' minds. Even Derangements may be temporarily reduced or, with repeated application, permanently removed.
giftEau de RatThe intoxicating scent of rat is not fully appreciated by all mammals. In fact, most humans find it downright foul, as do the Jagglings and Gafflings of the Weaver.
giftEavesdropper's EarBy listening carefully, the cat may hear things normally unhearable.
giftEbisu's FingersSee "Gremlins." Named with a twist: Ebisu is a Shinto luck god and the Patron of Honest Work. To the Kitsune way of thinking, machines take work away from honest laborers; this Gift puts it back.
giftEbon BindingThis Gift allows the Garou to take her knowledge of someone's fault, practice or secret vice and bind a fitting punishment to that person. Most often, a target suffers crippling pains when he thinks of indulging in the forbidden action. The Garou may use this Gift to prevent rapists, child molestors, murderers or traitors from repeat offenses (assuming the Garou allows these individuals to live in the first place).
giftEchoesA Kinfolk uses this Gift to hear the "echoes" of earlier conversation in an empty room.
giftEerie EyesAs the Garou Homid Gift: Staredown
giftElder WisdomAllows the Ananasi to communicate directly with Marawa, Rati, or Nareau. The spirit in question may choose to punish her; if feeling more benevolent, they may instead choose to provide some facts or advice as appropriate.
giftElegyBy speaking the last rites over a dying Ratkin, you can guarantee his spirit will survive to serve Rat's cause. At the moment of death, he will be reborn as a Rat-spirit. Over his dying body, you must recite the greatest accomplishments of his life. All of his Gifts will be gone, but his memories and spirit will remain. Of course, he can be bound or manipulated like any other ephemera, but some wererats are willing to make this ultimate sacrifice in service to the Rat Goddess.
giftElement Child(Ju-Fu Gift) The Kitsune can create a small amount of one of the basic elements by destroying a kami bearing that element's symbol. She prepares the kami by writing a mandala showing the elements in relation to each other. When she wants to activate the kami, she must fold it into an appropriate shape (airplane, shuriken, water bomb or the like) and throw it where he wants it to be.
giftElement MeldThis Gift allows the Eji to transform into any physical element (earth, water, fire or air), allowing her to merge with and move through that element. It can serve as a vehicle for scouting or escape. On attaining rank five, the Kitsune can change into secondary elements (mist, electricity, moonlight, etc.). Elemental spirits teach the Gift.
giftElement-Folk FavorOld Stone Face made many allies among the elemental spirits, and performed many favors for their kind before passing on. The ageless spirits remember his good deeds by aiding those who invoke their ancient ancestor. A Pumonca who performs this Gift can call up an elemental spirit (see Werewolf, pages 266-267) for help. Once it arrives, the spirit will do what it can to assist the cat; after it finishes one task, the spirit departs.
giftElemental FavorBy cajoling a nearby urban elemental, the Garou can get the elemental to perform one "favor" for her. This can include the manipulation or even destruction of the elemental's housing - thus a metal vault door might unlock itself, a glass sheet might explode at the Garou's enemies, cables might coil around the Garou's opponents, ect. This Gift is taught by any urban elemental.
giftElemental GiftThe Garou may call upon the primal force of Gaia Herself, thereby commanding the spirits of the elements. The Garou can cause the elements to rise up, undulate forward, and even engulf foes. This Gift summons an elemental spirit, not merely the raw matter of the elements. This Gift is taught by an elemental.
giftElude the PosseRonin 3 The Garou using this Gift is transported to another location via the Umbra, usually no more than ten miles away. She cannot necessarily control where she arrives. This Gift is taught by a Wyld-spirit.
giftEmergency ExitSometimes thing go sour, and the most important thing a pack can know is the way to the nearest exit. This Gift allows a Ragabash to smell out the nearest exit from a realm or enclosed space; obviously, it's at its greatest use in hostile and unfamiliar Umbral territory. Rat-spirits teach this Gift.
giftEmpathyTo be a leader among wolves is largely a matter of physical dominance, but a human leader must understand his charges and follow their will to a degree. With this Gift, a Silver Fang can understand those around him and live up to their expectations. A falcon-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftEmpathy of Hatred

Using this Gift, a shifter can tell at a glance how strongly a given individual is ruled by anger -- both at the moment and over the course of their life. An Epiphling of Rage teaches this gift.

giftEmpty HandThe Garou's hand may seem to grasp the air, while in reality it may hold a pistol or even a stick of dynamite. This Gift obscures one possession for the Garou, making it completely undetectable to others. A Raccoon-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftEndurance of HeimdallThis powerful Gift grants the Garou great endurance and hardiness for a time. This Gift is taught by a Boar spirit.
giftEnduring WarriorEji with this gift heal as quickly as their hengyokai cousins (as Garou). This gift is taught by a Bear-spirit.
giftEnemy WaysThis is a Danger Sense. Taught by one of Grandfather Thunder's Stormcrows, Enemy Ways is more than just a heightened (and reasonably accurate) sense of paranoia. Instead, it provides solid information on what immediate peril a Corax faces.
giftEnthronementThe Garou can create small or simple objects out of thin air - including mist, clouds or wind. By shaping the air around him with his hands, the Garou may form a solid block of matter to serve as a chair, create a bowl or cup for holding liquid or construct some other useful item. Alternatively, the Garou can form small, stone-sized balls of air to use as hurled weapons against his enemies. The items last until the Garou disperses them.
giftEntropic BiteThis Gift allows production of a powerful venom that causes painful ulcerations and stops any regenerative abilities for as long as it remains in the target's system. This venom can kill an adult human in one turn.
giftEpidemic ContagionThe Plague Lords' forte, Epidemic Gifts, are even nastier when in the hands of the highest-ranking Lords. By use of this Gift, a wererat can make any Epidemic Gift highly contagious.
giftEquinoxThis rite must be learned to conduct an equinox (Spring or Autumn).
giftEssential TransformationThis Gift allows the Garou to convert part of her essence into Gnosis for use in situations which require the expenditure of large amounts of spiritual power. The Garou can either use the Gnosis gained by this Gift to create or replenish fetishes, enact Gifts that require Gnosis or for any other purpose that requires her to spend Gnosis. However, its residual effects are cumulative. Each use of this Gift imbues the Garou's physical and mental abilities with more and more "spirit substance" until eventually she becomes a spirit creature lacking in material substance. Whent his happens, the Garou can no longer maintain her earthly existence and must either relocate to the Umbra as a permanent resident (not unlike the members of the Sept of the Stars) or else "die" and allow her spirit to return to Gaia.
giftEvasionTrapping a rat is difficult. Hitting one can be nigh-impossible. Anyone who's chased a feral rat through an apartment late at night has experienced this first-hand.Tunnel Runners heighten this instinct to supernatural levels, especially when they travel through realms frequented by supernatural creatures.
giftEve's BlessingChildbirth is a risky thing in these dangerous times, and the Children cannot stand to see unnecessary suffering. This Gift allows the Garou to improve a mother's chances of surviving a birth, as well as keeping the newborn free of disease for a short time. This Gift is taught by a Cow spirit
giftEve's TouchThis Gift allows the Kinfolk to soothe the wounds of other humans or animals through his touch.
giftExceptional SwordplaySilver Fangs train regularly to maintain excellent swordsmanship. This Gift further enhances a Fang's skill, allowing him to become increasingly deadly in a swordfight. A spirit of war teaches this Gift.
giftExorcismDescription: This is the Gift of ejecting spirits from places or objects, whether they are there voluntarily or are bound there. This Gift is taught by any Incarna avatar.
giftExpel SpiritUse of this Gift forces a spirit from a place or object, whether it entered voluntarily or was bound against its will. An Incarna avatar teaches this Gift.
giftEye of the AspWith a piercing look, the Garou can lure her enemy to within striking distance. A venomous snake-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftEye of the CobraWith but a look, the Garou can attract anyone to his side. This Gift is taught by a Snake spirit.
giftEye of the EagleThis gift allows the user to see long distances, over "two looks away".
giftEye of the FalconThis Gift allows the Garou to see long distances with the acuity of a falcon. It is taught by any of Falcon's brood.
giftEye of the HunterLupus wolves are able to assess a herd of prey animals, this Gift enables a Garou to correctly determine the weakest and strongest member of any group she can see. This Gift is taught by a wolf spirit.
giftEyes of Ma'atWhen a Strider invokes the power of Ma'at itself, she may discern levels of truth invisible to even the canniest investigators. With this Gift, she may perceive innocence and truth, should they reside in the breasts of those she encounters. This Gift is taught by an Ibis- or Baboon-spirit.
giftEyes of the CatThe shifter may see clearly in pitch darkness. Her eyes will glow a lambent green while this power is in effect. This Gift is taught by a Cat spirit.
giftEyes of the Dragon KingsThe Nagah may see through any obstacle short of a solid wall. Murky waters seem clear, hazy fields enshrouded in fog or smoke pose no obstacle. It also permits perfect night vision.
giftEyes of the EagleOne of the few Corax Gifts available in any form, Eyes of the Eagle allows the wereraven's vision to pierce fog, smoke, cloud and darkness. When this Gift (yet another example of Helios' largesse) is called upon, the Corax can suddenly see through anything short of a solid object. To the eye, night becomes as day, fog becomes transparent as air, and smoke turns clear as glass once Eyes of the Eagle is invoked. In addition, this Gift can be used to extend the range of a Corax' sight, which makes it useful when paired with Sky's Beneficence. Eagle-spirits teach this Gift.
giftEyes of the Wall(Ju-Fu Gift) Take a paper and cut a hole in it, leaving the hole someplace useful. The Kitsune can look through the hole to see what the cut-out would "see." She can get each side's view by looking through alternate sides of the paper. Often used by kite-flyers.
giftFableWith this Gift, the Kataribe may use her natural expressive abilities and will. to sway an audience. By telling an appropriate story, singing the right song, etc., she can plant a suggestion into the hearts and minds of listeners. (For example, Sondok sings a ballad of reverence for the earth at a folk festival; the attendees find themselves voting Green in the next referendum.) Bird-spirits (Nightingele in particular) favor Kataribe with this Gift.
giftFabric of the MindGarou with this Gift can bring their imaginations to life, creating a Dream Being from the fabric of their thoughts. This Gift is taught by a Chimerling.
giftFaerie AidThe Fianna can call upon ancient pacts between her people and the fae. By emitting a special howl, the Garou can call whatever fae are in the area to help. They will obey the Fianna, but not without question. A dream-spirit teaches this Gift, and the teaching normally involves a quest of some kind.
giftFaerie BloodThe Garou can temporarily transform his blood into that of a Faerie. This allows him immunity to silver; however, iron will have the same effect on him that silver normally does.
giftFaerie KinThe Garou can call one or more faeries to aid her. The faeries are not under the Garou's control, though they are favorably disposed to the Garou (except on a botch - Gaia help the Garou who botches this one!); what they do is entirely up to the StoryTeller.
giftFaerie LightWith this gift, a Fianna can create a wisp of ghostly light, usually white, green, or faint blue in color. She can direct the glow to move, but the light isn't strong enough to illuminate more than three feet around the Garou. Some Fianna like to use this Gift to make their eyes flash green or blue. Ragabash love to create tricks with Faerie Light. This Gift is taught by Marsh spirits and faeries.
giftFair PathTo appear before one's clan at moots or during rites in a disheveled or unpurified state is considered highly dishonorable. A Water-spirit teaches this Gift which allows the Hakken to appear perfectly groomed and dressed; this is quite useful when coming from a battle to speak with the daimyo.
giftFalcon's GraspA leader must keep a tight grip on his power, and this Gift allows the Garou to do so literally. The Garou's hands or jaws tighten in a mighty death-grip, making it nearly impossible to escape. A falcon-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftFalse ComfortHumanity has done much to surround itself with comfort and safety. People have developed armor to protect themselves from their own weapons, locks to keep out their own brothers and walls to shelter them from the beasts at their doors. But the ancestor-spirits remember when these comforts were but dreams in the minds of clever humans, and they can teach the Garou how to bypass them. A Garou using this Gift does not shred armor or smash through doors, he simply ignores them entirely.
giftFamily DebtThe Garou can call upon the past lives of other Garou to return a favor owed to the Glass Walker tribe, even if the debt was made centuries ago. Using this Gift will cause another Garou with the Past Life Background to become possessed by the ancestor whom the Glass Walker summons. The living Garou must be of the same tribe as the ancestor who is called (a Glass Walker cannot make a Bone Gnawer summon a Silver Fang ancestor). This Gift is taught by any long-lived spirit, such as a turtle or an elephant, and the Glass Walkers often have such spirits witness any business transactions they make with other Garou.
giftFan-Shadow-RobeThe Kitsune can change her appearance. This does not give perfect imagery; the Fox cannot exactly duplicate someone else's appearance, reproduce complicated patterns, garments or equipment (uniforms, etc.) and doesn't hide her actions. Chimerlings and illusion-spirits teach this Gift.
giftFangs of MadnessSee 'Foaming Fury.'
giftFarsightBy contentrating on a reflective surface or summoning a spirit, the Bastet may observe a place of his choice through a bird's-eye view.
giftFast TrackThis Gift strengthens the Garou's stamina and allows her to travel much more quickly than would normally be possible. Using this Gift allows the Garou to determine the path of least resistance, so she can move from one place to another with great speed and less interference. While not a replacement for a Moon Bridge, Fast Track lets the Garou continue traveling long past the time she would normally become exhausted. She can effectively make a forced march that covers three times the distance she would normally cover in the same amount of time and arrive no more tired than usual. This Gift is taught by a Bear-spirit.
giftFatal FlawThe Garou can recognize and capitalize on a target's weak point, giving her an edge in combat. This Gift is taught by a Stormcrow.
giftFearlessWhatever odds she may face, the Stargazer maintains an aura of complete serenity. Whether hanging from a rock face 300 feet in the air or staring into the very maw of the Abyss, the Garou with this Gift knows no fear. A spirit of Fear teaches this Gift.
giftFeast of the DeadIt's said that some primitive tribes devour parts of their enemies to gain their strength. By devouring the heart or brain of a victim, the Ratkin temporarily gains three of its Gifts randomly.
giftFeed the GodsBy reaching out with his hand, a powerful jaguar can rip the heart out of an enemy from a distance, pull it to his palm, and consume it in a burst of fire. This Gift kills the target if it succeeds. Only strong magic can rebuild the ashes of the heart or grow another one in its place.
giftFenris' BiteThe Garou's teeth become terribly sharp, and jaw strength increases to an incredible degree, allowing the Garou to mangle limbs with one bite or even chomp them clean off. This Gift is taught by an avatar of Fenris.
giftFeral LobotomyWith but a though, the Garou can devolve an opponent's mind to that of an animal, effectively destroying his intelligence. This Gift is taught by a spirit servant of the Griffin totem.
giftFetish DollThe Garou may harm a victim from afar by mutilating a doll he constructs in the victim's image. He must have a part or article from the being against whom he plans to employ this Gift. He must then construct the mannequin in the shape of the victim. This Gift is taught by a strange Umbral spirit.
giftFetish FetchThe Uktena need not carry her fetishes with her at all. She may draw them from a hidden cache whenever she needs them, no matter the distance. A Packrat-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftFiddlefishThe shifter may scoop a hand or paw through any body of water where fish may be found to capture a fish. The Gift may only be used once per roughly half-mile of water.
giftFind the Child WithinWith this Gift, a Garou can play upon an individual's instinctive response to parental authority or affection and convince that person to follow a command ("Don't leave without me") or respond favourably to a suggestions ("Let me take you somewhere safe") that they might otherwise rebuff. The target of the Gift cannot already be engaged in battle with the Gift's user or with another opponent. The Garou can, however, use this Gift to forestall an impending battle or elude a situation that might turn dangerous.
giftFind the Heart's FlameWith this Gift the Garou can identify sources of energy or power, even when they are hidden or unfamiliar. The Garou must concentrte to detect the pulsations of power that emanate from even a dormant energy source. This becomes useful when travelling in some of the more alien reaches of the Umbra where familiar objects take on strange appearances. This Gift also enables the Garou to identify machinery such as generators or solar batteries regardless of their appearance or attempts to conceal them. Spirits tht serve as energy or power foci also register to the Garou's senses when this Gift is in effect.
giftFind the PortentWith this Gift, a Garou can call for and receive some omen or portent which can help her determine her next course of action. The Garou must meditate for a few minutes in order to place herself in a receptive state so that she can recognise the sign that comes to her.
giftFind the PrizeDescription: The garou employing this Gift closes her eyes and thinks about finding a thing of great value, either a specific item or a general class of things.
giftFind WaterThis gift allows a Garou to locate any body of water within 20 miles.
giftFire ImmunitySee "Kiss of Helios."
giftFirebringerThis amazing Gift allows a Ragabash -- the trickster of Garou society -- to steal a power or ability from another being and rum it into a Garou Gift, teachable to others.
giftFirebugBy focusing anger and destructive emotions, the Twitcher can ignite flammable materials within ten feet. You can't huri balls of abysmal flame, but you can torch things without carrying an incriminating lighter or book of matches. This inferno can only engulf wood, paper or cloth; you'll need the Pyrotechnics Gift for anything less flammable. Inaddition. theGift does not work on items rhar are being worn or carried. This Gift is taught by a Wyldling spirit.
giftFireroarAs the Level Three Khan Gift: Dragonroar.
giftFirst SlashAs the level two Ahroun Gift: Spirit of the Fray.
giftFist of CahlashBy channeling in raw destructive power, an angry Bastet can destroy any material thing with a snarl. Although the Gift isnt terrible effective against living (or undead) creatures, its potency can be avowed by a multitude of puzzled technicians and drivers in various rainforest-clearing projects.
giftFix-ItThe Garou can figure out what's wrong with a device and make on-the-spot repairs which allow the item to run or function for a short time.
giftFlame of the Wind RiderThis Gift makes the Garou harder to damage by engulfing her in a ghostly blue-white flame. In addition to serving as a form of armour, the flame also offers protection from cold, including the intense cold of the far reaches of the Aetherial Realm and the freezing damage inflicted by certain creatures of the Wyrm.
giftFlames of HestiaThe Fury produces white flames around her hands. These flames purify whatever they touch; cleansing tainted food or water.
giftFleet FootedSilent Striders have a habit of getting into unpleasant situations, and in recent decades, these situations often involve arrows. With this Gift, a Strider moves so quickly that he can dodge arrows or other fast-moving projectiles. Air elemental teach this Gift.
giftFlight of the SwiftRavens aren't the fastest fliers out there. They admit this, and don't have a problem with it under most circumstances. However, on those rare occasions when a Corax finds himself chased by something both airborne, faster and nastier than he is, the Corax gets a little envious of his faster, smaller cousins. That's where Flight of the Swift comes in. In essence, it's a set of afterburners that a Corax can hide under her feathers, giving her the wherewithal for an extremely speedy escape. A Swift-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftFlow of AuraThe Kitsune has a feel for "personality of place" and the psychic impressions left on an area by strong emotion. Walking across a field, she might sense a centuries old battle. In a house, every room might hold a different scene of births, deaths, sickness, argument, grief, joy or thanksgiving. This Gift is taught by Wood and Stone spirits.
giftFly FeetLike an insect, the Garou can now cling to vertical surfaces. She can walk along walls or hang from a ceiling. The adhesive grip of the Garou can even assist her when catching falling objects or seizing handholds when she is falling! A Fly-spirit, naturally, teaches this Gift.
giftFoaming FuryDescription: The Garou's mouth bubbles with a greenish fluid.
giftFoetrackerBy using this Gift, the Garou can follow her quarry without risking losing the trail. The scent of the target becomes so powerful to the Garou that she can follow it even under conditions that might otherwise abscure the trail. Even if the victim crosses water, lays down a false trail or attempts to mask his scent with some other odour, the Garou unerringly follows her prey. However, the Gift's effects become fainter with time and distance.
giftFogAs the Black Fury Gift: Curse of Aeolus. Only difference is they learn this gift from Rain spirits.
giftFog on the MoorThis Gift transforms the Fianna into a ghostly outline of himself, allowing him to pass through anything except silver as though he were immaterial. He may communicate and strike opponents normally. He cannot be harmed by anything except silver. All incoming attacks pass through him. A fog-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftFool's LuckThis Gift allows the Garou to negate botches.
giftFool's MedicineBigotry may be commonplace in the West, but that doesn't mean Gaia's Children have to like it. Tribe members use this Gift to teach a harsh lesson to people blinded by hatred. It lets the user make general alterations to a person's skin tone and facial features. The person remains recognizable in many respects but suddenly has a cocoa complexion, say, instead of a ruddy one, or "Oriental eyes" instead of "round eyes". Loved ones can usually discern the target's identity, however, which is an aspect of the Gift that troubles many bigots more than the alteration itself. Basically, the target changes to resemble a member of the ethnic group he despises most.
giftFool's SilverThe Silver Fang can trick a victim into thinking an ordinary item is made of silver. Whereas greedy humans flock to the illusion, Garou are usually wary and back away from it. A Lune teaches this Gift.
giftFooling the TigerSee "Ultimate Argument of Logic."
giftForest LordSee 'Beast Life.'
giftForgetfulnessKitsune with this Gift can erase information or memories of an event from the target's mind. This tactic is sometimes the only way the Veilless ones can keep their secrets. Taught by Fog- or Mist-spirits.
giftForm of AkhlutInuit myth tells of Akhlut, a killer whale that turned into a wolf to walk on land. The legends are almost right, of course. This Gift allows a Red Talon to take on an aquatic form such as a fish, dolphin or whale. It is believed by some that this Gift is how the Red Talons spread from their original lands to other continents. The Gift is taught by the spirit of an appropriate pelagic animal, although the Red Talons respect the orca most of all.
giftFortunaCats tend to be lucky. This Gift allows them to share a little of that luck.
giftFreyja's BlessingBy laying hands on a would-be parent, the Bastet may increase the chances of bearing a child. This may (at Nala's whim) also improve the chances of the child being Bastet (if the chance exists in the first place).
giftFriend in NeedIt takes a lot for a pack to accept a Bone Gnawer as an equal, but once they do, the Bone Gnawer's loyalty is unshakable. This Gift allows a Bone Gnawer to risk all, even his own life, to aid a packmate or a tribemate. A dog-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftFrozen FormHomids and lupus have no idea what it's like to grow up as a metis, never changing from Crinos form for years and years. This Gift, taught by any aerial spirit, lets a metis give other a taste of what spending extended time in Crinos form is really like.
giftFull Moon CleansingThis Gift allows the Garou to shake off Harano by overpowering it with Rage. (The Gift does not dispel Derangements.) Many Silver Fang Ahroun learn this Gift, regardless of Lodge. Blood-warrior spirits teach this Gift. To learn it, the Garou must kill the spirit in ritual combat and then burn it in an Umbral fire, smearing herself with its ashes.
giftFull Moon's LightThe full moon is Luna's warrior phase, when she assumes the visage of Diana the Huntress, and searches out her enemies. The Ahroun can call upon her determination in finding her foes, illuminating any who oppose her. Lunes teach this Gift.
giftFurtive GatheringIn Ratkin infestations, high-rank ing wererats become masters of conspiracies and politics. Through this Gift, a Ratkin calls upon the spirits to surround a secretive meeting of rats and wererats. This must be done in privacy, but once undertaken, no one can communicate with the conspirators... or even know they are there. Oddly enough, this Gift is taught by a Srormcrow-spirit, since Grandfather Thunder sympathies with the Ratkin race's need for revenge.
giftFuture WarningGrants the Bastet vague insight into coming perils.
giftGaia's BreathThe Gurahl with this Gift may bring a dead werecreature back to life. There are no recorded instances of this being used on non-Gurahl or on targets dead more than a few hours.
giftGaia's EmbraceKnown only to the Pure Ones, this Gift allows the Garou to become one with the land. If seriously wonded, the Garou may "crawl into" the earth to seek Gaia's aid. Once protected within Her womb, the wounded child is mended by the power of the Goddess. An Earth-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftGaia's VengeanceThe Garou can cause the very features of the land to animate and attack intruders: branches will lash out, rocks will roll and smash, vines will trip, water will suck victims under, etc. This Gift is taught by an avatar of Gaia Herself.
giftGarfena's CrownGarafena was a mythical serpent in Russian folklore that sat upon a golden crown and was called upon to give blessing to his followers. A recent Gift that has only been known since 1998, Garafena now offers his blessings to any Garou who wears his mark. This Gift is taught by a snake spirit.
giftGate of the MoonThis power only works at night, and there must be at least a sliver of moon in the sky. The Garou can open a special type of Moon Bridge, allowing instantaneous travel to her destination. This Gift is taught by Lunes.
giftGathering StormThis Gift summons a group of Wind-spirits that engulf one opponent in a cyclone, buffeting her with debris and hurling her aside.
giftGauntlet RunnerWith all the time the Corax spend popping in and out of the Umbra, it's no surprise that they've acquired a trick for lowering the Gauntlet and making the trip back and forth immeasurably easier. After all, when you need to get into the Umbra fast, lowering the Gauntlet before you start makes life a lot easier. Any Wyld-spirit can teach this Gift.
giftGaze of the HunterThe Garou stares into the eyes of an intended victim, and communicates to them the ancient bond between predator and prey -- beginning the sacred hunt. This Gift is taught by the spirit of any predatory mammal -- wolf, mountain lion, bear, etc.
giftGaze of the SerpentThe Nagah can lock gazes and petrify an opponent. The target can take no actions save regeneration.
giftGeasDescription: A Geas causes others to do a Garou's bidding, though the Geas-layer cannot make the targets act contrary to their basic instincts. Thus, she could send a group on a quest, but could not make its members attack and try to kill each other - unless thy were psychotics or werewolves. This Gift is taught by an Incarna avatar.
giftGhost CaressThis secret, called the "Ghost Caress" because most people blame ghost s for its effects, recalls the time when all things were still one. By tapping the spirits that bond objects together, the Swara can send sensations across a distance. To use the Gift, a Cheetah must hold something that contains the essence of the person she wants to affect; locks of hair, prized possessions, or items of clothing are good examples. Focusing her intention on the item, she does whatever she wants done to the item, not the target. A sympathetic pulse passes between the two objects and, if the cat has been successful, transfers a feeling from the item to the target. Although the magic can't physically harm someone, it can drive him nearly crazy as phantom pains or pleasures was over him without noticeable cause.
giftGhost DanseAllows the Nuwisha to exist in both the Gaia Realm and Umbra simultaneously, permitting attacks on either side of the Gauntlet without being attacked in return. Can be countered only by another Nuwisha using Ghost Danse, or by the Gift: Sideways Attack.
giftGhost PackThis gift allows the Wendigo to call upon the aid of their ancient relatives. Much like the Past Life Background, the Ghost Pack can aid the Garou when she is in trouble or needs advice. The Ghost Pack whispers secrets to the Wendigo and often follows her around even after the gift expires. A Buffalo spirit teaches this gift.
giftGhost SpeechThrough the Gift: Spirit Speech, Kitsune can communicate with spirits in the Yang Realm; this Gift allows them to talk with the denizens of Yin. This Gift is taught by Ancestor-spirits and those associated with Yin or deathly influences (e.g. a local Mountain-spirit whose territory is mostly tombs).
giftGhosts at PlayBy spraying around an area, the werecat can expose all nearby spirits. Although the Gauntlet remains intact, any active spirit becomes visible, as if everyone in the vicinity had used the Gift "Spirits Sight."
giftGibberishThis Gift destroys the ability to communicate. The Silent Strider causes one target to lose her knowledge of speech, writing and any other form of communication. Should the victim try to speak, no one can understand her. Should she try to read a telegram, the message appears to be garbled nonsense.
giftGibbous Moon SongWhen used by Fangs of other auspices, this Gift makes the Garou more adept at social situations. It makes Galliards loquactious and silver-tongued to the extreme. Galliard moon-dancers who use this Gift draw upon the moon's mysteries to cast complimentary light on their every action. The Galliard naturally draws people's attention. A "social Gaffling" of the Great Green Cheese Spirit (a traditional Bone Gnawer ally) teaches this Gift. This fact is scandalous to most Silver Fangs. To learn this Gift, the Garou must best the spirit in a word contest (Wits + Enigmas, difficulty 8).
giftGift of EyesThe Corax' duty of drinking the eyes of the slain can inflict a montage of supremely horrific images upon those who tend to their duties. In many cases, those images are the Corax' burden, to suffer with in silence. That's not always the case, however. With Gift of Eyes, a Corax can pass along a vision from an eye he's drunk to any non-Corax he chooses. The image is transferred in all its glory and gore, just as the Corax himself first saw it. Unprepared viewers may faint or scream; prepared ones may find clues or details they need in this glimpse of a dead man's last seconds. Raven or one of his spirits teaches this Gift.
giftGift of LaughterThe Nuwisha may end a frenzy with this Gift, or may simply use it to lighten the mood in tense situations. This Gift may also be used to end the pain of someone who is mortally injured, allowing him to use the last few moments of life in full control of his faculties. This Gift is taught by a spirit of Kishijoten.
giftGift of RageThe Bastet taps into her Rage, summoning a Berserk frenzy. This targets everything in the vicinity that seems remotely dangerous (which includes -everyone-) and does not end until no danger remains. This is general last-ditch and often the last action a Bastet performs.
giftGift of SaltThis unassuming and yet highly useful Gift allows a Warder to preserve food at the peak of its freshness, that he might enjoy its bounty year-round. The Warders use this Gift often, not only to assure that they have a supply of food that won't offend their acute senses, but also to help maintin the health of their Kin. The only drawback is that all food preserved in this manner takes on a slightly salty taste (as if dusted with tears) - but most folk consider this aftertaste, even on fruit, much preferable to the usual flavours of mould and rot. This Gift is taught by a Salt-spirit
giftGift of the CricketAlthough the Khan are mighty warriors, their first duty is that of gathering secrets. This Gift permits them to do just that, hearing things through walls and across the street as if they were there. This gift is taught by a cricket spirit.
giftGift of the PorcupineDescription: This Gift allows the Garou's fur to become bristly and sharp like the quills of a porcupine. The Garou must be in Crinos, Hispo, or Lupus form. This Gift is taught by a Porcupine spirit.
giftGift of the SalamanderThe Ahroun with this Gift can become virtually impervious to flame. She can walk through a blazing building, hold her hand in a torch flame or even plunge her arm into a cauldron of boiling oil without ill effect. This Gift is taught by a fire elemental, most often a Salamander.
giftGift of the SkunkDescription: With this Gift, the Garou can swell his musk glands, allowing him to spray musk like a skunk. This Gift is, of course, taught by a skunk spirit.
giftGift of the SprigganThe Garou may grow up to three times her normal size or shrink to the size of a small puppy. This Gift is taught by a faerie or Chimerling.
giftGift of the TermiteThe Bone Gnawer can cause wood and paper to rot with astonishing speed. Furniture falls apart, documents disintegrate and even buildings collapse. Obviously, the best instructor of this gift is a termite spirit
giftGift of the TermiteThe Bone Gnawer can cause wood and paper to rot with astonishing speed. Furniture falls apart, documents disintegrate and even buildings collapse. Obviously, the best instructor of this Gift is a Termite-spirit.
giftGlib TongueThe Garou is mystically able to make whatever she says be what the target wants to hear. Whatever the Garou says, even gibberish, will be heartily agreed with, although the Garou won't have a clue what the target things she is saying. This Gift is taught by a Trickster spirit.
giftGluttonyThe Garou can swallow other things or beings whole.
giftGnawThe Garou may strengthen her jaws to the point that, given time, she can chew through just about anything. In addition, her jaws do more damage in combat. This Gift is taught by a Wolf spirit.
giftGood FaithWith this Gift, the Garou can cause all those in his presence to become filled with a sense of higher purpose. They all feel the work they must do together is more important than their differences. All other distractions are gone, and they feel inspired to take reasonable positions, rather than inflexible postures or exaggerated stands intended to be bargained away. Those who resist, and continue to bargain in bad faith, become loudly and uncontrollably flatulent each time they state their position. This Gift is taught by avatars of the New World Trinity totem.
giftGorgeNatural wolves will eat as much as possible when food is available, for they never know when their next meal will arrive. With this Gift, a Red Talon can do much the same thing with Rage, Gnosis or Willpower, storing such energy against the day when she will need it. A wolf-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftGorgon's GazeThe user of this gift may literally turn a target to stone; the target may not move or act. Duration is usually limited, but varies with skill and success; a sufficient degree of success might make the effects permanent.
giftGrand GestureBy bestowing appropriate gifts on an individual or a group, the Garou increases her esteem and reputation in the eyes of the recipients of her largesse. The targets of this Gift tend to listen favourably to suggestions made by the Gift's user and to support her arguments or come to her aid in a battle of words or weapons. This Gift lasts for an entire scene. When the effects of the Gift come to an end, the individuals affected may still continue to regard the Garou with some residual respect depending on their experiences while the Gift was active.
giftGrandmother's TouchThis Gift is exactly like Mother's Touch (Level One Gift, see above), but the Garou can use it to heal herself as well as others. This Gift is taught by a Unicorn spirit.
giftGrasp the BeyondThis Gift allows the user to take objects out of the Umbra (or put them into it) without stepping sideways. After using the Gift: Umbral Sight, the Garou can reach through, pick up anything such as a pocketwatch or an unconscious Garou and bring it into the physical world. The clever Raccoon-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftGreat BisonFor centuries, the bison provided the Pure Ones and their Kinfolk with all they needed. With the incursion of the Europeans, both Garou and human, the bison population dwindles and the open plains vanish. With this Gift, the Wendigo summons a ghostly stampede of spirit bison to trample his enemies. A Bison-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftGremlinsThe Garou can cause a technological device to malfunction merely by touching it. Use of this Gift actually intimidates the spirit that inhabits the device and causes it to fucntion. If the Garou can sufficiently frighten the spirit, it will leave the device, causing it to malfunction permanently. This Gift is taught by a Gremlin, type of spirit Wyld spirit that enjoys breaking things.
giftGrisly AspectThe shifter using this Gift may appear more enormous and formidable to opponents, frequently used to cause them to flee.
giftGrovelBy showing your throat to any Garou, you can stop them from harming you further. If successful, the other Garou will instinctively cease to fight you. This does not mean they will leave you alone. They may continue to watch you and may verbally berate you, but they will not harm you as long as you do not initiate any attack.
giftGuardians of the DreamtimeAs Australia's guardians, the Bunyip were given special powers over the land. This Gift is one of the reasons the outback Gauntlet remained low in Australia for a longer time than in the rest of the world. This Gift is taught by a servant of the Rainbow Serpent.
giftGuiding Hand of DjeheutyNone could stay the words of Djeheuty, the messenger of the Gods. Those who have this Gift do not even have to accompany the message, but can send it on its way and be assured that it will reach its destination. The spirit of any migrating animal teaches this Gift.
giftGuilt TripBy unearthing buried guilt and remorse, the Child of Gaia can force another to perform an action against her own will. Even if little relation exists between the guilty conscience and the task at hand, the gift can be effective. Better results occur when there is a direct link, however. The gift works best when the target wants to perform the action, but pride or fear prevents her from doing so. Many urban spirits that have witnessed the cruelty of humanity toward itself know this gift and teach it to the Garou.
giftHalf-Moon MnemonicsLuna's Philodox aspect is the teacher of ways and the keeper of memories. The Garou who learns this Gift may recall any moment with crystal clarity, freezing it forever in her mind. The Garou may then study the moment at her leisure, coming at it from almost any angle. Silver Fang Philodox are forever replaying captured memories, and thus seem especially distant to others. A Sea-spirit teaches this Gift; the Garou hears indistinct water-spirit voices throughout her training. Ideally, the Silver Fang stares into water when suing this Gift to recall a memory.
giftHalo of the SunThe Garou becomes surrounded by a sphere of blazing sunlight. Certain Wyrm creatures -denizens of the dark- may flee before the brightly shining Garou. This Gift is taught by a spirit allied to Helios, the Sun Celestine.
giftHalt the Coward's FlightThe Garou may slow his fleeing foes, preventing them from escaping his wrath. This Gift is taught by a Wolf spirit.
giftHand of the Earth LordsThe Garou can telekinetically move substances weighing up to 500lbs. This Gift is taught by an earth elemental and an air elemental.
giftHand of the SunThe Garou's hand blazes with a terrible heat and gives off a white-hot light, similar to a branding iron. The Garou may touch an individual and mark them indelibly (and painfully) with a brand of shame. Any Garou who encounters the victim in the future immediately recognise the mark as a sign of that person's treachery, dishonour or other grave crime. Vampires ignite when touched by the Hand of the Sun.
giftHand of WillBy willing things to move, the Bastet can lift objects or open barriers merely by staring at them. A strong-willed Bastet can move even trucks and construction vehicles with her mind alone! King-of-Beasts and Hatti favor this Gift, especially given the devastation brought about by human traffic.
giftHappy ThoughtsThis Gift allows Nuwisha to temporarily remove other shapeshifters' ability to frenzy.
giftHaranoThe Wendigo can inflict a state of Harano on a single victim. The target feels the tragic history of all the world's oppressed peoples, including the Garou themselves. Rumors that this power would not affect Native Americans have been dispelled by a Shadow Lord who swindled the gift out of a naive Wendigo - who found himself the victim of a gift he'd just taught. The Shadow Lord has not been heard from in recent days. A Wind spirit teaches this gift.
giftHarmonious SlumberThis Gift enables the Garou to create a perfect environment for sleep even in the most difficulty circumstances. Under the influence of this Gift, the Garou receives the equivalent of eight hours of restful sleep and awakens refreshed and with his spirits revived.
giftHarmony of the SoulSee 'Serenity.'
giftHarrying WindThis gift summons a Wind-spirit to harass and bewilder an opponent during combat.
giftHaunting StareThe Garou summons her hereditary instability and focuses it into her stare. Going into the eyes of the metis leaves the victim choking with horror. An Ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftHead GamesOther werewolves always accuse Galliards of being manipulative and player with their emotions, but those Garou with the Gift of Head Games do it like nobody else. The Galliard can change and control the emotions of those to whom she speaks. She could cause someone to fall in love with her (this won't last, and the victim's love may turn into justified resentment) or cause another to befriend her (again, this won't last, but a genuine friendship could still develop). This Gift is taught by a Coyote spirit.
giftHeal the Wounded LandAs the level four Metis Gift: Redeem the Waste.
giftHeart of FuryDescription: The Garou can steel himself against anger, suppressing his rage and creating a mental dam against the explosive frenzies of his race. This anger will eventually catch up to him, so he must vent it before it breaks free in frenzy. This Gift is taught by a Lion or Wolf spirit.
giftHeart of IceThe Garou must know the name of the being to be affected by this power, and must whisper it to the vengeful winds. Subsequently, the victim's heart or other internal organs begin turning to ice, gripped by the curse of Wendigo. This Gift is taught by a spirit servant of Wendigo.
giftHeart of the Ice WarriorUsually used only in the most dire circumstance, this Gift renders the Garou impervious to damage long enough to deliver a final blow to her opponent. The extertion causes the Garou to collapse, mortally wounded. Unless healed immediately, the Garou dies, having given her all in battle.
giftHeat MetalThis Gift allows the Garou to heat metal objects. If cast on a sword, it will do heat damage to the victim but also to the wielder, unless he has protection; the hot metal will do one level of aggravated damage to anyone failing their soak roll. This can be used to forge metals.
giftHeave-HoThe Nuwisha using this Gift can throw an opponent incredible distances. The Nuwisha must still be able to lift her target, either by sheer strength or in combination with a combat maneuver Some werecoyotes claim they have thrown opponents for several city blocks. They were not exaggerating. This Gift is taught by an Ancestor-spirit.
giftHeaven Thunder HammerBy channeling the power of Heaven itself, the Khan strikes out with a blow that can shatter walls and splinter trees. The force of his strike is akin to a gigantic battering ram, smashing through anything in its path. This Gift is taught by the Tiger General of the Ministers of Heaven.
giftHeaven's GuidanceA Silent Strider must be able to make his way through unfamiliar territory without benefit of chart of compass. While under a night sky, even clouded, the Strider with this Gift can never be truly lost. Although this Gift cannot tell a Strider exactly where he is at all times (the constantly shifting borders of province and country alike are hard to foresse), the Strider will always have a perfect sense of direction, as well as how many leagues he has traveled that day. Various Star-spirits and other spirits of the Aetherial Realm teach this Gift.
giftHeightened Senses

The shifter's sensory organs can pick up a much greater amount of input for short periods of time with this Gift. In human or near-human form, the senses become as sharp as any wild creature's, while in other forms, they become positively superhuman. This Gift is taught by a spirit of the shifter's animal type.

giftHeimdall's BladeThis Gift turns ordinary items into spiritual manifestations of the Garou's Rage. With this Gift, even a barstool becomes a deadly weapon. An Ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftHelios ChildOccasionally, the Sun deigns to lend a bit of himself to a Corax in need. This present takes the form of a ball of lambent flame that materializes in the Corax' hand. This fire doesn't burn the Corax, but will ignite anything it touches (effective temperature: 1000 degrees Fahrenheit; doing damage akin to that of a chemical fire. See Werewolf, page 197 for details). One of Helios' spirit-servants teaches this Gift.
giftHerb CallThrough singing or chanting, a Garou can find helpful or medicinal plants, roots or bark even in poor areas such as deserts. Such plants might be healing herbs, substances used in rites or tubers and other plants that provide needed sustenance. The song causes the plants to resonate from the music so that the Garou can locate them by following the sounds.
giftHerding the Infant ApePerhaps the most unpopular Gift in the entire tribe, this Gift is hidden by Whelp's Compromise, although a few Warders of the Land use it in more… experimental ways. It turns a human child of no older than ten years old into a creature of the wild, unable to set foot in a city. Some suggest this Gift is responsible for myths such as Romulus and Remus, or the tale of Mowgli. Whelp's Compromise camp members use this to show that humans themselves can exist in harmony with Gaia, it is the City that is evil and needs to be destroyed.
giftHero's StandThe Garou plants herself on a patch of ground and channels the very force of Gaia through her body, essentially becoming one with the Earth. She may not retreat or even move from her chosen "turf" (and no force on Earth can make her!), but she gains many powers thereby. Only when all foes are defeated may she retreat or leave. This Gift is taught by an earth elemental.
giftHidden DepthsThis Gift allows a Garou to uncover some hidden piece of information, or to decipher some cryptic passage of text. The Gift can also enable a Garou to figure out who the real power behind the scenes is in a given situation
giftHidden HeartThis Gift allows the Garou to take a dangerous piece of knowledge she possesses and lock it away in her mind so that it becomes inaccessible without a key. The concealed information cannot be taken from her through mental powers or coercion; she can neither access the information nor remember that she has something hidden away in her mind. Until someone speaks the trigger word, performs the appropriate gesture or enacts the conditions set forth in the activation of the Gift, the Garou remains blissfully unaware of the information she has hidden from everyone - including herself.
giftHideous BiteSee 'Crawling Poison.'
giftHidey HoleAllows creation of a perfectly concealed Umbral safe haven. These may be placed anywhere.
giftHoldoutBy creating a "pocket" in your flesh, you can smuggle a weapon or a small package. Don't be surprised if a corned Twitcher pulls something amazing out of his... well, you know....
giftHonor PactThe Honor pact is another gift of diplomacy. All participants must enter into the pact willingly. Those who participate exchange blood (most often from cutting their palms) and swear oaths to Falcon. Spiritual bonds connect the participants, and they may not work against each others interests in any way (staff has the final say in what constitutes this edict). Packmates bound by this oath are highly resistant to the dentrils of the defiler wyrm. The children of Karnak teach this gift.
giftHorde of ValhallaThe Garou must be in good standing with his totem (have displayed exemplary courage) and may only use this Gift in the most dire of circumstances, for he is asking aid from Fenris himself. This Gift is taught by an avatar of Fenris.
giftHorns of the ImpalerDescription: This talent endows the Black Spiral with a spair of chitinous black-and-green horns. Usually, they're worn as antlers, although some Dancers have learned to protrude them from other parts of their bodies. This Gift is usually taught by a Dratossi.
giftHot IchorThe Mokole acquires a pool of heat energy usable in hunting or battle.
giftHotwireYou can circumvent the electrical system of any vehicle and jump-start the engine. With a little more work, you can even bind an Electricity-spirit to a spare key, ctcating a "spirit key" for the car that other Ratkin cart use. Some Tunnel Runners like to travel in style, using and discarding cars along the way.
giftHowl of the BansheeDescription: The Garou may emit a fearful howl that unnerves all in the vicinity. This Gift is taught by a Banshee, a woeful spirit of the dead.
giftHowl of the UnseenThe Garou with this Gift may howl in the Umbra or Realm and be heard on the other side of the Gauntlet.
giftHumbaba's EscapeOne of the Bagheera's first and most valuable tricks, this Gift allows a wereleopard to dislocate her limbs and slide through small openings. Though the Bagheera claim that the wise cat Humababa invented the trick, the Simba maintain that he originally learned it from Mouse-spirits.
giftHummingbird DartThis Gift is most often utilized in conjunction with Razor Feathers, in which case it makes for a devastating weapon. Hummingbird Dart permits a Corax to pluck one of her own feathers and throw it like (as one might guess) a dart. The feather flies straight and true, unencumbered by anything so petty as the laws of physics and the strictures of aerodynamics. A Hummingbird-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftHunter in CrowdsWhen surrounded by a large group, a Nezumi with this Gift can sense other shapeshifters. This is taught by a Dog-spirit.
giftHunter's HarmonyWhen hunting, wolves communicate through various means to corral their prey. This Gift allows a Fenrir to convey thoughts to any of his packmates over distance without speech. This Gift is taught by a wolf-spirit.
giftHunter's HornThis Gift enables the Garou to create a sound so horrible and mind-chilling that it sends enemies into utter panic and causes them to flee an area without regard for direction or destination. Enemies so affected cannot attempt to evade pursuit or disguise their passage. This makes hunting them down and dispatching them a fairly simple task.
giftHunter's MistsSee "Curse of Aeolus."
giftHushThough Ragabash are teachers, one thing they can't always teach is when to keep one's mouth shut. Maybe a brash Ahroun is about to say something unfortunate to a bigger Ahroun, or perhaps a talkative cub is about to reveal too much about what she knows. In such situations, this Gift acts as a temporary stopgap; it makes the target fumble for words, lose his train of thought or become momentarily distracted. Besides keeping friends from saying stupid things, the Gift can also be used against insulting rivals or the fomori calling for reinforcements. Because of the bond between packmates, it's easier to use this Gift within the pack -- after all, it's for the greater good, right? A mockingbird-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftHyperattenuationThe Arcadian Ratkin can exaggerate any one sense to ridiculous proportions. The effects last for one scene, and only work if accompanied by outrageous bragging. For instance, the Moon Mouse might heat footsteps through die ground seven leagues away; smell a single peppermint leaf resting on a cup of treacle on the lowest level of a. sewer system; see well enough from the top of a building to shoot an apple off a tree outside the city; or feel a man's deepest psychological problems through the bumps on his forehead. Inconceivable! This Gift is chaotic, often throwing in sensory data you never anticipated, it's taught by a Wyldling spirit.
giftIce DanceThe Garou can move on ice and snow with supernatural grace and speed. An Ice Elemental teaches this Gift.
giftIcy Chill of DespairThe Garou can assume a frightening aspect, seeming to grow larger, more looming, shadowy and terrible. Viewers will hesitate and stall in fear. This Gift is taught by a Stormcrow.
giftIgnore Death BlowTales say that the first Silver Fang died and was reborn; since that time, the Fangs have passed down this gift. A Fang with this gift can choose to ignore what would be a killing blow. This gift is taught by a Lion Spirit.
giftIgnore PainBy summoning up inner reserves, the Bastet may ignore wound penalties.
giftIgnore WoundThis is a power gained from the Silver Fang's legendary secret about Death, and allows the Silver Fang to slip away from a devastating wound. The Garou can choose to ignore damage during the scene. This must be a wound from a single blow, but it does not matter how much damage was done. This Gift is taught by a Lion spirit.
giftImaginal MantraThe Stargazer can chant a mantra to banish Banality from the area and awaken Glamour. During the chanting, he must imagine the area as being inherently magical, seeing the rocks , stones and buildings as living things -he must pretend to dream while awake. This Gift is taught by a Chimerling.
giftImpala's FlightAn essential gift on the open plains, the Flight doubles the werecat's running speed. As the name implies, Bastet credit Impala with this wisdom.
giftImperial AuthorityShinju know they are elite; by gazing into another's eyes and exerting their personality they can assert this. Animals fawn, while humans assume the Nine-tails is of higher caste or better family, from senior management, etc. Shen with weak wills are likewise affected. The Gift is taught by a dragon, phoenix or other animal spirit accustomed to royalty.
giftImperial ObligationSee "Geas."
giftImprovisationIn your hands, anything can become a lethal weapon. All Ratkin are servitors of chaos; in combat, a warrior with this Gift is a deadly,unpredictable madman.
giftImpunityOne of the Ragabash's jobs is to voice uncomfortable truths. Unfortunately, not all tolerate that role, and those who most need to hear the truth are often least willing to listen. No Moons must be quick on their feet to avoid a furious elder who's been calledon the carpet by a subordinate. With this Gift, the Garou may tell a respected leader he screwed up without becoming the dead messenger. The Gift is taught by a cat-spirit.
giftInfestDescription: The Gnawer may call up a horde of vermin (rats, insects, slugs, birds, snakes, ect.) to invade an area (no greater than a large building) of his choice. The creatures will act according to their nature and will not mindlessly attack humans; indeed, many of them may try to flee. This Gift is taught by a Rat spirit.
giftInflict PainYour ability to transmit disease has become so impressive that you can adjust the pain your victims feel. This Gift is taught by a Pain-spirit.
giftInner LightThe Stargazer can step sideways into the Umbra using only his onwn inner light; he has no need of a reflection or bright light to guide him. This Gift is taught by an Epiphling of Truth.
giftInner StrengthThe Garou may, after brief meditation, convert her inner anger into iron resolve. This Gift is taught by strange Wind spirits known to the Stargazers.

The shifter radiates an aura of righteousness and resolve to those around her when this Gift is in effect, spurring them on in the war against the Wyrm. This Gift is taught by a Lion or Wolf spirit.

giftInstinctSome little rodent beasries are known for their "impulse control problems." Homid Ratkin learn to contain these instincts as best they can. With a little spiritual acumen, they can even intensify these feelings in creatures around them. A victim overwhelmed by instinct will follow his basest impulse for a brief moment. (If this is a character, the roleplayer should name the first thing that comes to mind; if it isn't, the Storyteller should immediately improvise something foul). Reactions can be petty or brutal, depending on the victim's initial frame of mind.
giftInterrogator This Gift was originally discovered by a cult of Shadow Lords known as the Judges of Doom. A Garou may use this Gift to terrify his victim into a confession. This Gift is taught by a Fearspirit.
giftInundateSee 'Avalance,' but concentrates moisture from the air to surround a target, and is usable only on land. Difficulty determined by proximity of a natural body of water.
giftInventThis allows a Garou to use pseudoscience to create minor gadgets and devices to get him out of a fix.
giftInvisibilityThis Gift makes the Garou invisible to sight and difficult to hear or smell. When employing this Gift, the Garou must concentrate on its use at all times; the Garou may not move any faster than half speed, nor may he do anything that would distract him. This Gift is taught by a spirit servant of Uktena.
giftInvocation of the PharaoahThis awe-inspiring Gift is only available to the greatest Strider heroes. The Strider must be in Homid form, spend a Gnosis and a Willpower point, and must enact a 10-minute chant to the greatest of ancient Egyptian spirits. Once this is done, the Garou expands and grows, becoming a giant similar to the depictions of pharaohs on mastabas and sarcophagi. This Gift is taught by Sphinx.
giftInvoke the Spirits of the StormThe Garou may summon just about any weather effects he desires; a blizzard, a monsoon, a tornado, a thunderstorm, a pea-soup fog, whatever. This Gift is taught by a spirit servant of Wendigo.
giftIron Cannot PierceThis Gift makes a Fenrir unyielding in battle. After carving a sacred rune into his flesh, a Garou becomes invincible to all iron-based weapons, including steel. His hide can deflect spears and shatter swords. This Gift is taught by a war-spirit.
giftIron JawsSee 'Clenched Jaw.'
giftIron WebThe Ananasi can spin a web that is nearly transparent and remarkably durable.
giftIron-Can't-BiteBy carving the "iron-can't-bite" rune into her flesh, the Fenrir can make herself invincible against the iron and steel weapons of her foes. Spears bounce off her hide and swords snap rather than cut into her. This Gift is taught by a War spirit.
giftIshin DenshinThe Kitsune can communicate telepathically with others of her kind. Both Foxes must possess the Gift and be willing conversationalists. The Kitsune find it very difficult to lie through this Gift, and therefore use it less often than one would expect. Ishin Denshin is taught by Snake-spirits.
giftItchyYears ago, a small pack of Rat-spirits accessed the Television Zone in the Umbra. When they came back, the results weren't pretty. Local cartoon mice had taught them things Rats Were Not Meant to Know. The Itchy Gift allows a Ratkin in the Umbra to shapechange into a form that can employ many of the Cat-and-Mouse tactics used in classic cartoons.
giftJam TechnologyThe Garou can cause technological devices to cease functioning, albeit temporarily. This Gift is taught by a Gremlin, a type of Wyld spirit that enjoys breaking things.
giftJourney HomeNo matter what the distance or what the circumstances, the Get can travel home as easily as he can reach into the Umbra.
giftJudgment of PestilenceIn many ancestral lands, epidemics ravage both human and animal populations. The Mistress of Catkind bequeaths this Gift to her feline children in an effort to channel the disease. Communities who respect the cats' Kinfolk and the land find pestilence banished from their homes; those who exploit nature or hunt the great cats receive the disease in return. Nature's balance must be maintained.
giftJumpThis Gift allows the shifter to cover enormous distances in a leap.
giftJump to the MoonThe Bastet forms a Moon Bridge from her Den-Realm to the Moon, visiting the court of Luna. She may breathe and move normally (as it's a visit to the spirit court, not exactly the physical moon). The bridge, once open, remains open until dawn, and lunes guide the Bastet and any of her guests.
giftJungle's VengeanceBy tapping into her ties with the land, a Balam urges the jungle to turn against any invaders. The assault begins innocently enough, with vines that trip and swarms of hungry bugs; if the outsiders dont get the hint and leave, however, the Vengeance turns nastier. Pools of quicksand, poisonous plants and insects and clouds of noxious gas spring into existence right in the invader path. Ultimately, the Gift whittles a determined force of trespassers down into a handful of desperate survivors easy pickings for an angry werejaguar and her friends.
giftKeening of Swarm PanicThis Gift is only possible in the midst of a crowd of at least fifty or sixty hunians. The Twitcher keens a high, wailing sound just beyond the fringe of human hearing. After a few minutes, the humans become uneasy and soon begin to push and shove each other. The human swarm can become extremely dangerous if it senses the need to bolt.
giftKidnap(Ju-Fu Gift) The Fox can pull a target into the Umbra with him, throw one out of it, or toss someone in alone. She hurls the kami at the target while crying a word of activation; if she's not on the same side of the Gauntlet as the target, it literally appears from nowhere, striking the target, who vanishes in a flash of light and smoke, leaving the now-blank paper to drift to the ground.
giftKiller's LeapAs the Lupus Gift: Leap of the Kangaroo.
giftKing of BeastsAs the Philodox Gift: King of the Beasts, except that it affects all animals within 300 feet.
giftKing of the BeastsDescription: Specific animals, generally ones with which the Garou regularly associates, follow his commands willingly and unconditionally. They understand him and want to help him. This Gift is taught by a Lion or Falcon spirit.
giftKiss of HeliosDescription: The Garou becomes immune to the damaging effects of fire, though artificial forms like napalm and gas fires can still harm him. Additionally, the Garou is able to ignite small parts of hsi body and keep them burning for extended periods. Most commonly the Garou will light his mane during rituals, but he can also light claws, fangs, arms or whatever. These flames are approximately as intense as those of a torch. This Gift is taught by a fire elemental or Sun spirit.
giftKitten's CryAlso called "Pathetamew" for its pitiful sound, this Gift imbues the werecat's voice with a tone so pathetic that anyone who hears it goes out of his way to comfort her. This compulsion extends to attackers, who break off hostilities unless they're attacked in return. Most Bastet consider this a dirty but useful trick.
giftKuei DanceThis Gift calls on the dead to bear witness, usually to the manner of their death, occasionally to the events of their lives. This magic compels truth, not cooperation -but as most Restless ones are frantically eager to have their lives remembered, deaths avenged, graves tended and true stories known, few refuse. The Dance may take any form-the Kataribe may begin a story and have the ghost step forward to continue the tale, act out the events of the story in mime or dance and let the ghost appear in its part, or (and this is the best for convincing others the tale is true) begin a song or narration that readies the audience for the experience, then let them see the ghost's very memories around them. This Gift is taught by Ancestor-spirits.
giftKun's MawSee 'Fenris' Bite.'
giftLabyrinth(Ju-Fu Gift) By speaking a word of binding and leaving this kami in a room, the Kitsune can prevent anyone from leaving. A person who climbs out the window finds himself coming back through the door, and so on; people can still enter the room as usual. The Kitsune must be present to activate the effect, so is trapped with the rest until the kami is destroyed.
giftLambent FlameThe Garou can cloak herself in a radiant aura of silver light, providing illumination and blinding enemies. This Gift is taught by a Lune.
giftLambent SightThis Gift allows the Garou the ability to see under circumstances where sight would normally be impossible, such as in conditions of total darkness (inside a deep cave, for example) or if the Garou is blindfolded. This Gift provides illumination for the Garou equivalent to that of a full Moon.
giftLandspeakThe Aboriginal people of Australia are said to sing the land; an explanation for such stories is the Bunyip's ability to hear the speech of the Earth. This Gift was taught by servants of the Rainbow Serpent.
giftLantern(Ju-Fu Gift) By crafting a paper lantern or similar kami, the Kitsune can later infuse it with an eerie light. The light may take the appearance of captured lightning, moonlight, an evil reddish glow, or whatever effect the Fox had in mind when creating it.
giftLarder of the ShrikeShrikes are notorious for killing more than they need, then storing the corpses for later use. Shrike-spirits can share the knowledge of the benefits that can accrue from such behavior. Essentially, this Gift allows the Corax to store food and anything else, like, say, a corpse in perfect condition for up to a year, so long as the stored item is allowed to hang free in the Corax' "larder."
giftLast StandSee 'Hero's Stand.'
giftLaughterThose who learn this Gift can cause others to realise the humour of any situation - in fact, the uproarious hilarity of any situation. This Gift is taught by Tulu the Kookaburra.
giftLawgiver's LegacyIn the distant past, it is said that the Bagheera were intended to be the arbitrators of the cat-folk. The position never materialized, but this Gift offers an edge to Bagheera trying to exercise this ancient right with minimal force. With it, a panther can raise her voice to drown out all others without actually shouting, and it adds a note of command that makes even Simba take the panther's words seriously.
giftLeap Of The Kangaroo

One of the few Gifts surviving from the lost Bunyip tribe, this Gift allows the shifter to jump incredible distances. Despite its name, it is taught by a Cat or Hare spirit, rather than a Kangaroo spirit.

giftLeap of the Kangaroo RatA kangaroo rat can propel itself with leaps of six to eight feet at top speed. When surprised, it can leap up to 24 feet, a rarher astounding feat for a beastie about 15 inches long. With the use of its tail, it can even change its direction in mid-air. Now picture a nine-foot Crinos wererat taking advantage of the same skills. Although kangaroo rats aren't members of the family rodentia (they're marsupials), this supernatural Gift is still bestowed by Kangaroo Rat-spirits.
giftLeper's CurseThe Garou can invoke a debilitating curse on her enemy, afflicting her foe with bodily weakness and diseased, insensate patches of skin and pelt. The use of this Gift on another werewolf is sure to create or escalate a feud that only ends with the death of one party. A spirit of pain or disease teaches this Gift.
giftLesionsLike the Garou Gift: Halt the Coward's Flight. If you can bite or claw your victim, lesions and sores will break out on his legs and feet, making rapid movement impossible. His running speed is effectively halved.
giftLey LinesBy manipulating ley lines - part of an energy web that crisscrosses the planet - the Fianna can disorient would be trackers or hunters. The victims of this gift find themselves following false trails, making wrong turns or walking in circles. The user's trail simply disappears. The secrets of this gift can be learned from an Earth spirit.
giftLey TraceThe werewolf can instinctively sense where the nearest caern is, though what tribe controls it remains unknown. Depending on the number of her successes, she can determine how far away and how powerful it is. An owl-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftLick WoundsAs the Theurge Gift: Mother's Touch, this power heals normal or aggravated wounds (but unlike the Theurge gift, can be used to heal oneself.).
giftLightning RageThe Iron Rider can channel her Rage into an electrical charge. With this Gift, she can shock opponents whom she is able to touch or who are in contact with a conductive material (e.g., metal or water). A Lightning-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftLiving TreasureThe Hakken prize ancient pieces of art and often have such objects in their homes. Most of these treasures have awakened spirits that can impart bits of wisdom. This Gift coaxes the spirits of items to speak and tell their tales. An Ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftLleu's SpearThe name of this Gift derives from a tale of the Welsh, wherein Lleu Skillful Hand was nearly murdered by his rival Goronwy and sought retribution. Goronwy asks if gold or land will satisfy the debt, but Lleu claims that Goronwy must stand where he stood, and Lleu will throw a spear at him just as he had thrown his spear at Lleu - nothing else. Goronwy finally agrees to his fate, but asks if he can hold a stone between himself and the spear (for it was a woman who compelled him to attack Lleu). Lleu agrees - but it does Goronwy no good, for Lleu hurls the spear straight through the stone and right through his foe. So it is with this Gift. The Fianna may invest a spear with supernatural piercing power, striking with more strength and accuracy than one might expect from a mighty Crinos. Some say that a Fianna full of spirit could even stand at a castle's gates and put a spear clean through the wall crenelation and the man standing behind it. This Gift is taught by an ancestor spirit.
giftLocked DoorThe Nuwisha can bar others from entering the Umbra with this Gift. This powerful Gift is used only to prevent the Wyrm from escaping, or to avoid capture- On rare occasions Locked Door is employed to force Technocracy mages out of the Umbra. This Gift is taught by a Weaver-spirit.
giftLoki's TouchThis Gift is rare among the Get of Fenris, but the Ragabashes often find it necessary to cool the rages of their comrades. With just a touch, the Garou may cause a target to go into uncontrollable fits of laughter or simply to have a better sense of humor. This Gift is taught by any Trickster spirit (most often Ratatosk, the Squirrel).
giftLong RunningWhether the Garou is on foot or in a vehicle, this gift allows him to reduce the travel time on a lengthy journey. Striders use this gift only when the need is dire; usually, they prefer to see the sights and take their time. A horse spirit can teach this gift.
giftLordly WillTricksters beware; a Garou possessing this Gift is all but impossible to deceive. Those attempting to impose their deceptions upon him will almost always be thwarted. An avatar of Falcon reaches this Gift.
giftLoreThe Kitsune can access the memories of other bards, living or dead, to find out information. Similar to Wisdom of the Ancient Ways, this brings forth stories, riddles, songs and such rather than obviously useful things. The Gift is taught by tortoise or elephant-spirits.
giftLore of the LandBy eating, smoking or otherwise taking in a portion of the land, the Garou can sense things that happened in the immediate vicinity in the past. For instance, a Garou can mix dandelions from a meadow into a salad which she eats; as a result, she realises that a group of hunters passed through the meadow three months ago. By chewing on the bark from a tree, the Garou can learn that a surveyor for a corporation measured the land around the tree as part of a planned site for a new factory, or that someone buried a body beneath the tree.
giftLuck of the IrishThis gift gives the Fianna a supernatural streak of luck. Mundane effects include finding four leaf clovers, bills laying on the sidewalk, plump sleeping rabbits waiting to be caught for supper and minor fortunate coincindences. This gift is taught by a faerie spirit.
giftLuna's ArmorThe Garou calls upon the blessing of Luna to deter any damaging attacks aimed at her. This Gift is taught by a Lune.
giftLuna's AvengerThe Garou can transform her entire body (human, wolf, or otherwise) into purest silver. She becomes a nigh-unstoppable warrior. This Gift is taught by a Lune.
giftLuna's BlessingWhen the moon is visible in th enight sky, silver refuses to cause the Garou aggravated wounds. Indeed, if the moon waxes full, silver weapons may well turn on those who would wield them against the character. This Gifts is taught by a Lune.
giftMa'at's FeatherAccording to Egyptian legend, if the heart of one of the dead was heavier than Ma'at's feather, she would feed it to the beast Ammit, destroying their soul entirely. If it was lighter, then the dead person was admitted to the afterlife. This Gift was first the province of Silent Strider Philodox (and is still most common amongst that tribe), but has spread throughout all of Garou society. It allows the Philodox to sense the weight of a fallen Garou's soul and determine if he died as one of Gaia, or had fallen to the Wyrm. It is used to determine what rituals will be undertaken for the deceased, and is taught by a bird or lion spirit.
giftMadnessThe Garou can induce madness in others. The madness will take a form decided by the Storyteller, but should be severe. This Gift is taught either by a Lune or by a spirit of Madness or Trickery.
giftMadness of CrowdsAs tales from the with-craze demonstrate, some Ceilican indulge their darker appetites after sundown. The more sadistic of these games involve bystanders whipped into a frenzy by this nasty secret, then set loose. Byh capering around a room or clearing, the Ceilican can stir up the wild side of everyone nearby, causing an orgy or riot unless her "subjects" are unusually stubborn or controlled. The same Gift can tame an angry mob, although it's generally easier to start trouble than to end it.
giftMadthoughtThis trick literally makes the werewolf's foes too clever for their own good. The Garou can cause her enemies' thought processes to speed up so radically that they literally think too rapidly to put any one plan into motion. The victim of the Gift can only stand still as his thoughts run away with him, rushing madly from one brilliant plan to another or considering all the multiple alternatives for their "next" action.
giftMajestyThe first trick a good king learns is how to impress his subjects. By employing the ancient right of command, any Simba may demand respect and expect to get it.
giftMaker's CharmSee "Reshape Object."
giftMan's SkinThere are simply some places where women are not allowed in the Dark Medieval world. This Gift allows a Black Fury to circumvent those rules; a women might not be allowed to server as a soldier, but a man may do so easily. The Fury using this Gift effectively changes gender in the eyes of onlookers; her features and build become decidedly more masculine, and her garb adapts to that of a man (although of the same social class - a peasant's frock won't become a baron's doublet). Her hair, eye and skin colour remain the same. The end result is a man who shows a slight family resemblence to the Fury, but is a much more effective deceit than a haircut and change of clothes. This Gift is taught by an Ancestor spirit, often one who needed to dress like a man to accomplish her own ends.
giftManipuraThe solar plexus chakra stirs, allowing the character access to powerful energy and strength which can greatly aid Kailindo maneuvers.
giftMantle of the LandThe Garou draws forth a mist or fog from water in the atmosphere. This misty mantle provides cover in which a Garou may hide herself or someone under her protection. The Gift may be used while the Garou is in motion in order to confuse persuers by enveloping them in an obscuring fog. The mantle can also surround a Garou and her pack in order to allow them to attack from concealment or ambush.
giftMany Tongues of PtahSee "Babel's Cure/Curse."
giftMarionetteThe Kitsune can make her target do anything she wants by mimicking the desired action. Snake-spirits teach this Gift.
giftMark as MineBy spraying a given area or object with urine and musk, a Bastet stakes a claim on it. Any shapeshifter will know that a werecat has marked the place, and any other mystically-inclined being (a mage, a vampire, etc.) will recognize the sign as a "Keep Out" warning. This usually lasts until someone else removes the Gift with some other magic, or until the Bastet sees fit to destroy the Mark itself (not likely!).
giftMark the EnemyA specialized power developed by the Swords of Heimdall, this gift marks the target with a mystical brand that only this Gift's users can see. The Swords use this brand to label their enemies so that all other Swords can see the threat. An avatar of Fenris himself teaches his children to identify their enemies thus.
giftMask TaintA Garou with this Gift may completely hide his Wyrm-taint from all senses, including Gifts that detect such taint. This Gift is taught by a Puppeteer Bane.
giftMask the PredatorEven the gentlest Warder unsettles horses, dogs and other domestic animals with his presence. This Gift allows a Warder to temporarily hide his presence. This Gift allows a Warder to temporarily hide his inner Rage, allowing him to ride horses or work with dogs as if he were an ordinary man. This Gift is taught by the spirit of any domesticated animal - a face that has earned the Warders much derision among other tribes.
giftMasking the HuntedThe shifter may utilize the available terrain to provide a safe hiding place.
giftMaster of FireOnce humans tamed fire to keep them warm and to drive off the wild beasts, they were on their way to civilization. Werewolves with this Gift invoke humanity's ancient pact with the spirits of fire. The spirits of flame agree to hold back their hunger when the werewolf touches them. An ancestor-spirit or a fire-spirit grants this Gift.
giftMasteryThe Garou can command other Garou (including Wyrm tainted Garou such as the Black Spiral Dancers) to do her bidding. This Gift is taught by a Falcon spirit.
giftMaw of the WhaleThe werewolf can open his jaws far wider than is normally physically possible and swallow objects-or beings-whole. A Garou with this Gift is even capable of gulping down an entire horse - including battle tack and shoes - only to regurgitate it all later. This Gift is taught by a catfish-spirit.
giftMedicine DreamsWhen the humans began hunting animals, the animals retaliated by sending disease amongst the humans to kill them. Once they saw that their diseases killed good people as well as bad, they relented and herb-spirits came to medicine men in dreams to tell them how to heal the sick. Wise Uktena still know that medicine comes from these spirits in dreams, and this Gift allows them to call forth the herbs for wisdom. It is taught by the spirit of an aloe plant.
giftMemory CircleThe Galliards are the Garou's historians, charged with committing the legends and tales of their people to memory, perfect memory. Not all of them are particularly good at it. Thankfully, this Gift gives those Galliards a chance to make up for their weakness by planting Umbral "reminders" on their person. This Gift is taight by an elephant spirit.
giftMental SpeechDescription: The Garou may mentally communicate with another being over great distances. This does not allow mind-reading, but allow the Garou to use Social Abilities, such as Intimidation, from a distance. The Garou must know the person with whom he is attempting to communicate (although he does not have to be friends with that person). If he does not know the person, he must have something that belongs to that person, such as a lock of his hair. This Gift is taught by a Bird spirit.
giftMerciful BlowThe Garou can subdue a foe in combat without harming him. This Gift is taught by a Mongoose spirit.
giftMercurial MessengerThis Gift enables a Garou who overhears a conversation or who is entrusted with a message to remember what she has heard. At a later time, the Garou may repeat back verbatim everything heard over a single scene as if she had total recall. The Gift allows the Garou to reproduce voice intonations, accents and speech patterns or mannerisms which match those of the original speaker. In addition, the Garou can approximate the speaker's actual voice.
giftMercyChildren of Gaia see no use for lethal force when they are not fighting minions of the Wyrm, but even they succumb to frenzy. This Gift, used chiefly by Children of Gaia with high Rage or in duels, allows the Garou to use her natural weaponry and Rage without fear of killing her opponent. A dove-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftMessage GlanceThe Strider can formulate a message of words or symbols that can be delivered with a single glance to a recipient's mind, and easily remembered by the recipient.
giftMessenger's FortitudeThe Garou may run at full speed for three days without the need for rest, food or water. After the duration expires, the Garou must sleep for a week. This Gift is taught by a Camel or Wolf spirit.
giftMight of ThorThe Garou can immensely increase his strength, wreaking terrible havoc on opponents. This Gift is taught by a Wolf spirit.
giftMimicThe Garou can alter her voice such that she can imitate any sound or voice she has heard, including sirens, gunshots, musical instruments or even specific quotations. The Gift does not allow the creation of new sounds, but new combinations can have interesting effects. Magpie-spirits know this Gift, but learning it from them can be an embarrassing and frustrating process.
giftMind of the SwarmOnce a swarm of rats has been summoned, or if you encounter them in the wild, you can control them through sheer force of will. You cannot motivate them to assault anything in their path (that requires the Rite of the Swarm), but you can direct their movements. This Gift can also be used to summon up a few extra rats or Rat-spirits for the duration of one scene; oddly enough, it's taught by a Rat-spirit.
giftMind of the TunnelsBlood calls to blood. Using this Gift, a Ratkin can establish a mental link with any other wererat she knows. The mindsharing is complete: emotional, intellectual and spiritual understanding can be exchanged. The Rarkin has to have actually met her subject in the flesh at least once; "remembering" him through Blood Memory isn't good enough.
giftMindblockThe Garou possesses a powerful psychic shield, increasing the difficulty of all attempts to affect or attack her mentally. This Gift is taught by a Falcon spirit.
giftMindspeakThe shifter can cause visions and mental images to appear in other people's minds, as well as receiving visions and images from them in her own, effectively placing them into silent communication. This Gift is taught by a Chimerling.
giftMockingbird's MirrorAccording to legend, an early Pumonca known as Three Spiders Climb mastered the art of mimicry and ventriloquism, and passed the secret on to his friends. This secret lets a cougar imitate whomever he wishes - birds, animals, humans, even machines - and allow him to throw his new voice for some distance. As the name suggests, a Mockingbird-spirit often passes the secret along, usually in return for food.
giftMoments of EclipseThere are times when a Corax must make a near-supreme sacrifice, voluntarily severing his connection to the Sun. The reasons for doing so are few, but always drastic. Perhaps the Corax has been chained with gold, and needs a few minutes in which to work an escape (or else he'll die a horrible, agonizing death), or maybe he needs to prove his "worth" to a gang of vampires he's trying to infiltrate. Regardless, this is not an action that any Corax should ever take lightly, and Helios himself notices if a wereraven abuses this Gift. After all, he's the one who teaches it.
giftMonkey TailAlthough the lupus' tail retains the appearance of a regular wolf's tail, it gains far more agility and flexibility. Although incapable of fine manipulation, the tail can grasp objects, wrap around branches or allow the Garou to hang upside down. The tail can also attack from an unexpected direction. A monkey-spirit must be persuaded to teach this gift.
giftMonkey's UncleThe Bastet may assume any human form in seconds.
giftMoon Dance The Kitsune becomes completely invisible provided no moonlight falls on her. She may step in and out of Luna's gaze as many times as she likes, appearing and vanishing over and over. Lunes teach this Gift (and presumably included the exception to keep an eye on the little tricksters).
giftMoon DreamThe Garou petitions Sokhta to grant her a prophetic dream before she falls asleep beneath the light of the moon. She then enters a state of lucid dreaming in which she explores some potential future. THe Garou may interact with the creatures and situations she encounters in the dream and, thus, learn the possible effects of certain actions upon the subject of the dream. The Garou may replay the dream several times in order to test various actions and their consequences until she awakens from the dream, eight hours late. Once the Garou has entered her Moon Dream, she may not be awakened until the full eight hours has passed.
giftMoon LoreDescription: Using this Gift, the werewolf can learn the phase of the moon that heralded the birth of another. Although it can determine auspice, Moon Lore gives no clue to whether the subject is a werewolf or even if it is supernatural in any way; being born under a waxing gibbous moon means much more to a Garou than it does to a normal human. Any moon-spirit can teach this gift.
giftMoon SenseBy meditating upon a pool of moonlit water, a Bastet may see anything that transpires beneath Selines glow. Although its difficult to see distant or hidden locations, a rigorous search can see anywhere on Earth.
giftMoon's GatewayBy calling upon a Lune for help, the Bastet opens a Moon Bridge between caerns or Den-Realms. Such travel only occurs at night. The Gateway forms as a glowing fog, which slowly swirls into the shape of werecats intended destination. Anyone who wants to use the Bridge must enter before the summoner. when she passes through, the Gateway disperses.
giftMoon-Fan-Face-ShadowSee "Doppelganger."
giftMooncatThis Gift allows the Garou to assume form of a small white cat (one of Sokhta's favoured animals). THis ability can prove useful for getting into small places (or escaping from such) and remaining hidden. The Garou has the senses of a cat for the duration of the Gift, including good night sight, the ability to absorb information through her whiskers and extreme flexibility of movement - however, she also retains the power of a full-fledged Garou, and is much more dangerous than she looks. Anyone studying the cat closely can tell that it is not a normal feline because the cat's eyes always reflect the current phase of the moon regardless of the surrounding light sources.
giftMoonpool of SokhtaThis Gift enables a Garou to transform clear, standing water into a pool which offers visions of possible futures. Wilderness ponds, small mountain tarns, pools of clear rainwater or even basins filled with water can serve as a conduit for the images. The scenes that appear within the pool depict what might happen unless something occurs to change the course of events. The Garou must concentrate on the event (or series of events) to get a sense of the outcome. The pool may reflect either literal or symbolic images.
giftMoonriverBy using this Gift, the Garou may swiftly travel across the surface of a body of water which reflects the moonlight. She can follow a river or cross a lake so long as she follows the "trail" of the moon's light. If the light becomes obscured at any point (such as when a cloud passes across the moon), the effects of the Gift end and the Garou may have to swim or wade to shore.
giftMoonshadowWith this gift, a Daughter of the Moon may step sideways using a patch of moonlight. In addition, the difficulty is lowered by one.
giftMorphean BiteThe Ananasi use this Gift to put their victim into a deep sleep.
giftMorseThere are messages that need to move faster than any Corax can fly, and there are times when neither computer nor phone is a safe method of information transfer. By meerely tapping out his message onto any hard surface and using this Gift, a Corax can make sure that someone out there gets his message immediately. This Gift is taught by a Machine-spirit.
giftMother's Blessing/CurseFolklore holds that a cat had the ability to either bless or curse a pregnant woman. In the case of the Ceilican, this legend is true. A kind Bastet can offer a boon to the mother, while a spiteful on can harm her in some minor but memorable way.
giftMother's TouchThe Garou has the power to heal others (but -not- herself), by laying her hands over the afflicted area. This Gift is taught by a Unicorn spirit.
giftMother's TruthThe Gift: Truth of Gaia just isn't good enough for some people. A Knife-Skulker can tell who's lying with that Gift, but who's to say he isn't lying about the results? When someone's guiit needs to be proven to everyone present, Mother's Truth forces the victim to rat on his accomplices and co-conspirators. For one scene, the victim of Mother's Truth cannot tell a lie.%r%tThe victim may even be coerced into telling everything that he's trying to hide. This relies on an elaborate use of interrogation and threats, mixed in wirh a little supernatural prowess. Never swear on your Mother's grave, especially when she's really an Incarna with goddess-granted powers. The Rat Incarna bestows this Gift through one of her chosen Rat-spirits.
giftMotherly GuardianThis Gift allows the Garou to "tag" an individual so that she can keep track of her target's health and welfare. The Garou gains a general sense of the individual's location at all times and can sense when the target is in trouble and needs assistence. The Gift lets the Garou know what kind of aid the target needs. The Garou must concentrate on her target in order to gain these insights. The effects of the Gift remain in place for a full cycle of the moon.
giftMousemazeAn unsettling spell of confusion, this Gift disorients a target until he blunders around in a panic. Walls shift and close in, shadows lengthen, sounds drift to his ears from all corners, and familiar places seem strange and threatening. Although the magic has no real effect on the persons surroundings, his terror and confusion send him into a frenzy, making him an easy target for the werecat lurking nearby.
giftMousetrapWith this Gift, the Ratkin can figure out a way to set a trap using almost anything at hand. First, he scrounges for something that can inflict damage. He then MacGuyvers it into a deathtrap of amazing ingenuity.
giftMuladharaThe base chakra is awakened and the energy stirs. The character can call on this energy to help himself root or center for meditation, or summon energy to stave off fatigue. This also includes the Svadhisthana or sacral chakra, governing the sex organs.
giftMynah's TouchThe Corax often brag that they've uncovered all of the Garou's secrets. That isn't quite accurate, but with Mynah's Touch, the Corax come a lot closer to achieving their boast than the Garou would like. Simply put, this Gift allows a Corax to know the details of any Garou Gift of Level Three or below, providing that the Corax has actually seen a Garou successfully use the Gift in question. This knowledge flees the instant that the Corax actually uses the "borrowed" Gift, but in the meantime, an impressive body of knowledge is there for the taking. This Gift is only taught by Mynah-spirits.
giftName the SpiritThe Garou is able to detect the type of approximate Trait levels (Rage, Power, ect.) of a spirit. The Gift is taught by a spirit servant of the Uktena totem.
giftNatural CamouflageBy crouching down and remaining still in a natural environment (woods, desert, swamp) , the Garou may appear as part of the landscape. Unless someone is actively searching for the Garou, she will be dismissed as a hummock, tree stump or some other natural feature. This Gift is taught by a Chameleon-spirit.
giftNatural RenewalEven as the United States carries out Manifest Destiny, the Red Talons seek to preserve the unconquered wilderness. Under the effects of this Gift, nature recovers from ravages created by humanity. Landslides refill the deep mining shafts that pierce the earth, wildlife infests building and technology fails. A Seedling-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftNature's PlentyThrough enacting this Gift, a Gurahl may always find enough food, healing herbs or other needed plants to feed or heal an individual creature under her care. Even during the dead of winter, useful twigs or hidden grasses preserved under snow can be located and used. A Harespirit teaches this Gift.
giftNerigal's Call to ArmsThis Gift allows the Garou to summon to her side any creatures of spirits allied to Nerigal or appropriate to the Ice Warrior. These beings, whether Nerigal's spirit warriors or predatory animals, fight alongside the Garou for the duration of an entire battle.
giftNew FaceThe Nuwisha can completely change her identity. She may be male or female, any race or any breed. However, this Gift only changes the Homid and Latrani form of the character, and does nor hide her true nature; she will srill be recognizably Nuwisha if she changes shape. This Gift is taught by a spirit of Kishijoten.
giftNew Moon LegerdemainThis no-moon gift represents Luna's deepest mysteries. Garou who invoke this Gift attract and command dozens of invisible, minor trickster spirits (Strangelings, Chimaera and Wyldlings). The creatures dance maddeningly around the Garou in the Penumbra, protecting her from harm, but causing consternation among those in the area. The spirits play tricks on everyone around them, saving their most dangerous pranks for the Garou's enemies. However, the nature of this Gift only allows the spirits to be summoned at night. An avatar of Luna herself teaches this Gift, and learning it puts a Garou in Luna's service forever. Only Garou who perform a great service in Gaia's name may learn this Gift. It costs a permanent point of Gnosis to learn, and the spirits it attracts stay with the Garou until she dies.
giftNight TerrorBy standing over a sleeping person or animal, the Bastet can cause several nights of nightmares.
giftNight WhispersThis Gift allows the Nagah to communicate silently with anyone he wishes. No one else can hear the conversation, though his movements or other noises are not silenced.
giftNight's PassagePermits near-invisibility in dim or dark areas. He may be heard, or spotted with magical sight, but is otherwise invisible. Sudden lights do not reveal him as long as some shadows remain.
giftNightmare PossessionA Garou with this degree of mastery over the spirit world can call up a dreadful spirit of the Wyld and bind it immediately to his target, sentencing his enemy to a twilight existence of constant nightmare. The victim suffers an immediate loss of intellect and most memory, and he begins to act in a bestial manner. Even if the spirit is later expelled, the damage to the victim's soul cannot be undone. This Gift is taught by a Wyldling.
giftNighttime WebAs the Level Three Common Gift: Cheshire Prank, except that the roll is Intelligence + Enigmas.
giftNimblenessAnanasi are known for their quickness and agility. This Gift, taught by a Flea-spirit, allows them bonuses with jumping and dodging.
giftNo Hidden ThingBy reading the riddles of the world as mystic patterns, a Qualmi can discover answers that aren't immediately obvious to mortals. It's hard to hid things from a lynx.
giftNose of the Hungry HoundDescription: This is a Bone Gnawer version of the Lupus Gift: Sense Prey.
giftOaksongBy using this Gift, a Garou can communicate with inanimate objects made of wood or some other organic substance (ie: something that was once alive). The objects do not actually speak, but the Garou can sense their thoughts as images or sensations. For example, a wooden can might communicate that someone had used it for wilderness travel by filling the Garou's mind with sounds of a crashing waterfall, the musty odour of bear spoor and the image of crowded undergrowth and towering pines. A straight-backed wooden chair might allow the Garou to "see" the person who last occupied it and get a sense of the emotional state of that individual. With practice, a Garou can hold an entire wordless conversation with anything from a sturdy help rope or a mat made of woven reeds to a charred scrap of paper (made from wood pulp).
giftObedienceThe Garou becomes the ultimate alpha leader, commanding others to do as she wishes. This Gift is taught by a Stormcrow.
giftObscure the Spirit WorldThis Gift allows the elder to confuse the minds of young Garou, making it impossible for them to step sideways. The victims of this Gift are blind to the spirit world and all of its denizens. Quite often used as a punishment, the Gift has obvious tactical advantages when fighting other Garou. A Coyote-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftObscure the TruthNot many Garou can look a Philodox in the eye and get away with bald-faced lies. The Ragabash with this Gift has an edge over all his kin. She can calmly explain that the sky is green or gleefully regale her comrades with the exploits of a lone, heroic Ragabash and have no fear of being called on her prank. The ever-deceptive Fox-spirit might teach this Gift to a Garou. Then again, he might just say he's teaching you the Gift.
giftOdious AromaDescription: The use of musk has long been a defense in the wild. With this Gift, the Garou can greatly amplify her own natural body odor, creating a debilitating stench. This Gift is taught by a Stinkbug spirit.
giftOf Rat and ManWith a bit of practice, homid breed Ratkin can learn to assume a form between Homid and Crinos, rather like a Garou's Glabro form. Though the critter still appears very human, his "ratlike" features become exaggerated enough that anyone can notice them. Beady eyes, a sharp nose, gnarled hands and a stoop are the most commonly displayed traits. Humans find this unnerving; rats find it charming. While in this form, many of the aspects of misleading and betraying humans become much easier.
giftOjas SurgeBy channeling ojas, the mystical energy inside us all, a Bagheera can boost his physical and perceptual abilities beyond their normal limits. To do so, he attains a posture and meditates for a moment, then guides the ojas through his body, directing it to whatever his needs might be.
giftOmen of TruthDescription: Half Moons are seldom called upon to make easy decisions or clear-cut judgements - if things were so simple, the Philodox would not be needed. Yet when it comes down to it, even the judge could use a hint now and then. By taking a moment to look around, the wise Garou may see in the fall of a leaf or path of a butterfly the answer he seeks.
giftOmens and SignsCorax can find symbolic portents in their surroundings without even trying but this Gift helps. The world is full of omens, after all, but a Corax with this Gift knows where to look for them. This Gift is taught by a Stormcrow.
giftOpen Moon BridgeThe Garou has the ability to open a Moon Bridge, with or without the permission of the totem of that caern. This Gift is taught by a Lune.
giftOpen SealThis Gift allows the user to open or undo nearly any type of closed or locked device. This Gift is taught by a Raccoon spirit.
giftOpen WoundsDescription: The Garou may cause the next wound he inflicts on a target to bleed profusely. This Gift is taught by a Pain spirit.
giftOwl SpeechBlack Furies may invoke the kinship between their tribe and the owls of Athena. This gift combines the effects of the Galliard Beast Speech Gift and the Philodox King of Beasts Gift, though it only works on owls. The Gift is common among the Temple-Keepers of Artemis and the Sisterhood. Many of their kinfolk share this gift, and new sisters oven receive it as an initiation gift.
giftPack AttackHigh-ranking Warriors are the master tacticians of the Ratkin race. They don't just lead swarms into battle; they can coordinate entire Rat Packs in ingenious assaults. By drawing upon the "hive mind" deep within a Ratkin psyche, a Warlord can make it easier for his pack to overwhelm enemies with ruthless efficiency.
giftPack MindThis Gift forces a group of foes to behave like a single-minded pack. All individuals must perform the same task at the same time regardless of its appropriateness to a given situation. For example, if one individual fights, all the others fight; if one person attempts to sneak up behind an opponent, all the others make this attempt as well. This Gift lasts for one combat scene.
giftPack Tactics

While the Ahroun's role as the overall leader of the Garou is questionable, there is no doubt at all who should take control of the pack during a battle. By taking the lead and coordinating pack actions, the Ahroun gifts all of her packmates with great competence in the heat of battle. A wolf-spirit teaches this Gift.

giftPall of DespairThis Gift inflicts a wave of despair upon a targetted individual, making the victim incapable of action due to feelings of profound melancholy.
giftPaper BeastFashioned in the form of an origami animal or with an animal's pictogram painted on it. To activate, the Kitsune spits on the paper; it grows to full size and likeness of the "original" and obeys the Kitsune's commands.
giftPaper Flesh(Ju-Fu Gift) Identical to "Paper Beast," save the creature becomes flesh and blood in all respects.
giftPaper SpeechBy crafting an origami figure or special pictogram of a specific creature or animal, the Kitsune may communicate with such creatures at will, apparently in their native tongues. When she activates the kami, an illusion of the represented creature overlays the Kitsune's own image in the subject's mind; the Fox's speech is then translated into an appropriate language of scent, body language, and so on. The Kitsune herself hears the creature's responses as Kitsune-go in her own mind.
giftParadox of TimeTo most followers of Hinduism, time is not the linear stream Westerners believe it is. Rather, all times are one time, viewed from a perspective that shifts. In other words, it only appears to move because we believe it does. A skilled Bagheera can employ this seeming paradox to utterly confuse an enemy or enlighten a pilgrim. By showing him the relative nature of time, the panther can offer him a glimpse of his folly or baffle him for minutes on end.
giftParalyzing StareThe Garou can direct a terrifying gaze at a target, causing her to freeze in paralytic fear. This Gift is taught by a Stormcrow.
giftPart the CurtainLike the Level Four Common gift: Walking Between Worlds, this spell allows a leopard to cross into the Near Umbra. This variation, however, lets her bring others across as well. The Mistress of Catkind is said to have brought this Gift to several Bagheera elders during the British occupation of India. Working with allies from the Swara and Khan, these old cats turned several staid English manors into shrieking chaos.
giftPart the VeilThe Garou may immunize any human from the Delirium for a scene. In this way, the human can interact with Garou without deleterious effects. However, the human will forget much of what he knows if the Delirium is induced in him at a later date (he sees a Crinos, ect). This Gift is taught by an Ancestor spirit.
giftPart the WallSee 'Walking Between Worlds.'
giftParting the Velvet CurtainDescription: This Gift allows a Garou to transport non-Garou into the Umbra. THis Gift can be used for physical transport through a reflective surface or spirit travel. While in the Umbra the non-Garou are connected to the Garou by silk threads. The non-Garou will stay with the Garou in the Umbra, and when the Garou leaves the Umbra, they return as well. If the Garou wishes to send someone home prematurely, she may do so by spending a Willpower point. A maximum of eighty non-Garou may be transported in this way.
giftPast WhispersWhile Flow of Aura grants the Kitsune psychometric insight about the emotional past of an area, this Gift lets the shinju tune in on the very thoughts impressed on a place. Fragments of thought (those spoken aloud, in particular), if intense enough at the time, can still be heard echoing years later. Wind-spirits and Epiphlings teach this trick.
giftPatagiaDescription: The Black Spiral Dancer has flaps of skin under his arms like a pterodactyl or flying squirrel (even in homid form).
giftPathfinder's PrideCats have a remarkably good sense of direction. With this Gift, a Bastet may improve that knack to find his way out of most kinds of mazes, deserts or woodlands. Worthy folk may learn this gift from Bird-spirits, but no werecat willingly admits to it in public.
giftPaws of the Newborn CubThe Garou prevents a target from using any special or supernatural abilites. She is as a newborn cub, with only mundane powers at her disposal. This Gift is taught by a Falcon spirit.
giftPaws of the Raging Spirit TigerBy channeling his chi energy through this Gift, a Khan may wreath his paws or hands in crackling spirit power. Thus fortified, the tiger can rip through enemies in the spirit world without stepping sideways to do it, so long as he can see them. Obviously, no spirit will teach a Bastet such a damaging Gift; he'll have to learn it from another Khan (and considering this Gifts' nature, the learning can be very dangerous!).
giftPeace of the CounselorThis Gift enables a Garou to bring even the most heated discussion to a peaceful conclusion. Though it does not preclude more hostilities from erupting at a later time, the Gift creates an atmosphere of temporary true among enemies or prevents tribe leaders from coming to blows over volatile issues. During the grace period, the Garou can attempt to resolve the circumstances underlying the state of enmity - such as encouraging the participants in a dispute to begin negotiations or achieving a compromise
giftPennies from Heaven The Garou can convince money spirits to improve the value of his money by changing the denominations of the coinage or currency. This Gift is taught by money spirits.
giftPerceptive ServantChildren of Crow are consummate eavesdroppers, and combined with the perceptiveness one gains by serving Crow, this Gift can be extremely useful. It is taught by a Crow spirit.
giftPerfect CoverCats must excel at covering their tracks and lairs, especially in these dangerous times. To help them, the spirits have passed this Gift on to the wild members of the race. By scratching around the place, trail or object to be hidden, the Bastet obscures it from normal and magical view.
giftPerfect PassageThis Gift permits the Bastet to move over any surface or through any material obstacle without leaving a trace.
giftPerfect PoisonThe wererat's spittle can be converted into an odorless, colorless, fast-acting and neatly undetectable poison. She may even decide to lick her blade to coat it with the foul compound. When exposed to air, the toxin can last for up to three hours. This Gift can be taught by a Snake-spirit, although it's easier to learn from a Spider-spirit. Snake-spirits may try to betray, exploit or eat the Ratkin who study under them.
giftPerfect RecallGalliards often share one trait even before the Change takes them. That trait is memory. Moon-Dancers often have good heads for detail; this Gift, however, accentuates that capacity. Any Weaver-spirit can teach this Gift, which is one reason it isn't more common.
giftPersecution ComplexAs the Stargazer Gift: Preternatural Awareness.

Using this Gift makes a shifter more persuasive; his words and arguments are gifted with more weight and meaning. This Gift is taught by an Ancestor spirit.

giftPhantasmThis Gift creates a static illusion with full visual, auditory and even tactile and olfactory components. This Gift is taught by a Trickster or Illusion spirits, or even by faeries.
giftPhone TravelThe Garou can step sideways into the phone net and instantly step out again on the other end, one simple phone call away. He must first dial the number to which he wishes to go and someone must answer. The phone receiver must be physically picked up -- the Garou cannot travel if he gets an answering machine.
giftPlague BiteA wererat blessed with this disease can infect a victim's central nervous system. The symptoms of the disease are hideous. The victim cannot stop shaking, his mucous membranes ooze, and he drools continuously. Unless the victim is immediately taken to a hospital, he will die. Even with treatment, his chances of survival are slim. Ratkin and their Kinfolk are immune to the Plague Bite.
giftPlague VisageAnyone in his right mind fears a leper. This Gift allows the Bone Gnawer to draw an illusion of terrible disease on his features, replling even the most stout-hearted onlookers. It's a useful trick in many situations. It can earn charity from well-meaning monks, terrify locals and even serve as a way of blending in - after all, people are afraid of you whether they think you're a leper or bewitched, but as least disease is more acceptable than witchcraft. This Gift is taught by a Rat or Disease spirit.
giftPlay PossumWith animal cunning, the Gnawer can force her body into a state near death. Far from a serene, peaceful trance wherein the Garou imitates death, the Gift creates a facade closer to a drowned, bloated rat. The Garou's body stinks of rot, maggots crawl on her and flies gather as if to feast. Only a scrupulous investigation reveals the truth - but most folks won't want to get that close. Most Silver Fangs argue to ban this Gfit at moots and social gatherings. A Decay-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftPointing the BoneThe Garou can inflict ranged damage by simply pointing a bone at an opponent. After gathering the bone from some corpse herself, the Uktena can change it into a devastating weapon. A vulture spirit will teach this gift in exchange for a few scraps.
giftPoison FoodHealth Department officials would cringe at the very thought of this Gift. Common black rats and brown rats are capable of spreading food poisoning under the right circumstances. Add the ordinary rat's capacity for breeding, and that means several hundred rats can drive a restaurant out of business if unchecked. Now picture a Plague Lord calling up his own assortment of Disease-spirits after learning this Gift from his ephemeral ally.
giftPoisoned FleshSee 'Venom Blood.' Affects only opponents making successful bite attacks against the user.
giftPortentsTaught by a Wind-spirit, this Gift is a sneak peek at the most important events of the near future. There's no greater secret than what is to happen, and as a result Corax will sell their own kidneys for a look at the future.
giftPossessionThe Kitsune may abandon her physical form to take over that of another. It is the most famous, and most infamous power the Nine-Tails wield. Humans across Asia rightly fear it. This Gift is taught by lesser Incarna of Luna or one of Fox's brood, if at all.
giftPossum's Feet(Bunyip 2) This Gift is identical to the Lupus Gift: Catfeet, except that it is learned from possum-spirits. This Gift may explain the athletic feats performed by captive thylacines.
giftPotter's ClayAs the level three Homid Gift: Craft of the Maker.
giftPower of the WaysThis Gift enables a Philodox to draw energy from the ephemera of the Umbra. She spends a Gnosis point and then rolls her Willpower against a difficulty of 8. Every success she receives may be used to restore a point of Gnosis, Willpower or Rage.
giftPower SurgeBy speaking with the spirits of electricity, the Garou may cause a blackout over a widespred area. This Gift is taught by an electricity elemental.
giftPreternatural AwarenessThe Garou attunes all her senses to her surroundings, thereby becoming perternaturally aware of her opponent's doing and allowing her to anticipate them somewhat. This Gift is taught by a Wind spirit.
giftPrey MindThe wolf is not always the predator, as lupus sorely realise. Humans' capability for destruction grows ever greater, and more wolves die at their hands every day. When the predator becomes prey, it is this Gift that comes to the fore and assists the Garou in evasion, showing them places to hide, ways to run, and even chances to attack back. A lamb or deer spirit teaches the Gift
giftPrey's CryMedieval legends aplenty tell of terrible beasts that mimic human voices or the cries of game animals to lure travelers into their gaping maws. The Ret Talons have learned this trick for themselves. Many a traveler has died at Talon jaws after following what they believed to be a fair young girl's cry of distress… This Gift is learned from a Raven, Mockingbird or Manticore-spirit (the last is a member of Griffin's spirit brood).
giftPrimal Anger The metis learns to focus the anger within her heart and use it to increase her Rage. The anger takes a physical toll on the werewolf, and it is up to her to unleash it on her enemies. The spirits of ancient metis teach this Gift. Few members of other breeds have suffered enough shame and suffering to learn this Gift.
giftPrimal HowlWolf howls are frightening to their prey, and an unconscious fear of them still resides within the human psyche, thanks to the Impergium. Although any Garou can howl, a Garou with this Gift can tap into and evoke this deep-rooted fear. In addition, the Garou can make a howl that sounds like it comes from several wolves (or Garou), giving even Wyrm creatures reason to pause. This Gift is taught by an ancestor spirit or a wind spirit.
giftPrimal InstinctThe Red Talon can strip away the layers of humanity that cover up man's basic instincts. A human assaulted with this gift finds himself behaving like a beast. Momentarily losing all civility, the human strips naked, runs through the streets, growls threats and makes numerous, uninvited overtures toward members of the opposite sex. All thoughts of business meetings, color television and BMWs vanish in favor of the basic drives of survival. Red Talons use whatever means necessary to force ape spirits to teach them this gift.
giftPrimal SongThe Galliard ingratiates himself with strangers by seeming to know all of their songs and dances. Having heard only a few hummed bars or having glimpsed at just a movement or two, the Garou can sing along or lead the dance. Skilled musicians can create new songs appropriate to the style of the culture in question. A Songbird-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftPrincely BearingThis Gift allows a Garou to temporarily raise her Rank. During this time, she is considered to be of that Rank, and thus can issue challenges and rulings appropriate to that Rank. However, she cannot learn the Gifts of the Rank.
giftProclamation of ActionThis Gift enables the Garou to force an end to discussion and take the course of action the character thinks is best. The werewolf can literally command others to act as he bids, although only if they had been previously dithering over a course of action.
giftProphetic VisionThis Gift enables the Garou to receive a vision of the future based on the study of the night sky. The vision usually reveals itself in astrological terms ("Lu-Bat's influence suggests an attitude of acceptance towards the events of the next several days" or "The intervention of Shantar indicates that changes may occur rapidly in the near future"). This Gift is taught by a Star spirit.
giftProtect the SwarmAll sorts of supernatural creatures like to call up rats as allies. Ratkin from rival packs, vampires with the Animalism Discipline, mages with the Ratstorm rate and Beast-Speaking Garou ate just a few examples. If a Shadow Seer runs into a rat who's been victimized by any of these Gifts, she can determine who is controlling the poor defenseless beastie. If she's powerful enough, she may even attempt to convince the rodent io disobey its master.
giftPulse of the InvisibleDescription: Spirits fill the world around the Garou, and none know this better than the Theurge. Those Garou with Pulse of the Invisible remain constantly aware of all that spirits do around them and can interact with all them at will. While most of what occurs if barely worth watching, the Garou will be aware of any dramatic changes. This Gift is taught by any spirit.
giftPunishment from the MoonSee 'Silver Claws.'
giftPuppeteer's SecretAll Kitsune pick up a few illusions, and a few fox tricks. Not being noticed is the most important of both. This Gift won't turn the Nine-Tails invisible; even better, it makes him one of the crowd. If a Fox using Puppeteer's Secret is standing around the police station, everyone just knows he's part of the squad. At the Party meeting, everyone assumes he's a faithful, if dull, member. Wherever he goes, he's been there for years-he's the familiar face; the friend of a friend; the loyal, nameless supporter; the small-timer trustworthy because he hasn't an angle to call his own. Deer and other well-camouflaged spirits (whose mortal representatives blend into the scenery or die) teach this Gift.
giftPure IdentityA Bringer of the Light can alter his appearnce to suggest he blongs to another race. If he remains in homid form, he can appear as pallid as a vampire or as galmorous as an Unseelie changeling. If he desires to keep his "scent" as a Garou, he can affect cosmetic changes and appear as a Black Spiral Dancer. This Gift is taught by a Chameleon spirit.
giftPurify ScentIf another supernatural creature attempts to determine the breed, tribe or auspice of a Bringer of Light, the target may use this Gift to retain her secerts. A Night-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftPurity of BloodThe disciple has become so resistant to the Wyrm that she may overcome the Blood Bond of vampires. This Gift is taught by an avatar of Grandfather Thunder himself.
giftPurrSoft purring creates a desire in its target to cuddle, pet, and spoil the Bastet, as long as he treats his paramour well. Works in any form.
giftPushThe Nuwisha can force another being into the Umbra with this Gift. This is taught by a Coyote-spirit.
giftPyrotechnicsThis Gift makes the world burrrrrn. The size of the object in question depends on your anger and your ability. Anyone using this Gift must have some sort of prop to cover up the supernatural activity. Use gasoline, mix chemicals, or just wire something to blow. Even if it shouldn't physically work, your race's undying hatred will give it the kick it needs to jump-start the Apocalypse.
giftQuestioningThis Gift allows the Garou to doubt the very nature of reality for a turn- and thus ignore the results of a single roll against her or a roll of her own that she didn't like. This requires an expenditure of one Gnosis point. It can be used only once per scene.
giftQuicksandThe Garou can turn the local ground into a sticky mass that can catch foes and prevent them from moving easily. This Gift is taught by earth elementals.
giftQyrl's BloodSee 'Shroud.'
giftQyrl's ShellSee 'Shield of Gaia.'
giftRabbit RunSee 'Speed of Thought.'
giftRaiding the Umbral HoardThrough this Gift, the Nezumi can summon a small group of Rat-spirits to steal a small amount of food and transport it through the Umbra to another locale up to a mile away (although they can be tracked). The food must be hidden and unobserved. A variant permits the caches of food to be despoiled. This is, naturally, taught by a Rat-spirit.
giftRaincallingThe spirits of wind and weather are the best friends and the worst enemies a Pumonca can have. This Gift, which cam from a pact between Old Stone Face and the East Wind, allows a cougar to call forth rain. The shower is more a drizzle than a thunderstorm, but it can cool a hot day, water crops or dampen an empty creek bed in minutes.
giftRains of MercyThough this Gift surprises many non-Shadow Lord Garou, it is only because they forget the Shadow Lords follow a god affiliated with rain, and they come from a harsh land. Even the Darwinist Shadow Lords known that their Kin need to be fed, and the rain summoned with this Gift made sure those favoured by the Lords never went hungry. A Stormcrow teaches this Gift
giftRallying ChallengeBy sending her inner power outward, a Simba may rally herself to accomplish things normally outside her range. With a shattering cry, she raises her physical strength or force of personality to unusual heights.
giftRapier WitThrough a combination of fast-talk and quick reflexes, the Ratkin can parry and riposte against attacks mote effectively. The Munchmausen must compose a song or poem while using Rapier Wit, adding at least a stanza every time he attempts to parry or riposte. If unarmed, the player must describe what items nearby he is using in combat instead.
giftRat Mother's TouchMetis spend a great deal of their formative years in nests where Rat Mothers breed. Almost every day +they're growing up, metis have have to patch the wounds their brothers and sisters inflict on each other.
giftRat ThingWith a bit of practice, metis Ratkin can leam to take on a form between Crinos and Rodens, rather like the well-known Garou Hispo form. The result is agiant, lumbering Rat Thing: a long, funy quadrapedal rodent about the size of a large dog.
giftRat's TeethTiny sharp projectiles hurled at high velocity can inflict grievous damage. With this Gift, che wererat produces a seemingly endless supply of sharp objects from hidden places scatrered over her body. She then assaults a chosen victim wich a continuous fusillade. Japanese Neiumi use shuriken and throwing knives; ingenious Ratkin in other parts of the world have been known to use items like needlea, kitchen knives and bits of broken glass.
giftRatkin LullabyFew Wyrm creatures can be as foul or disobedient as Ratkin rugrats. Sometimes hyperactive ratlings would much rather climb the walls than submit to sleep. After years of helping little ones get ready for beddy-bye, metis learn skills useful for later in life. Through a combination of spiritual calmness, a raspy singing voice, and weird-ass Ratkin lyrics, a metis can make his enemies sleepy or even force them into unconsciousness.
giftRaven's CurseAs the name implies, this Gift lays Raven's Curse - the curse of death by arrows - on the Shadow Lord's enemy. While the curse is in effect, arrows, bolts, hurled spears and other projectile weapons are invisibly attracted to the target. Although this Gift can be used in battle situations, most Lords prefer to secretly use it on their foes just before a major battle, ensuring an "unfortunate accident". This Gift is taught by a Raven spirit
giftRaven's GleaningRaven's Gleaning takes advantage of the legendary Corax predilection for bright, shiny objects. In essence, a value detector, the Gift discover whether or not it's worth picking up. Raven himself, or a raven-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftRaven's WingsThe Garou with this Gift may send a portion of her spirit out of her body in the form of a raven. The raven can see and hear, but it cannot affect the physical world. It is invulnerable to attacks, however, This Gift is taught by a Raven-spirit.
giftRazor Claws

The shifter's claws may be sharpened to a superior level of cutting ability. This Gift is taught by a Cat or Wolf spirit.

giftRazor FeathersOne of the Corax' few combat-related Gifts, Razor Feathers operates only when the Corax is in Rara Avis form. Most predators aware of the Corax think, incorrectly, that the wereravens are easy prey. If a Corax has been taught this Gift, suddenly the odds creep a whole lot closer to even. The primary effect of Razor Feathers is to make the feathers along the edge of the raven's wing hard and sharp as steel. The hardened feathers are strong enough to parry knives or claws, and are sharp enough to slice easily through unprotected flesh or even stronger materials. Razor Feathers is taught by a Steel-spirit.
giftReach the UmbraThe Garou may pierce the Gauntlet and instantly travel to the Umbra at will, without need for a reflective surface. This Gift is taught by an Owl spirit.
giftReality's PathDescription: Perception is subjective, but the Philodox cannot afford that luxury. This Gift allows the use to sense whether what the subject believes to be true is actually false. A jaggling of Falcon teaches this Gift.
giftRealm Wisdom A wise Garou knows to obey the laws of a realm for maximum results; however, sometimes those laws aren't immediately obvious. Although experience is the best teacher, sometimes a Philodox needs to take a shortcut. By channeling the wisdom of a realm's spirits, the Philodox can intuitively guess important facts about the realm. This Gift is taught by an ancestor-spirit.
giftReasonThe Silver Fang who uses this Gift may temporarily free himself form Harano and Derangements. This Gift mayu also be used to partially defend against all sanity-endangering attackts. Examples of such attacks include the Galliard Gift: Headgames, the Malkavian Dementation Discipline and invasive uses of Mind Magick. A Fire-Bird spirit teaches this Gift.
giftRecycleRed Talons who possess this powerful gift can destroy any man made substance. Plastics, alloys and any other material not found in nature disintegrate with just a touch. Lawn chairs dissolve into oily puddles and steel melts into iron and carbon.. This gift is taught by a cockroach spirit.
giftRedeem the WastePart of the Bastet role is the salvation of despoiled wilderness. To do so, a cat with this Gift will often sniff around, paw at the earth, rub his scent around and urinate in various places, essentially claiming the place as his own. While this isnt a true Rite of Claiming, it resembles it in many ways. By dedicating himself to this land, he can summon forth a healing power to save it from toxins and other desecrations.
giftRedirect PainIf a Fenrir is struck in battle, he may rely upon this Gift to retaliate. His enemy immediately experiences the pain from wounds received by the Fenrir. A cuckoo-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftReloadWith this Gift, the Garou does not need to take time to reload her firearm; the Gift reloads the weapon automatically with shells or shot she carries on her person. A Metal-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftRend RealityDescription: The Black Spiral Ahroun has the power to tear a rift in reality with her claws, causing a nexus of entropy. In the area of effect, Banes are considered to be Materialized, though it does not reuiqre any Power expenditure on their part. The area will appear as if the sky and landscape has been torn apart, revealing a swirling world of chaos beyond the ragged tatters.
giftRenew the CycleOne of the most potent powers available to the Garou, this gift allows the correction of a grievous wrong to the natural cycle of Gaia. The undead, whose very existence is an affront to the natural order of things, wither and crumble to dust when struck by the power of this gift. Whether the undead is a shambling, month old animated corpse or an ancient vampire, the Fang can destroy it with but a glance. Only an avatar of Helios or Gaia Herself can teach this gift.
giftRenewed VigorDescription: By slaying a Wyrm beast (or other enemy, shameful though inter-tribal conflict may be) in a particularly spectacular fashion, the Ahroun can inspire all allies who have her in their line of sight to fight harder through her example. A hawk-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftReplenishment of the FleshThe Ananasi may heal her wounds by absorbing spiders.
giftReshape ObjectThe Garou can instantly shape once-living material (but not undead!) into a variety of objects - thuse trees maaay become shelter, buck antlers become spears, animal hides become armor, and flowers become perfumes. The item will in some way resemble the object from which it was created (the spear is made of antler, not wood). This Gift is taught by a Weaver spirit.
giftResist PainDescription: Through the application of will, the Garou can ignore the pain of injuries and continue to act normally. This Gift is taught by a Bear spirit.
giftResist RadiationBy calling upon the spirit of lead, the Garou with this gift can will herself to resist all damage and negative effects of Radiation and Radioactive Toxic Waste. While this gift is active, the Garou takes on a slightly dull metallic sheen as Lead shields her from harm. In addition, the Garou gains the ability to heal damage caused by radiation. Any Earth or Metal Elemental can teach this gift.
giftResist TemptationUsing gestures to her chakras, as Klaital did, the stargazer can resist worldly, mental and spiritual temptations, including corruption. This Gift is taught by an Earth spirit.
giftResist ToxinDescription: With this Gift, the Garou's body quickly adapts and deals with all manner of poisons and drugs, as well as diseases. In addition, the Garou gains the ability to heal many Wyrm toxins. This Gift is taught by a Toad or Plant spirit.
giftRevolt of the LandAs the Red Talons Gift: Gaia's Vengeance.
giftReynard's LieThe Ragabash can tell the most blatant lies and have them accepted as truth, at least for a little while. Even the most stern-faced priest or suspicious baron will believe the Garou's pleas of innocence, no matter how guilty she may be. This Gift is taught by a Fox-spirit.
giftRhino's FavorBy calling on the spirit of the rhino, a Khan may grow a temporary horn on her skull. Although this protrusion is a bit unsightly, it allows the tiger to head-butt an opponent for considerable damage.
giftRicepaper WalkBy attuning his inner energies, a Khan can walk cross a light or fragile surface without disturbing it, regardless of his form or weight. A 900- pound Crinos weretiger weighs no more than a wisp of paper so long as he concentrates on this feat. Once his attention shifts, the Khan's full weight returns.
giftRiddleTaking their cue from numerous trickster legends, some Ragabash love to confuse their targets with unusual quizzes and mysterious puzzles. Those with this Gift add a little spiritual punch into the mix, slowly driving their targets mad with riddles. A spirit servant of Sphinx teaches this Gift.
giftRide the Solar WindsThis Gift allows the Garou to ride the solar winds that sweep through the Aetherial Realm without worrying about being thrown off course by storms. Use of this Gift also increases the Garou's movement rate, lessening travel time between locations within the Aetherial Realm.
giftRighteous GazeThe Bastet, by staring into a target's eyes, may accuse him of a crime and shame him into confession.
giftRiotDescription: The Garou summons a horde of malevolent spirits to provoke the hatredds and fears of the down and out - the homeless, the gangs, the urban animals such as alley cats and stray dogs, ect. This Gift is taught by a Rat spirit.
giftRising SunIt is said that the lion carries the sun in his heart; the saying may contain more truth than poetry. Some powerful Simba can cause the land around them to blaze with sunlight, even at night. According to tribal caliah, Taa Mlimba used this magic to drive the vampires from his lands ages ago. Although it's not as effective against the undead as true sunlight, this Gift is certainly potent.
giftRiver Mother's BlessingBy calling on the favor of the River, the Nagah can can replenish his spiritual strength by drinking of her bounty. This Gift is used with the greatest reverence, and often fills the wereserpent with joy as he contemplates the love of the Mother he serves.
giftRiver of BloodThe soil of Africa has been bathed in the blood of its inhabitants for millions of years. A Swara can call that spilled blood together through the soil and give it form, creating a pool, a river, a mass of tentacles, or a variety of other things. This bond to blood seems to be limited to African soil; if a Swara has ever used this Gift outside his native land, no tales of the event survive.
giftRoll OverThe Garou has such a commanding presence that those encountered readily submit to her. Should she succeed in a test of wills, she dominates her foe, causing humans to fall to their knees, wolves to roll on their backs, ect. This Gift is taught by a Lion or Wolf spirit.
giftRope TricksThe Garou can perform simple tricks with any length of rope she is touching. From a simple string to a noose, any rope obeys her every wish like a well-trained snake. A Spider-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftRot WeavertechThe Garou can cause selected manifestations of the Weaver to rot away. This includes technological devices, from guns to toasters. It also includes buildings made of stone, metal or glass, but not rough hewn wooden buildings (log cabins), or huts. Generally, any technological innovation since the Renaissance can be affected with this Gift.
giftRouse to AngerThis Gift enables the Garou to say or do something that causes her target to refresh her inner Rage. This might involve shaming an individual, slapping her in the face or telling her something to arouse her anger. The Garou can also summon within herself a memory or an emotion that assists her in replenishing her own capacity for righteous anger.
giftRoyal PrivilegeThis deeply despised trickery allows an ancient and powerful lion to steal another werecat's Gifts, even those which traditionally belong only to that tribe or breed. Black Tooth has gathered a lot of his power through this deadly secret. Those who've met him claim he invokes his "privilege" by killing other Bastet, then taking their secrets from their spirits as they die. While there may be other Bastet who know the Gift, they don't have many friends.
giftSalmon SwimThe character may move upon a river, lake, or any other body of water as he does on land. This Gift is taught by a Salmon-spirit.
giftSanctifyThis Gift is used in conjunction with the Rite of the Pain-Dagger; if you know this Gift, you may also learn that rite from a Warrior (without spending rhe experience for it). Normally, you can bind a spirit to a blade of religious significance to fonti a Pain-Dagger, the Radcin's equivalent of a Garou klaive. The Sanctify Gift aliows you to temporarily bind one of the spirits used in the rite to anything with a jagged or pointed edge: butcher knives, chain saws, broken bottles, meat hooks and bone saws are all obvious examples. This Gift is biissfuily bestowed by a Pain-spirit, but only if you can give it what it wants first. This often involves sacrificing another creature's pain.
giftSatyr's WisdomBy calling upon the talents of his tribe's fae allies, a Ceilican can play any musical instrument as if he'd been reared with it in his hands. Although this talent is fleeting, it can make one hell of an impression.
giftSavagery of the Taloned HunterThis Gift allows a Garou to gain twice the advantage of his Rage, thus increasing the ferocity and frequency of attacks or else allowing him to accomplish more under stress than he normally would.
giftScamperThis ability can make a fleeing rodens Ratkin much harder to hit.
giftScarab's FlightBy calling together the elements of her soul, a Bubasti can send them out of her body for a while. The body itself enters a deathlike trance until the Scarab return; although it doesnt decompose, all other signs (magical and otherwise) declare that the cat has died. The flying Scarab resembles an ordinary insect unless inspected with magical sense, in which case it glows brightly.
giftScent of BeyondThe Garou can bring all this senses to bear on one spot (even an Umbral site) with which he is familiar, no matter how far away that spot is. The Garou senses the site from a point of view as if he were standing in the middle of the area being scanned. This Gift is taught by a Bird spirit.
giftScent of DangerDescription: Gaia's Warriors are constantly in danger, and after a while, build up a penchant for detecting it. With this gift, previously unknown hazards and adversaries make themselves apparent to the garou. This only applies to threats that will affect the individual with the gift.
giftScent of DistinctionThis Gift enables the Galliard to mystically "sniff out" the general spirit nature of her surrounding (i.e., influenced by the Weaver, Wyld or Wyrm; under the domain of a powerful Incarna, etc.) as well as the area's history. For example, a werewolf who sniffed out a caern might learn about the totem and purview of the caern, when it was founded, important events that happened near it, etc. This Gift is taught by a wolf-spirit.
giftScent of Running WaterThe Garou can completely conceal her scent, giving off no odor, and making herself almost impossible to track. This Gift is taught by a Fox spirit.
giftScent of SightThe Garou can use his sense of smell to compensate completely for his eyes; thus, he could attack invisible creatures normally, or roughly navigate in absolute darkness. This Gift is taught by a Wolf spirit.
giftScent of Sweet HoneyDescription: By gaining the attention of minor Air spirits, the Garou may cause a target to begin to exude a wonderfully sweet aroma...as well as becoming sticky to the touch. Soon enough, of course, all manner of vermin and insects will be attracted to the target, who will become surrounded by them. Naturally, this will block vision, make social interaction all but impossible, and prove maddeningly annoying. This Gift is taught by Plant spirits, but certain Insect spirits can also teach it.
giftScent of Sweet NectarSee 'Scent of Sweet Honey.'
giftScent of the True FormThe Garou can, via a mystical sense, attempt to determine the true nature of a person. While the results of this gift are interpreted as an olfactory sense, it is not affected by items that would normally affect the sense of smell. This Gift is taught by any spirit servant of Gaia.
giftScent of VengeanceNuwisha using this Gift can make another shapediaoger recognize the scent of an old foe. Usually this scent emanates from somewhere in the distance, hut the Nuwisha can also place the scent on another target, creating all sorts of havoc between innocent strangers or even close friends. When used in die latter fashion, this Gift completely masks the natural odor of the target. This Gift is taught by a Skunk-spirit.
giftScholar's FriendA simple yet helpful Gift, this secret allows a Bubasti to read a book, scroll or tablet in any written language. This talen doesn't teach the cat any new language, nor will it help him understand esoteric concepts or missing bits of text. Even so, the ability to read anything set in front of you is a subtle yet powerful gift.
giftScream of GaiaThe Garou may leap into the midst of his foes and issue a terrible how from the depths of his being, a scream of pain from Gaia Herself for all ravages She has suffered. Foes are knocked off their feet and injured. This Gift is taught by a Wolf spirit.
giftScroungeRatkin Engineers have a talent for finding all sorts of usable junk. Spend a few minutes searching around, and there's no telling what you might find. This Gift can either help you find some mundane item that's hidden nearby, or scrounge up something bizarre that no one would have thought to look for. This Gift is taught by a Trash Gaffling.
giftScryingBy staring into a mirror or other reflective surface, the Uktena can witness distant events or spy on rivals. She can follow a comrade's progress into a dangerous ambush or sneak a peak into the Tremere chantry house. A fly spirit teaches this gift.
giftSea's VoiceSee 'Beast Speech.'
giftSeal of InariDoshi, suspicious by nature, learned early to take nothing and no one at face value. Using this Gift, a Sorcerer can secretly brand any shen or mortal he encounters - as a warning to others, as a request for protection, as a death mark - with sigils only Kitsune can see. The ghostly red or black symbols appear to hover just above the skin - over makeup, clothing, body armor or other coverings - and are distinct at any distance (even if rather small) if the bearer's head is visible. Spirits such as Chimerlings and Epiphlings may share this Gift if they feel like it; Doshi rarely teach it to each other.
giftSecond SightHigh-ranking Tunnel Runners tend to settle down to a few select colonies, or decide to spend a lifetime acting as the Scout for one tribe. Staying in one place for too long can be intolerable unless, of course, die maverick learns to use this Gift. By staring into the eyes of a younger Runner, the wererat can learn to use this second rat as his eyes and ears outside the Nest. This second Ratkin must voluntarily agree to this communion. This explains a commonly used tactic: a Tunnel Runner may agree to be captured by a nest's enemies to help his colony find out more information.
giftSecret of GaiaWhen the Great White Wolf died to save gaia, he learned her secrts. The nature of the actual 'secret of gaia' is obscure but few question the the Silver Fangs have a deep and ancient connection with the Earth Mother. This gift is a powerful aspect of this relationship. The Garou who uses this gift becomes completely aware of her immediate vicinity in vivid detail. The Fang is aware of the area's topography, wildlife and the local spirit population. The Silver Fang also becomes aware of Gaia's condition in the area, but in a general sense - Gaia feels pained, trapped, whatever. An avatar of Gaia teaches this gift, but only to the worthy. Silver Fangs of any auspice may learn it, but is most common among theurges of the House Wise Heart.
giftSecretsUktena are said to possess more hidden knowledge than any other tribe. This gift may be one reason it is so. With Secrets, an Uktena can have one specific question answered simply by touching somebody who knows the answer. The answer to any question leaps into the Garou's mind if, in fact, the target knows the answer in the first place. A dream spirit teaches this gift.
giftSecrets of the TunnelsSee 'Attunement.'
giftSeductionA Nine-Tails with this gift holds a powerful attraction for mortals, and can cause humans to fall in love with her - not always intentionally. This gift is taught by Cloud or Rain spirit.
giftSee Past the SkinSkin-Dancer 1 A Garou who uses this Gift may detect a Skin-Dancer from the mystical marks faintly present on her fur, resembling scars or stitch-marks. It is used by the Skin-Dancers to detect one of their own. This Gift is taught by a Magpie-spirit.
giftSeeds of DoubtBy careful deliberation, the Shadow Lord may convince a listener of one false idea.
giftSeekThe Gift opens communication with local spirits so the Kitsune may ask for a single individual's location. Spirits answer correctly if they can; should the individual be beyond their territory, they admit such. The spirits of prtdatory animals teach this Gift.
giftSeizing the Edge To the Shadow Lords, there is no possible way for a contest to be even. If neither competitor wins, they both lose. This Gift allows the Garou to swing the balance, ever so slightly, in her favor. A spirit servant of Grandfather Thunder teaches this Gift.
giftSelf-DestructStudents of the Weaver can learn to control simple machines, forcing them to stop functioning. Devotees of the Wyld can make them self-destruct in a spectacular fashion, throwing off sparks and lovely jagged pieces.
giftSemblanceThe Fianna have benefited from their continuing relationship with the fae. This Gift allows the creation of a still illusion that deceives all the senses. A grain-spirit, the so-called "spirit of spirits," teaches this Gift.
giftSend the DreamSee 'Mental Speech.'
giftSense AngstYou can sense humans' current greatest pet peeve or annoyance, or the extent of shapechangers' Rage; if lucky, you can determine the last event that really pissed them off. You know how close a vampire is to going berserk (and what might set him off), or the pain of a wraith hovering nearby. If you use this on someone tainted by the Wyrm, you can sense part of what drove him to his madness.
giftSense BalanceDescription: As the arbitrators of the Garou Nation, the Philodox have developed an attunement with the precarious forces that balance the world and the individual alike. This gift allows the user to detect an overabundance of any of the prime forces of the universe, whether Wyrm Wyld or Weaver. It can point out a Bane maniferstation at an industrial plant or mental instability in another. A Cat-Spirit teaches a friendly Garou this Gift in exchange for a warm fire and a promise not to chase her kin.
giftSense ChimniageDescription: Theurges have ways of knowing all manner of secret things other Garou would wish stayed hidden; with this Gift, theyc an learn where the balance of chimniage lies with any spiritually aware being with a glance. The Gift reveals if the target has paid all proper obligations to the spirits, if he has ignored a deb or engated in blasphemy against his totem or other spiritual patrons. An owl-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftSense FaeAs the Fianna have acclimated themselves to their new surroundings, they have also created relations with the fae of the New World. This Gift allows the Fianna to detect fae beings. A Dream-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftSense GoldAs 'Sense Silver' but effective against gold instead.
giftSense GuiltThe Garou can sense whether or not a target is guilty of a crime; it must be something that a Get of Fenris would consider a crime.
giftSense HostilityEji using this can sense the presence of hostile beings within (roughly) 100 feet.
giftSense ImbalanceThis Gift allows the hengeyokai to focus her perceptions on the balance between the Three, discerning any local imbalances of energies - whether those of the Triat, or those of Yin, Yang and Yomi. She may, for instance, learn that the Weaver is particularly strong in one area, or that the taint of Yomi is oddly absent from one hovel in the midst of a slum. This Gift is taught by any spirit servant of the Emerald Mother.
giftSense LimitsThe Garou can determine approximately the amount of Rage, Gnosis or Willpower within an individual. This ability enables the Garou to judge whether or not her target can resist an attempt to influence her actions or whether she is likely to draw upon her supply of Gnosis or Rage. This Gift also allows a Garou to gauge whether or not other supernaturals are currently weak-willed or drained of some other source of power. For example, a Garou may be able to tell that a vampire has little power but may not realise that the Leech's blood supply is low. This Gift also enables a Garou to sense whether an Umbral spirit's Power is weak or near depletion.
giftSense MagicThe Garou is able to sense the presence of magic: Garou rituals, Gifts, Mage Spheres, Vampiric Thaumaturgy, and other assorted phenomenon. The Garou will get a general idea of presence and strength, as well as basic information (ie, whether it was a Mage Sphere or Garou Gift, but not which Sphere or Gift).
giftSense MoonThe Mokole can smell a child of the Moon from a long distance.
giftSense of the PreyThe character, if he knows anything about his prey, can track it down as rapidly as he can travel. The unerring sense of direction operates anywhere, and is used to track spirits through the Umbra as well as to find beings on Earth. This Gift is taught by a Wolf or Dog spirit.
giftSense of the TransformationWith this Gift, the Garou can identify states of transformation or significant changes within creatures or objects. This Gift allows the Garou to ascertain whether or not someone is dying of a disease or if a female is pregnant (even in extremely early stages). In the same fashion, the Garou can choose to determine if an object is about to break or cease functioning. The Garou need only concentrate on her target to activate this Gift.
giftSense Prey

This Gift allows the shifter to detect animal prey.

giftSense Primal NatureAs attuned as they are the Jamaa, metis bastet can easily sense whether one of those entities has a strong influence on a person, place or thing.
giftSense Secrets Centuries of association with the fae people have taught the Fianna the nature of secrets. Things deliberately hidden, whether obscured by brush or dropped down a mineshaft, make their presence known to the Fiann. The Gift gives no indication as to the nature of a secret, only to its existence. A Squirrel-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftSense SilverDescription: Ahround are the Garou least concerned by humans, but even the greatest can be brought low by silver weapons. Thus, the Ahroun have learned to sense when they need to be worried. This Gift is taught by a Lune.
giftSense the TruthSee "Truth of Gaia."
giftSense the UnnaturalThe Garou can sense any unnatural presence and determine its approximate strength and type. Supernatural presences can include: magic, spirits, the Wyrm, wraiths, etc. This will detect vampires, but only those with Humanity scores below 7. This Gift is taught by any spirit servant of Gaia.
giftSense Unmaker's HandSee "Sense Wyrm."
giftSense WeaverAny good Ratkin knows how to hide in the midst of human civilization. This Gift aids a wererat in finding Weaver-spirits of all varieties. The spirit must be within sensory range, and each has its own distinctive sound or smell. This perception can vary from rat to rat, so a Shadow Seer may develop her own personal range of descriptors for spirits. Shadow Seers who sense that an area is overrun (or "calcified") by the Weaver may call on their rat pack to snap a few webs.
giftSense WyldThe Garou may sense Wyld energies or spirits in the nearby area. Any Gaian spirit can teach this Gift.
giftSense Wyrm

The shifter's preternatural senses can detect manifestations of the Wyrm around her. This is a fully mystical sense, and although a shifter might say, "This area stinks of the Wyrm," it does not require the sense of smell whatsoever, although it does require active concentration. This Gift is taught by any spirit servant of Gaia.

giftSentinel's WarningThe shifter may become aware of the presence of hostile or threatening elements in her protectorate. (This Gift must be consciously activated to function.) Nothing exact may be ascertained - natural and supernatural threats report equally.
giftSerenityThe Garou can quell others' rage, even bringing Garou out of frenzies. This Gift is taught by Unicorn spirts.
giftShadow CuttingThe Shadow Lord can wound a foe by striking at his very shadow. This form of attack is difficult to dodge, and it can be a most convenient attack form in some conditions - such as sundown. This Gift is taught by a night-spirit.
giftShadow of the Ebon WhispererThis Gift makes the Garou as insubstantial as a shadow and as hard to see. The physical form of the Garou fades to a murky, dark shape that can slither and flow almost anywhere. Although others can use certain Gifts to spot the "shadow" werewolf, anyone wishing to do so must first have a reason to suspect the presence of the Gift's user. This Gift does not function in bright daylight or in places where no shadows exists - such as a brightly lit room (or a room in total darkness, for that matter).
giftShadow PackThe Garou may summon a shadowy duplicate of himself, or even multiple shadows, to stand beside him in battle. These shadows eerily resemble the Garou and have the same powers. This Gift is taught by a spirit of Night or a Chimerling.
giftShadow StepAn illusion gift allowing the Ananasi to appear to be in one area when she's not. Those who witness the activation see her fade from one location and reappear in another, though she hasn't really moved.
giftShadow the Moon's LightThere is a time for everything, even for stealth. As nocturnal hunters, the catkings have perfected a secret which allows them to dim the light as they approach. While it can't actually extinguish the moon, this Gift stifles natural, magical and technological lights equally well.
giftShadow ThrowWhile vocally expressing his anger, the Ratkin can form a shadowy field of power around a dagger or other sharp object balanced for throwing. When the Ratkin hurls his dagger at a foe, the blade is propelled by the darkness around it and strikes with supernatural force. This gift is taught by a Night-spirit, which will usually demand a tale of an unpunished criminal's dark secrets.
giftShadow WalkThe Nuwisha employing this Gift may visit any aspect of the Umbra, even those normally forbidden to the Changing Breeds. This includes the Dark Umbra of the dead (which most Nuwisha avoid as both too depressing and too dangerous) and many Horizon Realms of the magi. This Gift is taught by a Gaffling of the Trickster.
giftShadow-Fan-FlowersOne creature within the Kitsune's line of sight sees a vision and believes. The illusion is perfectly detailed with color, light, and motion. Chimerlings and other illusion spirits teach the Gift.
giftShadowplayDescription: The Theurge breathes life into her shadow, which can then perform tasks for her. The shadow moves about independently with the same abilities as its creator. The Theurge's emissary can cause lifesaving distractions, pick up remote objects and even fight battles.
giftShadows by the Fire LightThe Garou creates an interactive stories in which others take part, willingly or not. Usually this power is used at a moot when telling old stories, allowing those who take part in the sotry to enact the tales. However, this Gift can also be used on unwillin, forcing them to participate in a story of the Garou's choosing. This Gift is taught by an Ancestor spirit.
giftShake the EarthThe force of the Ahroun's Rage splits the ground before him and knocks his foes off their feet. Even a minor tremor can cause great damage to houses, mineshafts and people. An Earth elemental teaches this Gift.
giftShantar's LoomThe use of this Gift allows the Garou to craft some item from the energy provided by either Gnosis, Rage or Willpower. The item may not involve multiple parts or have an overly complex make-up. For example, a Garou cannoy make a gun using this Gift, but she can craft a dagger or hunting knife.
giftShards of Icy RageThe Garou invoking this Gift calls on the cold power of her Rage, converting her anger into physical ice. This ice cuts as deep as any knife, and can be hurled at her enemies in place of a normal attack.
giftShared StrengthNo matter how strong you are, you can't be everywhere. Sooner or later, if you live long enough, every Ahroun will experience the heartbreak of seeing a packmate die in combat, and knowing that they simply couldn't be there to help. Elders have seen this more than any, so it is not unusual that they would learn a Gift like this. This Gift allows an Ahroun to donate his capacities to one of his packmates for a single turn, imbuing them with their strength, speed and skill. However, they pay a high price for this help, losing their own strength for the same amount of time. This Gift is taught by a wolf spirit.
giftShark's BonesIn Homid, the user can make her skeleton extremely pliable, squeezing through passages as small as eight inches square.
giftShatter BoneDescription: Victims with twisted arms or crushed legs are much easier prey. The Ahroun with this Gift can destory bone with a single punch, regardless of the damage inflicted by the blow. A Hyena-spirit teaches this Gift.

Description: Shed (Leven One) : The Garou knows the trick of shedding and growing fur at an alarming rate. This gift makes the Garou especially difficult to grapple successfully; opponents find themselves holding tufts of fur instead of their target. The Garou can also slide through tight spaces using his shedding fur as natural lubrication. A Lizard-spirit or Snake-spirit teaches this gift.

giftSheep's ClothingTake on the form and scent of another shapeshifter.
giftShellConsider the state of the Metis cub. He is outcast from birth, knows this from the moment he can talk, and is trapped within a body that reacts powerfully to his slightest emotional twinge. Once you appreciate this state, it becomes easy to understand how this Gift was first learned. Shell places an emotional and instinctual barrier around the metis. A turtle spirit teaches this Gift.
giftShield of GaiaThe Garou can become so attuned to the laws and rhythms of Gaia that the Weaver's laws cease to have any affect on her. This Gift can only be used once by any Garou who learns it; its effects are permanent. The Garou becomes immune to the effects of one form of technology, such as bullets, photography (i.e.,cannot be photographed), electricity, chemical toxins, etc. This Gift is taught by an avatar of Griffin.
giftShield of the DragonThe Nagah's body adjusts to heat, cold, radiation, disease, and pressure. Lightning and fire still cause damage if they are sufficiently intense.
giftShiva's MightIn a burst of holy light, the Bastet becomes a 12-foot-tall, six armed Crinos-form werepanther wielding flaming weapons. Until the ground is littered with bodies, the engine of feline wrath hacks everything around it foe and otherwise into bloody giblets.
giftShorten the RoadThis Gift enables the Garou to cut normal travel time by a third, even in the Umbra. This feat may take shape in a number of ways - either through a series of fortunate coincidences or else through clearly supernatural means.
giftShouSee 'Wisdom of the Ancient Ways.' This is a common Gift among Zhong Lung, taught by an Ancestor-spirit.
giftShou of Zhong LungShou is the wisdom of ancestors; invoking this Gift provides tidbits of advice and information to the Same-Bito from their Zhong Lung allies. A Frog-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftShoulder CrackerThe Tengu with this Gift can read the future in the circling of birds, in the patterns of flame and smoke, or in almost anything. Using this trick too frequently can result in misreading surroundings, finding false portents and believing them true.
giftShriekAn ear-splitting scream may deafen everyone nearby. (Allies are NOT immune.)
giftShroudDescription: The Garou can call down a patch of pitch black darkness, engulfing everyone within. This Gift is taught by a Night spirit.
giftSidestep DeathOld legends say that when the first Silver Fang died, he was reborn with this Gift. A Fang with this Gift simply sidesteps what would have become his deathblow. A lion-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftSideways AttackThe Uktena, ever delving into spirit matters, have learned the secrets of attacking Banes in the spirit world without ever leaving the physical realm. The Uktena's arms seem to blur and vanish as she strikes into the Penumbra. This gift is taught by a spirit servant of Uktena.
giftSight from BeyondDescription: When danger stalks the Garou, or momentous events are in the offing, visions begin striking the Garou without warning. Her dreams are haunted by images of the Cainite elder staking her; she begins seeing symbols ot the Wyrm ehherever she looks; the sky itself opens to show her images of the glorious battle to come. This Gift is taught by a Crow spirit.
giftSight Without SightSharks are sensitive to changes in the electromagnetic field around them, allowing them to sense targets even while blinded. This Gift is usable on land. It is taught by a Squid-spirit.
giftSigilWith this Gift, a Ratkin can encode a message in a bit of gtafitti; only other Tunnel Runners can decipher it. These marks are often found in train yards, outside bus stations, under freeways, and anywhere else that wanderers frequent. Mosi include warnings abouc hazards to be fount) ahead. This Gift is taught by a Wanderlust-spirit, one of Rat's many Gafflings.
giftSigurd's StrideWhen Odin imprisoned Brunhilde in a ring of fire, it was Sigurd who dared the fires and rescued her. Like Sigurd, Get of Fenris with this Gift need not fear flame. The Gift is taught by a fire spirit.
giftSilenceThe Kitsune can completely silence an area so that no sound can be heard whatsoever. Lake- and Mountain-spirits teach this Gift.
giftSilenceRagabash: With an expenditure of two Gnosis points, the Garou can completely silence an area so that no sound can be heard whatsoever. Silent Striders: The Garou can muffle any sound she makes, the better to creep up on an enemy, or escape unnoticed. An owl-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftSilent RunningFive thousand years of practice has taughtthe wererats a lot about hiding from unwanted attention. This Gift obscures a Ratkin's path of travel to all methods of detection, supernatural or otherwise. Rat-spirits falsify evidence of where the Runner has been, laying false trails and obscuring existing ones. This not only makes use of the Tracking Ability difficult, but also counteracts methods like the Rite of the Questing Stone.
giftSilent StalkingThis common trick allows a Bastet to move without making any sound. Even squeaky or shifting surfaces, like wooden floors or piled twigs, can be passed without noise.
giftSilver BulletsThe Gift allows the Silver Fang to change the composition of his ammo. As he fires each shot, the bullet changes to deadly silver. Lunes and Ancestor-spirits teach this Gift.
giftSilver ClawsThe Garou can turn her claws into silver, making her a terror against other Garou on the battlefield. This Gift is taught by a Lune.
giftSilver Sigil(Ju-Fu Gift) Much like the Gift: Silver Tongue. The Kitsune can write "badge" on a piece of paper and the target will see a badge, "passport" on a scroll of birchbark, and so on. The kami cannot be changed, but will affect as many people as necessary for a scene. Combat or significant distractions end the effect, as does destroying the kami.
giftSilver TongueSee 'Glib Tongue.'
giftSing Down the RainBy intoning a ritual chant, the Garou can call down rain for the purpose of cleansing or watering the ground or, adversly, to cause flooding or midslides. This Gift is taught by a Frog-spirit.
giftSing the SpiritsThe earliest incantations to spirits were sung, and although the Theurges may be the chosen auspice to deal with them, the Galliards still know some songs with power in them. Such songs are many, but always have a similar construction. They begin by calling out the spirit's name, and ordering it to stay away, and finish with a threat issued against it if it doesn't. When done right, the spirit will be unable to approach the Galliard, or anyone she touches. The Gift is taught by a bird or fish spirit.
giftSkin of JadeWilling himself solid, a Khan might turn his skin to the hardness of jade. it's said that the spirit of the rock itself taught this Gift to Yo Kwan, a warrior in the service of the alchemist Ko Hung.
giftSky RunningThe Garou gains the ability to run at 50 mph through the skies. The Garou ust continually remain in motion, or he falls. The Garou leaves a track of fire in the sky as he runs. This Gift is taught by a spirit servat of Wendigo.
giftSky's BeneficenceMore than one human has commented with supreme annoyance at birds' uncanny ability to deliver payloads from altitude. This Gift, reputedly one of the first Raven granted his children, allows Corax to take that aptitude and turn it into something with more practical implications. Simply put, Sky's Beneficence allows a Corax to drop a package of any sort (including the stereotypical) onto a target no matter how high the altitude of the Corax. Obviously, depend upon upon the Corax' current altitude and the size of the payload, the drop may actually damage whatever the payload lands on. Any aerial spirit can teach this Gift.
giftSky's ShadowThere's little that is more frustrating than a creeping sensation that you're being watched. This Gift allows a Corax to bestow that feeling on the target of her choice without necessitating that the Corax herself tail her victim. Sometimes the Gift creates the shadow of a large bird that follows the target everywhere; other times, it just imbues a sense of pure paranoia. At first glance, Sky's Shadow might not seem like a terribly effective Gift, but nervous men make mistakes -- and this Gift can make even the strongest-willed man nervous. Any bird spirit can teach this gift.
giftSlayer's EyeSee 'Fatal Flaw.'
giftSleep of Si Wang MuA rare Gift taught by one of Si Wang Mu's servants, this Gift allows the Zhong Lung to fall into a hibernating sleep in which he adds years to his lifetime.
giftSleep of the DragonThe Mokole may enter a state of estivation. She sleeps for a time chosen by duration - "three moons" - or condition - "when the lake fills with water." The Mokole does not age, though she may dream. She is awakened by being moved or touched, but not by ordinary noises.
giftSleep of the HeroWhen a great hero (rank 5+) dies in battle, the Fianna dedicate the body to the land. The champion's life returns, but he remains in a deep sleep, not to awaken until the Apocalypse. The target must be placed within a cave, burial mound, or otherwise deep in the earth. He does not need to breathe and is not affected by the elements.
giftSleep's TravelsThrough this Gift, a Garou's spirit may journey to another location while his body sleeps. Once he has arrived at his destination, the Garou may either examine his surroundings, impart a message to someone he sees, or retrieve a small (hand-held) item such as a ring, a set of keys or a piece of paper. Whether the Garou actually causes an object to assume spirit-form long enough for her to transport it from the place she has visited to the location of his sleeping body, or if the Gift causes the retrieved item to relocate from one place to another is unclear. The Garou must have at least four hours of uninterrupted sleep before he is able to begin the sleep journey. Once the journey has ended and the Garou's spirit has reunited itself with her body, she must awaken naturally. Any disturbance in the sleep pattern negates the effectiveness of the Gift, though it does not otherwise physically threaten the Garou's life.
giftSlicing FeathersSee 'Razor Feathers.'
giftSlicing TeethAs the Ahroun Gift: Razor Claws, but used with the Ratkin's bite attack.
giftSlip of the TongueSensing the truth is the purview of the Half Moon, but the trickster is adept at obtaining admissions of guilt, however accidental. By engaging in a conversation (heated or otherwise), the user of this Gift can make teh target accidentally remark on what she wished to hide ("of course I had everything to do with his death.. I mean nothing to do with it!" or "The necklace isn't here, search all you like, but don't bother with the study, that's so obvious!") The slip may only arouse already suspicious minds, but it may fluster the target enough to cause some more tangible admission of guilt, like a confession or an attack. This Gift is taught by a Gaffling of Falcon or by any truth spirit.
giftSliver ToothThe Ratkin's incisors splinter into nasty shards as they pierce flesh, imbedding deep and preventing healing.
giftSmall CousinSome Ceilican over-steeped in human culture call this Gift Blofeld's Cat after James Bond's nemesis (who, they insist, was the white cat, not the man). This Gift allows a Bastet to physically become a house cat. While this form can be limiting, it's very unobtrusive. Best of all, it doesn't hamper cat magic in any way, and screens out routine mystic senses. Unless the vitime subjects his housecat to a rigrous magical appraisal, the Bastet is free to enter and observe whatever he likes.
giftSmell FearDescription: This Gift allows the Garou to sense if the people around her feel threatened by her presence, and how much fear they feel. It also alerts her if anyone tries to Sense Wyrm in the area.
giftSmell of Man

The Garou can greatly amplify the scent of his homid side, creating a feeling of fear and nervousness in normal animals, who have learned that man is more often than not something to avoid. This Gift is taught by an Ancestor spirit.

giftSmell PoisonAs a survival skill, Ratkin have learned to sniff out poisons. When a Ratkin discovers that someone is trying to poison a member of his deceit, he may decide to return the "blesing" upon the would-be poisoner. This Gift is taught by a Rat-spirit.
giftSmith's BlessingThe tools of man have great value in a world that resists shaping, and few people can afford to lose even one. This Gift allows the Warder to make a brokem, worn, rotted or dulled tool like new once more - wood becomes hale, notches vanish, cracks mend. Although the item doesn't precisely become new - anyone can tell at a glance that it's obviously been used before - it is once again in good shape, as though lovingly maintained since its creation. This Gift is taught by a Hearth or Forge spirit.
giftSmoke SignalsThe Strider can communicate over a great distance with visual signals. Whether with puffs of smoke by day or flickering lights at night, the Garou sends his message into the sky for other Garou to read. A Fire-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftSmoking MirrorAs the level three Common Gift: Farsight.
giftSnake Bites ItselfBy touching a victim and chittering a curse, the Nezumi can turn a foe's poisons against itself. This Gift is taught by a Mushroom-spirit.
giftSnake's SkinWith this Gift, a Nuwisha can shed a layer of skin, instantly regenerating the lost flesh, in order to slip free of extremely tight bonds and even handcuffs. This Gift may help a werecoyote avoid being thrown by an opponent. This Gift is taught by a Snake-spirit.
giftSnap Man's ChainsThe Red Talons look on humanity's domestication and subsequent abuse of animals as nothing less than a sin against Gaia. With this Gift, the Red Talon can undo that offense, if only for as long as a night. The Talon releases a howl that drives domesticated animals completely feral - horses throw their rides and bolt as far as they can, oxen throw themselves against fences in a frenzy, dogs turn on their masters at the first sign of weakness. Needless to say, this Gift's use often drives surviving humans on a quest for the witch among their numbers that surely must be responsible. This Gift is taught by any Animal-spirit, although the spirits of wolves and wild oxen are particular generous with its secret.
giftSnare of BeautyThis Gift, taught by servants of Rati, makes the user irresistibly beautiful and desirable to all onlookers, regardless of gender or sexual preferences.
giftSnarl of the PredatorThe Garou lets out a primal snarl, sending shivers up opponents' spines and cowing them into submission. This Gift is taught by a Wolf spirit.
giftSniffleHaving trouble seeing an invisible enemy? To use this Gift, the Plague Lord places a pinch of dust on his palm and blows. He may direct the germ-laden cloud around the room, seeking the invisible. The first person it makes contact with must make a nasty Willpower roll to avoid sneezing, coughing, and wheezing from a temporary bout with a nasty cold.
giftSnitchYou've got a talent for gathering secrets. As long as you can see someone's face, you can read his lips. As long as someone is within line-of-sight, you can heat her whispers. This Gift is taught by a Stormcrow, a Gaffling of Grandfather Thunder.
giftSnow RunningThe severe winters in much of Europe can immobilize a village or greatly impair a wolf pack. This Gift allows a werewolf to circumvent the problems caused by heavy snowfall. The Garou using this Gift can run across snow or ice as if it were solid ground, without sinking in or leaving footprints. The Silver Fangs are said to have a version of this Gift that lends them more supernatural grace while treading on ice or snow, but leaves their tracks behind. The Gift is taught by an Ice elemental.
giftSnuff FlamesThe Red Talons are mistrustful of huamnity's control of fire. This Gift allows them to take one of the hated humans' most prized tools away from them, dousing almost any fire within their line of sight. This Gift is taught by a Water spirit.
giftSong of Fear The Eji has such disciplined control of her fear that she may release her fox frenzy on other beings. Caveat vulpes: Garou and similar professional berserkers will not be happy with the Kitsune who uses Song of Fear on them. Enemies react with undying vengeance. Allies (even should the Fox have saved their life by forcing them to run) often seek retribution or sever contact. This Gift is taught by a Hare-spirit.
giftSong of KokopelliThis Gift allows the Nuwisha to ensure that everyone within bearing range of the Song remains calm and sedate. This Gift may cancel the frenzy of an opponent, but only for as long as the Nuwisha continues to sing. This Gift is taught by a Gaffling in service to Coyote.
giftSong of MockeryThis Gift allows the Galliard to learn her rival's deepest, darkest secrets. Perhaps unfortunately, it requires her to sing of those secrets before a crowd. This Gift is taught by a mockingbird-spirit.
giftSong of RageThis Gift unleashes the Beast in others, forcing Garou to transform into Crinos form, sending vampires into frenzy and turning humans into berserkers. This Gift is taught by a Wolverine or Wolf spirit.
giftSong of the DireThe Fianna sings a battle song to empower her comrades as she enters a fray. Driven by their packmate, the embattled Garou double their efforts to defeat the foe. The Black Spiral Dancers have learned to turn tail and flee upon hearing this lyrics of this dread gift.
giftSong of the Great BeastThe Garou must be in the deep wilderness to emplay this Gift. If so, he can, by howling at the sky, call one of the Great Beasts - the ancient creatures that used to walk the Earth in ages past - to his aid. Examples of Beasts are the Sasquatch (Bigfoot), the Willawau (Giant Owl), the Yeti, the great magalodon sharks that swam the seas eons ago, and other legendary creatures. Who knows, there are rumors of surviving dinosaurs in the deep Congo... This Gift is taught by a Nature spirit.
giftSong of the SirenThe sound of the Garou's voice can entrance anyone who hears it. Typically, the Garou sings or howls while using this Gift, although some modern Glass Walkers have taken to poetry recital. This Gift can make an opponent pause before a fight but can rarely stop a heated combat already in progress. A Songbirdspirit teaches this Gift.
giftSoothe/Summon StormThis Gift requires a long rite in which the Bastet yowls, capers, and calls out to the storm, and whips up (or, at higher difficulty, disperses) a great tempest.
giftSorcerer's BladeBy casting this Gift on a weapon, a cat can enchant a blade so that it harms supernatural beings. A favorite trick of swashbuckling Ceilican who wandered the open roads in bygone eras, this Gift often comes from the King of Cats or Mistress of Catkind.
giftSorcerous BiteThe Eji can transmute his teeth to any substance he desires. Silver and jade are the most common, but as the teeth are supernaturally strong and rigid no matter what is chosen, wood, fire, ice and even water are possible. This Gift is also taught by elementals.
giftSoul's GuiltDescription: This powerful but very temperamental Gift allows the weight of guilt which rests on the heart to emerge to the surface. The effect varies but usually appears as shadowing across the subject's features; the shadows deepen as the guilt grows (other effects include "howls of demons", the sound of winter winds or even ominous background music). Note that, while useful, it has some severe limitations, for it registers only what troubles the individual. To a saintly old lady, a white lie may give her nightmares and deeply shade her soul, while a vigilante may sleep the sleep of the just and go undetected by this Gift. Soul's Guilt is taught by one of Falcon's brood, or any spirit associated with Justice.
giftSpeak in TonguesThe Ratkin can understand any one human language for the duration of one scene. Communication is fluent; no Linguistics roll is required.
giftSpeak With the Wind SpiritsThe Garou can understand and speak with Wind spirits. In addition, he may ask one question of the aerial spirits that ride the winds of the world (their attention span is too short for anything more). The question must have something to do with the nearby area (they quickly forget what they see). This Gift is, of course, taught by by any aerial servant.
giftSpeech of the WorldThose who wander can encounter a new human dialect in every valley. This Gift allows the Garou to speak any human language he encounters, although his speech is slightly accented in any tongue but his own. Unlike the Rank Three Gift: Tongues (a Warder Gift; also Werewolf Players Guide, pg. 35), this Gift does not convey literacy. The Gift is taught by an Owl-spirit.
giftSpeed Beyond ThoughtThe Garou may run at 10 times normal speed. The Garou may do nothing save concentrate on running. The effect lasts for eight hours, after which the Garou will be famished and must eat immediately or risk frenzy and worse... This Gift is taught by a Cheeta or Air spirit.
giftSpeed of the MessengerThis Gift increases the movement rate of the Garou so that he can travel long distances in short periods of time. The character's body seems to flow like quicksilver, enabling him to accomplish astounding feats of agility while under the effects of this Gift. Thus, the Garou can travel rapidly across a tree limbor along a narrow wooden beam without slowing down or faltering.
giftSpeed of ThoughtThe Garou may run as swift as the wind for short periods of time with this Gift.
giftSpellbinding OrationSimilar to Persuasion (Level One Homid), this Gift allows a Child of Gaia to be persuasive when dealing with others. The Garou's statements will take on an air of extra meaning and credibility. Those hearing him are likely to agree with him. This Gift is taught by a Unicorn spirit.
giftSpinneretsThe Ananasi may generate webs in any form - in Homid the spinnerets appear on the hands and feet. In any other, they appear on the abdomen. In all forms the webs are strong enough to hold four times the Ananasi's weight.
giftSpirit ClawsWithin his own Den-Realm, the Bastet may attack through the Gauntlet, whether from the Umbra into the real world, or from the real world against an Umbral opponent. He must be able to see the opponent first.
giftSpirit DrainDescription: The Garou may drain power from a spirit to feed his own resolve. This Gift is taught by a spirit servant of the Uktena totem.
giftSpirit FriendThe Children walk among spirits and interact with them more than most, for their aura exudes friendship. This Gift is taught by Unicorn spirits.
giftSpirit KnifeDescription: Using this Gift, a Theurge can imbue a knife -- or any other weapon she hand-crafted herself -- with the power to strike across the Gauntlet, affecting enemies on the other side. This Gift conveys no ability to see across the Gauntlet beyond what the Garou normally possesses, however. A wasp-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftSpirit of the BirdThe Garou may hover and float in the air. This Gift is taught by any Bird spirit.
giftSpirit of the FishThe Garou can breathe underwater and swim as fast as he can run in Hispo form. This Gift is taught by any Fish spirit.
giftSpirit of the FrayDescription: The Garou may opt to attack first in any given turn, no matter what his initiative roll may be. This Gift is taught by a Cat spirit.
giftSpirit of the Spiny RatThe South American spiny rat surrounds itself with sharp quills to protect itself against predators. This talent is similar to the Gift of the Porcupine, though not as deadly.
giftSpirit PathThe Umbra can often confuse the senses of even the most perceptive tracker. The Theurge who possesses this Gift can track a particular spirit anywhere in the spirit world. As long as the Garou knows the spirit's name, she can find that spirit no matter which Umbral realm it takes refuge in. A Cockroach-spirit can teach this Gift.
giftSpirit SavageIn the spirit world, a warrior often finds himself dealing with hostile spirits much more often than he'd like. This Gift allows the Ahroun to brutally savage a spirit with a bite, impeding the spirit's ability to attack or defend itself. Spirits find this Gift horrifying, and are unwilling to aid any warrior who uses it unjustly (such as against any Gaian spirit). It's taught by wolverine-spirits, who care little for the opinion of their fellows.
giftSpirit SkinGenerally, spirits are fairly friendly to Garou, at least ones that aren't automatically hostile to anything. That doesn't mean, however, that they treat a Garou exactly the same as they treat other spirits, and that's where this Gift comes in handy. By activating it within the Umbra, the Theurge disguises herself as a spirit (usually a wolf spirit) to all concerned. She still physically looks exactly like her lupus form, she simply gives the impression of a spirit rather than Garou. Some Theurge have also used the Gift to throw off pursuit by hiding in a pack of wolf spirits. A chameleon spirit teaches this Gift.
giftSpirit SpeechDescription: A Garou who possesses this Gift is able to communicate in the tongue of the spirits; thus, the Garou can converse with any spirits, not just the ones who deign to speak a language she understands. This does not make the spirit friendly to the Garou, or even care; it just opens the possibility of communication. This Gift is taught by any spirit.
giftSpirit VesselOne of the best kept secrets of the Theurge elders is the ability to channel a spirit. For a short time, Garou and spirit become one creature with the abilities of both. Usually, the Garou remains in control, adding the spirit's Charms to her repertoire but sometimes things go awry. Elementals, especially fire elementals, understand the workings of this Gift. Banes can also teach this Gift but at a dangerous cost.
giftSpirit WallBy employing the eldritch enigmas of Egypt, a Bubasti can wall an area off from spirit-traffic. No spirit can move in or out of the warded place without the cats permission. Naturally, the stronger chaya can shred this barrier like papyrus; still, the wisest werecats can erect stronger barriers than their youngers can.
giftSpirit WardThis Gift allows a Garou to protect himself from spirits by performing a quick warding rite. The Garou, by drawing an invisible pictogram into the air, scares and unnerves any nearby spirits (except the pack totem). This sign travels with the Garou wherever he goes for the duration of the Gift. This Gift is taught by an Ancestor spirit.
giftSpirit WassailThe Garou drains power from a spirit to strengthen her will. The process is difficult even if the spirit is willing to help. A certain amount of pain seems necessary to transform the spirit's essence into the Theurge's mystic resolve. A rat-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftSpirit WitnessThe world is alive and aware on levels that normal men and women cannot perceive -- levels that Garou too often forget, to their chagrin. A Garou uses this Gift to see clearly through the mists of time to any scene to which she can find a spirit witness, whether she wishes to study an epic battle or declare an isolated confrontation between two werewolves an honest challenge or a cowardly murder. This Gift is taught by a tortoise-spirit.
giftSpirit's HorseThis Gift allows a Garou to make her body a temporary vessel for an ancestral or legendary spirit for a finite length of time determined during the activation of the Gift. It differs from the manifestations of the Past Life Background in that the host does not merely gain the Attributes, Abilities, and memories of the inhabiting spirit -- she actually "becomes" the spirit for the Gift's duration. The Uktena usually combine this Gift with the Rite of Invitation to Ancestors (see Uktena TB), and rarely practice it outside of moots or council gatherings. Its intention is primarily to give honor to an ancestor by allowing her the ability to experience fleshly pleasures and meet her tribal descendants. This Gift is taught by an Ancestor-spirit.
giftSpirit-TouchAs "Spirit Claws," except this version works anywhere.
giftSpirits' SightAlthough werecats cannot normally travel through the Gauntlet, this Gift allows them to see through it for a short time. Plenty of good secrets can be discovered this way, but the Gift's effects tend to frustrate the hell out of the Bastet who can't get through, like a cat watching a bird on the other side of a window.
giftSpitfireThe Bastet hisses wickedly, spitting a stream of fire at her opponent.
giftSpittle of CorrosionAllows the spider to spit her digestive fluids at opponents. Taught by a servant of Marawa.
giftSplintered ClawThis painful gift causes the metis' claws to splinter as they pierce flesh. Tiny bits of claw imbed themselves deep in the victim's body, thus causing tremendous irritation. Healing such a wound without first removing the splinters is both painful and stupid. Unfortunately, the Gift's user loses her claws until she spends a round regenerating new ones. A Tree-spirit teaches this gift. Glass Walkers or Bone Gnawers can learn this Gift from spirits living in houses or other wooden constructs.
giftSpur ClawsSome Garou take the bee as a role model for their cause. The bee is so devoted to her queen that she attacks her enemies with no care to the inevitable fact that she will die in the attack. For those Garou who feel similarly, bee spirits may teach them how to turn their claws into stingers that stick in their opponents. Such poison as they excrete won't kill their opponents, but neither will it kill the werewolf in question.
giftSqueezeA rat can collapse part of his skeleton to fit through narrow openings. A typical Rattta norvegicus can fit through an opening as small as a quarter. A Ratkin with this Gift is far more impressive, especially when he uses his spiritual talents to pass thro ugh seemingly solid objects. By briefly passing through the Umbra, the Ratkin can squeeze through solid walls, doors or other obstacles. This Gift is taught by a Rat-spirit, who often leads his protege1 on a chase through an infested building while teaching it.
giftSt. Herve's FollyAccording to an old folktale, St Herve once preached to a wolf that had eaten the ox he used to plough with, and the wolf was so ashamed that he agreed to plough in the ox's place. If the Fianna didn't murder St. Herve for this, they wanted to. But they also learned a lession from it, and mischief-minded Fianna now use this carnivalesque Gift to create similar, though more pleasing, results. It convinces a leader of any sort that his status is incorrect and rather that he should serve those whom he rules. It can convince a town mayor to clean the shoes of a homeless person, or an alpha to bow to the will of his omega. The Gift is taught, unfortunately, by an ox spirit.
giftStalkAs the Ragabash Gift: Sense of the Prey. Knife Skulkers know lots of tracking secrets.
giftStaredownBy staring into the eyes of a human or animal, the Garou can cause the target to flee in terror. This Gift can be used gainst Garou, but the Garou will freeze in place rather than flee. This Gift is taught by a Ram spirit.
giftStash CacheRatkin aren't usually big on personal possessions. Many prefer to keep everything they need in a knapsack, a briefcase, or their pockets. When they need to hide these meager items, some prefer to step sideways for just an instant, finding a little hidey-hole where they can stash their stuff. The hiding place might be a little Umbral tunnel, a hiding place guarded by a Rat-spirit, or just some place *between* the spirit world and physical world. Rat-spirits teach this Gift, but only if they can score a portion of the Ratkin's stash from time to time; they may well exact a slight "payment" from your first stash cache.
giftSteadfastNo matter the task, the Ahroun does not tire. This Gift allows the Garou to work, run, or fight far beyond her normal limits. A Horse-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftSteal SpiritThe Ragabash can steal an opponent's strength of spirit or her Rage. With her ill-gotten gains, she can pummel her drained opponent.
giftSteel FurGarou with this Gift can temporarily convert their fur into steel. This Gift is taught by metal or earth elementals.
giftStench of the PeasantA Garou can make others appear to be inept, contemptible and base.
giftSticky FingersHumans have too much damn stufffor their own good; you only take what you need, but you don't care who it comes from. Th is Gift uses misdirection and distraction to boost stuff from humans with just the most casual contact. Bump in to them or talk to them, and you can take what you need. Just remember to use everything you take.
giftSticky PawsThe Skulker can grab a weapon out of his enemy's hands (or claws, or paws) and use it against its wielder the same turn.
giftStill Breeze BlowingLike the Lupus Gift: Elemental Gift, this magic allows a Qualmi to conjure a spirit to shift members of this tribe favor air and ice elementals over fire or earth.
giftStinkThe Ratkin can emit a horrific odor dense enough to saturate a ten-by-ten-foot area. (Exactly how he does this is entirely up to you.)
giftStoking Fury's FurnaceDescription: The Garou is especially connected to his inner anger. he does not have more control than others, but is simply more familiar with using his Rage. This Gift is taught by a Wolverine spirit.
giftStone MaskThe Garou is able to harden her mind, masking her thoughts from anyone attempting to read her mind or determine her true nature. This Gift is taught by rock spirits.
giftStoneworkAs the Level Three Homid Gift: Craft of the Maker, except that it only affects stone, dirt, clay and glass, employs a Manipulation + Survival roll, and reshapes the object permanently.
giftStorm of PestsBy singing a plea to Tzinzie and his kind, a werejaguar can call up a cloud of mosquitoes, gnats, biting flies, or some equally obnoxious bugs. These creatures don't so much damage as distract their prey, although they might at the Storyteller option, carry diseases like malaria or yellow fever. By drawing the victim's attention to the biting pests, the Balam may prepare either an ambush or an escape.
giftStorm Winds SlashAlthough the dai-sho are not weapons of lethal combat among hengeyokai, the Hakken are not above using their power to slay lesser beings such as bakemono. Using this Gift, the werewolf can wound an opponent at a distance by executing a secret cut technique, as the Hakken slashes with her katana, a very real wound appears on the victim, mirroring the Garou's strike. A Metal or Wind-spirit teaches the Gift.
giftStrange RainThe Garou can evoke a rain of something truly strange and unnatural: frogs, cockroaches, slugs, etc. This can be extremely unnerving to enemies or even allies. This acts like the Bone Gnawer Gift: Infest in every other way.
giftStrange WatersSee 'Trackless Waste,' but affects its target's sense of direction at sea or under water.
giftStrength of GaiaThe Goddess blesses her child with enhanced strength to defeat her enemies. The Garou must maintain her Lupus form, but she retains the might of the Crinos.
giftStrength of PurposeDescription: Some Garou feel so strongly about their place in the pack, the tribe, and the world that they can draw on this resolve in times of need. The Garou can pull on new resolve from his deepest reserves. This Gift is taught by a Wolf Spirit.
giftStrength of the DominatorThe Garou, by force of command, draws anothers's anger to feed his own. This Gift is taught by a Stormcrow.
giftStrength of the EinherjarThis Gift allows a Get to call upon his greatest ancestors, the heroes of Valhalla, the Einherjar, for assistance. It is only used in dire situations, when the lives of more than one Garou are endangered. Calling on the strength of the Einherjar allows a Get to increase his Attributes substantially for a limited time. The Einherjar come to the aid of a Get only in times of great peril, and punish any Get who attempts to call on them without need. This Gift is taught by an Ancestor spirit.
giftStrength of the GuardianThis Gift provides Bane Tenders with extra power when attempting to bind or destroy a Bane (or other troublesome spirit) or keep it locked within its bindings. This is usually used against a Bane that the Garou is responsible for overseeing. Occasionally, another Bane Tender will be overcome, and the Garou must use this to regain control of the newly loosed Bane. This Gift is never used simply to overcome a Bane met by chance. It is too costly. The power gained lasts for the duration of the battle or scene. The Gift is taught by a Wolf-spirit.
giftStrength of the PackThe Ahroun, the heart of the pack's strength, can share any or all of her physical might with her pack members. Just as if she handed her packmate a loaded gun, the Ahroun grants her more power to do the work of the pack. A Bear-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftStrength of WillDescription: Garou would follow an Ahroun with Strength of Will to the gates of Hell itself if that were what it took. Werewolves with this Gift inspire their comrades with their own force of will. This Gift is taught by a Wolf spirit or an Incarna avatar.
giftStrike the AirThe Garou becomes the ultimate example of passive resistance. She becomes unable to attack an opponent, but she is also unable to be hit, allowing her opponent to exhaust herself in the attempt. A mongoose-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftSubmitThe second trick in a ruler's arsenal is the ability to make his subjects obey whether they want to or not. By mastering their bodies, A Simba can force others to fall to their knees or roll over on their backs in submission. They can say whatever they like, but their reactions betray their cowardice!
giftSummon ElectricityFar more effective than a general Rite of Binding, this Gift summons an electricity elemental and binds it to an electrical devices for a short period of time. Even broken devices will be able to operate with a little judicious jury-rigging.
giftSummon EnglingUsually, when shapechangers need to replenish their Gnosis, they summon an Engling and stalk it. In urban areas, this hunt takes on a few unique twists; a Shadow Seer with this Gift knows them intimately. The Engling is always disguised as something mundane. Only the members of the Rat Pack can recognise that it's really a spirit. Humans react to this in unpredictable ways watching mad street people pursue a fleeing ice cream truck, a boy with a balloon, or a cloud of butterflies each has different results.
giftSummon Net-SpiderThe Garou can summon a Net-Spider - one of the Weaver spirits that dwell within the Realm of electronic reality. Within reason, the Net-Spider gives its summoner absolute control over computers. The Garou can also send the Spider into someone else's system to disrupt it - the effects of this are left up to the Storyteller, but should be destructive. This Gift is taught by an avatar of Cockroach.
giftSummon StormcrowThe Judges of Doom learned this blessing form Grandfather Thunder himself. The stormcrows, some of Grandfather Thunder's servants, come to the aid of those Garou who activate this gift. Acting as spies, the Stormcrows follow anybody the Judge chooses and reports back all they learn. Rumors speak of networks of Stormcrows that pass information back and forth like a telephone line.
giftSummon TalismanThe Strider can summon to herself any dedicated handheld object. The item disappear from wherever it currently rests, even from somebody else's grasp, and appears in the Garou's grip. Striders use this gift to bring special items to them once they have finished a journey or to recover items lost along the way. A packrat spirit teaches this gift.
giftSummon WaterThe Bastet with this Gift may create an amount of pure water (and no other liquid).
giftSun's GuardGiven to his children by Raven after the great misadventure with Helios, this Gift serves to protect Corax from excessive heat. After all, the ravens got away with being burned to a crisp on the outside the first time; next time, the Corax might not be so lucky.... To no one's surprise, an Avatar of Raven teaches this Gift.
giftSurface AttunementThe Garou may attune herself to the surrounding enviroment, thereby gaining the ability to walk at normal speed across such gaining the ability to walk at normal speed across such surfaces as mud, water, snow and quicksand withouth falling through or leaving tracks. This Gift is taught by the spirits of small animals (rabbits, sparrows, mice, ect.), animals usually overlooked by other Garou but honored by the Stargazers.
giftSurvivalThe rat does not need food or water for a full day. Just as the kangaroo rat can sustain himself with seeds he finds in the desert, the Ratkin can improvise a method of forestalling starvation. The Gift is taught by a Kangaroo Rat-spirit.
giftSurvivorDescription: This Gift allows the Garou temporary immunity to many environmental effects, such as pressure or temperature variations. She is also immune to disease, poison and even radiation, as well as any corrupting effects from the touch of Wyrm entities. She does not need to eat, drink, or rest, and she gains three extra points of Stamina, even if this takes the Attribute over 10. She also ignores wound penalties. In addition, whenever she is about to die or be defeated, she automatically regains one Willpower point. This Gift is taught by a Bear spirit.
giftSwallow's ReturnCorax usually know where they're going. That's more or less part of the package that comes with the spirit egg, after all. However, there are times when a Corax is too tired or too badly injured to navigates himself back home. That's when he turns to this Gift. Swallow's Return is nothing less than an autopilot, bringing the Corax safely back home even while the wereraven sleeps or heals. A Swallow-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftSwarm of ServantsThis is one of a Doshi's most bizarre powers; from the fur of his tails he may summon armies of tiny vermin to do his bidding (mice, lice, beetles, frogs, grasshoppers, whatever the caster wishes). The spirits of such creatures teach this Gift, if the Kitsune will only stop scratching long enough.
giftSweet Hunter's SmileWith a charming look, the werecat wins his target over; if that look shifts into a snarl or a stare, the victim feels uneasy and may back away, intimidated.
giftSweet WordsSee 'Persuasion.'
giftSwipeSee "Taking the Forgotten."
giftSwollen TongueThe Nuwisha uses this Gift on a target to stop that target from speaking. As soon as the Gift is in effect, the target's tongue swells, preventing any form of speech. Howls and sounds coming from the target are muffled at best. This Gift is taught by a Spider-spirit.
giftTagalongCommonly used by Bone Gnawers residing in a sept controlled by other tribes, this Gift ingratiates the Bone Gnawer to a pack's or caern's totem for a short time. While the Gift is in effect, the Gnawer is treated as a member of a pack with regards to using the totem's blessings and any pack tactics the pack knows. If used on a caern totem, the totem looks favorably upon the Bone Gnawer. The Gnawer may perform the Rite of the Opened Caern, if he knows it, without fear of retribution. A lost-dog spirit, a spirit servant of Rat, teaches this Gift.
giftTail of the Monkey The Garou has a prehensile tail.
giftTake the True FormThe Philodox with this power can force a Garou into her breed form. This Gift is especially useful to abate a frenzy, prevent damage from silver or take a combative advantage. A Wolf-spirit teaches a worthy Philodox the workings of this Gift.
giftTaking the ForgottenNot only is the Ragabash an accomplished thief, but those from whom she steals often never realize they have been robbed. If the character succeeds in stealing something, her victim will forget he ever possessed the stolen item. This Gift is taught by a Mouse spirit.
giftTale SpinningUsing this amazing ability, the Ratkin can tell an elaborate story defying all reason and logic, and tell it so convincingly that the listener believes it is true. Telling the story absorbs an entire scene.
giftTalkThe Mokole may speak known human languages even in Archid or Suchid.
giftTalons of FalconThis deadly Gift turns the Garou's claws into impaling weapons, allowing her to cut muscle, bone and sinew as if it were paper. Combined with the Gifts: Razor Claws or Silver Claws, this is truly devastating. A falcon of the Great Flock teaches this Gift.
giftTangling the SkeinThis Gift enables the Garou to cause confusion among her enemies by mixing up their perceptions so that they cannot decide who to follow or what to do next. The effect resembles that of the Gift: Mitanu's Deliberate Misinformation, except it distorts what others discern through sight or memory, rather than through what they hear. Victims may mistake one person for another and follow the wrong leader or they may go to the wrong meeting place in the mistaken impression they are proceeding to the correct spot.
giftTaste of MadnessThe Munchmausen can construct a brief variant of reality for his victim to experience. This must be summarized in one sentence of no more than ten words.
giftTeanoi's RageTaught by one of Teanoi's servants, this Gift sends the Same-Bito into an unstoppable blood frenzy.
giftTeasing MateCauses the target to release extremely powerful, concentrated pheremones. All creatures of the same race and same gender as the target immediately desire copulation with the afflicted.
giftTech SpeakBy mentally interfacing with the Machine, the Garou can send communications through any technological device. By concentrating her will upon the individual(s) whom she wishes to communicate with, communication devices will project the information at the intended individuals: telephones shout, stereos blare and printers print out the message. If no communication device is present, other devices can be activated: alarms will go off, lights flash or plumbing turns on. This Gift is taught by Pattern Spiders.
giftTechnotheocratic ApocalypticaThey say the Glass Walkers worship their technology. That's foolishness. Worshipping mere tools confuses the master with the servant. Worshipping monsters, now, that has some more flair. This Gift allows the Glass Walker to turn all machines in the room into posessed monsters; mobile phones suddenly beginning ringing at thei loudest volume and hurl themselves at the person nearest to them, televisions deliberately explode, and electrical wires whip around, tripping and strangling whomever they can see. This Gift is taught by a Pattern Spider.
giftTeeth of the SkinSee 'Gift of the Porcupine.' Rokea hide _normally_ does similar damage; this Gift, however, can be used in any form.
giftTen ChiThe Kitsune always knows where he is in the Middle Kingdom, Yin or Yang Realms by feeling his relationship to Gaia. Additionally, he carries his “territory” with him wherever he goes. Natural foxes and animals sense this, allowing him to pass through their territories without challenge. Other Roko usually show the same courtesy. Migratoria1 bird spirits such as crane or goose teach the Gift.
giftThe Beautiful LieOnce each day, a Munchmausen can tell one beautiful, elaborate lie and get away with it. Anyone who hears this tale will swear that it is true. The rest of the day, Munchmausen love to lie just as much, but these lesser confabulations are just warm-ups for this daily masterpiece.
giftThe Bountiful DominionA ruler must be prepared to provide for his subjects. By laying this Gift upon the land, a Simba can make the local crops grow quickly, the soil turn fertile and the waters run clear. This Gift comes from the hand of Manu T'Chaa, who ended a famine with his wisdom and passed the secret to his descendants.
giftThe Dragon's TongueThis Gift calls down a strike of lightning on a specific opponent.
giftThe Falling Touch

With but a touch, the Garou can overbalance and topple her opponent, sending him falling to the ground. This Gift is taught by an Air or Wind spirit.

giftThe Fleeing ScarabOne of the Bubasti's most obscure tribal secrets, this Gift allows a cat to remove her soul, incarnate it, and send it out of harms way while her body dies. The soul, which often takes the form of a flyin scarab beetle, searches out an appropriate new host body, climbs into its mouth while it sleeps, and lays the old soul into the new host. The Bubasti who knows this forbidden secret (and fewer than eight such cats exist) is theoretically immortal, though such longevity is purchased in other beings' lives.
giftThe Great LeapThe Garou can jump incredible distances in one bound. This Gift is taught by a Jackrabbit spirit.
giftThe Hungry EarthThe Mother is not at peace. Some Pumonca know how to rouse her enough to show her displeasure. When this Gift is employed, the ground shakes, opens or given, way, covering tracks, sealing passages or burying the cat's opponents alive.
giftThe Living WoodThe Garou may call the powers of the forest to arise and aid her; nearby trees will begin to move and attempt to protect the Garou. The trees will restrain, block or even fight foes. This Gift is taught by a Glade Child.
giftThe Malleable SpiritThe Garou can change a spirit's form or purpose. This Gift is taught by a Chimerling.
giftThe Thousand FormsThe Garou may take the form of any animal between the sizes of a sparrow and a bison, gaining all special abilities thereof (flight, giffls, ect.). This Gift is taught by an Animal Father Incarna avatar. No monsters, et al., may be mimicked.
giftTheft of StarsIn some Native American legends, Raven was responsible for placing the sun, moon and stars into he sky. However, what Raven giveth, Raven can take away or at least borrow with the help of the Corax. This Gift has a truly terrifying effect, rendering the target completely unable to see any light derived from a natural light source (the sun, moon or stars). Victims of this power are reduced to stumbling around in a bizarre twilight, if not absolute darkness. Helios' Avatar teaches this Gift, but only to Corax whom the Sun trusts in its use.
giftThieving Talons of the MagpieThe Garou can steal the power of others and use them herself. These powers can be Garou Gifts, Vampiric Disciplines, Mage Spheres, ect. This Gift is taught by, of course, a Magpie spirit.
giftThousand-Thunder StrikeBy slamming his paws together and invoking Rahjah or one of his manifestations (Shiva, Pan Gu, etc.), an angry tiger cause a shockwave that can level buildings or disrupt unclean spirits. The King of Cats, in his more regal guises, teaches this Gift to worthy Khan.
giftThreads of the TapestryThis Gift allows the Garou to determine the basic elements of a situation that seems confused or deliberately obfuscated. THe Garou can discern which individual in a group really holds power or whether someone is acting under duress.
giftThunderbird's CryAs the Level Five Metis Gift: Wrath of Nala, except that the storm may last for up to an hour if the player's roll exceeds five successes.
giftThunderboltA pact with the spirits of the storm allows some Pumonca to call down a thunderbolt. So long as at least one cloud hangs in the air, the cougar can call down lightning. Most cougars learn this mighty spell from Thunderbird himself.
giftTinker's TouchThe Theurge can mend a broken object with a touch, as long as the item contains metal. This Gift is especially useful for emergency wagon repairs or for fixing guns during a siege.
giftTonguesThis gift allows the user to read or write any human language encountered, no matter how ancient or obscure. Galliards often use this Gift when translating ancient tects to revive old legends or compose new songs for moots. This Gift is faught by a Raven-spirit.
giftTotem GiftDescription: The Garou is in tough with the totem of her tribe and can actually plead with the totem, gaining some of its power. The effects of this power are up to the Storyteller, but should be in keeping with the totem; thus, Chimera (Stargazers) might grant the Garou increased insight or the abilitiy to shapeshift into anything desired, while Rat (Bone Gnawers) might send swarms of rats to attack the Garou's enemies, and Grandfather Thunder (Shadow Lords) might smite the Garou's enemies with a blast of thunder and lightning. This Gift is taught by the Garou's tribal totem.
giftTotem-FormDescription: This powerful Gift allows a Black Spiral to take on the appearance - and much of the power - of her pack's Bane totem. For instance, a Dancer sworn to the Dark Fungus might sprout slime molds and toadstools in place of fur, radiating a cloud of hallucinogenic spores, while a bastard of Green Dragon might swell into a draconian war form the equal of any Mokole. This Gift is taught only by the pack's totem spirit.
giftTouch of DeathThe Silent Striders learned this gift from the wraiths who prowl the Underworld. With it, a Garou can cause a victim to see the moment of her death. Although the victim does not remember what she sees, the experience disables her with fear.
giftTouch of the EelDescription: The Black Spiral releases a current of electricity through conductive materials nearby. If he is touched in any way during the use of this talent, the assailant receives and even greater shock.
giftTouch of the MuseWith this Gift, the Fury invokes the spirits of art and artifice, allowing her to lower the difficulty on any Social Attribute rolls for the duration of the scene.
giftTouch of the Tree-FrogBy touching a victim with her paw, teeth or even spittle, a Balam can paralyze him for minutes on end. Some jaguars take this opportunity to get away, or to deliver a warning; others make more sadistic use of that time. This Gift stems from the Tree-frog-spirits, whose fluids coat the arrows of the ancient folk.
giftTouch the MindSee the Garou Gift 'Mental Speech.'
giftTouch the SpiritsIn animist philosophies, all objects hold some spiritual essence. Through this Gift, a Shadow Seer can speak directly to these inanimate spirits, learning where physical objects have been and what they've been used for. Psychics call this "psychometry." Knife-Skulkers don't care what it's called... they just call for the Shadow Seers to do it on command.
giftTrackless WasteThe Garou employing this Gift must have at least a rough familiarity with the terrain in a given area (have spent at least a week in the vicinity). The Garou may completely disrupt others' perceptions of that terrain's landmarks, etc. Humans and the like will automatically become lost (compasses won't work and maps will be misleading). Even Garou may become lost. This Gift is taught by any wilderness-oriented spirit.
giftTractor BeamThe Garou can transport non-dedicated objects with her to the Umbra when she steps sideways. She may not take living creatures, only objects. This Gift is taught by Weaver spirits.
giftTrail of PainFirst developed by the Amazons of Diana camp, this Gift allows the user to sense persons in agony. The Amazons use this Gift to uncover individuals suffering abuse. Other Black Furies use this Gift to track the abusers after wounding them. This Gift is taught by a spirit servant of Pegasus.
giftTrail of the LarderIt's said that the Children of Famine were the first to learn this Gift and teach it to their fellows. This Gift allowes the Bone Gnawer to scent out the best source of surplus food - that is, food currently in the possession of someone who has more than he requires. Said food is almost always guarded or locked away - not that this bothers the Children of Famine. The Gnawers also use this Gift for more creative effects from time to time; the renowned elder Simon Clubfoot found his way out of the twisted dungeons of Count Kimos by following his nose to the kitchen. A squirrel spirit teaches this Gift.
giftTrailblazerWith this Gift, the Garou can wend his way through thick underbrush as if walking on the open plains. The Ragabash also finds the fastest trails and shortest routes from one location to another. When used in a town or city, the Garou can still find the shortcuts through alleys and dart through crowded streets with ease. A Crow-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftTrash MagnetThe Garou can cause the refuse in an area to move toward a target and engulf him. This can include Wyrm toxins. The trash utilized depends on what's in the area.
giftTraveler's TonguesAs the level three Homid Gift: Babel's Cure/Curse
giftTread Sebek's BackA Silent Strider may call on the river to support her steps. By activating this Gift, a Strider may walk or run across water or other liquids. However, her feet are not protected - running across a pit of Wyrm-toxin is still a hazardous enterprise. Some Striders are rumored to have crossed seas by use of this Gift. It is taught by a Crocodile- or Basilisk-spirit.
giftTreeclimberBy extending and sharpening his claws, then invoking this Gift, a Bastet may travel up or down any vertical surface, from tree bark to concrete.
giftTreppelgangerThere is safety in numbers, or so you've been told. The Doppelganger Gift helps a Ratkin imitate another person. The Treppelganger Gift splits you into a gang of little Ratkin. They must all stay within the immediate area, but they can also coordinate their actions based upon your though).
giftTrick ShotWith this Gift, the Garou need not know the meaning of the word impossible. Shooting an arrow through a two-spot at one hundred paces, ricocheting a bullet around a corner or even firing down the barrel of an opponent's gun -- the Ahroun can do them all. However, this Gift can only indirectly do any harm to a living being -- by shooting out a rope holding a chandelier, for instance. More direct usage is considered unsporting by the spirits, who will not permit such vulgarity. This Gift is taught by an Air-spirit.
giftTrickster BeaconKnown as the "Kick Me Gift" by particularly irreverant New Moons, this places a spiritual beacon on the unwitting target, attracting the local troublemaking spirits. While potentially lethal pranks are off limits, anything else is fair game: items are moved or lost temporarily, the target is surrounded by jeering spirits in the Umbra or momentarily loes his way in familiar territory. The beacan cannot be removed or hidden (and teh target can never see it although all spirits and perceptive Garou can), but an eloquent and lucky victim may be able to "buy off" the spirits with the appropriate chimniage. This Gift is taught by any trickster spirit.
giftTrickster's SkinThe Nuwisha may take on the appearance, voice, and scent of a target, while the victim takes on his form. Often used in conjunction with Swollen Tongue.
giftTroll SkinWith this Gift, a Garou can make her skin grow tough and thick, covered with warty knots of hard, armored flesh. This Gift if taught by an Earth Elemental.
giftTroubleseeker The Harbingers are noted for their intuitive ability to find trouble or Wyrm corruption, no matter how well hidden They sometimes appear from nowhere, just "happening across" some problem or threat. This Gift allows a Harbinger to discover trouble without really searching for it -- he just starts down a road and sees where it takes him. Almost invariably, his path crosses some threat that needs seeing to.
giftTruce of HeliosHelios is, among other things, a spirit of reason and diplomacy. Garou who follow him are often skilled diplomats. Helios is also an honorable Celestine; The Silver Fang may not use this gift as a ruse to gain momentary advantages (set up an ambush). A Garou may learn this gift from the Children of Karnak or A Firebird Spirit.
giftTrue FearDescription: The Ahroun can display the true extent of her power, scaring one chosen foe into quiescence for a number of turns. This Gift is taught by a spirit associated with fear.
giftTrust of GaiaWith this Gift, the Garou instantly earns the trust of all who meet him or hear him, even over a telephone or television. They feel instinctively that he is a good and trustworthy person. This feeling wells up from such a deep level that it cannot be changed by even the most invasive mind control. People affected by this Gift can still be mind-controlled to attack the Garou, but hate doing so. Those who are Wyrm-corrupted feel intense dislike instead of trust. This trust is strong, but it does not supersede the person's common sense. If the Child of Gaia is firing a machine gun into the crowd, the people will still scatter, rather than trust that he'll miss them. However, they will all be convinced that he had a very good reason for firing. The Children of Gaia warn that this gift has great potential for abuse, and punish those who use it for petty gain. This Gift is taught by an avatar of Unicorn.
giftTruth of GaiaThe Garou has been granted the ability to chaff the truth from the lies, and can sense when someone knowingly speaks an untruth. This Gift is taught by a Falcon Gaffling.
giftTruth of OlodumareSee 'Truth of Gaia.'
giftTruth of the HuntedThis Gift enables the Wendigo to follow his prey's passage regardless of the user's tracking skills. The Gift reveals course, speed, size and even the health of the target. All of the clues an accomplished tracker notices become blatantly obvious to the user of this Gift, which is taught by a Wolf-spirit.
giftTsunami FormThe Same-Bito can effectively double her size while in Crinos or Squamus form. This Gift is taught by a servitor of Teanoi.
giftTunnel EchoesThere are some tunnels that even Runners fear to tread. In these places, scouts often communicate across long distances by scraping on walls, rattling bones, chittering to set up echoes, and so on. High-tanking rats don't just spread messages this way; they also listen closely to get a rough idea of the tunnels ahead, just in case they need to bolt through them. Whisper in a ventilation shaft of a big corporate building, or rattle some bones at an open sewer lid, and there's a chance you may sense a passageway you never realized was there.
giftTurned FurWhile in the wilderness, the Bastet can naturally blend into the surrounding landscape, becoming rather hard to see. This Gift is taught by a Deer spirit.
giftTwist of Fate Some Stargazer metis have used this Gift to deliver a fatal blow to unsuspecting enemies, even knowing that the cost will be their own lives. After a Garou has been dealt her own deathblow, if she invokes this Gift, she may strike her enemy once more ere she dies. It's bittersweet but often leads to an enemy falling dead alongside the metis warrior. This Gift is taught by a Cobra-spirit.
giftTwisting TonguesThe Nuwisha may understand any written or spoken language while using this Gift. Even sign language and facial expressions offer no trouble. While under the influence of this Gift. The Nuwisha can speak with spirits, Banes and even computers (which hardly makes for interesting conversation, but can prove worthwhile). This Gift is taught by a Trickster-spirit.
giftUbermenchThe Garou is human plus. Human plus strength, agility and health. Human plus devoted, assured spirituality and meaning. Human instinct plus wolf instinct and lightning reflexes. He is as man, but greater and more whole. Every Garou radiates this to some extent, causing humans to fear and avoid them instinctively. This Gift warps this perception, turning the Garou from a figure to be avoided into a figure to be admired or adored.
giftUbiquitous PresenceParanoia is a wonderful weapon. It keeps enemies from resting, from thinking properly, and, done right, from ever attacking you. And if you can't be everywhere at once, at least you can appear to be. The Shadow Lord can curse an enemy with paranoia, giving the victim an unflinching suspicion that the Garou is watching her, even when that belief would otherwise be entirely illogical. Shadow or night-spirits teach this Gift.
giftUgly TruthLike the homid Garou Gift: Part the Veil. The Ratkin must bite ot claw a human victim to transmit this Gift. Moreover, his experience is "embellished" by visions similar to those granted by the Birthing Plagueusually torturous reminders of the dangers of human overpopulation. If the wererat wants to finish off the experience by punishing the guilty human, he can make the disease extremely toxic. At the end of the scene, the victim will then be ravaged by the last lingering effects of the infection.
giftUktena's Freezing StareLike a snake mesmerizing its prey, the Uktena can paralyze a foe merely by staring in its eyes. The gift is taught by an avatar of Uktena.
giftUltimate Argument of LogicDescription: Those who speak with the Garou leave convinced of some fact they might otherwise have disbelieved. If successful, the Garou can cause the target to believe implicitly in one aspect of existence (true or false)- from the "fact" that the sun revolves around the Earth to the "truism" that the wolf's inherent nature is that of a pawn. This Gift is taught by a Coyote spirit.
giftUmbral BarrierThe Ananasi spins a web that increases the Gauntlet in a given area. The spider has the option of building a secret passage through the web to skirt the difficulties.
giftUmbral BodyThe metis body is strange. Born in a form not intended by Gaia or nature, deformed and occasionally showing signs of animals entirely unrelated to man or wolf, it is little wonder the breed has been outcast and hated. But some metis have used this body to their advantage, and it is perhaps this strangeness that allow their body to withstand the pressures this Gift inflicts. With this Gift, the metis can partially reach into the Umbra, sending certain body parts into the Umbra while maintaining others in the physical world. Doing so makes the metis difficult to hit in combat, to say the least. A Pattern spider teaches this Gift.
giftUmbral CamouflageAlthough perfectly visible in the physical world, this Gift renders the Garou undetectable by spirits. In conjunction with other Gifts, Umbral Camouflage can make the user vanish from all perception. Garou who use this Gift in the Umbra might as well be someplace else entirely. A Wind-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftUmbral Compass This Gift helps Garou cross the Gauntlet and travel the Umbra more easily. Once in the Umbra, the Gift helps the Garou orient herself so she has less chance of becoming lost or confused as to where she is. Further, it seems to urge the Garou toward a direction she needs to travel. Thus, if something terrible is happening in the Umbra, use of this Gift will point the Garou right toward it. This could be a good thing or very inconvenient and potentially deadly, depending on the Garou's point of view and her ability to talk or fight her way out of difficult situations. This Gift is taught by a Bird-spirit.
giftUmbral GatewayThe Nuwisha can open a portal into the Umbra. The Umbral Gateway is a direct opening in the Gauntlet between the worlds, and is open to anyone or anything the Nuwisha chooses to cake with him. This Gift is connected to the Nuwisha, and no other creatures may use the opening without the Nuwisha's consent. Any entity attempting to pass through the portal must effectively have the Nuwisha's permission to do so. This Gift is taught by a spirit of the Trickster.
giftUmbral HowlThe Nuwisha can call to other Nuwisha in both the Gaia Realm and Umbra.
giftUmbral MapThe Nuwisha using this Gift can locate any part of the Umbra, and in some cases can even locate an individual entity in the Umbra. This Gift is taught by an Ancestor-spirit.
giftUmbral SightAlthough all Garou can Peek from the Penumbra into the Realm, the Theurge is capable of shifting his sight into the Penumbra from the physical world. This Gift is taught by an Owl-spirit.
giftUmbral TargetThe Nuwisha using this Gift: literally throws a target into the Umbra and into any location in the Umbra that she desires. A Garou suffering from a strong Wyrm-taint could be thrown into the Atrocity Realm, or into the silver waters of Erebus. A Technocracy mage could end up in a Wyld Realm, or even tossed through the gates of Malfeas. This Gift is commonly used as a severe form of punishment, or to assist someone or something in need of special help. Several Kithain have been dropped at the Arcadia Gateway to prevent them from falling completely away from their Dreaming aspects. This Gift is taught by Coyote himself.
giftUmbral TetherAlthough most Theurges would never admit it, even they can become lost in the spirit world from time to time. This Gift allows the werewolf to spin a spiritual line, resembling spider silk, behind her as she explores the Umbra. Only the Garou using the Gift can see the trail, thus increasing the Theurge's reputation as master of the spirit world. A Spider-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftUmbral TrackingUsually only the Garou who creates an Umbral tether can see it. If a Theurge has this Gift, that is no longer true. This Gift is taugh by a fly spirit.
giftUmekochi's Mouth(Ju-Fu Gift) A small crafted paper cup, dish, or other container can contain four times the volume it should.
giftUncloak the HiddenBy concentrating on a person, object or area, the Garou can determine whether or not her target is hiding anything. The Garou can spot disguises, concealed weapons and wires; determine if a room contains trapdoors, hidden cameras, microphones and wire taps; or if someone lurks in a hidden passage. The Gift does not, however, allow the Garou to seek beneath the disguise, determine the nature of a concealed weapon or tell what lies within a hidden wall safe - this trick reveals only that a deception is present. The Garou must concentrate on the target in order to invoke this Gift.
giftUnderbellyBy sizing up a foe or obstacle, the Bastet can get a feeling for its weakest point. Once that's spotted, he can rip through most things with a good swipe.
giftUndisputed RulerThis Gift allows a Garou to take over the leadership of a small gathering of humans (whether a paramilitary group of town council) or a group of spirits for a period of up to 6 months. During this time, the targeted group accepts the Garou as their leader, rendering her the honor, respect and obedience due her position. The group demonstrates a high degree of loyalty, obeying the Garou's instructions in a manner approrpriate to her position (as orders if they are paramilitary, or as legally binding decisions if the position is akin to that of a town mayor, for instance). If the Garou uses this Gift in the Umbra, the targetted group of spirits will follow the Garou's commands as if she were a greater spirit such as an Incarna. This Gift lasts anywhere from a week to six months.
giftUnicorn's GraceA Garou with this gift never loses hr poise and rarely loses her temper. Even in the nastiest arguments or the bloodiest combats, Children of Gaia can maintain their coll with this blessing. An avatar of Unicorn teaches her followers this gift.
giftUnified ForceThe Galliard can bond the pack into a truly unified force, striking as one. As long as noone in the pack succumbs to frenzy, each member strikes at the same instant, and few foes can stand up to such an attack for long. A wolf-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftUnravelThis Gift allows the Garou to put together seemingly random bits of information to form a tentative analysis of a situation and formulate a course of action. This is particularly useful in situations where gathering concrete information is difficult or in extremely complex situations.
giftUnseelie Faerie KinThe Garou can call one or more faeries to aid him. These Fey are not under his control , though they are favourably disposed towards him (except on a Botch, then the seelie come-a-calling). What they do is totally up to the GM.
giftUnstoppable WarriorA Garou who uses this potent Gift can regenerate aggravated damage. This works against all attacks except those from silver weapons.
giftUnwitting PawnOver time, the Shadow Lord can convince a target that the Gift user holds the other's best interests at heart. At first, the new-found friend performs small favors; much later, the pawn might even die for the Shadow Lord. A Rat-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftUrban CamouflageExperienced Tunnel Runners don't look like they're wandering beggars; instead, they blend in wherever they go. A highly talented ttavelet can wander almost anywhere looking like he's a native. Why be invisible when you can be ignored? Runners carry this to an extreme: even whenever they're barefoot and broke, no one will question their presence if the Ratkin is using this Gift. Other supernatural creatures rely on being invisible or obfuscated; wererats with this taient just temain nondescript. Unlike othet abilities, you can activate this Gift as soon as someone approaches you. Disappearing from plain view tears the Veil apart; being inconspicuous doesn't.
giftUzume SingsKataribe voices are particularly Beautiful; with this Gift they become paralyzingly so. A skilled bard may hold an enemy at a standstill purely with the power of song, or entice him forward to his doom. Nightingale- and Snake-spirits teach this Gift.
giftVeil of the MotherThis Gift allows the Garou to assume a different appearance for a short period of time in order to confuse pursuers or escape detection. Primarily useful in Homid form, the Veil of the Mother alters the physical features of the face, causes the user to seem either shorter or taller by up to 6 inches and changes the body size to reflect a gain or loss of up to 30 pounts. This Gift does not alter the sex or age of the Garou, though it can change skin, hair or eye colour and hair texture or length. The Garou may use the Gift on herself or on another individual, usually someone she is trying to hide or draw attention from.
giftVeil of the WaniThe Nagah may choose to erase the memory of her existence from the minds of any witnesses. The memories tend to be recalled as something other than actually happened.
giftVengeance of the ScornedRonin 2 The Garou can turn part of another shapeshifter's flesh into silver, causing extreme pain. This Gift is taught by a Rat-spirit.
giftVenomA common trick of desert-dwelling Garou, this Gift allows the user to produce a noxious venom. A venomous snake spirit teaches this gift.
giftVenom BiteThe character can inject a mutated venom that paralyzes her victims. The effects are instantaneous.
giftVenom BloodThe Garou may change her blood to a black, viscous bile capable of harming anyone who caomes in contact with it. This Gift is taught by any poisonous spirit (Snake, Spider, ect.).
giftView the BattlefieldMoon Dancers are renowned for their ability to be everywhere at once during a fight. Some onlookers say that Galliards have a sort of innate sense of where they need to be during a fight, either to witness a blood fuewd consummated or simply to help an overwhelmed packmate. This Gift is part of the reason for these tales, and allows the Galliard to see the entire battlefield in her mind's eye. A haw-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftViolationThose few Garou privy to the secret of Violation well know the hate and revulsion of others. This power requires the Garou to make physical contact with the target, but once that has happened, the victim is quickly overwhelmed by feelings of defilement. To learn this Gift, the Garou must confront a malevolent spirit (not necessarily a Bane) in spirit combat; if he wins he may wrest the knowledge of this Gift from it.
giftVirtual UmbraThis Gift allows a Glass Walker to be instantly transported into the Computer Web from any section of the Pattern Web.
giftVirulent Curse of HatredAs the Level Two Warrior Gift: Curse of Hatred, but with a few distinct differences. The victim's Traits are reduced by a simulation of the Plague Lord's favorite disease. Players are encouraged to research their favorite afflictions; the game mechanics, however, always remain the same.
giftVisage of FenrisThe Get appears larger and more fearsome, commanding respect from peers and cowing her foes. A wolf-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftVisceral AgonyThe Garou turns her claws into barbed talons dripping with black venom. The pain caused by these claws is excruciating. This Gift is taught by a Pain spirit.
giftVision CloudAmong the old folk, the jaguars were respected for their insight. Many Olmacs and Maya came to them for visions, and the tribe responded by evoking this ageless Gift. By calling to the spirits of the air and the plants, a modern jaguar can still conjure the Vision Cloud, a swirling fog which wraps itself through the clearing or cave, bringing mystic insights to those who seek them - and to those who do not.
giftVisuddhaThe throat chakra stirs, allowing the character immense control over his voice and breath. He can halt others with a bellow or command them to heed his words.
giftVoice of ReasonAll too often, emotions obscure rational thought and turn normal people, both human and Garou, into a bloodthirsty mob. The Children of Gaia use this Gift to break through the emotional cloud and bring reason back to such a crowd. Once her words reach her listeners' ears, the Gift forces them to pay attention. It quells emotional distractions and imparts a moment of clarity on the audience. While the Gift does not disperse the members of a mob, it does give them a chance to rethink their actions. A Reason-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftVoice of the MimicThis Gift allows the Corax to imitate any sound or voice she has heard. Voices and accents are all covered by the scope of this Gift, as are machine noises, crashes, gunfire and any other noise you can imagine. Voice of the Mimic is taught by a Mynah-spirit.
giftVoracious HungerThis Gift allows the wereshark to enlarge his maw and sink his teeth into almost anything. It is taught by a Manta-spirit and is not usable on land.
giftVulture's FeastOne of the great advantages of being a carrion eater is that your dinner plate is rarely empty. There's roadkill everywhere just waiting for you to dig in. What happens, however, if you want something a little fresher? After all, who knows how long that hunk of ex-squirrel has been hanging out in the passing lane? Vulture's Feast allows a Corax to rot flesh with a touch, regardless of whether the target meat is dead or alive. Obviously, this is not a Gift to he used lightly , but there are times when even the most peaceable Corax has no recourse but to turn someone's face into a mass of decaying suppuration. A Vulture-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftWaking DreamThe Garou reaches into the realm of dreams and pulls back enough dream stuff to forge a connection among individuals through which they can communicate. A Chimerling teaches this Gift.
giftWaking Dream of UnityA more potent form of Mindspeak, this Gift allows all of those the user wishes, to communicate with each other silently. It is taught by a Chimerling or spirit official serving the Ministers of Heaven.
giftWalk(Ju-Fu Gift) As the kami is torn, the Kitsune vanishes immediately from sight, reappearing in the Umbra in a form of her choice.
giftWalk the WebThe Stargazer can walk through Weaver realms without attracting attention. Pattern Spiders will ignore her and go about their business.
giftWalking Between WorldsPermits the shapeshifter to step sideways as the Garou do.
giftWall of GraniteDescription: Philodox have a stronger relationship with the elementals of the earth than do other Garou, for just as the earth upholds those upon it, the Philodox uphold their people's ways. While in contact with earth or rock, the Philodox can invoke a wall to protect himself. This wall will move with the Garou, defending him from all angles. This Gift is taught by earth elementals.
giftWanderer's BoonTravel is hard, especially given the Spartan ways of the Pumonca. This Gift allows a cougar to adapt to changing climates quickly, or to ignore the pangs of hunger or thirst for some time. Bird and Bear-spirits pass this Gift along.
giftWandering ForestAs the Red Talons Gift: Trackless Waste.
giftWar of VengeanceGarou stalking through the deep wilderness use theG ifc Song of the Gteat Beast tocaf) up the spirits of legendary creatures rhat staked die Earth millennia ago. A rodens Ratkin wilhtheGifc War ofVengeance can do the same thing... but he can aiso call up the shades of ancient creatures slain long ago by werewolves and magi.
giftWard of the RoadDescription: This allows a Garou to leap from a quickly moving vehicle and remain undamaged.
giftWarp SpasmThe user of this Gift radiates a tremendous heat, igniting nearby flammable items and melting metal. Only works while the Fianna is in a berserk frenzy.
giftWarrior's DraughtBy stirring a bit of his own blood into a jack of wine, beer, ale or mead, the Fianna transforms the drink into a potent elixir. Once quaffed, this potion drives the drinker into a beserk rage, lending him even more strength than usual during his fury. The Fianna often use this Gift when alone and making a desperate stand, but many Ragabash also use the draught to wreak havoc in the household of an enemy by serving it to their foe's loyal retainer. This Gift is taught by a Boar-spirit
giftWarrior's EyeAll Garou become veteran combatants. A werewolf with this Gift has something more - an uncanny ability to quickly pick out and exploit the weaknesses in an enemy's fighting style. Some Garou insist that this knowledge comes from the last whispers of the enemy's dead toes. True or not, this Gift is taught by wind-spirits.
giftWasp TalonsThe Garou may actually hurl her claws through the air at a foe. This Garou is incapable of using this Gift or making a claw attack next turn, for her claws must actually regenerate. This Gift is taught by a Wasp spirit.
giftWater SenseThe most precious resource in the unsettled wilderness may be drinking water, but it can be hard to find. With this Gift, the Red Talon never goes thirsty. Red Talons also use this Gift to lose pursuers by crossing rivers or to locate prey near watering holes. A Water-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftWater's VisionWater sees everything. By learning to see as the water does, a Qualmi can look through barriers to see what lies beyond them. Walls, vault, the Gauntlet - nothing stops a Qualmi who wants to see around them.
giftWeak ArmDescription: Philodox are more attuned to others than most Garou. Accordingly, they can use this perceptiveness against thier foes. Merely watching an opponent's fighting style lets the Garou determine its strengths and weaknesses. This Gift is taught by a Snake or Wind spirit.
giftWeaponmasterOver the past few centuries, humans have developed a bewildering array of weapons. The Warders have great respect for this talent for war, and have learned this Gift to take advantage of that talent. A Warder with this Gift can utilise any man-made weapon as if he were fully trained in it from childhood; this Gift is particular popular among lupus. This Gift is taught by a War spirit
giftWearing the Bear ShirtWhen a Garou with this Gift frenzies, he will always enter a berserk frenzy, never a fox frenzy. This Gift is taught by a Bear spirit.
giftWeb HavenWith this gift, the Ananasi can create a barrier of night that anchors in both the physical world and the Umbra. This works as an early warning system so the Ananasi is alerted to any potential threats or meals that enter the Ananasi's claimed area. Unless the Ananasi wishes it, the spun threads blend in to the area that they're in, thus camouflaging them from natural senses.
giftWeb TremorsBy concentrating on the spirit webs around her, the Ananasi can sense when they're being watched or stalked. This Gift, taught by a servant of Marawa, alerts her to spies in his immediate vicinity, including those in the Umbra.
giftWeb WalkerThis Gift allows a Glass Walker to move along the Pattern Web through the Umbra.
giftWeight of a HeartAs the Swara know, the weight of emotions comes from the weight of the heart. Making the heart swell creates euphoria, while shrinking it generates terror and despair. By working the weight of another being's heart, a Swara can induce crazy mood swings from a distance. Nothing diffuses a fight faster than making the aggressor walk away in near-suicidal depression. Tales credit this Gift to Hatti, who knows the ways of the heart better than most people do.
giftWhat's the PasswordThe werecat may commune with the odd spirits of technological gadgets, fetching out passwords. This depends in part on the favor of the Net-Spiders, which can be... quirky... to deal with, and may require bribing.
giftWhelp BodyWith this Gift a Garou may deliever a devastating curse upon a foe's body, causing it to weaken or palsy. Many consider the use of this power on a foe to be a declaration of unending war. This Gift is taught by a Pain spirit or a spirit of Disease.
giftWhisker SightBy attuning herself to her surroundings, the Bastet can get as sense of her surroundings. Anything within reach -- even if its behind her, or invisible -- is plain to all her senses.
giftWhisperIn the presence of a stand of trees, the Garou may send whispered messages over long distances - as if her words were traveling from tree to tree. This Gift is taught by tree spirits.
giftWhisper in the DarkThis Gift allows the Garou to determine a fact detrimental to an individual. The Garou may then use that piece of knowledge against the target of the Gift, either by holding it over the victim's head or making the information public.
giftWhispered DreamsYou can speak an illusion into existence. This apparition can affect all of your victim's senses, can move anywhere within your tine-of-sight, and can exist as long as you concentrate on ir. The Gift begins when you whisper a few words about the dweomer you are trying to create. The illusion lasts for one scene.
giftWhispering WindOnly Kailindo practitioners are taught this Gift. It can tell the user what his opponent's next combat maneuver will be.
giftWhore's VengeanceThis Gift affects the most sensitive areas of the human or animal anatomy. By causing either minor irritation or wracking pain, Whore's Vengeance can distract or even incapacitate a victim. The target of this Gift need never have visited a house of ill-repute, nor does the Gift user need to practice the profession. A spirit of Lust teaches this Gift.
giftWind from the WestWords can be as ephemeral as the Pacific fog; by making them dance and shimmer, a Qualmi can lead a less-clever opponent into a mental maze, then leave him there to puzzle his own way out. This takes the form of a series of high-speed riddles designed to tie folks' minds into knots. Most Qualmi are especially pleased to find someone clever enough to avoid this mental snare.
giftWings of PegasusThe Garou may sprout majestic wings when in Hispo form; these allow her to fly at will. These wings are large and resemble the feathery wings of the totem Pegasus.
giftWisdom of the Ancient WaysAll Garou have an innate connection to their ancestors, a form of racial unconscious accessible through intense meditation. The Garou, by tapping into theses deep memories, can remember ancient facts and lore. This Gift is taught by a Garou Ancestor spirit.
giftWisdom of the RiverBy immersing herself in a river, a Garou may gain knowledge of what lies upstream from her as if she were actually there. This Gift is taught by water spirits.
giftWisdom of the SeerBY gazing into the night sky for an hour, the Stargazer can ask a question and have it answered. This Gift is taught by a Chimerling.
giftWither LimbDescription: The Garou can cause a target's limb to wither, making it useless. Which limb is withered is the Garou's choice, but it must be an arm or leg. If the victim is a creature with regenerative properties, such as a Garou or vampire, the limb will regenerate whole after one scene. This Gift is taught by a venomous animal spirit or a spirit of Disease.
giftWithering StareThe Bastet with this Gift can kill with a glance. Use against another Bastet is deeply dishonorable.
giftWoadlingThe ancient celts would paint their skin with woad - the components of which caused a frenzy like state - before marching off to battle. The Fianna carry on this tradition and take it even further. After painting the woad on their bodies, they can bring the paintings to life to harry an opponent. A stag spirit can teach this gift.
giftWolf at the DoorSome humans can't just be splattered all over the nearest tree. Some of them have to be taught a lesson and left alive, for whatever reason. However, the Red Talons know how to make the message stick. This Gift induces a terrible dread of and respect for the forest and it makes a human target afraid to tamper with it in any way. Any predator spirit can teach this Gift.
giftWolf's TerrorSee 'Silver Claws'
giftWord BeyondWhen traveling through the Umbra, Corax often feel the need to leave information for their fellow birds. A spirit in service to Coyote teaches this Gift (when he feels like it).
giftWord of HonorTo a Silver Fang, honor is everything. This gift imbues a Garou's words with his honorable bearing. As long as the Silver Fang speaks the truth, others believe him. An eagle spirit teaches this Silver Fangs how to speak clear and true.
giftWrath of GaiaThe Garou is revealed to his foes as that which Gaia intended him to be: Her Chosen Warrior. Wyrm beasts will flee in fear unless they can master their insinctual terror of Gaia's Defender. This Gift is taught by an avatar of Gaia Herself.
giftWrath of NalaThis Gift whips up a wild storm that devastates the werecats vicinity. This tempest springs up out of nowhere and lasts for five minutes or less, then calms and disperses. Nala herself teaches this Gift in dreams.
giftWriggleMetis sometimes have to hide in all the wrong places at the wrong times. With this Gift, they can take best advantage of their surroundings to get away and take a breather. The spirit of a Cockroach teaches this Gift.
giftWsitiplaju's BowThis Gift allows a Garou to shoot an arrow that can wrap around corners and hit targets out of sight. An Ancestor spirit teaches this Gift.
giftWyld FerocityThe harsh, untamed wilderness frequently brings death to humans who venture into it unprepared. With this Gift, the Garou can heighten the fear humans have of the wild. A panic-stricken human may be unable to act or have to flee the area. An Ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftWyld SpiritsThe Garou can call upon Meros' erratic nature and inflict one or more of her opponents with a bout of erratic behavior, thus making it more difficult for the victimes to coordinate attacks or act sensibly in any given situation.
giftWyld ThrowThe Nuwisha can hurl an opponent into the Far Umbra or back out into the Gaia Realm. There is no predetermined location where the target arrives once thrown, though victims suffer no damage.
giftWyld WarpThe Garou calls out to the Wyld, the primal force of chaos itself. Success summons one of the great Wyld spirits, or a number of lesser ones, to the Earth. They (or it) will probably help the Garou, but nothing is certain about these creatures of chaos; this is a desperate tactic at best. This Gift is taught by a Wyldling.
giftWyrm HideDescription: The Black Spiral hardens his skin into a leathery hide, covering himself with pustulent, discolored flesh. If he's actually wounded, the skin around the wound takes on a bluish tinge. The second circle of the labyrinth requires a dance of Rage. Sometimes the initiate is forced into an unrelenting fury. If he survives, he may then discover how to harden his spirit against such assaults, developing his Wyrm Hide in the process. This Gift may also be taught by a Dratossi.
giftWyrm WhispersConsidered too dangerous by the other tribes, this Gift gives the Uktena insight into the thoughts of Wyrm creatures. The Uktena can read even the most vile thoughts of Banes, if the Garou can hold her stomach. A Dream-spirit teaches this Gift.
giftXochipilli's TouchThe Nuwisha using Xochipilli's Touch brings luck Co herself or to a target. Usually the luck is short-term, but whether that luck is good or bad is entirely in the hands of the Nuwisha. If the luck is good, a person might discover that her cancer was misdiagnosed and is actually only a thumbprint on the x-ray, or she might win the lottery. If the luck is bad, a tire might explode during a high-speed chase, or the person might get audited by the IRS. The Nuwisha has no control over how the luck will manifest, only whether the luck will be good or bad. This Gift is normally instantaneous, but can take several hours to manifest, at the Nuwisha's discretion. This Gift is taught by an Epiphling of Luck or a Gaffling in service to Xochipilli.
giftYoshitsune's SwordThe raven can increase a companion's sword skill to levels she herself cannot achieve. This Gift is taught by an Ancestor-spirit.
jamakBonyscrap1) The vulture-spirit occasionally whispers scraps of knowledge to his ally, or may taunt him with the possibility and present the goods in return for favors. 2) Alternatively, +1-2 dice to Enigmas or Investigation. Tolerate his insults, deal with the abuse, and the cat's okay in his book.
jamakButterfly1) +2 to the Bastet's frenzy roll difficulty. 2) The Gift: Monkey's Uncle at Rank 3. Allies of Butterfly cannot attack a foe in anger, only for defense.
jamakCitlacoatl1) Bastet who make him laugh or protect his kind /might/ learn the Rite of Nine Lives or the gift walking_between_worlds. 2) Upon reaching the appropriate rank, allies of Tzinzie can be taught the gift: dance_of_the_cobra by their patron if they've shown themselves to be suitably wise and persistant. 3) Mostly, Citlacoatl sends snakes to aid his allies. A follower of Citlacoatl becomes an enemy of King Snake. Citlacoatl also hates agents of the Unmaker Wyrm.
jamakHatii the Thunderer1) Children of Hatii are granted +2 stamina in battle. 2) The photographic memory merit for one specific event per story. 3) He occasionally offers a hint to some puzzle which confounds the Bastet (Storyteller's discretion). 4) On the grasslands of Africa or India, a herd of elephants might intervene to save one of Hatii's chosen from death (Storyteller's discretion). Hatii's allies must defend herds of his cousins whenever possible, and should hunt down and kill anyone who murders an elephant for sport or ivory.
jamakIka-IkaA noisy and boisterous spirit, Ika-Ika represents caprice, mischief, nonsense and ferocity; his friends, however, understand the wisdom inherent in Monkey King's chaos, and respect his drive to break rules whenever possible. When he finds someone he respects (a rare occurrence), Ika-Ika is a loyal and powerful ally. While he might kid his friends, or play pranks on them,k he'll be the first Jamak to show up if something's wrong. The Bagheera and Swara find Ika-Ika amusing, while the more serious Khan and Simba resent his careless ways. Bubasti, as a rule, hate this mad spirit, and avoid those who befriend him. Naturally, he loves to annoy their kind, and favors a cat who does the same.
jamakKing of Cats1) Merit: Grace 2) +1 Dexterity Play hard, laugh at death, go out with a flourish. Allies of the King of Cats may never succumb to depression or morbidity.
jamakKing-of-BeastsThe majestic symbol of kings and conquerors, this Lion-spirit roars proud challenges to all rivals. The revered spirit of many Simba prides, King-Of-Beasts crushes enemies beneath his mighty paws. His mane is like sunshine and his roar is 500 thunders. No creature can meet his gaze for long; cowering, they slink away and hide. Still, King-of-Beasts is a generous despot. Though he demands total obedience, he gifts those he loves with strength and magical prowess. It's a rare Bastet who can "afford" this spirit's patronage, also Simba prides often follow him together (pooling their points as do the Garou with a pack totem.) Once, many humans gave homage to this spirit, and he favored them as well. In the modern world, men have grown too "smart" for totems. His allies come from the Bastet, and from some Garou packs.
jamakMantisThe creator of the world according to some folklore, the wise and patient Mantis dreams its way out of trouble. This Jamak knows the seven levels of silence, from meditation to death, and teaches them to its allies. When some problem threatens, Mantis folds itself still and waits. Sooner or later, the solution comes. The Khan and Bagheera understand Mantis' wisdom, and the Simba of the Kalahari claim its example helped them temper their tribal rage.
jamakMistress of CatkindCreation, as the Bastet know, is a woman. From mad Mother Nala to the endless birth-death of Ahu and the comforting hands of Seline and Gaia, the cats recognize the female essence that gave them form. The Mistress of Catkind is that essence in spades, the embodiment of fierce maternity, nurture and passion. Through her many faces, the Bastet recognize the greater power she represents. Freyja, Durga, Hecate, Sekhmet -- all these names and more personify the Mistress to human eyes. The Bastet themselves echo her most obvious manifestation, Bast, in their racial name. Even so, the Mistress is a personable spirit. Like the King of Cats, she channels her divinity behind an accessible face. Let other boastful Jamak rival her for power; those who embody All need not make displays. The Mistress appears in a variety of forms; sometimes she comes in the form of a great white cat, sometimes a woman clad in moonlight, a goddess in robes of war, a white buffalo or a tiny blue kitten. Unless she's angry, her voice is soft and her touch, and all sounds fade as she approaches. This spirit teaches all the skills of survival, from hunting to magical Gifts, and often appears when her followers need her, not before. Sometimes she takes human guise for fun, or becomes a white tiger on the Siberian cliffs. Whatever face she wears, the Mistress' followers recognize her instinctively. While she never expects them to bow to her, this Jamak deserves respect, and has no trouble getting it. As gentle as she seems, the Mistress can be fierce and unpredictable. In defense of her children or of nature, she lashes out like a cornered lion. Doting mother, passionate lover, goddess of war, mystery-walker -- the Mistress of Cats is all those and more.
jamakOld SnapjawA favored spirit-friend of the Bubasti, this devourer guards mystic knowledge. An Alligator or Crocodile-spirit (depending on where you find her), Snapjaw lurks bellow the waters of transition, watching things pass away until someone approaches her store-house of secrets. If he is worthy, she tests him until he solves a series of riddle-games; if he seems foolish or hesitates to do what must be done, Snapjaw consumes him, sometimes killing him entirely, more often just marking him to warn other Jamak of his cowardice.
jamakThunderbirdLike a crack across the sky, Thunderbird comes on endless wings. His domain is courage and purity, and he sleeps on the tops of mountains and rides the skies in forms so vast that the human eye can't recognize him. The tester of courage, Thunderbird roars and flashes to frighten the seekers of visions while cautioning them to be brave. Those few who can withstand the fury of the Thunderbird's cry gain this spirit's respect. Thunderbird lives cloaked in clouds. He has no head, but he does have a great beak filled with sharp teeth. He has no feet, but great grasping talons. He has no face, but shoots lightning from his eyes when angry. Although he seems to be a raging spirit, Thunderbird likes humans and favors the Pumonca and Wendigo above all creatures. In his voice, the crack of creation can be heard. In the winds, the beat of his wings can be felt. Cats who can withstand his tests of bravery are rewarded by his friendship.
jamakTzinzie1) Cats who ally themselves with Tzinzie gain +1 to Dexterity when fleeing from bigger, more powerful opponents. 2) Upon reaching the appropriate rank, allies of Tzinzie can be taught the gifts: catfeet, first_strike, and swipe by their patron. Tzinzie's chosen must never bully the weak, nor should they let a self important person rest peacefully.
jamakWhispersThe spirit of Secrets, Whispers leads her allies to discoveries. With a little effort, her chosen can decipher messages no normal person could understand. This Jamak drifts in the air, unseen and barely heard. It's said that she's the echo of the Jamaa themselves, of celestial voices that filter down to the mortal world as half-heard memories. She's a hard Jamak to find, and tends to reveal herself only to the wisest Bastet.

South Africa


This language is available exclusively to full Bastet. It is a sort of pidgin language which all forms (and Bastet worldwide, regardless of other language barriers) are capable of speaking and comprehending, though nuances of expression may be lost and complex concepts are difficult to convey. While the basics are instinctive, the subtleties of Kheuar are taught by the kuasha, so lost kits will only understand broad meanings (like "Get the hell out of my way!").


Not precisely a true language, Wyrmtongue is an expression of the speaker's corruption, understood in kind by those also corrupted.  It cannot be learned in traditional fashion.

meritAcolyteYou are an un-Awakened servant or associate of a mage or a cabal. You are Aware and clued into the Ascension War. Your mage associates may call upon you for aid, for special knowledge or abilities or to assist with magical operations.
meritAcute HearingYou have exceptionally sharp hearing.
meritAcute SmellYou have an exceptionally keen sense of smell.
meritAcute TasteYou have an exceptionally keen sense of taste.
meritAcute VisionYou have exceptionally keen eyesight.
meritAdditional Discipline

You have an additional discipline that counts as a clan discipline for purposes of learning and raising with experience points.

meritAlcohol ToleranceYou're extremely tolerant of alchohol and other natural intoxicants, and it takes you quite a while to get drunk.
meritAmbidextrousYou have a high degree of off-hand dexterity, and may use your off hand without penalty. This does NOT negate any other additional penalties on the roll, such as the +1 for splitting actions.
meritAncestor AllyOne of your past lives is close to you, and as a result you find it easy to channel them.
meritAnimal MagnetismYou are especially attractive to others of your breed. You receive a -2 difficulty on seduction or animal attraction rolls (which may inspire some jealousy in others who view you as "competition").
meritAuspicious BirthYou were born on a very lucky day. You are considered lucky to be around, and are a natural choice to lead a sentai. Once per session, you may nominate a roll as 'lucky' and keep your 10s for successes, then reroll them for more.
meritAwareYou believe in magic. You know it exists. Usually this merit is possessed by acolytes or custos. Because of your knowledge, you are not considered a witness for the purposes of paradox.
meritBaby FaceYou look more human than other vampires. You still breathe (though you don't need to), your skin is pink, and you may make your heart beat.
meritBad TasteYou taste really bad. People biting you tend to get sick and wolves won't lick you.
meritBerserkerYou can (occasionally) direct the Beast.
meritBirdseyeA Corax with this Merit has the knack for automatically picking the right target to follow out of a crowd.
meritBlood Flaw ImmunityThe ghoul will not suffer from clan weaknesses.
meritBreeding PackThe Garou is in control of a breeding pack of wolves. She visits this pack as often as she desires, and mates with whichever of the wolves she chooses. This pack will rear any pups that spring from these unions, and the parent can return to collect them at the time of the Change (if they happen to be Garou). The breeding pack is not necessarily safe, and the Garou may be called away to defend it at any time. This Merit grants one free point in the Kinfolk background.
meritBurning AuraYour aura is always brilliant, whatever color it may be. To those who can see this "inner light," you stand out like a beacon burning with a mystical fire. Even people who can't see auras may feel drawn to your side.
meritBusiness OwnerYou own a legal small to moderate sized business. This could be a club, a restaurant, a theatre, a retail store, or whatever. It is not large or prominent enough to enjoy full corporate status, nor is it sponsored by such an entity (See the Merit: Franchise Owner), but it does have the potential to garner either in the future. It could be part of a coalition of like enterprises, or a stand-alone operation.
meritCageboundYou were cageborn and raised by humans, making you significantly more docile and even-tempered than your average Ratkin. This gave you a great advantage in weathering the Birthing Plague. You are also more than usually rodens-knowledgeable about human society, within the confines of what you saw where you were raised.
meritCaged FolkYou have highly intelligent rats as your Kinfolk or Contacts. They are as intelligent as any human, but interpret the world as rats, and are fanatically paranoid about concealing their intelligence from humanity.
meritCalm HeartYou are naturally calm and composed.
meritCatlike BalanceYou have very good balance.
meritCharmed ExistenceYour life is somehow protected, and you do not face the perils that others must. It could be that you are simply lucky. You may ignore a single one on every roll you make, as though you had an extra success.
meritChildeYou have sired a childe. As the sire, you are definitely in control of the relationship. But as with other allies, they will come to you with favors as well. You do not have direct control of them as with Retainers, but you can expect them to work toward goals that you set, within their limited skill set. (This is a proposed merit in need of discussion. It could provide incentive to Cams, certainly, to work for favors from the Prince (or, if no Prince, their immediate elders) to get permission to sire childer. Could have some advantage over Retainers and Allies.
meritClear SightedYour mind isn't fooled easily, allowing you to see through Obfuscate.
meritCode of HonorYou have a personal code of ethics to which you strictly adhere. Even when you are in a frenzy, you will attempt to obey it. Examples: The Bushido code, the 10 Commandments, other similar creeds or a self-developed set of tenets of similar stringency. Knowingly breaking this code results in loss of the merit.
meritComputer AptitudeYou have a natural affinity with computers.
meritConcentrationYou have learned to focus your mind, shutting out any distractions and annoyances. Any negative modifier to a Dice Pool or any difficulty that arises froma distraction or other inauspicious circumstances is limited to 2.
meritConsorYou are a member of an other supernatural faction or a very exceptional Aware mortal who works or has worked closely with a mage or a cabal. Your association with these mages has gained you insight into the Ascension War and mage society. You have also earned good reputation among the mages of your associated faction to a degree that you are a trusted insider.
meritCorporate TiesYou are tied, in some way, into the corporate community. Perhaps you hold a position of prominence, or maybe you just have friends in the bureaucracy. You could even be a corporation's top talent, or the chief executive in the local offices of a sprawling Multinat. This affords you certain advantages and recognition. The exact nature of your connection must be +commented by Corp staff.
meritCorporation CEOYou're the Chief Executive Officer of a corporation, and as a result you have the potential backing of that corporation and access to large amounts of financial resources.
meritCouncil TiesYou are well connected, in some way, into the Council of the Phoenix. Perhaps you hold a position of prominence, or maybe you just have friends in high places. You could even be the Council's top talent, or the liaison to the Primus. This affords you certain advantages and recognition among the mages of your faction. The exact nature of your connection must be +commented by the Mage wizard.
meritCrack DriverYou have a natural affinity with motor vehicles.
meritCreepy FeelingsThough you can't see, hear, or summon ghosts, you get a shiver up your spine whenever one is nearby. *NOTE: This merit is not normally given to PCs.
meritCulture KnackYou have a knack for fitting in wherever you are, and though you may not know them beforehand, you pick up on customs quickly. In appropriate situations, your social difficulties may be lowered, or you may be able to recover from a botched roll with another roll at normal difficulty.
meritDanger SenseYou have a sixth sense that warns you of danger. Depending on your success in the roll, you receive anything from a 'sense of foreboding' to 'an indication of direction, distance, OR nature' (not necessarily all three, or even two of the three.) The information received from the Danger Sense merit is usually a little more useful than that received from the similar Auspex power in that it isn't hazy premonitions which usually don't make sense until after the fact.

Fortune favors the bold - and you are certainly bold. In dangerous and risky situations he performs like a true action hero.

meritDaredevilYou are good at taking risks and even better at surviving them. All difficulties are at -2 whenever you try something exceptionally dangerous, and you can ignore a single "one" on such rolls (as if you had an extra success).
meritDeceptive Aura

Your aura is unnaturally bright and colorful for a vampire.

meritDestinyYou have a great destiny, though you may not realize it. Prophecies and dreams guide your way and grant you close to your nature. The sense of direction and security this feeling grants you helps you overcome fear, depression and discouragement caused by anything not relevant to your destiny. Until your Destiny is fulfilled, you may suffer setbacks, but nothing will thwart you permanently.
meritDiplomatic ImmunityThe Garou Nation holds you in esteem as a mediator. You may travel where you please in the furtherance of your duties. No one may search you, and you are welcome at any moot. Of course, should you abuse these privileges, word will spread. The Shadow Lords have worked hard to build up the few Garou entitled to this privilege, and if an elder of your tribe has found out that you have abused this right, you will be cast out from the tribe. (In other words, don't get caught.)
meritDouble DraughtMost Corax can only drink from one of any given dead man's eyes. You have the unique knack of drinking from both, allowing you to see details more mainstream Corax might miss. You get the best and worst of the corpse's death, and can integrate the two to form a coherent picture, rather than being forced to rely on one viewpoint or the other.
meritDouble JointedYou are extremely flexible.
meritEat FoodYou have the capacity to eat food. It's an ability you developed at an early point in your undead existence, or perhaps it has been a latent ability all along. This is considered disgusting by other Kindred, but can be of great assistance in maintaining the Masquerade.
meritEcstaticThis is a Merit of dubious benefit. You're prone to the features of religious ecstasy -- stigmata, glossalia (speaking in tongues), visions, trances, and much more. While some may consider you a religious hysteric, you will be highly regarded by the most devout as "touched by God."
meritEcumenistAlthough you are steadfast in your own faith, you recognize the workings of the Holy Spirit, which "bloweth where it listeth," in other religions.
meritEfficient DigestionYou are able to draw more nourishment from blood.
meritEidetic MemoryYou can remember with perfect detail.
meritExpert DriverYou have a knack for driving wheeld motor vehicles, such as cars, 18-wheelers and even tractors. The difficulties of all rolls requiring risky or especially difficulty driving maneuvers are reduced by 2.
meritFair GlabroYou can pass for human while in glabro form. (If this pushes physical stats past 5, you are still likely to attract attention for inhumanly powerful musculature, unbelievable reflexes, and the like.)
meritFalse Reflection

When using Mask of a Thousand Faces, a Nosferatu with this Merit can create a false impression of his disguise on recording media. He can have his picture taken, show up on videotape and even record an imitation of the subject's voice. Nosferatu without this Merit cannot disguise themselves to machines using the Obfuscate Discipline.

meritFamily SupportYour family knows what you are and accepts your new life wholeheartedly. Perhaps your parents are kinfolk and have prepared themselves for the potential that you might be full Garou. However, they are not necessarily kin (of the sort purchased through the kinfolk background); they may not understand what you've become but still believe you are "special" or "gifted." While you can's assume they will risk themselves for you or your pack, you can rely on their moral support and understanding - and maybe a place to crash on occasion.
meritFast LearnerYou learn very quickly, and pick up on new things faster than most. Gain one extra experience point per month.
meritFavorAn elder owes you a favor because of something either you or your pack once did for him. The extent of the favor depends on the Merit's value: 1 point is a relatively minor favor, 3 means the elder owes you his life. Once called in, this Merit is removed.
meritFeral AppearanceWhether you're more hirsute than the average person or have a lean, hungry look to your features, the werewolves like what they see. It isn't a matter of physical beauty; there's just something about you that stirs their animal natures.
meritFetishYou own a fetish, one you can actually use (or, at the very least, lend to Garou, ostensibly in return for other favors). You may have inherited this item, received it as a gift or found it on your own. In any case, the fetish is highly valuable. Fetishes aren't common among Garou, much less Kin. You and your Storyteller should work together on constructing the item and establishing how it came into your possession. Five points equals a Level One fetish, six points a Level Two fetish and seven points a Level Three fetish. See Chapter Four for sample Kinfolk fetishes. A few rare fetishes allow expenditure of Willpower rather than Gnosis for attunement and activation.
meritFoul Blood

The vitae flowing through your veins tastes truly awful.

meritFranchise OwnerThis merit is identical to "Business Owner", except that the business you own is franchised, and enjoys the name recognition, stability, and protection afforded by being associated with a MegaCorp. You might get discounts by making purchases of goods and equipment through the corporation, or receive backing from it for other financial endeavors. Of course, you will be expected to meet any standards the corporation places upon you in order to use its name. The corporation that sponsors your business must be cleared with the Corporation Wizard. Existing NPC Corporations may be available as sponsors.
meritGallAudacity, guts, pluck - whatever it's called, you've got it. You aren't afraid to stand up to anyone, from naughty children to tribal leaders. This isn't brash, foolhardy behavior; you're still polite, after all. You simply don't get the shakes when the Silver Fang Ahroun comes over to speak to you. Many werewolves and Kin respect you for your honesty and forthrightness.
meritGeasA Fianna may take a Geas, or prohibition, as a flaw. If she violates this prohibition, she loses the ability to shift forms or suffers some other penalty, such as -1 to all combat Dice Pools for a story. The cost depends on how common the Geas is and the nature of the penalty.
meritGhoulA ghoul is someone who drinks vitae and as long as they do so they receive extra strength and immortality.
meritGift of SelineThe Moon Mother loves you, and has given you some special blessings when she's at her full powers. Therefore, you have special boosts or talents on nights when the Moon is full.
meritGnosisMore than any other blessing, the possession of Gnosis among Kin is a special mark of Gaia's favor. It's extremely rare for mortals to be so gifted. Having Gnosis grants many privileges, such as the ability to learn Gifts, use fetishes and, in the case of a vampire's Embrace, the chance to die with dignity and honor, rather than suffer unlife. Even the stuffiest Garou gives a nod of respect to a Kin who possesses Gnosis. Kinfolk lucky enough to possess Gnosis recover it in the same manner as Garou. Kinfolk cannot have Rage; they do not have the fury of Gaia within them. Five points spent on the Merit grants one point of Gnosis; six points, two points of Gnosis; and seven points, three points of Gnosis.
meritGood Old BoyFor either gender, this Merit means the same thing: You're an intrinsically nice person, and you genuinely care about your fellows. Depending upon the setting, werewolves and other Kin (both human and wolf) tend to like you and confide in you. Even lupus Garou may approach you in a friendly manner; something about you just seems trustworthy and inviting.
meritGracefulYou've got a natural flair. Your movements hypnotize and your words charm, harsh though they may be.
meritGuardian AngelSome supernatural force watches over you and protects you from harm. You have no idea who or what it is, but you suspect that someone is there looking out for you. In times of great need, you may be supernaturally protected from harm by peculiar coincidences. However, you can't count on your protector's intervention.
meritGuardianshipYou've been entrusted with the guardianship of a spirit egg. Only you know the location of this egg in the Umbra, and you are its sole defender. As long as you maintain guardianship of the egg, you gain a point of Glory. Furthermore, you can always rouse other Corax to come to the egg's defense should you require assistance. On the down side, if a spirit egg is stolen or damaged on your watch, you suffer a permanent loss of 3 Glory.
meritHuge SizeYou are abnormally large in size, perhaps over 7 feet tall, and 400 pounds in weight.
meritHuman Tribal StatusYou not only maintain an active part in the human community you came from, but you have attained a position of status within that society as a spokesperson, healer, medicine worker or council elder. The number of points you spend determines your relative authority: Two points might mean you act as a shamanic healer for your Kinfolk, while four points qualifies you for a seat on the tribal council or gains you acclaim as a noted wisdom keeper. You must come from a Native American tribe or reside in a distinct ethnic community to purchase this Merit. Lupus and metis Garou may not take this Merit.
meritImmune to Wyrm EmanationsFor whatever reason, you're immune to the toxins of the Wyrm. You can't be possessed by banes and radiation doesn't harm you.
meritInoffensive to AnimalsAnimals do not fear or distrust you.
meritInvisibleFor some reason, Vampires just don't tend to see you.
meritIron WillWhen you are determined and your mind is set, nothing can thwart you from your goals. You cannot be Dominated, nor can your mind be affected in any way by spells or rituals. However, the Storyteller may require you to spend Willpower points when extremely potent powers are directed at you.
meritJack-Of-All-TradesYou can draw upon a large pool of skills and knowledge, obtained through your extensive travels, the jobs you've held or just all-around know-how. You automatically have one dot in all Skill and Knowledge Dice Pools. This is an illusory level, used only to simulate a wide range of abilities. If you train or spend experience in the Skill or Knowledge, you must pay the point cost for the first level a "second time" before raising the Skill or Knowledge to 2 dots. (Feral breed shifters cannot take this Merit.)
meritJupiter MidskyYou are very learned. You learn very easily and have acquired much knowledge.
meritJupiter RisingYou are preternaturally lucky, usually most so when helping another person with their problems.
meritKinfolk SympatheticYou're Kinfolk to the Garou, and are sympathetic to their cause. You don't necessarily know this, or even know anything about the Garou, but you're a potential ally in the war for Gaia.
meritKinfolk UnsympatheticYou're Kinfolk to the Garou, but don't give a rat's ass about Gaia or anything they hold dear. You're unaffected by the delirium, but are unlikely to know this or even that you are Kinfolk. If you found out, it'd likely not be a pleasant surprise.
meritLack of ScentYou have no scent at all or just a faint one. You're tough to track by smell, and really don't need deodorant.
meritLight SleeperYou can awaken instantly at any sign of trouble or danger, and do so without any sleepiness or hesitation. You may ignore rules regarding how Humanity/Path restricts the number of dice available during play.
meritLightning CalculatorYou have a natural affinity with numbers and calculation.
meritLocal TiesYou have both influence over and contacts in local circles of some sort, whether a government system or loose collection of like businesses. The more you use your ties, the weaker they grow unless you do something to bolster them. Examples: - Park department (1pt) - Judicial (2pt) - Media (2pt) - Church (3pt) - Corporate (3pt) - Police (3pt) - Political (3pt) - Underworld (3pt)
meritLong-Distance RunnerWhen running, you may double your normal speed for one hour per point of Stamina. Gifts improving movement are calculated from the new speed.
meritLongevityYou're very long-lived, and won't suffer aging effects until well into your eighties. You'll probably make it to 120 or older, if no one kills you first.
meritLoyaltyYou're sworn, loyal and devoted to some group or cause. This bond allows you to resist any form of temptation or coercion that could lead you to betray your oath. Especially nasty forms of "persuasion" (torture, Mind magic, Dominate) are harder to shake.
meritLuckMaybe you were born lucky; maybe a higher power has sent someone to look out for you. Either way, you can repeat three failed rolls per month. Only one repeat attempt may be made on any roll, and the second roll stands.
meritMachine AffinityWorking and repairing equipment has always come easily to you. Your connection to machinery spontaneously awakens technological spirits in your presence and allows you to add one to all dice pools when dealing with them.
meritMagic ResistanceYou have an inherent resistance to thaumaturgical rituals and magi spells.
meritMagic SensitivityYou're exceptionally sensitive to the use of magic around you. This includes Spheres, Thaumaturgy, Disciplines, Gifts, Fetishes, Talismans, Hedge Magic, Hekau, and anything else you can think of.
meritMars MidskyYou have a terrible temper, and your frenzies are renowned for the amount of destruction they cause.
meritMars RisingYou are fiery-tempered, but war is a friend to you.
meritMatrix AffinityYou have a natural affinity with the Matrix.
meritMechanical AptitudeYou are naturally adept with mechanical (not electronic) devices.
meritMediumYou can sense and hear spirits and shades. You may not see them.
meritMercury MidskyYou will be a great teacher. The insight and wisdom of Mercury is yours to tap.
meritMercury RisingYou will be a far-traveler. Limitations, boundaries, and barriers are simple for you to overcome.
meritMetamorphYou're very adept at shapeshifting in general, and can do it at will.
meritMisplaced HeartYour heart has moved, up to two or three feet.
meritMixed-MorphYou're very adept at shapeshifting specific parts of your body, allowing you to partial shift with ease.
meritMoon-BoundYou are especially tied to your auspice, and when Luna is in the waxing phase of that auspice, you receive an extra die on all rolls. When your moon phase is waning you lose one die on all rolls.
meritNatural ChannelThe Gauntlet is exceptionally thin for you, and spirits tend to take a liking to you.
meritNatural LinguistYou have a flair for languages. This Merit does not allow you to learn more languages than are permitted by your Linguistics score, but you may add three dice to any roll involving languages (both written and spoken).
meritNatural WeaponsGarou with this Merit are greatly in tune with their wolf physique. Their balance and physical in Lupus form is greater than those in Homid form.
meritNew BloodlineYou have created a new Discipline which may be passed on to your progeny, making you the first in a new bloodline. While this carries a certain prestige, it can also be dangerous; elders are aware of the history of new bloodlines, and few such vampires do not seek to achieve Antediluvian status.
meritNightsightYou can see in near-total darkness. This may come from some arcane power, an affinity to darkness, or a faint relation to the catfolk. So long as some light exists, your vision is acute. Really bad conditions (smoke, fog, total darkness) demand a Perception + Alertness roll. Bright lights, especially sudden ones, can dazzle you for a turn or so. Otherwise, your vision is fairly normal.
meritNine LivesYou have 9 lives. That is, 9 chances not to die.
meritNotable HeritageYou come from a distinguished family, even by Silver Fang standards. Your family epitomizes the high ideals of your tribe by word and deed. This is not Pure Breed; the noblest families may be of humble birth. Most Garou who know of your family respect it. You are at -1 difficulty to all Social rolls dealing with Garou who are aware of your family's reputation. This Merit also confers noble ties on Silver Fangs from countries with monarchial traditions. In countries such as the United States, Garou may be members of the "first families" and are on all the social lists. This Merit does not confer any property. Few Garou still recognize the heraldic aspects of this Merit, but a title and noble family name go a long way toward impressing other monarchial groups (including the Ventrue, sidhe, and Children of Karnak).
meritNoted MessengerYour reputation as a reliable and uncorruptible messenger precedes you. You can enter most septs unchallenged, as long as you have a message for someone residing there. In addition, few Garou will attempt to hinder you in your duties, and most will let you cross their territories unmolested. However, the mere word of your presence will sometimes stir up rumor and intrigue, as the locals wonder what message you carry.
meritNumina NaturalYour psychic is especially talented in a single psychic numina. For whatever reasons (natural development, mystical enhancement, infernal tweaking, etc), the character is especially talented in that area. During character creation, you should choose one numina. In this numina you pay only three-quarters experience to advance to higher levels.
meritPain of the PastYou suffered terribly in a Past Life. Flashbacks haunt you continually, especially when you are in pain.
meritPale AuraYour Aura is always pale, whatever color it may be. You look like a vampire to those who can read auras.
meritPast Life

The mage can remember one or more of her previous incarnations. This can be as simple as constant deja vu in places known to her past lives, or as complex as conscious, waking memories of being another person. In practical terms, this means that the mage, and therefore the player, knows slightly more about whatever situations the dead memories contain. The mage might know her way around a past life's hometown, or back away from her past life's murderer without knowing why. This is fairly common for those with "old souls" and powerful Avatars.

meritPatagiaYou have grown large flaps of skin under your arms, like those of a flying squirrel.
meritPerfect BalanceYour sense of balance is acute thanks to constant training or inherited traits. It's very unlikely that you'll ever fall during your life. You may trip, but you always catch yourself before you fully lose your footing or handhold. This Merit aids such actions as tightrope walking, crossing ice and climbing mountains; all such feats are at -3 difficulty.
meritPerfect ProtocolYou have a natural talent for interacting with other shen. You were born to address the courts of the hsien, and drink sake with the most horrible Kuei-jin and look good doing it.
meritPhotographic MemoryA real asset for taletellers and spies, this talent allows you to remember things with almost-total recall. Your memory isn't literally photographic, but it's close. In game terms, you can recount conversations verbatim, or ask to have your character's memory refreshed of things the player may have forgotten. This may require an Intelligence roll, difficulty dependent on the memory's complexity and obscurity. This does not supply facts the character wouldn't have noticed in the first place.
meritPhysically ImpressiveYou look dangerous and intimidating, and exude self-confidence.
meritPitiableThere is something about you which others pity. This causes them to care for you as if you were a child. Not all characters will be affected by this Merit, and some may pretend they are not. You must decide what it is about you that attracts such pity and how much (or little) you like it.
meritPoison ResistanceThis merit grants you added resistance against toxins and poisons of any kind. It could be a natural, genetic ability, or a strange immunization process that you have put yourself through. No matter. Whatever the cause of it, you are tougher than most people when you're resisting the effects of a poison or toxin. Any time you need to make a soak roll involving toxins or poisons, reduce its difficulty by three (3).
meritPoisonous BloodYour blood is decidedly unpalatable to vampires and causes them harm if they drink it.
meritPolitical MentorAlthough Shadow Lords cannot take the Mentor Background, some politically talented Lords are mentored in the arts of their craft. A political mentor can give general advice, but will not intervene in your personal affairs. He will not take responsibility for your actions, but can be a valuable aid in figuring out the political intricacies of a sept.
meritPotent BloodFor whatever reason, your blood is exceptionally potent, making you a target for Kindred after they've fed from you. Altered from a Flaw to a Merit as it is played on DarkMetal as a Merit. Verified as per staffmeeting 19th July 2009
meritPrestigious MentorThe Mage who taught you is very renowned among other Mages, granting you a significant amount of status among them.
meritProdigyYou Awakened early in life and magic just comes easier to you. Though you were Awakened young, you probably didn't get trained until later.
meritProjectile Vomit

This talent is like the Eat Food Merit, but twice as versatile. Food comes in; food goes out very, very fast. A vampire with this ability can ingest, and possibly even taste, food and drink. He cannot gain any nutritional benefit from this ordinarily digestible matter, but he can store it for later use. When this need arises, the Nosferatu can not only disgorge his stored supply of food, but also aim it with a degree of precision.

meritQuick LearnerThis merit allows the Corax to halve the time needed to learn a new Gift, skill or lore (but not Talent). Experience point cost remains the same.
meritReborn SageThe character has been officially recognized as the reincarnation of a famous Garou hero or sage. He thus begins with three extra points of temporary Renown (choose either Wisdom, Honor or Glory). If the previous life was a Stargazer, the cost of this Merit is 2 pts, for there is a certain amount of social status that comes with it. Old friends of the previous life (it he was a recent Stargazer) look kindly upon the character, and rivals consider the slate to be wiped clean. (This doesn't apply to the Wyrm, however; a character might just find himself with some "unfinished business" that requires his attention in this life.) However, if the previous life is that of a Garou from another tribe, there may be some friction with that tribe - the Silver Pangs might not appreciate someone claiming to be an incarnation of royalty, for instance. The cost in such cases is thus only 1 pt.
meritRecognize GarouOver the years, you've become adept at picking out the werewolves in a crowd. Rather than having any kind of mystical awareness, you've simply learned what physical and personality traits tend to mark Gaia's warriors. They just stand out to you, once they've undergone the Change. This Merit doesn't allow you to find werewolf cubs on the verge of Firsting, but you may notice their propensity for violence. All Perception attempts to notice which people in the room seem to have that special touch of Rage or wildness that could indicate they're werewolves are at -2 difficulty.

Other Mages of your Tradition think very highly of you, whether on your own merits or those of your Mentor.


You have a scholarship to UCLATMA, sponsored by one or another of the corporations that have taken a personal interest in your education. Perhaps your family is highly regarded (politics are always a good way to the top), or perhaps you came by the scholarship by natural aptitude alone. Whatever the case, you have a fully funded term available to you at the University, including housing in student dorms, health coverage, food, and a small stipend for other necessities.

Education does not come without a price. Whichever corporation is sponsoring your education has contracted with you for your services on completion of your degree. However many years you've signed up for, you owe them at least three times as many afterward. Failing to keep your grades up will result in breach of contract, as will any attempt to get out of your later employment. Consequences of this include but are not limited to your full balance of student fees reverting to your responsibility, and the loss of your SSN, as your corporate sponsor bought ownership of it along with your contract.

Scholarships are fairly common these days; it is, in fact, more common to attend University via sponsorship than paid education (Resources 4 required to pay one's own way). Age is not really a factor, but vampires are incapable of passing the necessary tests to enroll - they are invariably held during the day.

meritSelf-ConfidentWhen you spend a point of Willpower to gain an automatic success, your self-confidence may allow you to gain the benefit of that expenditure without actually losing the Willpower point. When you declare that you are using a point of Willpower for an extra success, you do not lose the Willpower unless you fail the roll. You may use this Merit only when you need confidence in your abilities in order to succeed; thus, only when the difficulty of a roll is 6 or higher can it come into play. You may spend Willpower at other times; however, if the difficulty is 5 or less, this Merit won't help you.
meritSilver ToleranceYou have an immunity of sorts to silver.
meritSlimyYour skin secretes slime like that of a worm or mollusk.
meritSmall GiftWith an effort you can see wraiths. You vision even occasionally extends across the Shroud and into the Shadowlands, but only when you work at it. * NOTE: This merit is not normally given to PCs.
meritSpark of LifeYou're extremely vital and alive, and heal rapidly. People tend to heal quickly around you and you're better at healing than most.
meritSpeaker with the DeadA Speaker with the Dead can see and hear wraith with no effort whatsoever. With the slightest effort he may peer into the Shadowlands. Most Speakers with the Dead either reconcile their existence in dual realities or go mad. * NOTE: This merit is not normally given to PCs.
meritSphere NaturalYou're very proficient at a particular sphere of magic, and your Avatar funnels power through into you to make learning it easier.
meritSpirit AffinityYou have a natural affinity with spirits.
meritStigmata of the WyrmThese are marks of the Urge Wyrms which sometimes commune with favored servants. To "win" one, a fomor must first understand the aspects of the Wyrm, then contact her own inner corruption, manifest that Urge in word, body and deed, and often undergo some hideous ordeal of consecration.
meritStrong ClawsYou have an exceptionally strong grip. This provides you with 3 additional strength to roll when someone tries to remove something from your grasp. It also helps you to maintain a hold on tree branches, ledges, etc. while in corvid form.
meritSymbol IndependenceThe use of True Faith against supernaturals typically requires the use of a holy symbol. This merit allows the possessor to manifest their Faith without any such psychological or religious crutch.
meritTechnomancerYou are a mage hailing from a mystical or naturalistic Tradition (i.e. not a Union mage, Virtual Adept, or Son of Ether). Somehow you have incorporated technology and cyber into your paradigm. With the purchase of this merit, you are able to tolerate a greater amount of cyber than most of your fellows. Unfortunately, embracing technology to this degree brings the same disadvantages that the true Technomancers must deal with- Magi with the Technomancer merit drop foci in the same way that Technomancers do.
meritTerritoryThe Garou has established a territory for himself (or possibly in conjunction with other Talons or wolves). The territory is defined by scent marks recognized by other creatures (though not humans).
meritTime SenseYou have an innate sense of time.
meritTrue LoveYou have discovered, but may have lost (temporarily) a true love. Whenever you are suffering, or in danger, the thought of your love is enough to give you strength to persevere.
meritTwin SoulsYour Avatar was split in two at some point in the past, and you share it with another. While in physical contact with your soulmate, you're able to share knowledge and power with them through your combined avatar.
meritUnbalancedWererats are pure creatures of the Wyld. Ratkin at Freak Factor 4 also have an intuitive understanding of either the Weaver or the Wyrm. Plague Lords understand disease and corruption; thus, they have an unnerving understanding of the Wyrm. Ratkin Engineers scavenge and scrounge technology in amazing ways; thus, they develop an unnatural love for the Weaver.
meritUnbondableYou are immune to the blood bond.
meritUnearthlyYou're blessed with messages from Rat-spirits in the Umbra. Spirits follow you everywhere you go, and you receive repeated messages from places where urban spirits congregate.
meritUnhingedRatkin with Freak Factor 1 have a highly developed relationship with their Totems. If you're Unhinged, your god is still calling you. After your First Change, the voices just wouldn't stop. Whenever you are uncertain of a course of action, you may hear voices instructing you with advice. For players who are new to the World of Darkness, this blessing can be massively useful - a godsend, if you will. Nonetheless, as one would expect, characters who are tormented by voices are often treated as insane. All Twitchers have this psychological "enhancement."
meritUnion TiesYou are well connected, in some way, into the Technocratic Union. Perhaps you hold a position of prominence, or maybe you just have friends in high places. You could even be the Union's top talent, or the liason to the inner circle. This affords you certain advantages and recognition among the mages of your faction. The exact nature of your connection must be +commented by the Mage wizard.
meritUnnaturalYou are not from this world. The physical world just doesn't make sense to you; you consider the strangeness of the Deep Umbra to be the norm. Maybe one of your parents was a Materialized Rat-spirit. Maybe you've spent a little too much time in the spirit world and have forgotten who you are. Perhaps you are an exile from a Deep Umbral Paradise Realm, or quest for a personal Lost Kingdom that only you can remember. Thus, you're Unnatural. As a side effect, you always get a -2 difficulty when stepping sideways. All Munchmausen are required to buy this Background and play it to the hilt.
meritUnobtrusiveYou are fairly average in both appearance and action. You don't attract attention to yourself.
meritUnstableRage comes a little too easily for these Ratkin; this is both a blessing and a curse. A seething anger isolates you from ordinary humans, but it also makes you primed for battle at a moment's notice.
meritUntamableThere's something about you that just never buckles under and never gives in. If someone tries to force you into something you don't want to do they invariably fail.
meritVenus MidskyYou are good at mediating between factions. People trust you; you have a calming nature and voice.
meritVenus RisingYou are a born leader, and your charisma extends like an aura around you.
meritVirulent StrikeGhoul can do aggravated damage via tooth and nail (bite and claw).
meritVoice of the SongbirdFianna with this Merit possess a beautiful voice that haunt their listeners. Any social rolls involving speaking or singing gain one success. Wildlife also responds to his voice, and animals may be inspired to join in the singing.
meritWolf SightIn all forms, you see colors and intensities of light as a wolf does. Your color vision is dimmer than that of humans, though the embrace of the full spectrum of colors. Your night vision however, far surpasses human nocturnal vision. You also notice movement more readily. You gain an extra die to all perception rolls that involve movement or take place at night.
meritWolf-SenseSee "Common Sense."
methodologyIvory Tower

The Ivory Tower oversees education and administration. The armies of sympathizers, educators, academies, teachers, psychologists, computer programmers, Reality Programmers, bureaucrats, administrators, instructors, and indoctrinators ensure that this is the most diverse of the Methodologies. At the highest levels of this Methodology, the masters of the Tower act as mediators in inter-Convention politics, organize Symposiums, and report to the Inner Circle. The Ivory Tower can be divided into five areas of influence: recruitment, education, computer security, psychology, and bureaucracy.%r%tOn the front lines, legions of sympathizers work within universities and other educational systems to gently guide the Masses towards correct indoctrination. Many sympathizers work as recruiters. Universities are one of the best areas for recruitment. Disaffected youth, Enlightened drop-outs, gifted students, and Orphaned mages also make for excellent sympathizers.


The Operatives deal primarily with espionage. The secret agent works to gather information in the field and to ensure Security within the ranks. He is the eyes and ears of the Union.%r%tThe shock troops of the New World Order are the Men in Black. Most mages think of the Black Suits when they hear the words "New World Order," and many acolytes and apprentices think of them as mindless, soulless constructs who lack independent will. This illusion works to the Union's advantage. "Black Suit" work is the starting assignment for most operatives. Not all Men in Black are constructs, nor are all of them conversant in Technocratic procedures.


Procedures in the Watchers are based on surveillance, media, and communications. Their primary tasks include monitoring for crimes against Reality, manufacturing the consent of the Masses, and working with amalgams to locate and neutralize random elements in Reality.%r%tSympathizers to the Watchers work within mundane television and radio statoins, as well as within telephone companies and other communications organizations. Most have limited knowledge of the Union, and some only partialy realize the role they play in the war effort. Other sympathizers assist in the production of media. The process of manufacturing media - making a film, manipulating an image, producing a television program, "electronic news gathering," or addressing an audience over the radio - is a process of transferring a message. As Marshal McLuhan has said, "The medium is the message," and as such, the language of a technological medium can easily become a process for a Technocratic message. Sympathizers assist with the menial tasks of production, freeing the Enlightened to carry out their duties. Dutiful sympathizers are promoted to positions where they, too, can help create Our Reality.

numinaAlchemyAlchemy is the science, art, and study of the transformation of the base and profane into the pure and the sacred. The alchemist believes that all things in nature can be transformed, or purified, into a higher essence. Note: This Path is ritual restricted. This means that it is useless unless you learn, or create, specific rituals that have been previously approved by staff.
numinaAnimal-PsychicWhile most psychic abilities affect other humans, some psychics use their talents on the "lower" animals. The actual method of communication may vary. Some psychics bark or growl at the animal, others use dressage gestures, even if the animal has never seen a trainer before. The animal may communicate with the psychic, though the information they relay will be limited by the animal's intelligence and perception.
numinaAnti-PsychicAnti-psychic is the rarest psychic talent yet observed. The pychics' very presence makes even reliable psychic talents weaken or fail. Due to the subtle nature of their powers, most anti-psychics' remain unaware of their talent until approached or even attacked by other psychics. This power isn't activated, but rather is always present and dampens the powers of those around the anti-psychic, adding its level to the difficulty of all psychic powers in the area.
numinaAstral ProjectionThe power of Astral Projection allows the psychic to split his spirit off from his body. The discarnate spirit can travel very quickly in this form. While in astral form, the psychic cannot physically affect the real world, though he may use other psychic abilities.
numinaBio-ControlMost psychics can turn their paranormal abilities outwards, sensing things beyond normal perceptions or controlling them with their wills. Other psychics, like those with BioControl, can turn their powers inward and regulate their autonomic nervous systems.
numinaChannelingSome psychics have the ability to draw upon the knowledge of those who have passed on. Channelers tap into the knowledge of those who have passed on, briefly obtaining the skills that they personally lack. Some psychics have a veritable black book of spirits they can call on for help and assistance while others claim to tap into the collective unconscious. Only one personality may be channeled at the time until mastery of this has been reached.
numinaClairvoyanceA clairvoyant has the ability to cast his senses away, allowing him to perceive people, places or things at great distances. Though technically Clairvoyance refers specifically to remote sight, some psychics can also cast forth their hearing or other senses as well. Unlike astral projection, the clairsentient does not separate his consciousness from his body; he remains aware of what's going on around him (though this can be very confusing if the psychic tries to concentrate upon two locations at once). Similarly, the clairvoyant does not travel through the intervening space- he simply perceives whatever happens at the target site as if he stood there. The degree of familiarity the psychic has with the target may raise or lower the difficulty (by plus or minus one or two). Once the clairvoyant "locks on" to a target, he can then "pan" his view around, allowing him to see just about anything in the immediate area. The limits of the perceptions are the immediate area in question. If the character wishes to see beyond that area, he must refocus, and the player must make a new roll. For example, a character looking into a room in another house could see anything in that room. However, to switch perceptions into the hall outside would require a second roll. The clairvoyant cannot perceive anything he could not perceive with his normal senses. Thus, if the target area is completely darkened, remote sight does no good.
numinaCommunicationNumina Plant Empathy Level One Communication The psychic may 'speak' with a single plant, allowing two-way communication. This communication does not give the psychic control over the plant, though misunderstandings may be explained away. The plant maybe able to convey basic information such as hunger, needs (water sunlight), emotional context (fear, contentment) Asking how many men walked by an hour ago might elicit a response of sunlight, shade, crushed, unhappy. sunlight. This ability is best served when trying to figure out what a plant needs to grow. Cast Time 10 minutes
numinaConjurationConjuration allows the movement of items through space. The object in question must be prepared ahead of time in a ritual designed to bond the item to the caster, making it easier to latch onto a control later on.
numinaConveyanceConveyance allows a sorcerer to avoid the hassles of the road or a large stretch of land by flying over it. The sorcerer must use an object as it's 'steed'.
numinaCyber-KineticA relatively new talent, Cyberkinesis is the ability to control electronic machinery with one's mind. The cyberkinetic generates small-scale electromagnetic fields that alter the operating systems of computers and other electronic equipment (stereo systems, burglar alarms, etc). This only applies to controlling the machines, not getting information back. For all powers aside from "switch" and "scramble," the cyberkinetic must be able to see what he is doing, generally through a monitor or display readout- or through the use of Cyberpathy. 1) Switch: The cyberkinetic possesses the ability to switch computers or easily operated electronic equipment off and on. 2) Link: The psychic may operate the electronic equipment without touching it, as if by remote control. This does not give her override codes or passwords. She could enter a password without typing it at the keyboard, but she could not login to the machine without a valid password. 3) Scramble: The character possesses the ability to send microscale power surges through computers, giving them the equivalent of an epileptic seizure. Computers lock up, video equipment displays snow, and recording equipment picks up nothing but static. These effects last as long as the cyberkinetic concentrates upon it. When the effect lapses, the machine returns to normal operation, though some less robust operating systems will require time to reboot, at ST discretion. 4) Password: The cyberkinetic overrides the operating system of computers, essentially giving himself any password or code he desires. He can force the computer to do anything the normal operating system is capable of performing. 5) Run Hot: The psychic has such control of electronics that he can effectively "reprogram" the computer to exceed its normal abilities. A computer calculates faster, a robot's arms lift more, a laser burns hotter.
numinaCyberpathyWhile a cyberkinetic possesses the ability to control electronic equipment, the cyberpath can read the data stored on the computer. Researchers believe that the method for reading magnetic patterns in a computer's memory or on a hard drive resembles the way telepaths read the electrical impulses of the human brain. All uses of Cyberpathy require the psychic to be within sight of the computer. Characters using Remote Access do not have to be able to see the remote computers they are linking to, but they must be able to see the machine they're using as an entry point.
numinaDelayed ActionNumina Psychic Hypnosis Level 3 Delayed Action The subject of the hypnotist's powers now performs actions commanded once the trance has been broken. The psychic implants any command or improved memory recall from the lower levels of hypnosis, but this time, it is programmed to happen at a certain time. The commands are implanted as with Sideshow Suggestion, but the difficulty is raised by one. Every success on the roll gives the hypnotist one command to implant. Each extra condition requires a success as well. It takes five turns to hypnotize the subject, plus one turn per command to program them. The hypnotist can make one of the commands to be to instantly fall into a trance state at a later time. Example: The Amazing Steve hypnotizes Denise, a member of the audience. He rolls three successes on his attempt to hypnotize Denise. He then orders her that, when someone says the word "rabbit," she will jump on one foot (the first success), say the word "duck" (the second one) and then fall back into a trance (the third one). He could also have told her to jump on one foot when someone says "rabbit" (the initial success) and then when someone says the word "carrot" (a second condition, requiring a success) to spin in place (the third success).
numinaDivinationLucky numbers for the lottery, whether happiness will be found in marriage, the outcome of a crucial battle - for as long as there has been a concept of "tomorrow," people have wanted to know what would happen in the future. Rulers, merchants, generals and wizards have all said they wanted to know their fate, although they have just as often rejected that fate when apprised of it; Cassandra's fate is one that no seer worthy of the title easily forgets. Despite the perils involved, this Path is a well-traveled one.
numinaEmpathic HealingThis ability allows one to join her mind and body with that of a sick or injured subject, absorbing the hurt into her own body. Empathic Healing may repair even aggravated wounds. The drawback is that it may take the healer months to recover.
numinaEnchantmentEnchantment is the art of creating (minor) magical Talismans. An enchanter imbues each of her creations witha small part of her essence and spends much of her time locked up in a workshop crafting each new piece, tracking down esoteric and mundane ingredients, putting out fires, researching new procedures and figuring out why the copper wire in the iron mixture didn't help the blade's temper. For those with the time and patience, though, Enchantment provides the ability to forge useful magical tools - most especially, devices that store magical energy for later use or empowered to function on their own, usable by anyone.
numinaFaith"Faith is a Numina... most people have faith with a small 'f', in that almost everybody accepts the Church's teachings quite uncritically. But only a small number have the burning zeal, the profound conviction, which can protect them against creatures like vampires. This Faith is not necessarily a skill to be increased through experience. Certainly it may rise as a result of a person's experience, but it is more vital than that. At the Storyteller's discretion, Faith should raise or fall to reflect a person's religious certainty and zeal. Nor is it something that comes from outside the individual, from some God or angel. Whether or not their beliefs are correct, these people believe so fervently that their own conviction protects them. Note, therefore, that heretics may have as much faith as devout Christians. Jews, Moslems and pagans can also have Faith, whether honoring Jehovah, Allah or the Goddess. Even an infernalist may have Faith in the dark spirits which she venerates. The Faith Numina, like any other, has a rating of 1 to 5. Exactly what protection is afforded to the individual by the [Faith] depends on this rating, as described below. Of course, these are just guidelines. Storytellers should amend them as required to fit the tone or add drama to their stories. One Dot. Any character with Faith may attempt to ward of vampires by brandishing a holy symbol or uttering prayers... The person rolls Faith against a difficulty equal to the vampires willpower. The number of successes indicate the number of steps backward a vampire is forced to take. If no successes are scored, the vampire need not step back, but may not advance. A botch indicates the vampire may advance unhindered. Further, if the cross, Bible or other symbol is placed against the vampires body, each success causes an aggravated Health Level of damage, burning into the flesh. Two Dots. A person with Faith rating of 2 or more is a 'neutral', immune to Dominate. Three Dots. A person with a Faith of 3 or more may sense the presence of a Vampire. She need not consciously try to sense the vampire's presence, but must be in peaceful, quiet surroundings - perhaps alone in thought, praying, reading pious books, meditating on the Bible, etc. The person will not sense the vampire if she is preoccupied (e.g. arguing) or in a crowded, noisy place (jostled by a mob, in the midst of a raucous banquet, etc.). This ability need not be infallible; the Storyteller should let the person sense the vampire only when it is dramatically convenient. Note that the person cannot know exactly what she senses through her faith, all she will know is that something unclean or evil is nearby. (Vampires may go no further) Four Dots. The person may not be turned into a ghoul, and is unaffected by any mind-bending techniques like Presence and Obfuscate. Five Dots. The person is so pure, so holy, that she can fill a vampire with self-loathing, disgust, terror, even physical pain. Any vampire hearing the person pray, preach or recite psalms, or being touched by the person, may be forced to flee immediately by any available means. A vampire who is unable to flee is reduced to a gibbering wreck, flailing on the floor, screaming, sobbing, or begging forgiveness. To avoid fleeing, the vampire must either expend one Willpower per scene or must make a Stamina Roll each round (difficulty 5+ her own intelligence). That's right- the higher the vampires intelligence, the higher the difficulty, because the more tortured and guilty she will feel.
numinaFascinationCall it bewitching, call it willbinding, speek of love philters and glamours, speak of Presence and Awe. In the end, what you are talking about is a sorcerer's ability to fascinate - to compel a subject to listen to what she says, to form an attraction that would not otherwise be there. It is important to note that Fascination is an Aspected path- successes must be spent on each separate aspect. Thus, at least three successes are required for minimal effect. The total number of successes spent on any one aspect may not exceed the Sorcerer's rating in Fascination.
numinaFast TranceNumina Psychic Hypnosis Level 4 Fast Trance At this stage, the hypnotist has become so adept at inducing trances, that he, by a powerful act of will, may do so with a glance. This costs one Willpower, and the player must make the normal roll at a difficulty of the subject's Willpower. If the effect succeeds, the subject is entranced for one round per success, While the target is in a trance, the hypnotist can then use any of the other lesser hypnotic powers on the subject.
numinaFireworksNumina Pyrokinesis Level 3 Fireworks The pyrokinetic's control of flames has expanded. Now he can create small bursts of flame out of thin air. Psychic researchers believe that these bursts are made up of super-excited air molecules. Tiny amounts of the air molecules become plasma, which will ignite just about anything that can burn, and create bonfire-sized fires. The psychic can create these plasma bursts at a range up to Willpower x 10 yards away. To create the plasma 1) roll Manipulation + Meditation (difficulty 8). 2) Targets roll Dexterity + Dodge (difficulty 7) to dodge the fire bursts. The bursts do two health levels of aggravated damage per turn (difficulty 8 to soak, for those with some sort of supernatural resilience). To extinguish himself, the target must first roll Willpower (difficulty 5) to avoid panic and then Dexterity + Athletics (difficulty 5) to put himself out. Highly-trained operatives or supernatural creatures can usually avoid panicking automatically (barring a fear of fire — Rotschreck, for instance), at the Storyteller's discretion.
numinaFortunePlease Note: Staff must be present for all uses of this power that involve (a) targets that are staff-run NPCs, (b) targets that are not present, (c) durations longer than three dots, or (d) severities greater than three dots.

Fortuna, both Buona and Mala, flows from the hands of the sorcerer who studies this path. By his will, probabilities alter, events realign themselves, and his target's future is changed. The superstitious ascribed this power to all witches (untrue), and call it the Evil Eye, scientists speak of altering probabilities and chaos math, and priests call it the Hand of God, but in every case, the end effects are only partly in the hands of the sorcerer. Some mages look on this as being a set of interrelated effects linked closely with a number of rudimentary understanding of the Entropy Sphere. Sorcerers gifted in the Path just smile, nod, and continue on their lucky way.

Supernatural beings can be cursed, but get to resist the effect, if they are aware of it, with a Willpower check (difficulty = 4 + the magician's Path rating). Most curses will need only a single success, but very powerful or long-lasting curses can require more in order to be removed completely. Short curses normally won't be discovered unless they are announced ahead of time; a skilled user of Entropy or Prime might detect a curse looming over someone, or someone with Auspex might see it in their aura, however. A character's Arcane rating subtracts from the total successes scored on a one for one ratio (and could well cause the curse to fail utterly).

Clarification: Fortune is a method of cursing or blessing people, not objects. Page 76 S:R: "The target must be some specific individual or groups of individuals but does not need to be specifically named..."

numinaGroup EffectNumina Synergy Level 3 Group Effect: The psychic network has grown such that, in addition to sharing Willpower, they can more effectively combine their wills, so that when the effect is rolled, the highest Attribute and Ability are used, even if the contributing member lacks the power itself. Additionally, as before, each member can contribute a point of Willpower to add extra successes. Example: Bruce (who has Precognition 2, Perception 3 and Awareness 2), Deirdre (who has Telepathy 3, Perception 2 and Awareness 3) and Andrew (who has Synergy 4, Perception 4 and Awareness 2) combine their abilities to use Bruce's precognitive Synergy abilities. The group will use Bruce's Precognition. Deirdre's Awareness and Andrew's Perception. One of the group rolls the 7 dice. and each of them may contribute Willpower/or extra successes.
numinaGrowthNumina Plant Empathy Level Two - Growth The psychic can feed energy into a SINGLE plant to make it grow for him. The plant will do nothing but grow faster. That means it will not flower, seed etc. It will just grow rapidly. It will resume normal cycles once the ritual has worn off. Each success on the roll provides one normal months growth to occur in a time span of five to ten minutes. The Psychic may expend willpower. Each point of willpower converts into 1 years worth of growth per five to ten minutes. For the plant to span years growth in a small amount of time, there must be an avaliability of nutrients, water and soil. A lack will only cause it to wither and die. Botch examples 1) The psychic overtuning to plants and unable to filter out their talk providing a version of 'deafness' per hour the number of botches rolled. 2) Growing a temporary allergy to that particular plant species. Duration 1 month per botch.
numinaHealingThe Path of Healing takes time; there are no miraculous cures, no instant regeneration of wounds and no sudden recoveries from fatal illnesses. Even the most experienced healer can only force the body to do so much; a healer normally works by accelerating the body's natural processes, by helping it do what it would normally do anyway, only faster and better. Worse, use of this Path saps the user; overuse can lead to burnout and even death. A master of the Path can bring someone back even from death's door... but the cost is often more than he can bear. The Path of Healing can relieve pain, cure diseases, speed recovery from injuries (and heal some injuries outright), even restore sight to the blind. It cannot, however, do anything to alleviate aggravated injuries... fire, Pattern magic and acid all do things so heinous to the human (or inhuman) body that it cannot be healed in this fashion. For reasons that should be obvious, the Path of Healing cannot be used on the dead (or undead). A sorcerer may attempt to heal any given injury, disease or condition once; if she fails or achieves only a limited success (due to skill), she may not go back and attempt to improve the situation later. Sorcerers may learn rituals for Healing. Ritual examples include Level 1 - Healing sleep, Level 2, Mike's Cure-all, Level 3, Wakey-Wakey, Level 6, Revive. Healing is an Aspected path- successes must be spent on each separate aspect, if desired. At least one aspect must have one dot. Note: Healing is a Revised ability, which means it addresses both Bashing damage and Lethal damage. This damage separation is not used on Dark Metal, so the following convention has been adopted: The first two wound levels (Bashing and Wounded) may be treated as either Bashing damage or Lethal damage. All higher wound levels are only Lethal.
numinaHellbladeHellblade(••) Roll: +action/wp Manipulation + Occult vs 7 Description: This simple ritual attunes a weapon (normally some kind of bladed weapon, often a dagger or sword) to the powers of this Path. By spending one Willpower, you may engulf the blade in mystical fires; while burning, the weapon does aggravated damage and does2 additional dice of damage. These fires last for up to one scene, unless the magician tries to hand the weapon to another user, at which point the flames die out. Requires a Manipulation + Occult roll, difficulty 7, with at least 2 successes rolled to take effect.
numinaHellfireThought by many to be at least tainted by darkness, if not outright of evil origins, the Path of Hellfire taps into the deepest, most primal, and destructive of forces. Legends ascribe the beginnings of this power to the infernal realms, pacts with malevolent elemental spirits, and bargains with beings better left alone. The master of the path of hellfire can demand, and receive respect; he will also receive suspicion and fear, whether he demands them or not. A student of the Path of Hellfire learns to summon and control powerful elemental attacks; blasts of lightning, bolts of fire or mystic energy, clouds of poison gas or other deadly effects. Unsubtle and direct, these powers, utilized properly, can obliterate even the most deadly of foes, in the hands of a master. Students of this Path should remember that a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing; they are not immune to the effects of their own powers, and using this power in combat normally requires planning beforehand. Hitting a target with a blast of Hellfire requires a successful Dexterity + Melee roll (difficulty 7). Striking at an area lowers the difficulty to 5 but allows those in the area a chance to escape (see Dodging and Resistance in Mage Revised, p, 152).
numinaIgniteNumina Pyrokinesis Level 2 Ignite By concentrating, the pyrokinetic causes flammable materials to burst into flame. The psychic can affect anything within a short range (less than 10 yards), though some materials are easier to ignite than others. The difficulty is: 4 Very easily lit materials (paper, gasoline, vampires) 6 Flammable objects that normally require minor assistance to light (wood, charcoal) 8 Objects that do burn with the aid of accelerents (clothing) 9 Materials that do burn, eventually (people) Once ignited, items continue to burn naturally. The fire created is as big as a torch, though it could easily spread with the proper materials around. See page 249 of Mage Revised for fire damage and the difficulty of soaking fires. If the psychic tries to light a person on fire, the target may dodge the effect by rolling Dexterity + Dodge (difficulty 6).
numinaInfernoNumina Pyrokinesis Level 5 Inferno The pyrokinetic has immense and exacting control over all forms of flame. He can create large fires at a distance. The fires appear up to Willpower x 15 yards away. The player rolls Manipulation + Meditation (difficulty 8). With one success he creates a small fire in the target area. With two successes, the fire is the size of a bonfire, and with three successes, the fire fills up a large room. Everything in the area must soak the damage. People on the edge of the effect can dive out of the fire. Roll Dexterity + Athletics (difficulty 6) to escape the flames. The fire starts out as hot as a "Bunsen Burner" (see page XX, Mage Revised), though every additional success after the third increases the heat of the fire by one category. The Inferno spreads rapidly, consuming as much as it can before being extinguished,
numinaMana ManipulationNearly every sorcerer recognizes the flow of some sort of power: mana, sekhem, chi, vis or some other representation of magical potential. Most magicians learn to feel or describe the energies that course through them during the casting of spells. Some, however, learn to direct these power sources in order to reshape the fundamental mystic energy about them. Geomancy,ley line channeling, feng shui - all of these sense and redirect the power of raw magic energy into new directions and shapes. Mana Manipulation is an esoteric Path, and few sorcerers would describe it in such abstract terms - rather, most see it as an exercise described by their specific magical style. A magician used to feng shui and chi kung, for instance, will channel chi energies with special mirrors or moxa burning. A sorcerer who relies on incantations and wands will use those tools to direct Mana and store it. Spirit-talkers and shamans may rely on elaborate designs to trap and hold energy or paintings that ward off negative energies.
numinaManchurian CandidateNumina Psychic Hypnosis Level 5 Manchurian Candidate With this ability, the psychic can perform major amounts of brainwashing on the target. With this level of deep programming, the subject will do anything the hypnotist commands, even to the point of death. The target must be placed in a trance, which takes 10 minutes (and may not he done with a Fast Trance). After that, the hypnotist spends an hour per command implanted programming the subject. Spend two Willpower and roll Manipulation + Leadership (difficulty 7 for commands that are simply against the target's morals, difficulty 9 for commands that lead to the subject's death). As in the Delayed Action power, the number of commands and the number of conditions attached to them depend on the number of successes.
numinaMass GrowthLevel Three - Mass Growth The psychic can feed energy into all plants within an area to make them grow for him. The plants will do nothing but grow faster. That means it will not flower, seed etc. It will just grow rapidly. It will resume normal cycles once the ritual has worn off. The distance effected is 25 square feet centered on where the caster stands. Each success on the roll provides one normal months growth to occur in a time span of five to ten minutes. The Psychic may expend willpower. Each point of willpower converts into 1 years worth of growth per five to ten minutes. For the plant to span years growth in a small amount of time, there must be an avaliability of nutrients, water and soil. A lack will only cause it to wither and die. Botch examples 1) The psychic overtuning to plants and unable to filter out their talk providing a version of 'deafness' per day the number of botches rolled. 2) Growing a permanent allergy to that particular plant species. 3) Entrapment inside the rapid grown plants.
numinaMatchesNumina Pyrokinesis Level 1 Matches The psychic can produce tiny sparks of flame, generally only enough to light highly flammable items (paper, dry wood, gasoline, etc,). These sparks of flame tend to come from the psychic's fingers, though some pyros create the sparks in different manners. The sparks light anything the psychic could physically teach, though the psychic does not have to actually touch the flammable material. The sparks are not hot enough to seriously burn people, though having a spark of flame appear can startle people. If a pyrokinetic wishes to startle someone with a spark; 1) The player rolls Dexterity + Athletics (difficulty 6) to fling the sparks at the target. The target must be in hand-to-hand combat range. 2) This effect can be dodged by a Dexterity * Dodge (difficulty 6) roll. 3) If the pyro hits the target, the target's player rolls Willpower (difficulty 6) or else the victim loses his next action from the surprise. The target can spend a Willpower point to avoid this reflexive aversion to being burned.
numinaMind ShieldsSome psychics' possess shields that protect their minds from mental attacks, be they psychic assaults, vampiric Domination, magic spells or other ensorcelment. The discipline of the psychic's mind, die confusion of his thoughts or just some innate talent makes him resistant to outside influence. This resistance only affects assaults on the psychic's mind. It would not, for instance, keep a telekinetic from lifting her or a pyrokinetic from burning her. The psychic can lower these defenses, though opening them to a friendly psychic leaves her just as open to a simultaneous mental attack. At Level Three and above, the psychic may differentiate between "friendly" and "hostile" contacts and use the shields against some while allowing others to penetrate. When someone mentally attacks a psychic with Mind Shields, the target gets to roll a number of dice (difficulty 6) as a counter-roll. These successes subtract from the effect. If the defender gets more successes than the attacker, the attack fails. If a psychic assault normally gets a defense roll (such as attacks using the Mind Sphere), the psychic adds the dice in Mind Shields to her defense pool instead.
Level       Versus Psychic Powers     Versus Other Mental Attacks
1                  2 dice                      1 die
2                  4 dice                      2 dice    
3                  6 dice                      3 dice
4                  8 dice                      4 dice
5                  10 dice                     5 dice
Powers such as Dominate and Presence are not considered psychic powers.
numinaOneiromancyIt is a frequent theme in tales of the fantastic and the magical that odd things often happen in dreams. Omens of the future are sometimes seen, messages from gods or wizards arepassed on. There are tales of lovers who have not yet met, destined for each other, dreaming of their first meeting. The Dream Realm is infinitely malleable, responsive to the conscious and subconscious of the dreamer. A skilled dreamer can impose his will upon the Dream Realm, creating new images and altering the behavior of old, banishing nightmares or crafting new horrors with which to terrorise other dreamers. It is said, too, that there are world and beings that exist wholly within the world of dreams and nightmares, from the realms of the fae to the strange worlds described in the writings of Burroughs, Lovecraft and Poe. Nearly everyone dreams. The oneiromancer walks among those dreams. Like the dreamweavers of horror movie fame, she can craft images so realistic that it is hard to tell the difference between them and reality. Still, they are "only" dreams. Or are they? An overly imaginative subconscious can quite literally dream itself to death, though this is rare. More common are the tales of wicked men who dreamed of their ultimate fate and heeded the warning to reform their ways. Such messages are a fine and subtle weapon of those who walk the dreaming night. And sometimes, dreams can walk amongst men.... Aspects Distance In order to affect a dreamer, the oneiromancer must have some sort of contact with her target. Physical contact is the best, obviously, but the principles of Sympathy and Contagion allow the use of other means. . Direct physical contact .. True Name ... Body part/secretion (Blood, hair, nail clippings, saliva, urine, etc. It must be unmixed with other materials.) .... Prized possession ..... Other possession (Any item that is in frequent contact with or use by the target, such as clothing.) Effects: . The first step the dreamwalker must master is the ability to reach out and touch the dreams of others. They come to her as do most dreams, in flashes of imagery, often highly distorted by the subconscious. The dreamwalker can, with considerable thought, interpret parts of these shattered fragments, perhaps giving her some insight into her target's nature or history. .. Working out the methodology to enter and take part in a dream is the next step. Entering the dream renders you temporarily apart of it; the oneiromancer's dream-self takes on an appearance and initial tole in the dream provided by the dreamer's subconscious (and the Storyteller's feel for what is appropriate). It is not hard to make small changes in the dream (conjuring a small item from nowhere.say), a Wits + Dreamcraft roll at difficulty 6 suffices. Larger changes are very difficult, and the basic theme of the dream sequence is unalterable. Any change which violates it will be at a minimum difficulty of 8 and require multiple successes and will tend to undo itself unless the dreamer pays constant attention to maintaining it. ... Eventually, the dedicated dreamwalker will learn to isolate himself from his subject's dreams. This allows observation of the dream images without being drawn into (possibly quite dangerous) direct participation. A greater degree of control over the dream is also possible now, the dreamwalker banishing or creating nightmares and fantasies. It is possible, for example, to guide a dream to images supporting the selfconfidence and surety of the dreamer, helping him to regain a point of temporary Willpower or to cast horrible terrors that mimic the effect of the Nightmares Flaw. .... Once she has achieved sufficient control over the dream, the next step is to master dream sendings. The oneiromancer can craft a specific, detailed dream sequence and send it off to the target, to be repeated as many times as the caster gains successes on his casting roll. The prudent dreamwalker keeps these to one or two repetitions a night; any more and the subject may grow suspicious. ..... A master of the Dream Realm is a powerful individual; she walks freely in the dreams of others and is capable of melding the dreams of several folk into one (she can bring one person into the dream for each success on the casting roll). Of course, she has no control over the dreamers' actions, and the initial environment will be a mix of their subconscious influences, but careful nudges can send the group into a suitable dream with a bit of effort. ..... The greatest and most legendary power of Oneiromancy is the ability to make the dream real: physical entry into the Dream Realm. One who accomplishes this incredibly difficult feat can walk from dream to dream almost at will and may even be able to bring items (or even living things) out of the dream into the real world for a time. Price of Failure: A botched dreamweaving typically casts the sorcerer into a Nightmare Realm as his own subconscious takes control of the dream. Storytellers are encouraged to reach deep into their bags of tricks. Use the character's fears and memory of past disasters against him. The descriptions of Harrowings in Wraith: The Oblivion can be quite useful in this. Note also that stepping into the dreams of a person who suffers the effects of the Nightmares Flaw can he a disaster all by itself, their dream images are powerful and frequently painful.
numinaPlant ControlNumina Plant Control Level Four Plant Control The psychic joins his mind with that of a single plant. Once the link is established, the psychic's can feed energy into the plant making it do things that are not normal for a plant and perceiving the world around him as if there. During this time, the psychic can perceive whatever happens to the plant, including injury to the which will result in injury to the psychic. Botch Examples Include Catatonic State, your mind takes on the functionally level of the plant. Duration equals one hour per botch. Sun/Moon sway. You need to face in the direction of the moon/sun depending on the plants perference you were trying to talk to. Duration equals one hour per botch.
numinaPlant DominationNumina Plant Empathy Level Five Plant Domination This ability gives the psychic total control of an areas plants. They will do whatever the psychic wishes. The command is limited to things plants can understand. Area of Effect 1 Willpower point expenditure per 10 square feet centered on the caster. Botch Examples Include Catatonic State. Your mind takes on the functionally level of the plant. Duration equals one day per botch. Sun/Moon sway. You need to face in the direction of the moon/sun depending on the plants perference you were trying to talk to. Duration equals day hour per botch. Plant Slave. You become slave to the plants needs. Their needs for water, nutrients, sweet talking to and you are unable to leave that area. Duration equals one day per botch.
numinaPlant EmpathyWhile most psychic abilities affect other humans, some psychics use their talents on plants. The actual method of communication may vary. The plant may communicate with the psychic, though the information they relay will be alien and limited. 1 - Communication. (+action charisma+empathy versus 6) 2 - Growth. (+willpower +action charisma+ empathy versus 7) 3 - Mass Growth (+action charisma+ empathy versus 8) 4 - Plant Control (+willpower +action charisma+empathy vs 8 ) 5 - Plant Domination (+action Charisma+empathy vs 9) Rate of Growth Table to be included
numinaPower GestaltNumina Synergy Level 5 Power Gestalt: Not only may the group use multiple powers at once, they can combine powers. Each member combines powers as before, but they can now combine two or more powers into a single, shared power. For example, a clairvoyant and telepath could conjoin their powers, allowing them to view a person by clairvoyance and read the subject's mind at the same time.
numinaPrecognitionThis numina is currently NPC only at this time.
numinaPsychic EmpathyLike Telepathy, this is the put together version of Empathy intended for Dark Metal, because the book is much more vague on this power and suggests a few different ways to apply it (dividing it into sensing, control, etc.), for here it would be used this way: In its simplest form, Psychic Empathy is the ability to read the emotions, sensations and feelings of another person. In application, it is used in the same manner as its counter - Telepathy. ( A roll of Perception + Empathy. The difficulty typically equals the subject's Willpower, and Mind Shields make it more difficult to sense or manipulate emotions, offering defenses standard to any mental manipulation. A victim can spend a point of Willpower to resist basic empathic compulsions.) * Feeling: At this level, the Empath can sense the strongest feeling of the subject, or strongest instinctive urge going on, or read the most common emotional trend in a "room" of many people. For example, walking into a party the Empath is going to know without looking if the party is going well or not, or if it is a somber affair or casual to do. Likewise, if directed at a specific subject the Empath will know the target is hungry, or is worried. Also, at this level, the Empath can send out a faint ping of *simple* emotion, like a tap of joy, a jab of caution, or the like. It if takes more than one word to describe the emotion being sent out, it's too complex for this level of the power. ** Mood: At this level, the Empath can sense the mood of the subject, more than just a one word signifier. If the above example subject is hungry, but also sad, with this level the Empath will clue into that. If the subject is scared and angry, the Empath knows there is more going on than just a case of nerves. At this level the Empath can project a complex single emotion - Rage at Men, Desire for Cake, Fear of Machines. The impulse only lasts a moment but can have interesting results, or put across a meaning when speaking with someone who does not share a language in common with you. *** Passion: At this level, the Empath can read the complex emotional factors going on with the subject, not just those immediately felt but those that have been an important influence recently or mild influence over a period of time. The Empath might pick up on an obsession for McDonalds food, lingering bittersweet feelings for a love lost; linger anger from a meeting earlier that day with an employer, or a lifetime's subconscious frustration held in the heart of an English teacher whose students graduate without being literate. The ability to read a room grows stronger at this level as well, the empathy can not only read the room but sense the direction of emotional flow as well, and so if one person is the source of the mood the Empath picks them out immediately, even without other signifiers. An example might be, while a speaker is on stage giving a seminar, the fact that Brad Pitt is in the audience is the actual source of the titillation of the people present. Finally, at this level the empathy can send *false sensory* information to the subject of a simple nature such as maggots crawling in cup of yogurt, the sound of a lover calling out another's name in passion, the smell of rotting food. Keep in mind that this sensory information is just a flash, like a frame of subliminal advertising hidden within a movie reel. **** Demeanor: At this level the Empath can read the Demeanor of the subject plain as day - the Empath knows exactly what mask the subject is putting to the world and that it is a mask (or in the rare case where Nature and Demeanor are the same, that it seems it may not *be* a mask at all). At first glance this may not seem so impressive, but considering the key it gives to understand the subject and use their own mask to guide them around, it can be a potent ability. In addition to this powerful tool of insight, the Empath can sense the "mood" level of information in a crowd or group within a space like a conference room and the "feeling" level of information for a much larger crowd like at a baseball game. Caution, this much input, most of it conflicting, can easily drive the empathy straight to the Thorizine drip, just because you can do something does not mean it's wise to do so. At this level the Empath can project longer and more complex sensory illusions, completely fanciful or editing what the eyes should see. Keep in mind that only one sense is fooled - a long feeling of something crawling across the skin, or the empath can send snap shots as above but to all senses - the image flash, the smell, the sound all at once. At this level, the Empath could also be able to pick out the subjects specific Psychological and even Mental Flaws. ***** Nature: At this level the Empath can penetrate the deepest emotional layers of the subject, realizing truths about them and their emotional connections that they may not even know themselves. First of all, the Empath can determine the True Nature of the subject, even if they spend laborious effort to keep this a secret or are unaware of same consciously. The Empath can read the nature and strength of emotional contacts between the subject and others present, even if they are unknown between both parties - such as an ally who loves the subject and vice-versa but neither of them has faced this truth. The Empath can pick out social flaw as well as the previous types mentioned if it makes sense - "He carries a sense of a person hated by his parents", "She has an problem with authority of the sort carried by criminals, probably has a record". Such insights are left to the Storyteller's discretion, but as emotions shape events, events likewise shape emotions and they leave fingerprints for the truly sensitive to read. At this level the ability to read a crowd increases as well, pinpointing not just the dynamic anchor of a social setting but the other secondary influences that might otherwise be noticed. An example might be a love triangle between three people in a crowd of twenty becomes apparent because of the flow of emotion between them. At this level the Empath can send sensory illusions of duration and multiple sensory input, completely disassociating the subject's senses from what is actually occurring. Also, at this level the Empath can implant emotional memories triggered by sensory memory; mutate the subject's emotional state (turning Love to Hate for example but not Love to apathy), or create Pavlovian triggers in the subject or forge unrelated emotional states to specific subjects to create obsession or revulsion for same.
numinaPsychic HealingPsychic healers are a rare breed, even among the gifted. The ability to head is both a blessing and a curse as, once her powers are learned, people will hunt her down searching for the miraculous cure to everything from a cold to a terminal disease.
numinaPsychic HypnosisMany hypnotists promise results. Some even produce them. Psychics with hypnotic powers dwarf the abilities of the best carnival hucksters. Though their abilities lack the speed of a vampire's mental commands or the effects of the Mind Sphere, hypnotic psychics achieve many of the same results, with enough time and effort. Roll: Manipulation + Expression . Trance State (+action Manipulation + Expression vs 6) .. Sideshow Suggestion (+action Manipulation + Expression vs (refer dif table) ) ... Delayed Action (+action Manipulation + Expression vs (ref dif table) ) .... Fast Trance (+action Manipulation + Expression vs victims willpower and requires expenditure of 1 willpower ) ..... Manchurian Candidate (+action Manipulation + Expression vs (ref dif table) and requires expenditure of 2 willpower )
numinaPsychic InvisibilityPsychic Invisibility could be considered a form of mass hypnosis. The psychic broadcasts to everyone nearby the simple subconscious command "don't notice me." This effect does not apply to electronic or other recording media, though people in the area but observing through electronic means (like a TV cameraman looking through the viewfinder of the camera or someone wearing night-vision goggles) will not see the invisible psychic. This is not true invisibility. If an invisible psychic stands in front of something, people in the area will not be able to see what is behind the psychic. Those who expect to see something in a specific area but discover that they can't might start to notice that something is wrong - or their minds may give up completely and change their attention to a different subject! Animals, whose minds work on a different level than humans, are unaffected by the invisibility effect unless the character also has Animal Psychics. Beings with heightened perceptions actively searching for the psychic may attempt a contested roll to perceive the psychic with their talents. Typically, the player's roll for this talent determines the strength of the concealment. With only one success, the character is still noticeable but people tend to avert their eyes or have trouble focusing on him. With three or more successes, the psychic is completely unnoticed by most onlookers. Note that Mind Shields do protect against this very specific form of mental control.
numinaPsychic SenseNumina Synergy Level 1 Psychic Sense: The psychic has the ability to sense other psychics. This sense triggers automatically when the psychic touches another psychic, or she can concentrate and use it to sense other psychics in her line of sight. Roll Perception + Awareness (difficulty 6). With more than 3 successes, the psychic also has a sense of the strength of the psychic and the natural of his powers. This does not detect mages with the Mind Sphere or other supernatural creatures who possess mental powers.
numinaPsychic VampirismMost psychic talents are tools. They can be used for the benefit of others or to harm, depending on the moral character of the psychic. Psychic vampirism is the exception to the rule. Whether the talent shapes the psychic or the psychic shapes the talent is the subject of many a late-night discussion among the gifted, but psychic vampirism tends to bring out the worst in people. In addition to the debilitating effects it has on the target, it produces a euphoria in the psychic, a mental rush that nothing else compares to. The psychic literally drains away emotion from his victims, or in some cases, actual living energies, converting them into energy for himself. The psychic vampire often becomes addicted to the sensation- feeling a rush from the draw and desiring the extra energy, vibrance, and emotion granted.
numinaPsychokinesisPsychokinesis (aka telekinesis) is a powerful and potent psychic ability where the psychic can move things without touching them, possibly to a fatal end to those who attack or anger them.
numinaPsychometryPsychometry is the ability to pick up psychic residue left on objects, places, and people. Things exposed to strong emotional signatures hold flashes of information that a psychometric can 'read' by touch. When using psychometry, the player's successes indicate the level of detail achieved. On a botch, a psychic may become lost in a dream like reverie or even become overwhelmed, suffering injury or temporarily losing her personality.
numinaPsychoportationPsychoportation is the ability to teleport oneself and one's immediate possessions over short distances without physically crossing the intervening space. The psychic simply "disappears" from one place and "reappears" in another. Whether the psychic disassembles and reassembles, warps space, travels astrally or finds some other form of motion, nobody knows - but here one moment, gone the next, the psychic can often leap without a care for the laws of physics. The teleporter can carry himself and a small amount of personal possessions. No psychic has yet been able to jump with more than about 100 pounds of carried material - those trying to carry more tend to suffer some sort of psychic feedback (as a general rule, inflict six levels of bashing damage and go from there). A botch during teleportation means that the psychic has landed inside a solid object. This does 8 dice of aggravated damage to the psychic and the object he accidentally teleported into. Alternately, the psychic may poof away into a more dangerous location, somewhere completely unknown or even without his clothes! Psychoportation does not affect velocity- psychoporting while moving means that the psychic is going to keep moving into a wall, or, at best, skid to a stop. Psychoportation occurs instantly- there is no "in between" time to change position.
numinaPyrokinesisPyrokinesis is the ability to start fires with one's mind. The talent may well be an extension of psychokinesis - some ability to finely accelerate huge masses of molecules - or perhaps some sort of energy-transfer power. The pyrokinetic simply concentrates, and the temperature goes up... and up... and up... until the object melts or bursts into flames. Pyrokinetics are not immune to their own flames and burn as easily as anyone else. Botches with Pyrokinesis tend to be singularly spectacular, as the psychic self-immolates or sends flame shooting wildly about. Roll Manipulation + Meditation . Matches (+action dexterity + athletics vs 6) .. Ignite (+action Manipulation + Meditation vs (diff from table)) ... Fireworks (+action Manipulation + Meditation vs 8) .... Pyrotechnics (+action Manipulation + Meditation (diff from table) ) ..... Inferno (action Manipulation + Meditation vs 8)
numinaPyrotechnicsNumina Pyrokinesis Level 4 Pyrotechnics At this level, the pyrokinetic can not only generate fire, but can control the path and shape of the fire. The difficulty depends on the size of the flame 4 for a torch 6 for a bonfire, 8 for an inferno Modified by the complexity of the action attempted 0 to shift the direction + 1 to create gaps in the fire or to spread an existing fire +3 to diminish the flames Roll Manipulation + Meditation. This can also be used to create shapes in the flames difficulty 5 for simple forms up to 9 for very complex shapes).
numinaShadowsWith mastery of this Path, the shadows become your tools,the darkness your ally, and the night your friend. Despite the accusations of those who claim that the Path is, if not actively infernal, at least tinged with an ineffable darkness that can corrupt the unwary, the Path of Shadows is no more inherently evil than most other Paths. Whatever evil a sorcerer finds on the Path of Shadows, he brought himself. A shadowcaster learns to manipulate and conjure shadowstuff- at first, mere simple shade but, with experience, near-tangible blackness or total nightfall. Color and light are absorbed and extinguished by these shadows, which dance and caper at the sorcerer's beck and call. Needless to say, such displays can be quite unnerving; even a novice sorcerer can conjure effects that will frighten the wits out of most normal humans.
numinaShapeshiftingWhile the World of Darkness is indeed home to some shapeshifting monsters, a few sorcerers learn to alter their bodies through magical practice rather than inborn heritage. Perhaps it's a spoken word that calls to the primal animal within or the intervention of an animal-spirit or even a little judicious genetic engineering. This Path is very elemental, often calling upon instinctive knowledge, and many sorcerers have lost their personalities to the beast-side conjured up. Others lose their identity in malleability. For a few, shapeshifting is less an art than a natural talent, but one unchanneled by the callings of the true Changing Breeds. It seems that Shapeshifting comes in as many forms as its practitioners.
numinaShapeshiftingShapeshifting (No Rituals) While the World of Darkness is indeed home to some shapeshifting monsters, a few sorcerers learn to alter their bodies through magical practice rather than inborn heritage. Perhaps it's a spoken word that calls to the primal animal within or the intervention of an animal-spirit or even a little judicious genetic engineering. This Path is very elemental, often calling upon instinctive knowledge, and many sorcerers have lost their personalities to the beast-side conjured up. Others lose their identity in malleability. For a few, shapeshifting is less an art than a natural talent, but one unchanneled by the callings of the true Changing Breeds. It seems that Shapeshifting comes in as many forms as its practitioners. System Roll: Stamina + Animal Ken (mythic sorcery) Intelligence + Science (extraordinary science) Cost: One Willpower per use Modifiers: None Duration: One scene ASPECTS Shift Scale 84 SORCERER • • • • • • • ••• • •••• • •••• • A minor cosmetic change: The sorcerer can change eye colors, grow hair, etc. Noticeable change: The sorcerer grows small claws, sprouts scales on the hands or the like. Significant change: The sorcerer replaces some body part with an animal feature - a full clawed paw, a nasty shark jaw or an externalized digestive system. Half-shift: The sorcerer can shift half of his body into another form or find some halfway point between human and animal with significant traits of each. The sorcerer might resemble a bipedal wolf (of size somewhere between human and wolf) or could have bird wings and a beak with human legs. Full shifting: The sorcerer can change completely into animal forms. Mythic shifting: Not only can the sorcerer take on animal forms, he may turn into forms that he only imagines. • •••• • ••• • •••• • •••• • The sorcerer can only affect himself. The sorcerer can affect a different subject instead of himself. The sorcerer can affect two subjects at once. The sorcerer can affect up to three subjects at a time. •-••• •••• • • • • • ••••• • The sorcerer can only affect himself and must take only one animal feature. The sorcerer can make two unrelated shifts: having a wolf claw and a raven's head or changing himself to have fangs and an opponent to have whiskers. The sorcerer can make three unrelated shifts. The sorcerer can freely mix and match shifting traits. Price of Failure Shapeshifters have a tendency to lose control over their shifting processes; a sorcerer who botches might trap himself in an animal's body or accidentally give an enemy useful advantages. The sorcerer could replace his mental acuity with animal instincts, or his body might start shifting out of control.
numinaShare PowersNumina Synergy Level 4 Share Powers: The psychic gestalt now allows the group mind to use multiple powers at once. Each member of the group can donate any two of the following to the effects: A power, an Attribute and Ability. Each member of the group can spend one point of Willpower for an extra success, though they can only spend one point of Willpower a round. Example: Andrew (from the previous example, who also has Meditation 4) is traveling with Michael (who has Meditation 3 and Mind Shields 4) and Mira (who has Psychokinesis 3 and Wits 4). They are attacked by a vampire who attempts to entrance the group. Andrew forms the gestalt. Michael donates his Mind Shields to the group. Mira donates her Psychokinesis ability and her Wits. Andrew adds his Meditation to the group. Now all of them have the Mind Shields of 4 protecting them and can resist the vampire with a Wits + Meditation pool of 8 dice.
numinaShare WillNumina Synergy Level 2 Share Will: At this level, the psychic can form basic psychic links. By acting together, a group can use any psychic power of any participant. The player with the Synergy psychic character rolls the other psychic ability as normal. However, the other members of the gestalt can each spend a point of their Willpower to boost the effectiveness of the talent. The gestalt can only generate one shared effect at a time. If the gestalt is using some sensory power (Telepathy, Clairvoyance, etc.), the entire group receives the results of the power.
numinaSideshow SuggestionNumina Psychic Hypnosis Level 2 Sideshow Suggestion After placing the subject in a deep trance (which takes the usual five turns), the hypnotist may command the subject to perform actions while in the trance state, each command taking a round. In the trance state, the subject will perform any action he would not be opposed to doing. Additionally, the entranced subject has far greater control of his autonomic responses. A hypnotized person could walk on hot coals, require less oxygen to breathe or even ignore wound penalties. The hypnotist could also cause the subject to forget actions that happen while hypnotised, difficulty 8 for controlling pain response. The subject will not come out of the trance until the hypnotist commands.
numinaSoulstealingThis terrifying Phenomenon allows a psychic to invade a victim's subconscious and destroy essential elements of personality. Soulstealing doesn't cause madness; instead, it renders its targets mere shells. Most practitioners are Black Spiral Kin, but, though other werewolves are loath to admit it, a handful of their own disloyal Kinfolk know a level or two of this Numina. Some Shadow Lord Kin learn it to achieve a modicum of power with their tribe. Kin who do know about Soulstealing tend to keep the knowledge to themselves. To attempt Soulstealing, the psychic makes a Willpower roll and spends one Willpower point; the difficulty is her target's Willpower +2 (maximum of 10), and the victim must be in the line of sight. Victims generally don't remember the incident; however, the Storyteller may allow them a Perception + Enigmas roll to notice the Soulstealing in progress. Soulstealers can attempt this Phenomenon once per scene on any living being. They generally shun vampires and wraiths; a few Stargazers whisper dark tales about Soulstealers losing their minds after confronting these undead creatures.
numinaSpirit ChasingWhile this Path's name implies a similarity to Summoning, it has little relation to that variety of Hedge Magic. Spirit Chasing instead creates a bond between a mystic and his chosen plant or animal. Practitioners of this Path believe, as do werewolves, that within every living creature rests a soul, spirit, animus or whatever. Spirit Chasers try to watch and learn from these beings; unlike the learning of Gifts, however, the animus doesn't necessarily enter into any kind of "bargain" with the mystic. Instead, the practitioner studies the spirit, first by making contact with it, then by asking it questions and mimicking its natural abilities that manifest in this world. For example, a Spirit Chaser studying bears would begin by watching bears and observing their movements and patterns of life. He would then engage in some sort of private ritual of his own devising, pleading for a particular bear's spirit to appear; sometimes, this process takes years of work. Next, the mystic would explain to the spirit that he'd like to learn the ways of bears in their natural habitat. The spirit might require proof of the mystic's sincerity. But if it agrees, the Spirit Chaser can learn the rudiments of living like a bear. He could, for example, discover how to survive on raw meat, roots, berries, nuts or insects, even those poisonous to humans. As his understanding progresses, the mystic could also learn how to focus his senses like a bear, hibernate or even grow claws. Spirit Chasers by no means restrict themselves only to mammals or even the animal world. A number of them choose plants for their Spirit Chasing. This Path is unique to every practitioner. To perform the task requires spending one Willpower point and rolling Manipulation + Occult versus a difficulty of the Path level + 4.
numinaSummon Ward BindSummoning, binding and warding are perhaps the most dangerous of spells. All summoning, binding, and warding powers are rituals; the sorcerer must properly prepare and incant to make the effect happen. This Path can affect animals, humans, and technical devices.
numinaSummon Ward Bind 2For ease of use, Summoning and Warding are treated as two COMPLETELY separate powers. Binding is given automatically to players with a Summoning and/or Warding above three.
numinaSynergyOne of the rarest psychic abilities is the talent of psychic Synergy. Two or more psychics combine their abilities, giving the combined psychic gestalt more power than the psychics using their talents individually. The synergist can link together twice as many psychics in a mental metaconcert as he has dots in Synergy. The combined psychics must be touching each other to form the link. Successes on a Synergy roll determine how many additional people may be linked in a psychic task. Botches tend to cause psychic feedback. For example headaches, capillary bursting and the like. Sometimes psychic powers may activate uncontrollably in such situations (imagine a reflexive blast of Pyrokinesis as the psychic's subconscious defends against a botched Synergy!). Roll: Perception + Awareness . Psychic Sense (+action awareness + Perception vs 6 for ranged) .. Share Will ... Group Effect .... Share Powers ..... Power Gestalt
numinaTelepathic Control

Telepathic Control is the power to directly take control of a subject's mind and to force him to perform an action. Telepathic Control also allows the psychic to, more insidiously, falsify the subject's sensory inputs- making them see, hear, touch, taste, or smell things that are not there. Mind Shields offer defense, as one might expect. The subject can spend a willpower point to resist taking an action, or to disbelieve an illusion as long as he has reason to believe the illusion is false (three or more successes on an Awareness roll.)

numinaTelepathic ProjectionTelepathic Projection is the power to send ideas, emotions, or thoughts into another's mind. This doesn't allow the psychic to control the target, per se, but does allow purely mental communication- and the projection of particularly strong emotions can sometimes trigger a reflex reaction, but the reflex can be unpredictable. At its most basic level, Telepathic Projection is the ability of a psychic to speak with a "mental voice" in the mind of a target. Mind Shields offer defense, as one might expect. Strong emotions can cause the target to take a reflexive action, but this action is determined ultimately by the ST with input from the target- what the psychic intends doesn't really matter much, only the method he chooses. Spending a willpower point, however, is generally sufficient to resist the reflexive action.
numinaTelepathic Sensing

Telepathic Sensing is the ability to read minds. The telepath must be able to sense the target to read the target's mind (physical line of sight). The power is rarely so simple as reading text from a book, though- rather, a telepath senses impressions and, with experience, learns to pick out subtexts, streams of consciousness, motives, and eventually the sort of inner monologue or impulse that often drives a subject.

numinaTelepathySee 'telepathic_control' 'telepathic_projection' and 'telepathic_sensing'
numinaTrance StateNumina Psychic Hypnosis Level 1 Trance State The hypnotist can place a willing subject into a hypnotic trance. While in the trance, the subject's memories become clearer. He may also exhibit greater control of his physiology. Though the hypnotist cannot command the subject, the person in the trance automatically becomes relaxed and restful. He may (at the Storyteller's discretion) regain one point ofWillpower for every two successes the hypnotist achieves. The psychic may, if she chooses, hypnotize herself. Roll against difficulty 6 in either case. Placing the subject in a trance takes five turns. The subject will come out of the trance if shaken or disturbed.
numinaWeather-ControlWeather witches have always been among the most revered and feared members of the sorcerer community. Changes in the weather are usually measured in hours or days; you can speed these processes up, but you cannot summon tidal waves out of nothing or storms from clear skies. Even simple changes can leave the sorcerer drained whilst major workings can be the death of the caster.

Utility stat. Character's current experience point total.


Nickname: Dervishes

Basic Beliefs: This Path is practiced almost exclusively by the diablerist assassins of Clan Assamite, although only vampires who demonstrate true loyalty to the clan learn its harsh code. The founding principle of this Path explains that the children of Caine (or Khayyin, as the Assamites refer to him) are wicked failures, fit primarily to bring the brood of Haqim (the Asamites' name for their own clan founder) closer to "the One," a state of mystical transcendence. Haqim instructs his childer to a state of mystical transcendence. Haqim instructs his childer to salvage or strike down Khayyin's other childer, drinking their blood in an effort to destroy the taint they inflict on the world.

 Assamites on this Path follow two basic precepts. First and foremost, the clan seeks to convince other Kindred of their flawed, cursed nature, and thus convert them to the service of those on the Path. Kindred as a whole are a blight upon the earth, and only by upholding Haqim's righteous code can they redeem themselves. Should vampires resist attempts at conversion, the Assamites kill and diablerize them, using the blood of the victims to lower their generations and thus return to Haqim's bounty. Although they are not inherently psychotic murderers, Assamites on the Path of Blood place little value on the unlives of other Kindred, and must have good reason not to slay most vampires with whom they come in contact. Vampires on this Path pose serious threats to other Kindred around them, and do not frequently associate with non-Assamite Kindred. Blood is blood, however, and Assamites are not so fatuous as to disregard the value of the vast web of Kindred society. Thus, many Assamites offer their martial expertise as murderers and bodyguards in return for payments of vitae-provided that they may harvest blood from those whom they bring down in combat.

 Few young Assamites follow this Path or even know of its existence - Clan Assamite conspires to keep its beliefs secret from most other Kindred of the world. Hundreds of years ago, the Assamites' bloodthirsty ways united all other Children of Caine against them, and they are loath to face the concerted opposition of Khayyin's bastard brood again. As such, only the most accomplished and able Assamites learn this Path's tenets; young Assamites who face dire odds may jeopardize the clan's nominally convert vitae crusade.


 The Assamites practiced an early version of this Path for hundreds of years before the formations of the Camarilla and Sabbat. Their bloodlust led them into open conflict with powerful elder Kindred, who desperately sought to stifle the marauding diablerists. The Assamites found themselves in the same situation as the anarchs during the time of the Anarch Revolt, and the Camarilla levied a curse on the clan, making it impossible for the Assamites to consume Kindred vitae. For centuries, the clan followed a debased version of the Path, crippled by its members' inability to commit diablerie directly. Since breaking the blood curse, the Assamites have renewed their support of the old Path, and pursue diablerie with deadly vengeance. Current Practices The fatal nature of this Path with regard to other Kindred stands behind much of the fear and mistrust of Clan Assamite. Predominantly practiced by proven ancillae and elders of the clan, the Path of Blood leads these beings into direct conflict with non-Assamite vampires. Kindred on the Path of Blood gracefully attempt to convince other kindred of their "one true way," so a few individuals from other clans also support this Path. Practitioners of little understanding seek merely to follow the teachings of Haqim, doing so with little question. However, those of greater wisdom seek to explore just what "becoming One" entails. By taking the cursed blood of the antediluvians and their spawn, the followers of the Path hope to concentrate the curse of Khayyin in the hands of those who will use it responsibly. In such a way, according to Path doctrine, can the great endgame of Gehenna be averted. Accordingly, Assamite Ancients practice rigorous purity and meditation, and rumors of a Golconda-like state among these beings have recently trickled into the larger Kindred community.

Description of Followers

 Study, diablerie, proselytizing and selective strikes against the rests of the Kindred world occupy the nights of Kindred on this Path, for it is a course of righteous justice - at least to the minds of Assamites. Fanatical in their quest, the Assasins bring Final Death to those who would make the difference between growing closer to Khayyin and not. Even those of higher generation fall prey to the Kindred on this Path, for it is rumored that certain followers of the Path may preserve a victim's essence in his vitae, then send the blood back to the Asssamite stronghold at Alamut to aid other members of the clan. Mostly, however, Assamites seek to convert those of high generation, as they are farther removed from their progenitors and, thus, the taint of evil.

Following the Path

 This Path espouses liberal practice of diablerie, and followers should pursue that end should other recourse fail. More enlightened Kindred on the Path of Blood also seek to uncover lore and knowledge that may lead them to foes possessed of ancient and powerful blood. As such, vampires who follow the Path of Blood are not mindless monsters gorging on Kindred vitae, but would-be saviors of the entire world. All Kindred on the Path of Blood strive to attain "Oneness" with the mythical Haqim, though few who have reached this lofty goal deign to explain its nature. Most Dervishes believe that Oneness resembles Golconda, or another state wherein vampires can cast off their curse and revel in their Cainite natures.

Common Abilities: Combat and occult Abilities aid followers in their pursuit of the Path's principles. Brawl, Melee, Dodge, Intimidation and Occult are among the Abilities prized by Path of Blood supporters.

Preferred Disciplines: This Path lends itself to the refinement of Quietus, Obfuscate and Celerity. Some followers cultivate the knowledge of Thaumaturgy to aid them in their bloody quests.


Nickname: Gravediggers
Basic Beliefs: The Path of the Bones, it is believed, grew out of a warped code upheld by the morbid vampires who sired the Giovanni. Human, Kindred or otherwise, every being sooner or later ends up in death's arms. The most ardent followers of this Path espouse "giving oneself over to the comprehension of life's inevitable end." Vampires who follow this Path seek the knowledge of precisely what death is: ls it simply the end of life? The transition of the soul to what lies after life? Is it the end of the soul's desire to be? These questions haunt the followers of the Path of Bones each night.

 Many vampires believe that the Path of the Bones is a degenerate Path that encourages followers to participate in all manner of murder and deviance. Those who uphold the Path and those who are familiar with it, however, know that it involves itself with a pursuit of life's and unlife's meaning. Followers of the Path seek to understand death's nature and purpose, and thus the roles individuals play in the greater scheme of the world. Mortality is inevitable, except for vampires, who have somehow managed to cheat the cycle.

 Kindred nature, however, is generally outside the avenue this Path explores. It is truly a scholar's code, as the Kindred who follow it forsake even their own comfort to advance their understanding of mortality's mysteries. These Kindred are not necessarily cruel — they merely value comprehension more than human life.

 At its simplest, the Path of the Bones seeks to define not only what death is, but also its meaning to those who have escaped it. It is a Path of knowledge and power, and many who support it learn to wield great influence over the living and dead alike. Many among the Path become quite erudite in the ways of ghosts, but even these odd beings fail to answer many of the Gravediggers' questions — what, for example, happens to a ghost that resolves its psychic struggle or discorporates into the void?


 This Path grew out of a moral code upheld the vampires whom the Giovanni destroyed in their bid for greater power. A select few Giovanni saw more than a means to an end in their practice of Necromancy, and upheld the rituals and studies of their forebears. Although the Path is not widely practiced among the clan, followers of its precepts pioneered most of the Giovanni's advances in Necromancy.

Current Practices

 Elder memhers of Clan Giovanni follow this Path, as do those with a sincere interest in improving their necromantic knowledge for a purpose other than temporal power. Giovanni who uphold the Path of the Bones rarely deal with mortals, as their grim inquisitiveness often proves fatal for mortals with whom they come in contact.

Description of Followers

  Vampires on this Path are genuinely curious, wishing to leam exactly what purpose individuals serve. Thanatology is more a science than a philosophy to Kindred on the Path of the Bones. This Path is quite introspective, and greedy Giovanni rarely follow it, preferring the more materially comfortable outlook of Humanity. Grave-diggers support the Giovanni family primarily through the knowledge they bring it, rather than through advancing the political aims of the clan.

Following the Path

 Vampires who subscribe to the tenets of the Path of the Bones should be detached yet inquisitive. Although they are not cavalier about death, Gravediggers seldom aid one about to slough off the mortal coil, preferring to watch and learn. Less fatalistic vampires may take issue with this, and the Kindred on this Path will not act against them should they seek to aid the dying individual. Obviously, their time has not yet come, though were their benefactor absent....

Common Abilities: Kindred on this Path naturally specialize in those profiencies that advance their macabre research. Knowledges are favored, particularly in the realms of Medicine, Occult and Science.

Preferred Disciplines: Followers of this Path obviously favor Nccromancy, and also refine their aptitude with Auspex. As well, certain elders of the Path are rumored to have developed unique mystic arts related to the study of death.


Nickname: Noddists

Basic Beliefs: Scholars of nights long past, in seeking keys to the nature of vampiric existence, pursued fragments of knowledge from the Book of Nod. Drawing upon the history from that book as well as other esoteric sources, Cainite scholars concluded that only Caine, as the first vampire, is the paragon of vampiric nature. The Noddists seek to become more like Caine, in order to discover the limits and powers of the undead form. By learning from Caine's example, the Noddists claim, one can understand the true nature of vampirism and how vampiric existence differs from one's mortal life.

 Noddists seek knowledge and history, recording the experiences of Caine, so that they may learn from his example. To the Noddists, Caine's life reveals the mystery of the vampiric curse; by understanding the undead form, they transcend their mortal weaknesses. They prize any knowledge about the vampiric condition, but the writings and stories of the First Vampire form the core of Noddist lore. As Caine was marked and cast out from mortal society, the Noddists believe that he exemplifies most keenly the differences between vampires and humans. Therefore, this path's adherents cast aside their humanity as inadequate and useless, emulating Caine's exile and seeking new rules to govern their predatory drives.

 The heart of the Path of Caine lies in the exemplification of vampiric nature: The questions of existence, the limits of the vampiric form and the changes wrought by the Embrace all drive the Noddists into endless speculation, debate, study and research. Scholarship and historical insight are valuable, but the vampire must simultaneously develop spiritually and physically, to explore the limits of his undead form. Diablerie serves as more than a simple theft of power; it allows the practitioner to learn from the experience of other undead, thereby developing greater understanding. Other vampires lose themselves in attempts to save lost humanity or find meaning in obscure philosophy. The Path of Caine, instead, finds meaning in the fundamentals of vampirism.

 The Path of Caine is demanding and rigorous; few vampires follow its tenets in the modern nights. This path places a high emphasis on scholarship, insight and personal discipline. With the eternal patience attributed to Caine, say the followers of the path, comes the opportunity to slowly refine oneself.


 The Path of Caine developed in the early 16th century as vampires sought new insights into personal enlightenment during the Renaissance. Many vampires felt the need for a system of self-improvement that circumvented the limitations of humanistic beliefs, as human morality conflicted with vampiric nature. This path gained a great following over the next 200 years, as many vampires viewed Caine as an ideal figure. Following the Enlightenment, this path began to decline in favor of newer paths. Few vampires maintained the discipline and studiousness necessary to uphold this path, so it dwindled to a small but respected following. The remaining Noddists maintained a respected place in the Sabbat and continued to recruit from the most intellectual and insightful prospects. As the modern Sabbat selects more fledglings based on their individual potential and achievement, this path has experienced an influx of new followers.

Current Practices

 This path appeals to some of the most introspective and reflective of vampires; indeed, all Sabbat subscribe to parts of the theory (if not the practice) of this path. Followers focus on personal growth, but also lead crusades and War Parties to garner hidden knowledge and powerful elder vitae. Additionally, many of this path's students often oversee and participate in rituals and plays celebrating the history of vampirism. Noddists are loath to Embrace randomly during war instead of choosing recruits from promising mortals carefully. Recently, many Noddists have schewed scholarship in favor of traveling with nomadic packs, experiencing the world and emulating Caine's wanderings. Many of these "adventurous" Noddists travel the globe to chase bits of information and experience vampiric existence in a variety of locations.

Description of Followers

 Noddists are often reserved and educated with a strong knowledge of history and a drive for self-awareness. Followers of the path are not inquisitive in the sense of seeking deductive answers to problems; rather, they study traditions and historical events in hopes of finding solutions for their questions. Cainites who espouse this path often display a great deal of self-mastery. Additionally, Noddists tend to engage in debate with other vampires, to discern how other Cainites experience the Curse. The Assamite antitribu, Serpents of the Light, Toreador antitribu and Ventrue antitribu who make up the majority of followers tend to assume positions of spiritual authority in the Sabbat, as pack priests or bishops. Many other Cainites find followers of this path haughty and vain.

Following the Path

 Sons and Daughters of Caine should always seek information regarding the vampiric condition, through experience, personal growth and the pursuit of occult lore. Diablerie, development of Disciplines and improvement of self-mastery are all valid means of refining the vampiric form. Noddists rarely engage in Sabbat politics, choosing instead to drive packs to acquire new information and new experiences. They also serve as priests who lead vampires to seek awareness - and development - of their undead condition. Those on this path lead by example, embracing their monstrous natures and striving to attune themselves to their differences from humans, then helping other vampires do the same. Noddists do not hesitate to share their insights, so that all vampires have the opportunity to become closer to Caine; conversely, however, they hoard dangerous secrets to prevent misuse.

Common Abilities: Vampires who adhere to the Path of Caine are studious and philosophical. Followers primarily favor Knowledges - especially Occult and various Lores - but Noddists are expected to be capable of developing the vampiric form to its greatest potential, so Survival, Melee and Athletics are encouraged. Additionally, those who would engage in debate prefer Expression, Subterfuge and Leadership.

Preferred Disciplines: Followers of the Path of Caine prefer those Disciplines considered "natural" to vampires, such as Auspex and Presence. Disciplines that augment the physical form - Celerity, Fortitude, and Potence - are particularly valuable. Some Noddists dislike the use of Disciplines that are not expressly noted in the Book of Nod, such as Thaumaturgy and Serpentis, claiming that these Disciplines do not conform to Caine's development. Other followers of the Path claim that such Disciplines represent a heightened mastery of the vampiric condition. Most Cainites of this path conform to the Disciplines listed by Caine in the early fragments of the Book of Nod, simply by way of example.


Nickname: Albigensians

Basic Beliefs: The Path of Cathari sprang from the Catharist heresy of the Middle Ages. A dualistic philosophy, Cathar doctrine holds that the world was created in equal parts by a good ("light") creator responsible for virtue and spirit, and an evil ("dark") creator who acted as the counterpoint, fashioning the material world and its vices. The original Cathars believed the soul to be the root of all that is pure in humanity, while the material body was a shell in the corrupt physical world. Cathars pointed to the noble aspects of the spirit — compassion, sacrifice, honesty and the like — as proof that the only true good lay in the ephemeral. The material world, with its suffering and misery, bore obvious flaws and imperfections. After much persecution, this dualistic doctrine vanished from the mortal world. crushed by papal declarations of heresy. Over the years, the vampires who favored tenets of the philosophy adopted it as their own.

 According to the vampires who follow this path. the undead are minions of the evil creator, given eternal existence to tempt others with the lures of the material world. Followers of the path believe that they fulfill a destiny as creatures tied to the physical world through vampiric immortality. Because vampires have been denied the spiritual realms of death, the Albigensians reason that they must serve the vices of the physical realm. Therefore, they seek to spread evil and corruption, seeing iniquity as their natural state.

 The Albigensians have perfected a code of evils in which to indulge, however. Theirs is not a path of pointless amorality. Taking the beliefs of the original Cathar priests and twisting them, these vampires deliberately search for means of spreading evil. They pursue sins of greed, lust, pride and the like avidly. Sabbat Cathars seek material wealth and comforts, and they encourage others to do the same. A vampire can serve his proper purpose only by embracing the flaws inherent to his form and to the world, accepting his duties as a purveyor of others’ vices. Followers of the Path of Cathari thus ironically find spirituality in depravity.


 The Path of Cathari grew out of the aftermath of the Albigensian Crusade in the 13th century. The Manicheanist heliefs in dualism influenced some members of the Church, leading to a 30 year war that many believe led to the creation of the mortal lnquisition. After Albigensian vampires resurfaced following the Crusade, they developed this moral system out of the logical consequences of their philosophy, seeing vampires as tied to the mortal world and therefore purveyors of evil, while the spirits of humans possessed the only potential for good. Soon, many vampires took it upon themselves to fulfill their "duty" as providers of the mortal world's corruption. Over the intervening years, the path changed to include broader philosophies and less formal religious overtones, eventually gaining acceptance in the Sabbat during the formation of the sect. The path weathered the internal struggles of the sect and continued to prove adaptable, keeping the core belief of vampires as traffickers in the vices of the material world. Quite a few Sahbat still find purpose in the business of pleasure — and damnation.

Current Practices

 The Albigensians lead others to temptation, despoiling the purity of the spirit. Neonates and elders alike can be found among the Albigensians. Many practitioners see the fast-paced, decaying modern world as a sign of success for the forces of the evil creator, and they seek out ever more challenging converts among mortals and vampires alike.

Description of Followers

Albigensians are hedonistic and impulsive, but they believe that they serve a purpose. The followers of this path are not lazy; rather, they undertake their duties with fanatical abandon. Each Albigensian considers it his duty to embody the vices of the material world and to share those comforts and pleasures with others. Among the Sabbat, the Cathari encourage others to explore their monstrous natures and to spread this hedonism among mortals.

Following the Path

 Cathari are usually quite passionate, devoted to vulgarity and pleasure. They see the mortal world as a vast playground, wherein they may satiate their base urges and encourage others to do likewise. Believing themselves to be agents of immorality, the followers of this path are often highly social, befriending and using others to serve their own purposes of spreading debauchery.

Common Abilities: Followers of the Path of Cathari indulge freely in vices and materialism, and they seek to spread these excesses. Thus, Social Abilities like Subterfuge and Streetwise are most useful. Some Albigensians also use Finance and Bureaucracy to make money, so as to make their unlives more comfortable. A few of the more studious followers of the path indulge in Occult knowledge and Academics in order to study the roots of the path.

Preferred Disciplines: Albigensians prefer Disciplines that allow them to fulfill their grim purpose. Dominate and Presence are most valued for the ability to coerce mortals into cooperation. They regard the Discipline of Animalism highly as well, due to its reflection in the powers of Scripture, from which the followers of this path take some of their beliefs.

pathDeath and the Soul

Nickname: Necromonists

Basic Beliefs: As spirits trapped in undying corpses. vampires are creatures caught on the cusp of the physical world and the next plane. Necronomists study the process of death and its logical antecedent — the fate of the soul. While humans are vibrant expressions of the spirit, vampires are caught between life and true death: corpses with an animate form, with supernatural powers and inhuman needs. To understand the purpose of experience, the Necronomists believe, one must develop a comprehension of the soul and its nature, as well as the means by which the soul interacts with the body — especially the means by which the soul is freed from its mortal coil, the passage into death.

 By turning their attention toward the pursuit of knowledge, Necronomists deny their unliving Beasts and instead seek enlightenment. As the only eternal constant of existence, the soul contains the key to all life and unlife. Necronomists seek to understand the journeys of the soul and its many attendant forms. Since the soul is eternal, the adherents of this path argue, it must contain the most basic elements of being. From these basic truths, the students of this path hope to extrapolate the reasons for material existence and vampirism. Understanding the universe's mysteries is the most fundamental function of the soul, they claim; conscious awareness is the universe's way of exploring itself, and the followers of this path therefore study the soul, from which self-awareness springs.

 Necronomists espouse the view that the heart is the physical seat of the soul and that all power stems from the soul. Thus, the vampiric susceptibility to stakes through the heart stems from the mystical severance of the body and soul by wood, an element at once organic yet unyielding. Similarly, blood, which flows outward from the point of the soul, is the conduit of life and spiritual power; though their unliving bodies cannot produce blood, vampires can draw upon the inherent strength of the blood and merge it with the spiritual abilities of their trapped souls.


 The Path of Death and the Soul is the first of the recognized paths of the Sabbat. Formed by Tzimisce who built on the practices of ancient vampire death-scholars, the path provided an alternate means of viewing existence, one in which conventional morality (as it relates to this path) was simply a construct of lesser souls. Combined with the surge of philosophical thought during the Enlightenment, the path's tenets spread to many spiritual and rational vampires. In the modern night, the path has a small but dedicated following among the Sabbat and even a few other vampires.

Current Practices

 Practitioners of the Path of Death and the Soul engage in elaborate rituals designed to bring the architecture of the soul to the fore. Games of torment and endurance are common, as the Necronomists believe that pain and anger are raw and undiluted expressions of the spirit. Necronomists seek to control themselves even in the throes of fasting or agony, exploring their limits of mental endurance. The study of death also ranks highly on the activities of this path's followers, and elaborate sacrifices of humans and vampires alike are valued for the insight they offer. Necronomists deliberately torture their victims to draw out passion and to inspire a lingering imbalance that prompts the dying victim's soul to remain, tied by its own terror and suffering. The transition from flesh to spirit is ultimately the greatest key to understanding the soul, the Necronomists reason, and they engineer experiments to carefully watch and gleam from that transition.

Description of Followers

 Necronomists tend to be curious, detached and highly intellectual. Although they do not deny their emotions, they analyze even their own reactions extensively, searching for clues to the nature of the soul. Necronomists are intensely spiritual, yet at the same time distant; emotion, reason and faith are all simple tools in the quest for true understanding. Many possessed a morbidly spiritual streak in life, and continue their explorations even in unlife. Followers of this path rarely form friendships or attachments, but they are staunchly loyal to their allies, with little patience for half-measures and vacillation. The Sabbat of this path come primarily from the Harbingets of Skulls, Tzimisce and Malkavian and Toreador antitribu.

Following The Path

 A Necronomist must be open to all forms of intellectual exploration. Emotion clouds proper judgment (and thus is not a means for drawing valid conclusions), but it is a part of self-awareness and as such must he recognized. Followers of this path are focused and determined. There is no room for diffidence or hesitation; unlocking the fundamentals of the soul requires singular dedication. Necronomists must never eschew anything that would lead to greater knowledge of the soul, including death. Advancing one's understanding of the soul is always the first priority: attachment to the material world is attachment to an ephemeral and ultimately flawed existence.

Common Abilities: Obviously, knowledge of death, the afterlife and the fate of the soul is foremost on the minds of this path‘s followers. They take great pride in their Abilities of Occult, Academics, Research and other intellectual pursuits. Necronomists also study how the condition of the physical form affects the spirit, so they develop their Abilities in Medicine.

Preferred Disciplines: Understanding of the spirit world comes with the Disciplines that allow a vampire to sense and interact with the souls of the dead. Thus, Necronomists often study Auspex, Necromancy and Thaumaturgy. Additionally, one's own suffering can yield tremendous insight (instead of the vicarious knowledge gained through others), and many Necronomists learn Fortitude to push the limits of their own endurance.

pathFeral Heart

Nickname: Beasts

Basic Beliefs: Vampires are the ultimate hunters — immortal and invulnerable. The Beast Within is merely the expression of the predator's instinct. To deny one’s atavistic attributes is to go against the dictates of nature, or so this path's followers believe. A vampire can only survive by adhering to her inner character and accepting the monstrous drives that accompany the unliving state. Though the Beasts do not revel in their predations, neither do they avoid them. By learning to accept the role of hunter, thereby acknowledging the proper role of the unliving, a vampire becomes like an animal: feral, predatory, but ultimately in her proper place.

 A follower of this path feels that the Beast is a natural part of being a vampire and that its needs must be satiated. Still, the vampire is intelligent, and a cunning hunter is a more effective one. Therefore, it is important to strike a balance between Beast and Man — the feral cunning and vicious imtincts of the vampire are excellent survival tools, tempered hy the reasoning and insight of the mind. By satiating the Bemt's urges from time to time, the vampire ironically gains a greater degree of personal control.

 Vampires on the Path of the Feral Heart (sometimes called the Path of the Beast) have little use for the trappings of civilization or education. Modern transportation and weaponry is unnecessary next to the vampire, as the unliving form provides the all of the tools to stalk and kill. Subterfuge and politics are trivial concerns; politicking does not bring blood to one's gorge. Vampires are made to hunt and kill, and the followers of this path excel at both.


 The Path of the Feral Heart seems to have grown out of ancient codes by which vampiric betserkers accepted their mimalistic nature. Espoused originally by the Gangrel, the path spread to a few other vampires who learned to elevate their predatory ways. This path was never a popular one, but its constituency remained constant throughout the ages, even as it became accepted by the Sabbat. The path has changed relatively little over the years. Beasts see no real need to "adapt" the path to a more modern age.

Current Practices

 Beasts have no real organization, and they rarely engage in any sort of concerted rituals or traditions. Some few nomadic packs, though, consist mostly of members espousing this path, who exist as wandering hunters. When Beasts meet, they often indulge in the Gangrel practice of sharing stories or indulging in a little practice combat. Beasts also serve as frighteningly effective assassins within the Sabbat; their loyalty, once given, is unquestionable. Beasts who feel that a particular individual is a threat to themselves or their packs are relentless in hunting and destroying the opposition, and for this reason some Beasts are picked to lead War Parties.

Description of Followers

 Most Beasts care little for fashion or attire, instead choosing functional clothing that serves well while hunting. Some Beasts even disdain ornamentation and clothing completely, though these are rare. Followers of this path often have a great attunement to their surroundings and senses, and such individuals are often noted carefully listening to and watching their surroundings at all times, or even staying in constant slow motion and sniffing at the air so as to avoid possible sneaking adversaries. Many Gangrel follow this path, and they invariably have a number of animalistic features that they do not bother to conceal. The most Common followers of this path are Sabbat Gangrel; Country Gangrel obviously make up the hulk of this path's adherents. though some City Gangrel style themselves “urban predators.” A few Ravnus antitribu, some Nosferatu antitribu and a smattering of other vampires also follow this path. Most Lasombra and Tzimisce find this path uninspired, and therefore disdain it entirely. The members of this path are respected for their hunting prowess but have no real leadership within the Sabbat.

Following the Path

 Beasts must always recognize and indulge in their predatory natures. Followers of this path therefore strive to develop their prowess as hunters. A Beast has little desire to use the trappings of technology, believing that the vampiric form provides him with all of the powers necessary to survive. Indulgence in politics is frowned upon, as there are more important matters to handle; force is a simpler and often more effective means than politics. Mercy and compassion have no place in the predator's heart, and enemies must be harshly destroyed while packmates are protected, as they in turn protect the individual. Beasts do not kill whimsically, but when killing is necessary, there must be no hesitation.

Common Abilities: Not surprisingly, most Beasts are highly skilled trackers and hunters. Survival is paramount among these vampires, as well as Brawl and Dodge. Animal Ken is common, though a Beast is just as likely to feed upon an animal as to emulate it. Because they are in touch with their inner natures, many followers of this path develop a great deal of Empathy — not that they feel any pity for their prey, but rather they intuitively understand the motives of their victims. Intimidation is also fairly common, for the simmering fury just below the surface of the Beast's outward calm is truly terrifying.

Preferred Disciplines: Disciplines are a matter of survival for followers of this path. Animalism is useful in learning from lesser predators and for feeding. Fortitude is valued, as Beasts must be rugged enough to survive any conditions. The natural weapons and hunting benefits of Protean are likewise considered valuable, and some Beasts learn Obfuscate or Celerity so as to become faster and cagier hunters.


To all things there is a purpose. Vampires were human, but are no longer - vampires should remain true to their human side, yet understand that they are not human, and act according to their new natures. Ethics include the belief that nothing which exists is innately evil; life should be respected; and an emphasis on never losing touch with either the human or vampiric nature.

pathHonorable Accord

Nickname: Knights

Basic Beliefs: In a world rife with corruption, malevolence and insanity, some vampires find direction through a firm and unyielding code of personal conduct. These vampires do not delve into philosophical questions of existence or wanton indulgence of their monstrous sides. Instead, they focus upon one singular principle: honor. Order. fairness and duty are the watchwords of these undead, and though still monstrous, they abide by standards of conduct that are rigidly understandable.

 To a follower of this path, unlife must be given direction and purpose. These vampires choose honor as their guiding hand. By focusing on firm rules and personal boundaries, the Knights keep the rage of the Beast at bay. Accepting a duty and fulfilling its obligations then provides the Knights with goals to achieve. Bound by their codes of honor, these vampires uphold causes with the utmost devotion, even to the ends of their own unlives.

 Make no mistake; the vampires who follow this path are not compassionate or humane in any sense of the word. Indeed, they see humans as little more than chattel or food, and undeserving of the considerations of honor that are bestowed upon other vampires. Even so, a Knight will never willingly break his given word or renege on an agreement, as doing so would he a disgrace to personal honor. The subject of commitment matters little to a follower of this path: It is the strength of the commitment and the unyielding determination that is important.

 Many of the beliefs of the followers of this path mirror the feudal codes of chivalry or the bushido of the samurai. Knights gladly suffer Final Death before showing cowardice or betraying their allies. Similarly, this path's soldiers uphold the policies of their sects and organizations with fanatical zeal. Pitted against an unyielding or recalcitrant foe, a solitary Knight is a fatalistic and deadly warrior — a group of them makes for an army that fears not death.


 The Path of Honorable Accord grew out of bygone nights, as vampires of the Dark Ages grappled with the problems of human morality by finding a harsh and unyielding code of conduct to replace the ethics of mankind. Although the chivalric precepts upon which this path bases itself fell out of use by the Renaiesance, some members of the Sabbat adopted similar philosophies, and the path adopted the Code of Milan after the first Sabbat civil war. Sabbat followers of the path turned their loyalty to the idealism of the sect and the letter of the Code, in the process acquiring the moniker “followers of the Code.”

 As the Sabbat weathered internal schisms in the 1800s and 1900s. the followers of this path provided the strongest support for the sect. Bound by loyalty to the ideals of the Sabbat, combined with a strong sense of duty and honor, they fought to uphold the unity of the sect even during the most chaotic times. Guiding by example, even the Loyalists among the Knights fought for the common vision of vampiric freedom from Antediluvian shackles. and they defended the rights of other Sabbat to pursue their own means of advancing this goal.

 Now, the Path of Honorable Accord forms the backbone of the Sabbat. The dedicated Knights are the core of the sect, serving the ideals of the Sabbat with inhuman devotion. As the Sabbat calls upon a more militaristic role, new recruits are often indoctrinated into this path, becoming champions in an unholy crusade.

Current Practices

 Followers of the Path of Honorable Accord have always placed a high value on ritual and ceremony. The Sabbat's Knights therefore always participate in War Parties, ritae, ceremonies and other pack events. As a whole, the followers of the path seek to knit together the disparate factions of the sect under the common banner of loyalty to a cause. Although alternately ignored or derided by followers of other paths, the Knights are a stern example of the best qualities of any Sabbat, and they cannot be faulted by their brethren. Knights do not often take leadership positions (as they find the political duplicity appalling), though they are at the forefront of many battles, showing courage and discipline unmatched by any other soldiers among the undead.

Description of Followers

 Knights are by turns cold and aloof, yet honorable and trustworthy. A Knight never goes baclt on his word and always honors his agreements. He does not shirk his duty or flee from battle. Still, he is far from humane: The Knight sees humans as a resource, just as another warrior might see a fine warhorse as admirable but far from an equitable associate. Many of this path's followers display a grim and taciturn image, but the Knights are capable of humor and joviality — they simply find that duty outweighs personal gratification.

 The vast majority of this path’s followers are of Ventrue antitribu and Salubri antitribu blood, but a fair number of Nosferatu antitribu, traditionalistic Tzimisce and even reasonably lucid Malkavian antitribu study this path. Panders who serve the ideal of the Sabbat (instead of crusading for personal advancement) espouse this path as well. A rare few Camarilla elders, primarily Ventrue, hold on to the precepts of this path from their nights of vampiric, medieval chivalry.

Following the Path

 A follower of the Path of Honorable Accord must always keep honor foremost in his mind. A Knight cannot act rashly or in haste; he must always be aware of the nature and consequences of his actions. The devout student of this path must hold onto courage and discipline at all times while he seeks to dispense justice and fairness. The true Knight fights and dies. for his cause.

Common Abilities: Knights study Melee, Brawl and Dodge. as they consider personal combat a most honorable pastime. Leadership and Expression are valued assets, as the Knight is often called upon to mediate disputes fairly. Similarly. Investigation and Law can help to discern truth and justice.

Preferred Disciplines: Fortitude and Presence are considered the epitome of the Knightly way; these vampires are stalwart in defense and eloquent in discourse. Since so many Knights follow a martial destiny in the turbulent modern nights, Potence is fairly common as well. The Salubri antitribu of the sect also develop the puissant abilities of Valeren.


Nickname: Metamorphosists

Basic Beliefs: The world is made up of evolutionary chains. Animals are below humans, who are below the Kindred, who themselves are below something. The metaphysical, arcane members of Clan Tzimisce follow this Path, which focuses on defining and attaining the state of being beyond the curse of vampirism. Citing their use of the transformative Discipline of Vicissitude, the Tzimisce believe they have the potential to transcend the constraints of the flesh. Hearing Metamorphosist Fiends speak, however, reveals the monstrosity of their philosophy; they believe that the next step is a state akin to apotheosis, and they will do anything — anything — to achieve it.

 Some Metamorphosists believe that their ideology corresponds closely with the concepts of the enigmatic mages. Although their means are different — the Path of Metamorphosis leans heavily toward the passage from life into undeath and onward — it seems that both groups seek some sort of supernatural “ascension."

 The Tzimisce are characteristically thorough in their study of this Path's ideals. By coordinating their experiments on living, dead and undead subjects (as well as other curiosities they may come across, like werewolves or the errant ghost), the Fiends have formed complex theories as to precisely what the next step in vampiric transcendence is. The solitary and suspicious Tzimisce rarely compare notes, however, and the Path suffers as each follower spends much of her unlife leaming the rudiments that other Kindred have already deciphered.


  The Tzimisce have researched this Path in their solitary way for literally thousands of years. The Tzimisce have always been creatures of tremendous mystical potential; the followers of this Path seek to realize that potential. Followers of this Path relate very little to the world outside themselves, and many relate this fact to the inexorable decline of the clan itself.

Current Practices

 Most Metamorphosists claim membership in the Sabbat but pay it little more than lip service, involved as they are in more esoteric pursuits. In truth, this Path long predates any sect, and Kindred committing themselves to it subscribe to beliefs and creeds far older than petty notions of Kindred politics.

Description of Followers

 Followers of the Path of Metamorphosis are truly some of the most alien creatures any Kindred could hope (or have the misfortune) to meet. Metamorphosists are cold, utterly inhuman and exactingly scientific. Their concerns are metaphysical rather than legitimately ethical, and it is precisely this frame of mind that leads many to believe that the Metamorphosists have literally begun their transformation into something else. Some take this at step turther by altering their flesh in various means until they no longer have a recognizable gender or look even remotely human.

Following the Path

 Metatmorphosists conduct all manner of bizarre experiments. most of which take place far from others’ eyes. It is a distant, lonely philosophy, removed from any needs other than the matter of sustenance. Followers should be heedless of others around them, existing only to satisfy their personal concerns.

Common Abilities: This Path concerns itself almost exclusively with Knowledges, particularly those of Occult, Medicine and Science. Many Metamorphosists also pursue more specialized Knowledges such as Philosophy, Theology and sundry supernatural lores in hopes of uncovering secrets unexplored in larger fields of study.

Preferred Disciplines: The Tzimisce Meramorphosists favor attention to their unique powers of Vicissitude. Thaumaturgy and Auspex are also highly prized.


Nickname:  Nihilists

Basic Beliefs:  Those vampires who follow the Path of Night wholly accept their damnation; indeed, they believe that, as vampires, it is their preordained role to act as agents of damnation. Unlife is nothing without pain, and misery enjoys company. This Path is practiced largely by young Kindred of Clan Lasombra, who gladly mortify their own souls in the interests of bringing atrocity to the world.

 The Path of Night borrows heavily from Catholic dogma, though it concerns itself more with abandonment and damnation than redemption. The vampire's purpose in unlife, according to this Path, is to scourge the Earth, to act as an agent of evil and, thus, ultimately to do the bidding of the greater powers that dictate good and evil alike. None lives without original sin, and those who follow this Path are beholden to expose and exacerbate that sin. Life and unlife are varying states of damnation; those who fail to realize their full potential are lost sheep, suitable only for slaughter.

 This is one of the most terrible Paths in existence, as it concerns itself with the outright and intentional discomfort of others. Its followers are more than mere bullies or sadists, however, in that they are sincere in their beliefs. One who receives the curse of Caine is bound by fate and duty to wreak vengeance upon the Children of Seth. In so doing, vampires on this Path hope that, by fulfilling the roles meant for them, they can transcend those roles and find ultimate peace. This final goal aside, though, the Path of Night is a Path of hostility and antagonism, and the company of those who follow it is extremely hard to abide.

 For many Kindred, this is also a desperate Path, but one accessible to self-loathing vampires who seek a sense of purpose in the final nights of looming Gehenna.


Few, if any, have certifiably chronicled this Path's inception or evolution. By varying accounts the outgrowth of medieval death cults, Satanic cabals, debased Methuselahs or the practices upheld by Adam's first wife Lilith and her children, the Path of Night has been forsaken by most Kindred with any sense of Humanity at all. Some suspect a coterie of Lasombra known as the Black Angels foment dissension among the clan, turning impressionable Keeper neonates down the Path's unwholesome trail.

Current Practices

No sin is too vile for a follower of this Path to indulge, and no trust is too sacred to break. Kindred on the Path of Night tie their fates very closely to mortals, who bear the brunt of their depredations. As harbingers of damnation, the Nihilists cull the secret fears and sorrows of humans around them, inflicting these terrors upon the kine as the whim takes them.

Ironically, vampires on this Path often have great reverence for those whom they perceive as truly "good" or "blessed." Indeed, one infamous Keeper, who plagued a family of witch-hunters down three generations and was finally destroyed by a scion of the line, is rumored to have praised his destroyer for her resolve.

Description of Followers

This Path is upheld almost exclusively by Lasombra, though the keepers find occasional converts among other clans. Lasombra who follow this Path are held in low regard by many other Keepers, as there is no room for nobility on this Path. While most Lasombra maintain other codes of morality drawn from the Sabbat, the ones who follow this Path are true fiends of the night.

Following the Path

Vampires on the Path of Night terrorize their victims, a term which may apply to anyone to whom the Nihilist is drawn. Kindred on this Path are loath to kill - that removes potential targets, though they are not above doing so if the death may cause great grief to others or if preventing it would inconvenience their own existence. To some degree, the Nihilists ironically shepherd the kine, showing them what may await them if they are unrepentant. However, no follower of this Path would openingly admit such a thing. They are devils, pure and simple, in their own minds.

Common Abilities: Kindred on this Path specialize in Abilities that allow them to torment others. Brawl, Intimidation, Melee and Medicine (for physiological knowledge) all have their place among the Nihilists.

Preferred Disciplines: Followers of this Path cultivate Obtenebration for the sheer terror it inspires, as well as Potence for the pain it allows one to inflict.


Nickname: Shilmulo (a Romani word for vampire)

Basic Beliefs: Upheld exclusively by vampires of the Ravnos clan, the Path of Paradox concerns itself with the vampires' karmic duty to continue the grand cycle of ages. The Path of Paradox pays a heavy debt to certain tenets of Hinduism and, some whisper, to the indecipherable codes upheld by the Cathayan vampires of the Orient.

 According to the Path of Paradox, Kindred are locked perpetually outside the illusory cycle of the universe (maya). Whereas most beings are reincarnated through samsara, a continual "entanglement" in the cycle of rebirth. Kindred have eluded that cycle. Every individual has his own purpose, or svadharma, according to the Path of Paradox, although vampires, excluded from the cycle, have lost theirs. In place of the dharma they once followed, each Kindred must now try to advance maya, hopefully understanding it in the process and finally penetrating the great illusions that shroud Ultimate Truth from their eyes.

 The means by which the Ravnos undertake this cyclical advancement, however, is by selective deception. Other vampires look upon the Ravnos as untrustworthy, and can hardly be expected to take the advice of the Gypsy Kindred. As such, the Ravnos have had to resort to elaborate ruses in order to get other vampires — or, indeed, anyone with whom they come in Contact at all — to undertake a course of action. Ravnos vampires see their undead state as a curse, like many other Kindred do. However, the Ravnos believe this shruti (what has been learned from the gods) to be due to their failure to understand maya. Other Kindred, also removed from the karmic wheel, often fail to realize the necessity of their return to the cycle. The Ravnos understand this — and expedite their return by destroying them.


  This Path arose among the Ravnos during the latter nights of the Roman Empire. The deceit the Ravnos command is even believed by some to have played at major role in the collapse of the empire. The Path, according to many Ravnos, had become debased shortly after Rome's collapse and had remained so for hundreds of years until a stirring (and secret) event contrived to encourage the Ravnos to rethink their ways, Ravnos on this Path once had reputations as lighthearted tricksters, though recent reconsideration of where the clan was headed has cast a grim new light on the Ravnos and their philosophies.

Current Practices

 It is too simple at conceit to say that the Ravnos destroy vampires and burn karma. In fact, the Path of Paradox is arduous and demanding, since, to truly uphold the code, one must glean important grains of information from those with whom one conspires, in order to understand their svadharma better. Many of the Ravnos' deceptions are, in reality, complicated tests purveyed to cause the subject to reveal hidden aspects of herself. Thus, the Ravnos travel the world. ousted by ignorant Kindred who fail to realize the necessity of the Shilmulo's duties.

Description of Followers

 Most followers of this Path are Ravnos, though certain lines of Malkavians and Gangrel adhere to the Path. Increasingly cosmopolitan Kindred have surfaced among the Ravnos clan, indicating that either the Ravnos pay little heed to their code or that jati are more extended than one would think otherwise.

Following the Path

 Kindred on the Path of Paradox commonly hold other vampires in contempt, believing that they ignorantly or arrogantly refuse to seek their reintroduction to the cycle. As such, the Ravnos have taken the responsibility upon their shoulders to do it for others. This may require concocting complex webs of deception in order to ascertain what a given person's svardharma is, or simply destroying a vampire and placing her back in the cycle, where a new svardharma awaits.

Common Abilities: Kindred on this Path focus on Abilities that allow them to gain advantage over others. such as Alertness, Empathy, Subterfuge, Stealth and investigation.

Preferred Disciplines: Followers of this Path practice Chimerstry in order to dupe their suhiects and as a means of manipulating the illusion: intrinsic to maya. Shilmulo favor Fortitude as well, to protect themselves from their subjects' ire. Many also master Auspex, with which they may better divine hidden secrets.

pathPower and the Inner Voice

Nickname: Unifiers

Basic Beliefs: When given eternal life, incredible power and inhuman thirsts, the only true existence is as an undying overlord: So believe the followers of the Path of Power and the Inner Voice. There is no use in pining for lost humanity or in secreting oneself away to study arcane lore; vampires are without honor or compassion. The role of the vampire is the role of master.

 The followers of this path see the exercise of power and control as the best reason for vampiric existence. Control of the self and of the external world is the only goal worth pursuing. To this end, a vampire must develop her abilities, extend her influence and play her pawns. By bending the world to her will, the vampire creates order and stability. Every form of power, influence or control can be used to further some end. Therefore, Unifiers seek all forms of power, be it political, material or spiritual.

 Unifiers follow their own insight when exercising their authority. Although this path is highly concerned with temporal power, it is also quite spiritual; Unifiers are avid pursuers of wisdom and enlightenment. Of course, all such knowledge ultimately turns to the pursuit of personal power. By understanding oneself, it is possible to begin to describe the motivations of others. True understanding therefore allows the vampire to unlock the secrets of enemies and allies alike, to carefully dissect any situation and discern the most proper course of action. From such judgments, the vampire decides upon the most favorable means of taking or keeping control.

 The followers of this path are rightly feared and respected. No adherent to this path tolerates weakness or failure; punishment is swift and often fatal. Indeed. punishment serves not only to remonstrate the offender, but as an example to others. Thus, Unifiers have no mercy or compassion whatsoever. Indeed, packs with Unifier ducti are Darwinian in the extreme.

 Unifiers are consummate politicians and strategists. Although blood bonds and emotional ties can motivate followers, the pragmatic students of this philosophy recognize that such measures can be fought and compromised. Thus, vampires of this path believe that control should only be woven through methods that cannot be subverted: Pain, rage, desire and depravity are key among their tools. A recruit who serves out of loyalty can he bought; a follower who serves out of duty can he blackmailed; an adherent who serves from love can be disillusioned. Therefore, fear and respect for power, anger and hate directed towards one's enemies. the fulfillment of lust and the lessons of pain make the most persuasive directives.


 The Path of Power and the Inner Voice supposedly started with a Lasombra by the name of Lord Marcus, in the early 16th century. The path's constant push to develop power and influence led to many followers who devoutly supported Sabbat in its early nights, and as such many of the path's adherents assumed positions of authority during the formation of the Sabbat. Even tonight, the path is well respected within the Sabbat, and some of its precepts have even started to creep into grudging acceptance among the power-hungry and jaded elders of the Camarilla.

 Modern nights have seen an explosion of membership in this path. Though always popular, the path has attracted many new followers from the expanding ranks of the Sabbat. The sheer ruthlessness and shrewdness of many of these recruits is responsible for the slow evolution of the path from a respectable but dictatorial philosophy into a path of iron-fisted, Machiavellian social tyranny.

Current Practices

 Followers of the Path of Power and the Inner Voice do not have an organized association, but they do engage in many similar practices. All Unifiers participate in War Parties and hunts, often assuming roles of leadership. Various ritae of willpower, such as the Fire Dance, are a means to demonstrate power and self—mastery, so Unifiers participate in many such rituals as well.

Description of Followers

 Unifiers are driven, confident and even megalomaniacal. The need for control combined with introspection makes followers of this path into corrupt and brutish tyrants. Some followers of the path simply espouse dictatorship, but the truly enlightened use philosophy and an understanding of psychology to incite their followers. The typical Unifier accepts no excuses, drives himself and his subjects mercilessly and shows no pity or compassion for failure. Not surprisingly, this path is popular among the control-oriented Lasombra and some Ventrue antitribu and Brujah antitribu make a point of seeking power and revelation as defined by the path.

Following the Path

 A Unifier accepts no defeat. The appearance of benevolence is useful, but all failure must he punished eventually. The follower of the path must always strive to control the situations around him and heed his own judgment. Respect should be given to those in positions of authority, but those who falter must he cast down and replaced. Followers of this path seek wealth, influence and support. Rulership should be achieved by any means necessary — when alliances or honor are useful, they are used, but otherwise, the more efficacious tools of fear and hate are appropriate. The Unifier constantly seeks out means of developing his own capabilities and furthering his own agenda.

Common Abilities: Obviously, Leadership, Intimidation, Politics, Subterfuge and similar Abilities are highly appropriate to followers of this path. Unifiers often make a study of some sort of martial prowess, be it Brawl or Melee, in order to back up their authority. Meditation and Empathy highlight the way to inner awareness.

Preferred Disciplines: Dominate and Presence are most valued among the Unifiers for their ability to exert direct control. Varying Unifiers place emphasis on other Disciplines according to their own means of gathering power. All Unifiers invariably seek to develop their natural Disciplines to their fullest potential.


Nickname: Theophidians (only among themselves; the outside world knows them as Corrupters or by the Followers of Set nickname, Serpents)

Basic Beliefs: Vampires who follow the Path of Typhon have a truly sinister purpose in mind. Theopliidians seek the resurrection of their patron and father, Set. Though most vampires view Set simply as a mythical member of the Third Generation, Theophidian doctrine teaches that Set was, in fact, a divine being even before his Ernhrace. Indeed, Theophidians view Caine as a lesser being than Set, and claim that Set in fact allowed Caine to Embrace him so that he might use the descendants of Caine to strike at his divine counterparts, such as the mythical Gaia and Lilith. In this manner does Set, and through him the Setites themselves, fulfill their place in the universe, acting as agents of entropy and breaking down the old so that the new may blossom.

 Accordingly, this Path preaches the importance of influence and control. Many Setites on the surface appear to be little more than pimps, pushers and fixers: in truth, they are much more. Setites commonly view other individuals as tools or founts of information — they are resources for the Setites either way. By gaining control over others, the Setites may use them to fulfill their own ends. Thus, rather than owing those who provide them with information or services, the Setites reverse the role, and instead have their marks come to them first.

 Followers of this Path revere Set as something more than a vampire — Set is attributed a deified status, almost a literal translation of the Egyptian god of the underworld. Ways and means for achieving this reincarnation differ, and for this reason, the Followers of Set extend their influence far and wide in hopes of finding information wherever it resides.


 Theophidians claim a history dating back to nights before the First City. Whether or not this is true is a matter of much debate, especially among detractors, but the widespread presence of human myths that mimic the relationship between Set and Osiris lends credence to its longevity. For millennia, the Theophidians have plied their degenerate trade from ill-lit alleys to holy temples and everywhere in between. Many leaders among the Kindred and kine alike owe their acquisition of power to the followers of this Path, though the prices they have paid are surely high.

Current Practices

 Theophidians support no sect other than their own clan, though some members have forsaken the resurrection of Set and actually oppose his quest from the ranks of the Sabbat. Many followers of this Path cultivate blood cults of devout followers and indenture legions of desperate individuals to themselves. While the Theophidians are not averse to doing “dirty work" themselves — quite the contniry — they reason that with others serving their purposes, they can accomplish much more than they would ever be able to by themselves. Thus, followers ofthis Path play many rules: seekers, fixers, scholars, courtesans and harvesters of souls.

Description of Followers

 The Theophidians are frequently social chameleons, given their need to move through many different circles. They are smooth, ingratiating and wholly inspired by their greater cause. Followers of this Path rarely ask favors of others — they prefer to help satisfy the desires of others, and then call in favors base on what they have already done for those others. It is this side that non-Setite Kindred see most frequently and despise; they publicly decry the vice-peddling and corruption of the Followers of Set as breaches of the Masquerade or the puppetry of the Ancients. The Setites know the truth, however: Other Kindred are loath to acknowledge the desires in themselves that a canny Theophidtan can satisfy. Clever Setites have even managed to convince non-Setite Kindred to follow this Path after long periods corruption, dependency and debasement.

Following the Path

 Followers of the Path of Typhon are first and foremost seekers of arcane lore, though their keen social graces also make them silver-tongued diplomats. These Kindred are also insidious, working their way into existing vampire societies with serpentine facades of false identities and cadres of loyal followers. The eldest Theophidian in a given locale often erects a temple to Set in some out-of-the-way place, to better serve the slumbering god.

Common Abilities: Any Ability that helps the Kindred achieve her end is prized by the followers of this Path. As such, the Theophidians have very diverse and capable members. Abilities of particular favor among the Sclites include Empathy, Intimidation, Streetwise, Subterfuge, Performance, Academics, Investigation and Politics.

Preferred Disciplines: Theophidians are masters of the reptilian Discipline of Serpentis, though their dealings with others inspire them to pursue the Setite clan Disciplines of Presence and Obfuscate.


Thaumaturgy has some of its roots in the early practices of Hermetic alchemy, which concerned itself with changing the properties of given ideals. Indeed, much of Thaumaturgy’s codified structure and basic principles are very similar to those of alchemy. In the near-millennium that has passed since the Tremere’s earliest efforts with blood magic, alchemy has fallen by the wayside, however. Modem technology makes possible almost anything this path can do and far more - it is easier and more reliable to mine for gold, for example, than it is to create it by transmuting other materials. Still, old habits die hard among vampires, and the Tremere are no exception. A few elders still practice this path, and of these, some still teach it to their childer to illustrate the basic tenets of modem blood magic. Note: This Thaumaturgy Path is not available to PCs.

System: The number of successes on the activation roll determines how radically a thaumaturge may alter a given compound’s form. He need not use all his successes - a thaumaturge wishing to effect only a simple change of form need not turn lead into gold if he accumulates five successes. The thaumaturge must, however, acquire at least the minimum number of successes suggested by the table below to generate the effect he seeks. Changing one element into another requires familiarity with both elements. One cannot suddenly decide he wants to change a balloon’s worth of helium into a sphere of solid titanium if he has never dealt with either of those elements before. Simply knowing an atomic number is not enough to warp the laws of nature sporadically. It is worthwhile to note, however, that Alchemy makes no distinction between naturally occurring and man-made elements - it affects Einsteinium as readily as it affects carbon. Note also that this path has fallen out of practice because it is less useful in modem nights than it was in the past. Transmutations create Hermetic “ideal