Codex entries describe currently accepted (or under discussion) Dark Metal canon regarding various and sundry topics. The vast majority are open to discussion by registered users - a lot of DM's docs are very out of date, this is about bringing them into the appropriate century for the game we want to be playing.

So the question becomes-- how Big Brother is Big Brother really? How advanced are their supernatural-detection and -elimination methods really? How advanced is general technology - advanced only in fits and starts from where things were rattled during the War, or past current modern capabilities?

TSA and the TUBE Stations

The TSA - Tube Station Authority - are implied in descriptions and code to have some fairly sweeping capacity to detect and deal with supernaturals in the stations.  The old logging code indicates that they were capable of detecting vampires (Hemavores), kinfolk (for some reason), anything not actually in human form (including bats, rats, and ravens).



UNIFORMS: %R-- Collections Patrols --%R* MetSec issued black uniformed, pressed and clean, with blue piping at the leg and arm seams. %R* BCA's (Black Ceramic Armor) worn if necessary on a combination of, or individually on, the head, chest, arms, or legs. %R* Badges must be clipped to the right chest pocket for visibility.